Andres Iniesta vs Tunisia (Friendly) 09/06/2018 HD 1080i

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The man the myth the legend!
Don't let this magician distract from the fact that France main team tied with USA B team LOL
no one stop his drilbing
Forever with us <3
Hamzah Hussain
The guy still plays like he’s 24
Ayfh Syvd
I hope to publish the entire content on Argentina and Messi in the World Cup from the goals of Mrogat such as the time of publish and downright generosity video 1080 The creator continued
Hamzah Hussain
Tunisia > Portugal
Κωνσταντίνος Ξίπας
And the feet continue to dance !!!!
Ten Chytrej
He wasn't playing as good as usual, but He still got it❤️
عبدالله إسماعيل
I'm Somali, So i fan's Spanish and also Andres Iniesta muchas gracias!
ChK Production™
no more iniesta on barca ! :(
AJ Football
Legends Never die he lived in heart
Samiya Islam
*:::::he is great midfilder,,,,,,*
Lucas Costa
Caramba... Marcação cerrada dos caras. Tá loko.
Matews Skiller
Messi vs Iceland
Jovan Stojanovic
Brunna Duarte
Iniesta😍😍😍 love
Football HD™
very nice video bro best content
Sascha Stefanovski
subtitles?? you cant follow because you have subtitles about 30% of your screen! :)
Sammy Kengere
I owe this guy y Life! Elegance personified
이니에스타 다비드실바 이스코 세상에나.. 마법사가 3명이나 되네..
James Semaj
With him ! Every passes are no look passes
Muhammad Rifki Rifai
End of era
Marco Cheng
It's obvious that his speed and reaction is a bit slower than his peak.... probably his last World Cup and hope he'll have a good one
Alexander Joseph
Paul Savage
Legend indeed
Lionel Messi10
I made a video in honor of Barcelona, ​​it's very good. If you can help me, come in and watch. "
Fred Eric
He doesnt have it anymore...
Róbert Èvi