Hockey Dad - Seaweed (Official Video)

Capturing the essence of their home away from home. Available via Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. 'Seaweed' video: Edited & directed by William Fleming (neupure) Filmed by Zac Doughton (MonkeyStick) & William Fleming. /> /> 'Seaweed' Written by Hockey Dad. Produced and mixed by Tom Iansek (Big Scary) at Mixed Business Studios, Fitzroy VIC. Mastered by Rick O'Neil at Turtlerock Studios, Leichardt NSW. The second single from Hockey Dad's debut EP "Dreamin" Order "Dreamin" now via: /> /> ~ Follow Hockey Dad ~ /> /> /> /> ~ Follow Farmer & The Owl ~ />

Vance Wade
This video is so Australian it hurts. Love this song though.
Saint Germain
damn havent found a bad Australian band yet...
Grant Davis
Hockey Dad needs to get on an international tour!
i love the song and these videos with old cameras. its soo good :)
Blonde drummer is exactly how I pictured Lockie Leonard!
Justin J
SIGN UP  Seaweed Hockey Dad SEAWEED LYRICS [Verse 1: Hockey Dad] Every time I listen to The voices you put in me They tell me to get out of here Tell me to get free I go out I fell I can't stop Feeling so empty So come on won't you join me Won't you please, please, please [Hook: Hockey Dad] Be with me Be with me Be with me Be with me [Verse 2: Hockey Dad] Summers day, fun and sweat To the beach we flee Let's all jump into the waves Let's all praise the sea Open up my treasure chest Filled with seaweed If I give everything to you Will you please, please [Hook: Hockey Dad] Be with me Be with me Be with me
When I see makes me feel like we Aussie's have the best bands and artists in the world!
nicole torres
this song makes me sad
lucas cain
Wait the name of the band is Hockey Dad not Seaweed I was searching for the 90s band Seaweed this is fucking cool though. Aye matey I found me a Treasure!
wee poo
this is so accurate to what a south coast surf trip is like. Cant wait to go on the next one
edward jurkiewicz
Great lyrics
This is a sweet jam. Nice work!
laurin kreis
heck yea, you guys rock:-)
Rebeca Boeing
awwnn this song make my day, thank you guys <3
Jeforson Steelflex
Where did youse buy those jeans?
Youth Traps
good sweet
Sharlenn La
It’s so sweet that all of these comments are so positive
Savannah Shelly
this Is beautiful
la mejorrr!!!!!
Bedroom Fidelity
Josh Austin
yeah boys, love it
Thought at first this was set in the 70's/80's, but then i saw the iphone 4 and then i was like this is at least 2011.
Wildflower Band Official
So underrated👌
สิริเดช พรหมมา
ชอบว่ะ ชีวิตแบบนี้
jtr am
i love that kangaroo
Jack Thompson
You bros rock! From the USA. Come here!!!
Chloe Woolley
Hockey dad needs to come ireland during their Tour!
Alex Kreet
Bawley Point
̶ǝ̶ᴉ̶ʇ̶ɐ̶ʞ ̶ɹ̶ǝ̶ɟ̶ɟ̶ᴉ̶ǝ̶ɟ̶d̶
oh boy Austrailians :)
Letícia Gomes
esse video me da uma sensação de nostalgia imensa lkkkk
Berry McCockiner
This is the most Australian thing I’ve seen
Juan David Ramos
this song makes me sad
Myles Marquez
love this song
Steven Fredrick
hell yea
Grace O'lune Moreno
Love ths band #I'mFromMXC
That Loser Nico
Can't wait to see you guys in June :D yaaayyyy!!!!
Curren Usui
Dope af
Sad I missed their performance at SXSW. They needed a bigger venue than Voodoo. Amazing music though!
chandler isabella
hockey dad makes me so happy:')
This makes me high
I’m Aussie and I think one of the most Aussie thing they did was pour the vb onto the sausages Gotta love that
Matthew Mullins
So far this is their best song im my shitty opinion (im from californias)...also the song Jump the gun is the most wholesome best song of all time since 87'
Paul Desmond
If watching on mobile rotate your device 180 degrees for proper viewing
Morgan Taylor
We have all been blessed, this is real music
josue varela
the music that Lockie Leonard listen to
2can sam
Classic Hockey dad. Onya boys with the progress
Boii Bee
Good vibes only!
Ruby Borjas
Definitely deserve more recognition. U guys captured me the moment I heard you guys play
Avery Mohn
does anyone know the strumming pattern?
Someone else thought that it was a 90s footage and got confused with the iPhone at 1:46 or it was just me?
Felix Rdlmn
been listening to this song for so long now. Just saw em in Berlin - Germany! amazing show, even got to talk to em. they so nice and spread such a positiv vibe. they really earned everything they got now ! much luv from Germany
Dan R
Seen them supporting Grinspoon the other night and was a great live show.
Benjamin Wasylina
Does anyone know what camera this was shot on? I love how it looks like it's from the 70s,80s,90s
Kevin Edwards
Still here fock yeah kangaroos are dope
Christopher Freitas
in love love love
Flame Lad
Watching this just makes me wanna book a cabin somewhere random in Australia by the beach in winter time, light up a fire and sing random shit by it until the early hours in the morning.
Benjamin Wasylina
Does anyone know what camera this was shot on. I love the look of it. Thanks
Damn, this made me miss my best friend.
Egg Boy
logan h
this video is the cutest shit ever i love yall
Diana De Vito
My soul
Is that a king gizzard and the lizard wizard reference? 1:10
Summer Lauren
I want to be there!
Nathan Strom
Oi m8 its a roo
Michael Wise
Anyone know what type of board at 1:18?
Dear Australia: y'all have good music, can I come over?
Kevin H
the australian front bottoms
Jan Russek
i think this song has in the beginning the same chords as one by one from STIFI
Indiana Reid
Love love love <3
BarB Q
บี วิท มี
Hakuba WB
love it, even though i just came across this!
Ben Fairhall
As if this isn’t just the best hockey dad for the win!
i love this thanks
Do I gotta go to Australia to see these guys or are they americans
Adelaide Dupont
Loving *Seaweed* here.
The bloke with the brown hair look like my footy coach tf
Upsidedown-land is coming out with some great music
Ruth King
Why u make me cry
Riley C-L
can someone please tell me what kind of genre of music this is or does it just not have a name
Grace H
This is greaaaaat
Kelly Lee
Fave surf kultA 👌🏻💜👌🏻💜👌🏻
Mitchell Davis
After awhile we just filled the glass bottles with water
Melissa Antler
Favorite Hockey Dad song! This band is toooooo good.
Brono Bro
damn this songs good
where am i, i love it
Lucas Araújo
Thank you so much! 💗
Summer Sylvers
This is going to be my summer jam 😎
Brandon Seth
Anyone know how this video was shot or what camera(s) were used?
christopher pesce
O ffuck
Eduardo Bueno
this music is so familiar i dont know why
J.C. Vargas
wow just wow
macy rose
The video reminds me of my pals beach house, down at Culburra (south nsw). Walking the streets with vb, late nights cooking on the barbie. To recite the lyrics "Summer days full of sweat. Down to the beach we play." Can't wait to get back and join the lads for a good time this summer when I get back from Scotland!
Jesse Hugh Richardson
This song reminds me of my cattle dog that just passed away. Be with me has a different meaning to me. Seaweed helps me think about the good times ive had and just a little piece of the great nation of Australia. She was my TD and i miss her biting my heels. Shes still here with me with this song playing Man this song hits me hard...
Bvbe Burte
victorian bitter ...
David fuller
Great jam guys! Reddit brought me here and introduced me to a fuckin god damn good band!
children of poseidon?
i love it.
Dave Owens
Looks like it's all about drinking, mate. That's what really lights you up?