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the anime is like powerpuff girl on crack
That may just be one of the best flowing AMVs I've ever watched. Not a single scene felt out of place with the music.
This anime was MADE For this song... seriously..
Thomas Hofheinz
Moral of this show: We get the angels we deserve.
David Coyle
Before I saw this AMV I had never even heard of this series. It looked funny in the video so I checked it out. I was expecting something along the lines of Powerpuff Girls meets Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi for an older audience.  I've seen some shit... in every sense...
I liked this anime a lot because of the style. It really distinguished it from other animes.
Christina DM
A crazy for sex,another crazy for sugar and an afro-gay. xD That anime xDDDD
Adam Sherman
This is what I call a good AMV. I mean, seriously, look at how well it flows. It doesn't have any of Baka Oppai's special effects, but it doesn't need them.
Mazao G
I've been watching this video every day for six months. HELP!
Matthew Barwood
This is a flat out, pedal to the floor, chain reaction explosion of epicness. Seriously, this is the video that was my introduction to Panty and Stocking, and holy cow am I ever glad I started watching it! It doesn't have to make sense to be awesome, and it is heaps and stacks of triple-decker awesome with a side of kick-ass and some comedy sauce. Seriously, anyone who's not seen it, do yourself an action flavoured favour and look this gem up.
Finnish Person
Makes me want to rewatch the whole thing
ThisIs MyName
Just for reference... start to 0:32 = "Look Alive, Sunshine" by My Chemical Romance 0:33 to end  =  "Na Na Na" by My Chemical Romance Lyrics: -------------------------------------------- Look alive, Sunshine 109 in the sky but the pigs won't quit You're here with me: Dr. Death Defying I'll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter Pumpin' out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you alive A system failure for the masses, empty matter for the master plan Louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny This one's for all of you rock'n'rollers All you crash queens and motor babies Listen up!  The future is bulletproof!  The aftermath is secondary!  It's time to do it now and do it loud!  Killjoys, make some noise! -------------------------------------------- (Na Na Na...) Drugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugs I don't need it, but I'll sell what you got Take the cash and I'll keep it Eight legs to the wall Hit the gas, kill them all And we crawl, and we crawl, and we crawl You be my detonator Love, gimme love, gimme love I don't need it, but I'll take what I want from your heart And I'll keep it in a bag, in a box Put an X on the floor Gimme more, gimme more, gimme more Shut up and sing it with me (Na Na Na...) From mall security To every enemy We're on your property Standing in V formation (Na Na Na...) Let's blow an artery Get plastic surgery Keep your apology Give us more detonation (More! Gimme more! Gimme more!) Oh, let me tell you 'bout the sad man Shut up and let me see your jazz hands Remember when you were a madman Thought you was Batman And hit the party with a gas can Kiss me you animal (Na Na Na...) You run the company Fuck like a Kennedy I think we'd rather be Burning your information (Na Na Na...) Let's blow an artery Get plastic surgery Keep your apology Give us more detonation And right here Right now All the way in Battery City Little children Raise their open filthy palms Like tiny daggers up to heaven And all the juvee halls And Ritalin rats Ask the angels made from neon And fucking garbage Scream out "What will save us?" And the sky opened up Everybody wants to change the world Everybody wants to change the world But no one, No one wants to die Wanna try, wanna try, wanna try Wanna try, wanna try, oh I'll be your detonator (Na Na Na...) Make no apology It's death or victory On my authority Crash and burn Young and loaded Drop like a bullet shell Just like a sleeper cell I'd rather go to hell Than be in purgatory Cut my hair Gag and bore me Pull this pin Let this world explode --------------------------------------------
I just realized at 0:10 when the song intro goes "Doctor death defying" Garterbelt's subtitle reads "Garter death defying". I'm frankly embarrassed it took me this long to notice.
Josiah Lett
I don't know if this song was made for panty and stocking or panty and stocking were made for the song
still waiting for Season 2
It's funny Garterbelt is "Dr. Death Defying" because he's immortal lol
The Pepperoni Pizza Formerly Known as Illidreth
+Miles W +MichaeL Letherman +PhysicsGuy1000 Easily one of the best AMV's I've ever seen.
Lord Douglas
este video es como una droga... lo veo casi todos los días XD
Jacob Ramz
This AMV is so good that it's as if the anime was made just for this song. Thumbs up~
Lurking Trashbag
this is by far the best amv I've seen. everything just flows so well
takuya's mole and xiumin's ah hoo
listen up! the future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary, its time to do it now, and do it loud! killjoys, make some noise!! :3
0:43 - 0:50 Every day on GTA... ALWAYS
DarkTirk D
I don't know what I just watch and I don't know who created it and I sure as shit don't know WHAT its called but  I know one thing I need to find this and WATCH THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF IT! so does anyone who what it is called?
I love the beginning. I mean the whole thing is awesome, but the beginning is just perfect.
Chris Wincek
I can't see how people don't like this video this video is freaking awesome.
dallas smith
The beginning tho.... perfect
Jesus christ Gainax just makes the greatest Animes ever.
Benjamin , Umbrardor
I watched it a few years ago. I wanted season 2. It's been a while, but the AMV was so good the pain of no season 2 has returned.
why is nobody talking about how flawless this is O_O
This is easily the best one i've ever seen.
Markell Campbell
the ending to this anime hurt my feelings lol .... like, cmon ... what now ... ur not ganna answer my question .... mmhhhmmmmmmm i see ..... fine be like that
Shaun Somma
if they do a season 2 of this. this should be the opening no doubt
I'm having a serious anime hangover right now.
Smoky joosh
i came here for mcr whats this shwo called it looks awesome
Grau Wolff
seriously where does all those carbs Stocking eats goes oh nevermind.
Sarka Szar
You did a great job! 😁Amazing!
This was the best possible introduction to My Chemical Romance.
Very, very nice AMV. <333 I love this song so much and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, too. ^-^
Stocking may be evil, but hey. She is so lovable.
Mocking Melody
This might as well be the trailer!
Apex _
1 compound word; *HEADBANGING*
Heartstorm Games
what is the name of this anime'
Siberia romAnoV
Right combo of music and visual :-D hehehe
that opening was top notch 
No One
"As loud as God's revolver, and twice as shiny." Im'ma use that.
It's amazing how the video sync so well with the song. Well done.
Was this song MADE for this Anime?
Just finished the series, gonna say the after credits is just a joke and im gonna believe its non cannon to preserve the show. Panty and Stocking are close sisters, i refuse to believe what happened. Great series though.
elvon sarza
#Gainax Season 2 plssss! It's been three years since the plot twist of the anime you had been shown to us fan of this epic masterpiece of yours..... Or this will be bought by trigger in order to continue the story of this epic masterpiece that you have released?
I've watched this so many times and still find it more and more beautiful. Oh why, why Season 2...
The Iron on Jin's Chest Used in The Fire MV of BTS
Everyone wants to save the world, but no one wants to die~
Hiroshi Julius
omfg i've never seen such a perfect video... ;-; i still cant process it. i can watch this all day. favorite anime to go with my favorite song <3
Qruis S.
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na!
Yuki Witchcraft
the song matched them talking to well dont you agree?...... its like it was made for them
Swaggin Lagg
it's ok to be in love with an AMV right?
Malony the Pony
This AMV is the reason I started watching Panty and Stocking. And I don't regret it :)
Erick Christensen
5 whole damn years later and this is STILL one of the best AMV's I have seen in my life <3
1:11 are those what I think they are...
Frosted Flakes
This is one of my all-time favorite AMVs
Joey Yoej
This should be the new theme song for PSG
MusicBeatMix - Tatsu Music NEW
Anime and Cartoons are not the same ......
Pectoralis Major
I remember when I saw this I'm like ".... MY SHOW MY FRIEND"
Red Hoodie
is there anyway to find a version of this song where Look Alive, Sunshine has been edited into Na Na Na? because I naught the album and when it starts it plays LA,S like normal but halfway through the word "Listen" it stops short and starts playing Na Na Na and the mood that LA,S worked to build up is completely ruined.
Garterbelt is perfect for that beginning.
I can't listen to this and not crank the shit out of it
Kitsune Witch
Omfg this Is my favorite AMV EVER it timed perfectly and I love this anime!
Stocking- human Twilight Sparkle.
It's not an anime, it's a catoon.
This is my life.
King Kraig
So i just finished watching this recently, and god i want them to make another season. Like that ending was so blue balling.
Beno Zhiy
The gun is underwear and the sword is sock xD
I love this Anime so much! :D <3
Jordan Lester
This is probably the best AMV I’ve seen yet.
mayla Ch.96
Oooxxxxoouuuuu.......I love it. ..... It made me feel better.....xaaxaxxaaa Cooolllll
i HATE clickbaits.. and this clearly not one of em when he say bestamvofalltime .. hes not joking ...
Anime US God
One of the best AMV I EVER seen before,😍😍😍😍
Dylan Hatch
The preacher at the beginning just sets up everything so perfectly
Alejandro Baeza
Me tengo que ver este anime, esta de locura!! jaja XD
Beno Zhiy
Why this animation always has s#? XD
One of the best. Told a great story and just so fluid. Dont know if ill ever find one this good ever again.
Anybody else excited that Gainax west just teased another season
I adore this AMV
Prime Derivative
2001 in a nutshell
german cup noodles :D
Well...this song makes me emo again xD
can you believe the guys that made this song only has 547,040 views and 9.6k subscribers... is there no justice in this world?!
Mistress Meloetta
Bestamvsofalltime is right this is totally awesome I hope you really answer my comment on here for you^_^
TheContracter 000
Can't believe this is not cartoon network.
Casper Wolfy
Loss of Indulgence
My anime dudez.... this is freaking MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should totally check them out, but their dead... sadly.
Everytime I watch this I plug my phone into the stereo and crank it up!
Jark Wimbley
there is no Anime better suited to this song
The lip syncing is so good omfg
Brook Skeleton
Just finished this anime today.
Nit3Fr3nzy {o_o}```?
followed this through random recommendations, was not disappointed :) now I have the get hold of this anime!
Sol Shipley
When the song fits perfectly with the animation: O.O
Neon Symphony VA
Damn I love panty and stocking
William Ruston
Literally the best AMV i've ever seen.