Final Days of Planet Earth | 2006 | PART 1

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Staring Daryl Hannah and Campbell Scott - Lloyd Walker is an anti-heroic archaeologist who, after stumbling upon an alien conspiracy, becomes enmeshed in an against-all-odds battle to save the human race. From the enigmatic Room 86 to the doomed Pericles space mission, Walker puzzles together clues to reveal the dark purpose behind strange events occurring around San Francisco.

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rex leader
Why in the HELL did utube remove the 'WATCHED' banner!? I'm sick of opening up the same low grade movies on this menu. SAVE ME MY TIME utube BRING BACK THE 'WATCHED' FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“strange events occurring around San Francisco” Strange events are completely normal for San Francisco.
Douglas Barton
I've been here 47 minutes ... what the hell is this movie about, every 10 minutes a new movie starts that has no conection to the other movies
tacanna mapp
The bear love this movie was my favorite when I was young
Okay, my number is called, I'll walk down this long dark corridor in a building I've never been to before, what could possibly go wrong.
Rebecca Moberly
Very suspensfull
Charles Larson
(Sigh...) The only thing the least bit suspenseful about this movie is that it leaves one wondering what sort of worthwhile film might have been produced if it's budget had been spent elsewhere.
Etta Smith
I like these types of's almost better than netflix! The movies are free so don't expect the current movies to be on
Space, spaaaaaaaaace! They're in SPACE! Wooooooh, space
Gordon Wiessner
Aliens? San Francisco is strange to begin with. Don't need no aliens.
Tracy Brooks
this movie makes NO sense...half way through and I'm still wondering what happened to the people on the space shuttle??/
There is more truth in this movie than most realize. The global elite and most western governments have been taken over. That is why governments work openly against those whom they supposedly represent and the world feels more and more inhumane. In the end most of us will end up in a room 86 with an "ombudsman".
Vancouver, British Columbia, destination of choice for the sophisticated well-travelled alien.
Darth Eggplant
Watching now for 15 minutes. One word BORING!
Dan McCarthy
I still recall the first time the Earth was destroyed. It was back in 1976, I had made my first batch of pot brownies from some Mexican ditch weed. After eating my fill of tasty trippy morsels, I found that I had unintentionally added all the buds, not just the trim leaves. I got so stoned, I accidentally hit that darn button that says " Do Not Push this button until the Earth is going to explode."
Charles Larson
Ah! It's Species 8472.
Felix Avila
YouTube is real good we can watch movies full movies for free without worrying about having a bill I think it's excellent
Richard Hewit
A drill makes a sound - in a vacuum ???
Trayal Walker
Astronauts infected by alien species, bring said species back to earth. Species takes over city hall and begins harvesting humans being sent to the Ombudsman's office in room 86. End of movie.
Diane M Kuchins
start of movie not interesting, pieces don't fit together. a real yawner.
Linda Terrell
Why does Hollywood think human ashes are actually ashes? They are crushed bone.
Krista Brewer
Something tells me I don't wanna be watching this. Yea, I think I won't even let it go for a second; I'll stick with my Pureflix movies, thanks
Charles Larson
I have to say I've seen better acting in Reefer Madness. Better plot, too.
Gordon Wiessner
Pretty damn ridiculous.
Wane Tres
hand floating around in space then blood splatters against window, i believe the blood would have frozen and if it came from the hand the hand should have been frozen.....
Linda Terrell
The Shuttle can't go to the moon. It doesn't have the power to break orbit.
Melanie van Renen
Who's still here ;-)
Erik Riza
"strange events in San Francisco"???? That is not possible. Too implausible. No audience will believe it.
Luciano Guerra
I don't like incomplete movie's I'm still wondering about the missing astronauts. That was to what I like An then it start back on Earth. Boring. It's more like pieces they are trying to fine out what we like. But it's a let down for some of us. Good acting but I hope it go's somewhere. Knowing the truths of what happens to a human body in space. There should not have been liquid outside the shuttle.
Charles Wyble
This reminds me of the old twilight zone. Kinda don’t want to see the next movie because I feel like it’s not going to end well.
Roy Mayhew
Bless are the meek, you will inherit the earth. wicked and evil will never ever be again.
o tejas o
if Mother Nature ever does go on an apocalyptic rampage such as these movies invision , it will be "GAME OVER" . . . .
The Veteran
Buzz Aldrin admitted (On camera) that the moon landing was FAKE and that they NEVER went to the moon! FOLLOW THE MONEY!
That was all twisted up.
Quick Wahay
WTF was this supposed to be?
Joe Spata
Looking great they should put this stuff on Netflix aswel this may be all true I don't now why they don't do it
Space aliens? Space travel beyond the Van Allen belt? LOL! Might as well make a movie about blue monkey flying out your ass ~
Keith Armstrong
Really good movie. Can't wait to see nunber2
Ian Douglas
Why is the background music louder than the speech?
Julio Moran
Isnt crop dusting when someone farts?
Richard Dominguez
Not bad so far, not a blockbuster but keeping me interested, on my way to part 2
vincent okonda
I don't care as long as is a movie
James MacKenzie
Enjoyed the movie. Thanks.
Marcus Kingsley
Slow and boring. Plus I hate insects
86, your outa here
Shahid Shaikh
All movies are osum mashallha
Roy Mayhew
They repented not of murders and thievery.
Esther Redfield
The actor looks like the "Ancient Aliens" guy
David Myers
Hand held cameras really ruin a lot of good movies.
Magus Black
The last years on planet Earth.
Jeff Harbaugh
Everything is strange in San Francisco:)
Adalberto Piedra
Como. Se. llama. Esta. Película Por. Fin. Dia. Final. De. LA. Tierra. O. Meteoro.
Daughter of Zion Smith
I like the movies.watched 3 so far.
Joseph Galarneau
2 many plot switches didn't show the earth landing then it goes to archaeological dig then somewhere else in 15 minutes.
Excruciating...I cannot watch
Pete Miller
Love B movies and shows. This one is actually pretty good. Filmed in Vancouver. I get a kick out of the comments regarding science bloopers, but not one about ant like aliens coming to Earth. Maybe they're already here, I guess that explains why I have this business card to be a candidate for room 86!!! Help me!!!! Please!!! Please!!! Help me!!!! :) Cheers.
Dawn Juliet Flower
Another Disaster SPACE movie genre, same same....
rock island
chuck burgess
this is exactly what happened in franklin co. al. russelville. the aliens were the pod people .they hatched and took on human form as , mexicans. they have spread across alabama causing koas and confusion, god help us all.the working man will pay more taxes while the government trys to control the bad situation , aliens giving birth.
Joaquin Phi
I am in the 24 min jusy because i liked the scene from the begining. But i can't stand anymore. Please answer if something interesting hapens aftes min 24. Thanks.
Spiritual speaking the ONLY thing that that matters is whether u are TAKEN UP or LEFT BEHIND aka Saved or Un saved. if u reject this u are either a FOOL or Spiritually ignorant aka Blind to what's HAPPENING in the Un- seen realm & the forces @ play/work ~Maranatha~ 9/6/18
James Michael
There alot bad low bugdet mivies but there free. And ive seen all the blockbusters you have to weed through them but every few you find a real good one.
johnny john john
what is this ? hollywood
shawnte Pitts
that's right kids
emma taylor
Last Days of Planet Earth, Part 1: Like the movie and the different variations of alien type beings, as with all alien movies they want to destroy and or take over the human race, the world but it never gets boring. In any alien movie the alien has its own hidden agenda as to why.
Daniel Medina
Pretty good movie so far . . .
DeeDee Dailey
David Drygas
This is what if lernd from YouTube in the last week the earth is flat but it also a simulator run buy aliens that are trying to build a worm hole to the 9th new planet x wow I need to go back to school I missed a bunch of shit
Chino lewin
me waking up in NYC to all this lol dwl
See*Sinn Sense-Of-Sight
the apples are growing right outside left of that ship/shop :-)
william mccann
i dont understand the bit in space.... why ....
Granny Reynolds
djbare9: YOUR POST IS PRICELESS !😱😋😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅👊
Insects can teach man about cooperative , non-exploitative living strategies? Hollywood or some loon needs to get an update on hive societies. As in "the next hive/nest have what we want or we need more resources and we don't want to share, or their house is nicer than ours, insect answer? Genocide, oh and war is a way of life, all for the colony and all that. I think that is a lesson we can skip, thanks :) Bug lady is bug-house nuts, that's one book to skip!
johnny john john
ill watch a movie i purchased
David Garnet
This movie is to be continued or they ran out of money to finish it.
Forest Dweller
Very good documentary. This is exactly the problem at our City Hall too. Alien damm cockroaches!
Ronald Hurst
The PC BS is thick in this one.
Mar Tiq
Counting the number of adds, one every 10 minutes, two squeezed in at the end. There is Money to be made in uploading long boring movies with loads and loads of ads..
Pamela Turnbull
Well; the lead male's leg with bits of glass in it healed up pretty quick !!!
Ame Waqanaceva
You will see good thing and do it we can learn from it
Betty Kyler
corny but fun to watch.
Joyce Henderson
WIERD! I can't believe I watched this whole movie! Blood, guts and gore! YucK!
Ramsey Bruce
To make sure you &
William Baynes
Yanks can do anything!
DeeDee Dailey
Lord Byron
At 11:00 ..... You failed to mention that these settlers helped in the destruction of the native Americans who lived here ... and also stole their lands. Instead of telling the truth, feed the children crap and lies and perpetuate the conspiracy for our so called Christian values (full of shit).
T mo
nothing has ever left earth orbit, not even my hero neil armstrong.
Norb Torres
Randum Naime
Ah, only in San Francisco.Darryl Hannah is in it, that's good right?
Jenni Elina Holopainen
42:45 cute, I love it :-D
Jay Washburn
The earth will always be here ! the people won't .
candy bandy
wtf so your standing on a indiaian burieal ground i know its a movie but geeze that would be soo wrong
Gil Natividad
Drew Sagar
Darryl Hannah is still a Hottie
Nikki Seven
life - a series of pauses, from one scene to the next.
Pia Salvato
Awesome movie
So many movies purporting to be about the end of the world, end up being just soap-opera.
william mccann
Shuttle buses to the moon will be normal in 100 years. We will all be taking it to work.
Jhon Connor
¿ qué busca Chile ? , desarrollar el patriotismo en las tierras y mares robados por los Rothschild , en tanto mantengan esa actitud nunca habrá entendimiento
malcolm taylor
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