MOOMIN TV SOUNDTRACK: 'Epic Music' [OST] (Sumio Shiratori)

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Here's an unofficial compilation of music from 90's TV series Moomin (Tanoshii Moomin Ikka, Muumilaakson tarinoita, I Muumindalen, Muminki etc..) Taken from 4 CD's released in Japan. 00:00 Sunafukin No Tabidachi (スナフキンの旅立ち) 02:24 Saa Shukkou (さあ出航) 04:09 Futari No Chikai (二人の誓い) 05:36 Yume No Sekai He (夢の世界へ) 08:53 Dansu (ダンス) 10:20 Sasurai No Sunafukin (さすらいのスナフキン) 12:00 Asu No He Kibou (明日への希望) 13:15 Mahou No Shirukuhatto (魔法のシルクハット) 17:10 Shin Ha Bouken (心は冒険) 18:17 Moomin Dani Ni Haru Ga Kita (ムーミン谷に春が来た) 22:09 Tooi Akogare (遠いあこがれ) Music is composed by Sumio Shiratori. The singer is Emiko Shiratori. I don't own the music. The music is released through King Records. The goal is to make the composer's name more known of his brilliant work!

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My childhood! <3
The Space Child
13:15 My favorite But they are all awesome Really, this ost is gold
02:24 will forever be my favorite. The joy felt in the moments this music was played has made it's mark in this song and I just tear up listening to this masterpiece.
Cat Daddy
Wow this guy was genius in making this music. Could be soundtrack of Final Fantasy
2:24 -> Every single time you have a maximal success on something, it feels like this.
Evol In Finland
How is can even two people dislike this ? What kind of angry and self loathing person could go out of their way to dislike these tunes ?
Jesse Jormakka
Best soundtrack ever
Captain Deadpool
I just relived my childhood in 25 minutes! pelkkää lovee :D <3 ちょうど愛
This music is absolutely lovely. Sweet sounds of childhood.
Thank you so much for putting all of these up, I absolutely adore the soundtrack from this show.
I love all these tracks so much! Awesome compilation
John Snake
Dansu and Mayoras mask deku palace are so similar
Tomi Luoto
14:01... This part! So EPIC! So much memories =)
I tried to find some sheet notes but I didn't.... I wanna make a violin & flute cover :( (I play both) This is so beatifull music
17:10 It's so perfect, i love it <3
Vera Jansson
Alen Glišović
Does anybody know how I can get in touch with mister Shiratori? I would like to use or re-use one of his compositions for a non-profitable project.
Jenny 4
Thank you for uploading this!
Wonseok Song
I think 心 should be pronounced Kokoro instead of Shin.
Shigeru Miyamoto
Shigeru Miyamoto
Otto Halmén
Wow! The music of this show is WAY more elaborate and refined than I remembered from my childhood. :o
La Trillizza Zavala
La felicidad de mis oídos no se puede describir!! <3
Dr Ivo Robotnik
It's been over 20 years, but when I heard Asu No He Kibou I could see that giant airship again... <3
Oh boy! Where can I get this album?
Where are the horror-influenced themes that plays when the groke appears? The organ stuff, and such.
Patrik Sjöberg
So beautiful and Divine God bless Sumio Shiratori, Tove Jansson and Moomins
Teresa Diaz
¿Quién fue el pendejo que le dio "no me gusta" a estos 25:35 minutos de belleza?
La Trillizza Zavala
Amo esta música!
Everything i say is sarcasm. Except my name.
10:21 👍👍