Rossi Princess Revolver Review & Shoot

The Rossi Princess, also known as the Model 13 or Model 25, is a 7-shot .22 rimfire revolver produced by Rossi in Brasil. This is a compact and fun gun that is somewhat obscure on the American market. I review, compare, and shoot the gun as well as giving my opinion. Ed Buffalo's Unblinking Eye Review: /> Jumps in the video: Review = 1:12 Comparison = 8:09 Shooting Range = 15:18 Closeup = 28:24 NAA Mini = 0.85" Rossi Princess = 1.00" Ruger Bearcat = 1.21" S&W top break = 1.30" Taurus 94 = 1.34" Ruger Single Ten = 1.42" S&W Model 10 = 1.45" Ruger Redhawk = 1.78"

"7 shot 22 of minimal dimensions." YES! PLEASE!!!
Edmilson Pinto
classico da rossi
erberson 12345
classico. da. rossi
Guilherme Lamarque
Clássico revólver... Peça de coleção.
Adriano Silva
muito lindo simplesmente lendário. foi o melhor reviem que vi dessa arma. chegou a ser a arma que mais matou no Brasil de 1957 a 1966 foi amplamente fabricado e vendido uma excelente arma . Parabéns pelo video.
Deyse Marques Silva Marques
tomo montar um vevolve 22 nunca vi um vídeo. ...pó q será
2wheeled Demon
I'm starting to fall in love with old revolvers and lever actions. Thanks for the upload 👍
revólver Brazilian
It does look very much like an old Ladtsmith revolver.
BTW, Uberti makes a 12-shot .22LR Cattleman revolver.
odirlei de souza
Linda arma
How cute. 
All beautiful
Edgar Roop
Saw one at a gun show yesterday. It wasn't in the good condition yours is in.
Bob 357
Just picked up a M 25. Haven't shot it yet. Thanks for the review.
Vinícius Medeiros
Yes very good
Frank Sletz
I'm looking to buy one pf these. any idea where I could find one
Equipe Sem Nome
Sou colecionador e quero adquirir um igual a esse quem tiver favor comentar aqui
gary K
Looks like a S&W "M" frame Ladysmith.
Jr Dirty
Do you know of any decent steel DA/SA revolvers of a similar size? The only modern ones I see are SAO, DAO, or overly large.
Will Weeks
Is there a way to remove a firing pin from one of these?
Garantia COBIA
Made of the same alloy Hotwheels cars are made of, incredible!
Rodrigo Manzatto
Congratulations on the video RyeOnHam, could you make a video of that revolver Rossi dismantled?
rodger taylon
Que família linda kkk parabéns
Great job with the camera.  Could I get you email address I have lots of questions. thanks
what's the height of the rossi Model 13
Another spambot
Absolutely stunning pistol
Clever Reis
the gun but sold in Brazil due to its low value, it was very common to find her, but after laws restricting the purchase of arms and almost a rarity, I had a gun but with equal 2 inches
Tony D
Most people i know who have a revolver eject there empties down at the ground and not back at themselves.
Thanks for the video. Question about warranty. I inherited the model 25. The barrel cone and frame just above it is quite worn from lots of powder flash. (My guess) I love the size. But, feel uneasy about the firing condition now. The frame has 1/16th minimum cut through so far. Do you know anything about Rossi warranty? No one I speak to will touch it. Thanks again for the video. Sweet little thing huh
Darmson Santos
Onde posso comprar um ??
Texan Tom
I have something very similar but not identical and can not find one single video on YouTube with it. It's a Rossi 22 all blue six round revolver. I'm just wondering what it might go for here in Texas.
Bellattor Tavares
Good night , good video ! How do you test ? Like the gun ( do not speak English well ) ? In Brazil there are laws against guns, bad await my license ! Direct hugs from Brazil!
Sergio Moura
Melhor ter um 22 rossi do que ter nada!
Liaqat khan
Visually looking beautiful but practically worthless due to its inferior and unimaginative mechanism . The locking and unlocking system is very rudimentary and not suitably designed and located for a single hand operation. A second hand gun like this Rossy 13 in good condition was being sold in a gun shop in Pakistan for 1000 US dollars. I think it was overly priced .
Alex Oliveira
Arma pequena, mas se um pipoco pega no peito o vagabundo deita na hora.
The Shootist
It looks like a toy
Juliano o conselheiro
entre ter Rossi .22 Prince prefiro estilingue falha menos da mais alguns meses aposto que fico cheio de folga no tambor dos 7 tiros estorou só 3 kkk
Henrique Gardenal
Um classico fabricado no brasil pena que não fabrica mais, agora só temos a porcaria da taurus