Sabaton - Talvisota (Music Video)

Teledysk do piosenki Sabaton - Talvisota. Bardzo was przepraszam za loga typu machinima, lecz nie udało mi sięich usunąć. Jeżeli ktoś wie jak prosiłbym, żeby napisać to w komentarzach, a VirtualDub nie działa. Wykorzystane trailery z gier: -Kotor III 2009, 2010, 2011 -The Force Unleashed II

Do you have time to talk about the galactic empire of Finland?
Star Wars in talvisota song!? What the actual fuck?
Mlg Sty
As a finnish person Im fine with this video but I just dont see how it fits together with the music? I would use talvisota with battle of hoth because that would actually fit
Scarecrow Hunter
lol best tactical insertion ever, fuck it just put the ship into the building
eisaatana tämmösessä videossa voi talvisotaa soittaa...
The Stalker
Star Wars footage with Talvisota? I guess you see something new every day. I expect that a lot of Finns not gonna like it though. Because Winter War has an entirely different meaning to them than just a Sabaton song.
Sabaton is the Best!
00:52 Academy's finest!
I can remember it like yesterday, when the Russians pushed through our ranks and we were almost overpowered.. But then, the school of the Mannerheim Jedi entered the battlefield and turned the tide and defeated the dark side once more!
AWWW i was expecting the battle of holh
Kansan ääni
I have a question for all the russians. Whenever you reply, why do you use russian, I don't think that anybody understands it.
lawl... worst video to make fit with this song
/watch?v=Obo0BizHErc Music video star wars sabaton - midway
The game is truly free to play since you can play the whole game trough without spending any money what so ever. Of course some features are going to be locked out how else would you expect them to earn any money?
That's exactly what I mean't. Good to see that some people understand me.
Haha "Free to play" The Irony being if you want all the features of the game you end up spending more than you did if you bought the game at release.
The 'Free to play' Part is a joke right ?
STARWARS??!! haha voi vitttttttttttttsi..
pls guys can you stop arguing about the winter war? lets just say this, the song is awesome and the videos to it is awesome to :) and i strongly sugest any mmo players to try old republic since its now free to play thats all i have to say
Yes swtor this game could hae been such a great mmo but hey ea and bioware totally fail on this...a pity
Schnutzbarts Daddelecke
Yehaw Starwars the Old Republik i like the game^^
Wernher von Kerman
Talvisota was the year before Operation "Barbarossa" which was the code-name for the German assault on Russia. Finns were able to keep independence but they've lost many territories to the Soviet Union. That's why they sided with Germany until 1943
this is not a kotor III. It's sw: the old republic that is a mmo. Y tried everything to remove the logs???
Mateusz Lisowski
Jeszcze troche i zaczniecie robić teledyski z mody na sukces...
kacper łagodziński
Anglicy przejmują komentarze!
Soviet-Finnish war was in the time of the ww2 and a Finnish has had a best winter assault infatry (if i made some mistakes sry)
coz there isnt one
gerhard schalke
You were really brave to use this indeed a very particular song (indeed dedicated to a truly historical series of events) for this video of yours. However I suddenly liked it. Not bad. I can relate with the mood.
The Jarric
they were allready used as an improvised weapon in spanish civil war finns just manufactured them deliberetly
you're right the winter war and ww2 are two different things. they are directly related but different wars
Molotov Cocktail is an invention of Talvisota. We sent bombs under the guise of humanitarian aid or such, and when finns made a incendiary bomb, they called it "Molotov Cocktail". Molotov - Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1939 to 1949
Soviet-Finnish war is not World War 2, I think.
You may have used "Empire Strikes Back" episode.
damien damone
but they did...
so many storm troopers dead :,(
Cpt. Ulrich
the beginning needs better timing
khoriey Hinton
why would the troopers move towrds the light sabers and annother thing, star wars trooper armor suck it does nothing to protect you . you would still die the same way without the armor, its like running in a bullet storm wearing plastic. The only way you were not gong to get killed is if the thing shooting at you,miss !! but i still like th troopers they just need better gear.
Kosmiczna bitwa o Endor też mogła być....
Po prostu mógłbyś zrobić montaż V części Star Warsów :D
its a game star wars the old republic its a trailer also.. but i wish it was a movie xD
From the Game´s
Guys, please, i know that talvisota was about the war in finland/sweden against the russian (i think) but this video is awsome! why dislike?? :(
Foxtrot Delta
Not very happy. Star Wars bullshit isnt good on a song that is about Talvisota. -Not so happy Finnish person
Images from a game or a real movie?
Mario Treiber
Maswter Kao Cen Darach is probably the most epic Jedi I've ever seen! Weilding a saberstaff and a lightsaber at the same time! WTF!?! My favorite Jedi, by long shot, especially with Sabaton-music in the background :)
star wars is awesome.. and the game is called star wars the old republic btw =D
they did, douche ^^
Dominik Omlin
sabaton with Star Wars dramatic, very nice
Kylish Akarim
Wpisz poprostu Kotor III 2011. ;]
Blood Reaver
@diamoreexy if you wonder who it is. it is Galen Marek a.k.a. Starkiller, the apprentice of darth Vader
Blood Reaver
@man242 it is Star Wars the Old Republic (its very awesome)
Александр Черных
Russian = Sith?)) (Hell yeah! \m/)
what game is it at 1:51
@TheRaiki97 Molotov cocktails were named such because it was a play on Molotov's breadbaskets, which is what the Finns refered to Russian bombs as.
@TheRaiki97 haha yea right, molotov coctails were named after the russian minister molotov! look it up
Blood Reaver
@leogardan yeah that's funny as hell
Igor Priladyshev
Talvisota means winter war in finnish. thats the war in 1940 between Finland and the USSR. Cartoons are totally from diff. story -)
Blood Reaver
hey u whining bitches, it is an awesome combination (star wars + muziek!!!) i dont hear u whining about the songs of sabaton with movie of warhammer so stfu and just enjoy the song, faggot thank you all
strike em where it hurts! all the men covered their nutsack and all the women covered their make up :)
100 years later people will still listen to this kind of music.
How star wars has anything to do with winter war?
What does Star Wars have to do with the Russian-Finnish War???
@TheRaiki97 Molotov was the Soviet foreign minister during the war. So the finns were like "Here why don't you have a cocktail, Molotov.. höhöhö"
Blood Reaver
i think this song is excellent, also a good combo with both the old republic and swtfu2 TALVISOTA
@TheRaiki97 actually not
@TheRaiki97 No, they were named by molotovs bread baskets in the begining of war
Roger Werner
What idiots are inventing such totally idiotic and unsuitable videos? Welche Idioten basteln solche völlig idiotischen und unpassenden Videos?
@TheRaiki97 Wait, you are arguing about winter war with a Finn? Prepare to lose. They were molotov coctails. Case closed. They were called like that in Finland.
@TheRaiki97 ok still it is a good video.SABATON 4EVER.
Kylish Akarim
@Arto47 Molotov Coctails were named after winter war.
Kylish Akarim
@00784865 I know but i didn't find trailer on Hoth.
Ialoch Hantassen
All these idiots thinking a song has to be 100% relevant to making an AMV. Someone reply with a song not owned by Star Wars in any way which would fit to star wars because they use lightsabers in it. Bloody hell just enjoy the video. The relation is that the Sith Empire invaded the Republic rather hastily, the Emperor did not expect major resistance which is akin to Stalin expecting Finland to be a walkover. Just because the Finns and Russians didn't use lightsabers, you decide you do not like this video? 
It would be better if this video is on the planet Hoth.
@noobstuntguy sorry for being blunt but if you dont like it dont watch it and dont go on teling us why and what you dont like WE DONT CARE thank you
i liked this video because of the music but sriously-Star Wars?
Jakub Smoliński
sprobuj w paincie xd
so you did not even listen the song before you put it here? its about winter war that happened in finland at 1939 not in galaxy far far away
@00784865 Yes, good job for noticing.
This is from the neew Star Wars game?
Actually molotov coktails were a pressent from Finnish forces to russian tankers but the Russians didnt like the pressent.
@TheRaiki97 Ehm.... They did use Molotov Cocktails during the winter war, because they were in short of Anti-tank guns.
Steven Owen
No wonder the soviets lost, if the Finnish had Jedi's to help them.
@TheRaiki97 Yes they did...
I love Star Wars and I love Sabaton thx :)
Kylish Akarim
@noobstuntguy And soldiers did't use a molotov coctail in winter war ;]
Kylish Akarim
@noobstuntguy It is my interpretation of work, but thank you for critique.
This is really a disgrace for the original theme of the song and for winter war vets. You really should think that this is an important topic for finns so please dont use it to a fucking scifi video game bullshit! :)
nice mix of star wars
Kapitan Lasu
Teledysk bardzo dobry (do doskonałości brakuje mu tylko paru wad)
Karmas Disaster
sith and jedi fighting to sabaton....sweet
Nathan Schubert
Why is it that the Star Wars MOVIES can't get anywhere *close* to the level of lightsaber fights shown here? I mean surely if a game company can do it fully animated you can afford to do it with special effects if not just better choreography.
distressed 1
I don't think that the winter war took place in the galaxy
Izaya Orihara
In that wounderfull world they have spaceships. . . and no flightcontroll or airdefence? That sucks.
Александр Александрович ЯКОБСОН
Откуда видео ?
Советское бюро пропаганды
Normally I'd complain when people use wrong footage over sabaton but I like star wars as much as I like sabaton so I'm giving you a pass good sir
Hasis Montes Limon
sławomir janiak
to jest to gwiezdne wojny......
I didn't know people still liked the old republic.