MIXING TOGETHER EVERY DORITOS FLAVOR! - Giant Dorito! Taste Test Experiment DIY!

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MIXING TOGETHER EVERY DORITOS FLAVOR! - Giant Dorito! Taste Test Experiment DIY! i'm back with another mixing taste test video and this time i made it giant y'all! i mixed 8 different kinds of doritos chips and turned them into a giant dorito! i used nacho cheese doritos, cool ranch, taco flavor and a bunch of others! what's your favorite kind of doritos chips? i think i like spicy nacho the most. thank you guys for watching my review diy! WATCH MY OTHER FOOD TASTE TEST REVIEW VIDEOS! MIXING TOGETHER EVERY RAMEN NOODLES FLAVOR! - Taste Test Experiment! /> TRYING CHILI'S APPETIZERS! - Fried Cheese, Pizza, Chicken Wings, & MORE Mukbang Taste Test! /> THE WENDY'S CASSEROLE - How To Make Burger, Chili, & Fries Lasagna DIY /> DOLLAR STORE FOOD HAUL! - Trying Dollar Tree Snacks & Candy! /> TRYING MCDONALD'S WHOLE MENU! - Burgers, Fries, Chicken Nuggets, & MORE Restaurant Taste Test! /> TRYING 7-ELEVEN FOOD! - Taquitos, Spicy Wings, Pizza, & MORE Taste Test! /> TRYING KFC! THE WHOLE MENU! - Fried Chicken, Chicken Pie, Fries, & MORE Taste Test! /> TRYING WENDY'S WHOLE DOLLAR MENU! - Burgers, Fries, Chicken Nuggets & MORE Fast Food Taste Test! /> TRYING TGI FRIDAYS FROZEN APPETIZERS! - Chicken Wings, Mozzarella Sticks, & MORE Taste Test! /> TRYING WEIRD LUNCHABLES! - Tiny Pizza, Candy, Chicken Nuggets, & Nachos Taste Test!

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Devin Sumer
omg this is what i call a big ass bowl can you believe timmy invented the superbowl
Sincere Simmons
Jana's Vlogs
How did 8 people not like this, they booty probably stank
Speedy Jr
What about mixing all of the cheeto chips?
rosas family
Lmao you will be with me never cuz my fart is forever I’m dying
Kassidy Ball
The sweet chili ones are my fav 😭😂
themosthated Jojo
Never clicked a video so fast
Jordan Teano
7:10 "it tastes *continues eating it*
Rdowg West
Your favorite flavor of Dorito
perfection is pain
Favorite: Spicy Sweet Chilli
Random Things
Salsa Verde is my favorite Dorito flavor
What's the name of the song
Rachel Pike
had my bell on since day 1 😚
Zoe Yesh
YASS Timmy
andy castanon
what about flamas?
rosas family
Um Leche is milk huevos is eggs lol
Your Favorite Doritos Flavor (and-don't-comment-your-favorite-doritos-flavor-i-know-y'all-comment-your-actual-favorite-flavor-not-sponsered-ahihh)
Axel The Gaoyena
i cant comment my fav dorito flavor cause no one sells them in my country.....I never had doritos ;-; edit: bet timmy wont reply
Katelyn SamaTWD
I stopped watching u a year ago. I used to love u so much **wig snached** 😂😂. I just came back to ur channel randomly remembering YouTubers i used to watch. Its so great to see how much uve grown throughout that whole year! I remember that when I was younger, everytime u uploaded a video, I used to fangirl, scream or smile and click the video (I was a weird child). I'm so shooketh about how much you've changed. I think ill be watching u more recently now since I found u again and I'm loving ur content still 👌
sleeping inside
Regular Doritos flavor is my favorite
CoyDiva W.
I actually don't have a favorite Dorito. I like them all the same.
Jossyy luv
My fave Doritos are spicy nacho and nacho cheese 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Stevye Brown
My favorite Dorito flavor is cool Ranch
Allie Eisenberg
Timmmyyy you need to try the jalapeño Doritos there actually lifeee😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Animation World!
Your favorite Doritos flavor:Dynamite Doritos, OML THE BEST!!! ALSO, y'all know things are about to get real when Timmy has his glasses on, hair flipped, and 100 different bags of Doritos!!!
Not even two minutes in and I'm already so excited 😂💜
Princess Peasant
Timmy Tamale
Lee Wilson
We only have 4 Dorito flavours in England 😩
kiara pichardo
Do A Trying Olive Garden Whole Menu!!!!
Regina Goolsby
Nacho Cheese
Breanna Pickens
Try DAIRY QUEEN menu !!! 😀
Puff Sassy
Bold BBQ and Jalapeño Cheddar are the best !
Evelyn Lewis
My favorite flavor is Nacho cheese
You know the drill Cool ranch Nacho cheese Spicy nacho Spicy roulette Blaze Other
Dorothy Fry
My favorite Dorito flavor is Nacho Cheese. Yummy!
Sarah Sills
Timmyyyy!!! Staaappp with the water use butter 😂😂 it makes it betterrrr!!!
Alex Hilt
Nacho cheese is my favorite because I'm basic 💁
Jade Friedman
I think I love the original ones
Pam Blevins
Original flavor
Kady Morson
fav doritos flavor is nacho cheese, can’t be doing all the other ones lol
Shayleah Bauries
Honestly queeeeeeeennn
Life of Kendall Spann
nacho cheese
Amarachi Azuh
What happened to pamila😱😵
Gabi Marie
My favorite flavor is the tapatio ones but I don't even know if they still make them and I can never find them anymore. Second favorite is a tie between cool ranch and those buffalo ranch ones.
makayla herrera
You are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny lol😂😂😂😂😂❤
Leslie Nunya
Make this "dough" again and make actual tamales with it. I bet that would be amazing.
Him: *talks about blaze dorito* Me: *Thinks about Rachel Ballinger’s dog*
Bri bl
My favorite flavor is the Buffalo Ranch Doritos. They soo gooood
Sie Sie
Fart is forever
Neve Woods
That song is everything!!!! 😂😂 but like seriously you are like an amazing singer!!
Well Me
I think you forgot the dorito flames 🔥
hastag #
What part of florida to you live in
Arly Del Rosario
Timmy done made a country song y’all lmaoooo
Elaine Wireman
I was hoping you'd have the ranch dipped buffalo wing doritos :(
Ruby Bgm
I’m dying st your background music “and every time I fart around you, you treat me like a piece of traaaash’
3:43 i see it at subway, i see it everywhere *i see it at subway, I see it everywhere*
Desiree Dabels
(2 minuets and 30 seconds In) IS DAT A NEW SONG I HEARD
Shemar Magee
Is that a new song
leores harris
Deja Vu at 3:45
Ramisa Manulat
Oml I’m gay af (happy and colorful) DUHHHH
Diamond Productions47
I love u I am a tomato 🍅 like this comment if your a true 🍅
Diamond Productions47
The purple one
You should mix every ice cream or pringle or taki flavor 👑👑💎
KätGöd YT
I've been a tomato for so long I'ma rotten tomato
Monbebean :3
Doritos please sponsor him
Emily-Amy Grace
Boyyyy, would I want to gobble that
Adilene loya
You should of got Doritos Flamas !!!
Nonifacation squat! 🍅
Bon uii
My favourite is the blue bag!💙👛
jhaliyah bedford
Timmy I love you but I can see the weight gain
Evie-mae Mintram
Try and pause it at 2:07 And 2:01
The LPS Cookies
Uhhh I guess normal nacho.., and i really wanna try taco
Simply Shanalee
TIMMY!!! You've gotta try Doritos Ranch dipped Hot wings OH MY F GOSHH. SO GUDD.
Lee Loves Food
That looks actually really good lol
I haven’t watched Timmy in a while. And damn, he go so slim. I’m not saying you weren’t before, but wow great improvement! lol
Megan Frank
Amanda Panda
At 5:15 you said Cheetos instead of Doritos. ♥️🦄🍑 Love you
Mr DJ Repack's
3:41 ????
Adrian cueto
That intro was slay Queen!!! Loved it!!! DIY vid coming at us!!!! Loved it Timmy! You rock at these DIYs and you make them so entertaining to watch and I simply looooooooooove the music inserts when they pop up during! Keep em coming Queen!!! I wanna see Funyuns!!! :D <3 My fav. Doritios flavor is Cool Ranch *Yum* Keep slaying ma evenings Queen Timmy! Love ya <3
Skyler Lodge
Yesssss bish!
Invader Pucca
Tiffany Ding
hit me up and i can send you tons of crazy asian flavors doritos or chips in general.. from wasabi to seaweed to steak or chicken meal, etc etc :D even SWEET flavors like cappuccino and caramel etc
Amy Leah
Timmyyyy slaaaayyyyy ❤️❤️❤️
Beth Razz
#TheBigDoritoAss 😂❤
Beth Razz
I love the spicy sweet chili Doritos. 💜💜💜💜
Taylor Morales
Try mixing all the Lay's chips!
Cassie Oh
Miami was in the news today unfortunately , but when its Miami I think TIMMY , stay safe my friend *Sweet Chili*
Lisa Loden
Timmy another great video 😋💙 I loved the Nacho Cheese One And The Taco Flavor One ^•^😻🍅 keep them coming Timmy have a good one peace and love Lisa 😎😋
High Vibes
You lost hella weight you look so good 😁😙
Valeria Cornejo
Libby Garcia
Classic nacho cheese is my favorite of all time. (Aka: red bag)
mariethesizzler 9492
Dine uh my tea tas 😂😂😂😂
mariethesizzler 9492
Tapatio and spicy nacho
Brianna Morris
You didn’t put my favorite in the mix!!! The 5 different cheese flavor kind!! That is THE BEST
Vicky Swanson
Mix all pringles flavors
It's yuh girl mikkeai8908
I was eating cheddar flavored sunchips while watching this video, and for some reason my chips started tasting like if you mixed a bit of cool ranch and a bit of the nacho flavor together.
Gummybear Queen
Cool Ranch is my favourite flavour, also my favourite Doritos Locos Taco.
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What A amazing video you got there