Lil Wayne - Love Me (Explicit) ft. Drake, Future

Music video by Lil Wayne performing Love Me (Explicit). © 2013 Cash Money Records Inc., under exclusive license to Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc

Daniel Powada
How I feel when two girls text me at the same time
June 2019 Have a great day if u liked
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came back in 2019 and I know I ain’t the only one‼️💯
Cristiano Hd
When I was a kid I rapped these lyrics line by line damn this was a dirty song lmfaooo
Silent Vlog
May 2019 anyone? HIT LIKE IF YOU SEE THIS
Tahoe07 Ltz
just one of them songs that will never get old in that brings back so many memories! man I miss the old days
Savana A
I didnt know the comment section was turning into a calender?
Yo wtf I got straight chills from not listening to this song for like 3 or 4 years 🤤
Everytime I listen to these songs makes me sad miss the old days,
DC Hot Topics
Who still watching 2019 Dope joint timeless music
Chino Montoyo
June-16- 2019 happy fathers day🙏🙏🙏💪💪👈
abood shp
When future was speaking english
Sar Sar
When I get to take pic with 2 girls.
Lil tunechi got that fire Still in 2019. Fact
Mário Scanner Santos
Lil Wayne, The Man who Changed Rap Game.
Angel Ortiz
If you like you get a n word pass;)
king Abdul king Abdul
I didn't understand the lyrics of this song back then but now I really know that I used to sing vulgar words in front of paps😂😂😂
RagingRhino 379
This song will never die ☠️🔥🎧
Aman Rokade
*I'm feeling like Lil Wayne after listening to it!* PS : still listening to it.#NostalgicRide
Mitch Fuller
Anybody else feel like they just watched a satanic death ritual?
Alaijah Ransome
This song makes me not want to have daughters😂😭‼️
Johnathan Fagundes
whos here 2019 to 2020, this must be in everyone playlist (*+*) comment for a sub :)
Bola Beatz
January 2019 , Anyone? 🤚🏽
Terry van scorpio
Future: I'm on that good kush and alcohol 12 year old me: I GOT SOME DOWN BITCHES I CAN CALL!!!
Who watching this in June 2019 🥴
Apenas Um Canal
B R A S I L E I R O S ?? 2019 <> Edit : nunca recebi tantos LIKES , Obrigado !
Arman Parvez
"69:96 I feel her heartbeat" the dope line of the track...!
Salomon Lubin
safe to say this is a classic now idgaf
Keon Ramoon
June 2019 and this still banging out tha speakerzz 🔊🎵🔥🔥
Arman Parvez
June, 2019 anyone feeling it?
Omgitsyaboiconnor YungLoudBoyz
Can you believe he is the same guy who has sang "what about me" and "how to love"😂
cordae 987
This song was made on my birthday
Lucas Matu
This song still fire 🔥🔥 Hail the G. O. A. T 🐐🐐
Anyone on April fools day 2019?
Kenneth Kibisu
This song hard...and Wayne kilt it🔥🔥
Like if this song still Fire in DECEMBER of 2018
I’m here on 4/20/19 getting trashed to this today boi’s #imonthatgoodkushandalchol
Juan Dueñas
Who else june 2019..?
Ethan Villarreal
Mayne I miss when this played on the radio
Rolan Smith
See we need more fire songs like this! Rap now days isn't shit!💯
Sprinkles RainbowCupcakes
anyone else just listening 2 old songs and just thinking about good old times
Grigor B. 2
Drake Should've Had A Verse On This.
Syniyah Smith
June 2019 I know I’m not the only one
Jen Dee
"and these haters try to knock me, but they can't knock me off the hinges." Weeze F, never stop holding the rap game together! <3
I listened to this everyday before school back in the day
Stephanie Salazar
Damn who else have so many memories with this song
Blue Hood
2019?? If you love this music like this!!
Sidz productions
This used to be the jam back in 5th grade. Good ass times haha
Rashawn Harrell
June 2019 and this still go hard
As long my mommy loves me i'm alright❤❤ Love you momma❤❤
Is it me or 2019 been dry asf as far as music goes?
Ms McCormick
Taking trip down memory lane. So happy that he ain't responding to Kodak 😁 he ain't have to. Wayne true to his game.
karen smeltekop
I still play this song everyday lol
Lil wayne got over crowded with that new rap they got going now. I aint a fan at all. I miss this stuff right here and “she will”
issaclout. page
You can never really explain the feeling but this song was back when times were good and simple true rap true friends family then everything falls apart now but we don’t see it clearly until we look back on our good days
Foreign Kaylaaa
BROOOOO MIDDLE SCHOOL DAYSSS !!!! Now I’m finna graduate omg ☹️☹️
Back when music use to smack! 🔥💯
Sow Bineta
June 2019 trop de souvenir
Ntiko Mathaba
Why Wayne and Drake don't have a collab album baffles me
Third Coast Texas Independent Music
For real this will forever and always be mine and my mans song it gets us in that right vibe
King Mags
Back when it was okay to compare drake to Kendrick Lamar 😢
Santiago Bay
The song The Blood bro you better get some more of these
Esmeralda Gomez-Martinez
Skam??? When Chris made out with 2 girls 😂💦
Keisha The Diamond
We need this Lil Wayne back😏
cavion nassir
June,25th anybody??
Fërnändö Ëspïnözä
When you have you first sip of alcohol 2019?
Pravin Singh
17 June anyone like ❤ here 📍 👇👇👇👇
Paul Bomersbach
This will go down as one of the best ever....
I’m not gonna ask who is here in 2019, but I will ask who still has a burning love for this song? ❤️🔥
grape26 STL
Crip in nipesey from GRAPE STL
bob locks
To this day still 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Queen delz
If this song was made at 2019 it would've been a big hit 🔥
Jeremy Robinson
I love that stuff too ... Y’all missin out my dude can throw down something like Bobby Flay 😂😂😂
i guess I'm the only one that loves this song
Mya Gordon
June 16th 2019 🔥
Long live this song 1like= respect
Satsui Nohado
The haters knock him,but they can't knock him off the hinges. Wayne is the man,people don't understand. One day they will look back and see the greatness they missed.
Jessica Yas Barker
I can't believe a woman directed this video *smh*
Alpha Macho
2018 going on 2019
Shravan Chaudhari
Pon only Not a talent
okoro oluebube
Wayne and drake shoulda made an album together like wise Game and 50cent..
Wilder Austin lance
My dad used to play lil Wayne in his car I never understood anything he used to say that was bad but I loved it I still listen too drake lil Wayne and some future.
A&H Tv
I get so much memories from the big 3 nicki, drake & Wayne who else get emotional the kings & queen
Astrid Parungao
Lil Wayne looking like a father as he watches his sons, Drake and Future continue his legacy
Jay Roy
projet MK-Ultra
Fusion EDM
I wish we could bring back the old days 2012-2013:)
Stu Mitchell
June 2019 and this beat still pure 🔥🔥🔥
Jada Dyson
Bling Dave
May 2019??
Fire EMOJI Ksk
My 2019 hit🔥🔥🔥June be my playlist💥
Milan Miletic
This is much too explicit for my liking but it does remind me of my younger years in the 80's ;)
listolokz73 lewis rams
Wayne is the goat...&wiz ,but back in thee day tracks
Crazy girl Ondablock
Damn elementary school was wild
The Great H
All my b’s love me , and i love all ma b’s 🔥
sebastian paula
oh this is how Drake launch his career, pretty good
Omar Salgado
All for one One for all
june 17th and will be back ❣️❣️❣️ #tonsof lovefortunechi