Lil Wayne - Love Me (Explicit) ft. Drake, Future

Music video by Lil Wayne performing Love Me (Explicit). © 2013 Cash Money Records Inc., under exclusive license to Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc

Alpha Macho
2018 going on 2019
DBH Gaming
Who else is on an old song spree?🙋
Turd Nugget
Back when future spoke English
Bola Beatz
January 2019 , Anyone? 🤚🏽
issaclout. page
You can never really explain the feeling but this song was back when times were good and simple true rap true friends family then everything falls apart now but we don’t see it clearly until we look back on our good days
I remember bumping this in the house 4-5 years ago. Still one of my favorite songs 🔥
"as soon as I come, I come to my senses" Ain't nothing else true than that.
Keisha The Diamond
We need this Lil Wayne back😏
Omar Salgado
YnG Greski
This song makes me sad because when this dropped it was when things were good and simple for me but now everything is difficult but this shit still dope fr still can’t stop listening #GOAT
Seth G
Who else it watching in 1492??
Whos better?? Like: Lil Wayne Comment: Drake, Future
Ntiko Mathaba
Why Wayne and Drake don't have a collab album baffles me
10,000 subscribers no videos challenge
Imagine feminists watching this
Christopher Jamezz
Who else is on an old drake/lil wayne song spree in 2019 February?
One Shot
they don't make music like dat no mo :(
back when future werent mumbling
WizKhalifa 2pacNasBiggieEminemSnoopDoggfan
anyone else just listening 2 old songs and just thinking about good old times
Rahul pattedar
Lil wayne LEGEND...🔥
Astrid Parungao
Lil Wayne looking like a father as he watches his sons, Drake and Future continue his legacy
Jaylon Jackson
0:37 Illuminati confirmed
Naledi Manyotwane
👍who else wants to go back in time when rappers had bars & video vixens didn't have plastic surgery
Hamzy DmT jigjigawi
February 2019????????????
C. D.
2019 Squad Where u at??!!🧨🧨💔💔🔫🔫
Daniel Powada
How I feel when two girls text me at the same time
Serginator ZLord
Imagin You’re walking home from middle school or high school bumping and singing along, your wrist are cover in silly bands trying to get the best ones out there . At the end of the day time flys and we need to make the best of it ! Times are hard but that’s life , let’s take them negative lessons and turn them into positive fuel to project our life into our dream life 😊stay positive 🌎👍🏽
Jada Dyson
i was in high school when this came and still listen to this
Jesus Perez
Xavier Kluttz
January 3rd 2019 and I’m still Slapping this
too lit music
December 2018 bout to be 2019 on gang still a fan
Gh Rodriguez
2019 anyone????????
Willmer Youtuber
Febrero 2019 ¿Alguien? 🤚🏽
Happy New Years everyone 😎
Happy New Year
Joan Huerta
Eyy lil Wayne be looking creepy without his glasses
raven jackson
Nick Nelson
who listening 2k19?
Listening to this makes me realize how hard Future fell off lol
This song reminds me of who I am 💯
LilGrumpy Rangel
I think lil Wayne is the finezt
justin ray
Future gave it life!! We gonna be alright when we put drake on every hook 💯💯💯💯💯🔥
Discreet XO
Back when lil Wayne was more famous than drake and future
Jamey Taylor
Hands down Wayne is the most talented lyricist out there.
العمق 1 deep
Brittany Turner
Feb14 still hearing these old songs yasssss!!!!
Fernando Romero
Esta rola me recuerda un 24 de Diciembre en una fiesta wow que tiempos esos 😭💙🇭🇳
El Dinosario que baila :v
Así nació el trap
DjCarolina Garcia
Lo mejor
Bobby Shmurda’s Hat
5 years later and still know all of wayne’s first verse by heart
Salomon Lubin
safe to say this is a classic now idgaf
2019 ....
MarioYoshi21 MarioYoshi21
This is when drake was good I mean he still is but like if u think old drake was a bamger
Azu' Vibes
2019 ?🥳
Ananda Nath
Anyone 2019 January 13
MLG DOGE 911666
lol dis song is still lit in 2018
Sad Endingz
2019 Listeners? 🔥🤘🏽😌
Giovanni Play's games
Can someone make a 8D audio
Luis Rodriguez
This will always be good ! 🔥🔥🔥!
The Game Maniac 3D
This could be a porn intro song
Direct Motions
Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. will forever be a goat.
ibo smith
Miguel Santos
Aquervious Wilson
February 2019??
Bota o Grave
2018 ?
Rohit jung chhetri
My favourite lilwayne song🔥
Wayne ain't lying about how that lean made them hits🔥🔥🔥
Destiny Billington
Finessfather 1800
2019 going on 2020
RagingRhino 379
This song will never die ☠️🔥🎧
Jay Finesse88
February 2019?
Dynex distortion
Who here listening to lil wayne and drake throwback songs
Epic Guy Production
Who else like the old drake
Rario Muffin
Who still bumpin dis shit in the car or in yo headphones in 2019?
tj jefferson
Whos still listening to the in November 2018👀
Dante Lawton
Lil Wayne can still rap like this it's just he just won that trial against birdman in late 2018 and that's how Drake surpassed him Wayne really hasn't put nothing out since 2014
Margie Janis
Lemon kuuuuush staaaank a$$$$$$$$$$ daaaaaank sponge Bob voice lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✨🌟💫🌟✨🌟💫💫🌟✨🌟🌟💫🌟✨✨🌟💫💫✨✨🌟💫💫🌟✨💨
Starlin Salas
Febrero 2019 quién le escucha aún.
Psy Chic
@3:37 does he say "samwhich"???
Not Active
Who Else still listening to Lil Wayne in 2018?😎🔥🚨 #ItsViralSeason
msz_jenifer_stedman graham
flavour Flav the rapper phone number is 1-510-471-3822, Kobe Bryant, magic man Johnson, Cookie monster Johnson.
Nina Brown
I love WAYNE in 2019 n this song foreva!!!
msz_jenifer_stedman graham
travis Scott is Ike turner, and Nana.ike turner revue.
yungeen bron
Lil Wayne created Drake and Future, he deserves more recognition for being the father of modern hip hop. This man is a pioneer who created legendary artists.
2019 guys ???
Kendi iravonga
Wayne is the father,and will always be the father of hip hop
jorge silva
2019 and is still fire 🔥🔥🔥
Harrison nandlall
Book Of Rap: Tupac started it. B.I.G certified it. Eminem finished it. Lil Wayne smoked on it. Nicki Minaj twerked on it. Kanye West thought it was about himself. Iggy lost it Macklemore bought it for 99 cents. Rick Ross ate it. Kendrick Lama, drake and j cole are making the second volume.
leanne Jansen
please bring back the old lil wayne
Dez Walton
6th grade was that year man brings me back
Funny Videos
I can't believe this song came out 5 years ago time really flies by
Quiroz Family
yall must be young, i'm 31 and this feels like yesterday but to most of yall it sounds like this shit came out in the 70s. Times haven't changed that much really!!
mayafurlan furlan
MAYAFURLAN sheilesbaia yotuberas from Spain
Helena Racova
Ifound Molly
one of those rare videos wayne doesnt look like hes dying, or starving himself. Good tune tho