Sebastian Bach Interview Sonisphere Festival 2014

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Sebastian Bach joins Xander and Mia Klose on our Sonisphere Sofa. - For More Interviews and Podcasts visit

Darrell Pasion
Sebastian bach rules, awesome singer ! and also funny as hell !!! lol \m/
Mary Puleo
He has a upbeat personality. always has....So much better than the zombies walking around now.
Tj Guns Doevendans
Greatest vocalist of all time and a great bloke
I saw him perform live just before this interview, what a gig! Mr Bach rocks, pity I couldn't get an autograph :-(
A lot of interesting hair in this interview. Lol Sebastian's personality is adorable.
Sharon Minton
Sebastian rules! I'm really glad he quit drinking! He's so much better when he doesn't drink.When he was drinking,it made him a little too aggressive. Booze made him angry.
Sebastian is sounding more like Joe Pesci each day.
OMG what on earth has happened to Sebastian's voice?? He sounds like a Muppet Show character now...
Gib Gob
haha this was a pretty funny interview.
he's so funny
johnny rock
no he will never is very OK
Mademoiselle Kauchemar
SEBASTIAN, you are rockin' like a BIG DOG ! You're GREAT!
Love you Seb xxx
Madonna O'Neal
Sebastian Bach is a guy after my own heart
agh, crotch shot!
Jimmie Farley
Sebastian's the best interview dude's hilarious
James Van Metre
@RocknRollTurnip Lol totally dude. She makes me want to suicide.
Laarni Lim
Just dont make me stop drinkin coffee. LOL
Francisco Chagas
Ben Cross
off to weert we go
lol so backwards advice.. w/e bach rules.... coffee is bad for the pipes... well Caffeine is...
I can't help but laugh at him. 5:22 I thought the camera was going to fall off whatever it was on.
Mustange Sally
Hahaha, there's that Barrymore name, and here I'm always trippin' on how much Sebastian looks like Drew Barrymore.  lol.  I feel like I'm slowly but surely getting closer to the truth to who he REALLY is.  And if you don't stop swinging your KNEE you're gonna drive me NUTS.  lol.  Not saying why.  :o
Merlee Bryan
WOW! Almost pure perfection! 
jim felix
Bach's    voice   has   really    changed.
Stevo Atkin
Who's the blonde?
Tati Freitas Anmawalu
drogado não além 😂😂😂Palhaço, meu crush vovó
Leandro CSilva
WTF?! Bel canto isn't a vocal scale. lol
home truths
johnny rock
very funny n cool...but now he's back in canada...yyyeeeeeaaaaayyy
Does he sound a little like Bruno mars?
Laarni Lim
Oh Baz.... I will marry you and will never divorce you even if your old, gone cuckoo in the head, wont take a shower and even if i have to support you through the rest of your life
His eyes are freaky looking. I mean I understand aging, but what the fuck happened?
Stone Moe
He looks like a fat ugly old lady now lol. He does not run enough lol