"What About Bob?" Dinner Scene

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"Fay, this is so scrumptious. Is this hand-shucked?" "Pile it high and deep, will ya please?" "Leo, I see salt and pepper. Is there a salt substitute?"

If you think about it......that question : "is it hand shucked" is one of the most hilarious lines ever uttered. Like it would really taste different if a machine shucked it
Now, was Bob really crazy or was he actually a genius and just screwing with Dr. Leo?
Leo: "And don't call me Leo." Bob: "But you said in your office that I could call you Leo." Leo: "That was in my office. In my home, I'd like you to call me Dr. Marvin."
MSE. Dzirasa
"Leo do you want the breast?"
How they ever got this scene filmed is beyond me. It probably took a thousand takes LOL.
Bob is having a food orgasm lol
My favorite scene from this awesome movie! My mom dated a man once that every time she cooked for him he'd ALWAYS close his eyes like Bob as if it was the best meal he'd ever had.
Phillip Conley
Can you get that tomato off there please. 😂😂😂
I love the look on Leo's face every time his family is overly polite to Bob. lol
This is my favorite scene of the entire movie
Freaking love this movie.
I remember a month ago I was dining out at a restaurant a friend offered to buy me a rhubarb pie (first time trying it) for dessert and while I was eating the rhubarb pie I couldn't help but act like Bob at the dinner table, then when our waitress stopped by to see if everything was alright I told her that the rhubarb pie was so delicious that I've felt like Bob Wiley at the dinner table scene on "What About Bob" and she totally laughed and thought it was epic!
Love Julie Haggarity. Everything she does cracks me up. Her understated response to everything makes this movie for me. She has that same comedic charm in Airplane!
Jordan Carrington
Leo: WILL YOU STOP THAT PLEASE?!!! Me: (to Leo) Good for you.
Ryan Davidson
Pile it high and deep lol.
One of my all time favorite Bill Murray films, and Richard Dreyfus. The thing that upsets me about the dvd to this movie, is there are no bloopers on it! Would have loved to see how many times this cast just outburst with laughter on mistakes! ha ha But oh well, we'll never see it!
My dad does that when he's drunk and i can sympathise with Leo
Wheatley Tech
Bill Murray is an awesome actor :D
you can tell bob does this on purpose just to mess with him lol
Bill Belzek
One of the funniest scenes ever filmed --- bar none
Dam it I thought it was going to show the choking scene!!!
Tomás Orellana
This movie is underrated! i laugh my ass off with this scene. The couple Dreyfuss/Murray is excelent.
S-T Connection
anna is so cute!!!
I love the deathglares that Fay gives to Leo, especially after he yells.
Is it just me or was Anna slightly annoyed at 1:31 when she had to take the tomato out of the salad? As a kid I've hated the part where Leo yells at Bob to stop his humming because I've thought he was being mean to Bob, as an adult I find that scene to be funnier.
Lloyd Miller
At 1:56 you can see bob (Bill Murray) try not to laugh LOL
Bridget Kadusky
Him say mmm 35 times would drive me nuts and trough the wall
That foodgasm though
Claire Dé Lune
My family does this when eating because of this movie xD
Being single, for the last couple of years (and LOVING IT), I can relate; a home-cooked meal.....well, last time I had it.....so, so, so, freaking awesome. I can't believe I used to take it for granted. What a jerk I was!
The next time I go out to eat, I'm gonna do this. LOL!
Dalton Brown
at 0:03 Dr. Marvin almost lost it.
Jackie Bush
This is my favorite part in WAB! The first time I saw this part, I laughed so hard that I vomited up my stomach!
Only Bill Murray could have played this part.
Vince Valintine
dr marvin is such an a-hole
Randy Bailin
The scene ends too soon. The big payoff comes next when Richard Dreyfuss starts to choke. One of the funniest bits ever.
BiG JuiCe
I wonder if it was hard for Dreyfuss and the other actors to keep a straight face when working with Bill Murray
what benny
TDI CharlieBrown
In the very beginning, you can see that the actor playing Leo is trying not to laugh.
Cheryl Barton
Leave Bob alone. He's probably had a rough life. Haha
Herman Helmich
At home I would like you to call me Dr Marvin Hillarious
Fuzzy Zoeller
Pile it high and deep
Paul O'Reilly
This is a masterpiece of Comedy! Murray and dreyfuss were born to be together in this movie The rest of the family all perfect as well:D if you're having a bad day get comfy grab a coffee and cake and watch this movie it will lighten your load for abit:D
smill 1985
Heather Ramsey
I love this movie
Christie Neese
Is this corn hand shucked.....line we use every meal at our house!!!
LMAO. "Is this hand-shucked?" What kind of question is that?
Melissa Gurman
I also love the part when Leo tries to wake Bob up and when Bob and Siggy do the Tourette syndrome names haha
William White
...Leo, do you want the breast?
Kirsty nicole
“ I see salt and pepper is there a salad substitute” 🤣
Bill Murray said it first but the line "pile it high and deep" now belongs to Vernon Dozier.
Phillip Conley
Can you get that tomato off there please? 🤣🤣🤣😂😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤣😂😂💀
Brandon from Kentucky
Would you STOP that!!
Adam Marks
hahaha pile it high and deeply please. 2017 still funny af
Funny but I'd be annoyed if someone did that at the dinner table!
Miranda Precour
"Mmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm" 😂
Dario Wirtha
My shrink cancelled on me after making me wait for 4 months. Now her next availability is 2 months from now. I went bat Shit and it made me think of this movie. Well, I guess I'll have to stalk her to her vacation place and meet the family.
That's a man that enjoys food.
One part I don't get is why did Leo want Bob to call him Dr. Marvin instead of Leo?
Jason Alexander Golly
MMMx35. Counted 35 times of him saying MMM. Lol! Just would drive me absolutely CRAZY in my home! 
Pete Smith
Classic comedy film,back when,they made funny movies,and tv shows,just sayin'
that's not important right now
Leff phield
Hilarious 😂. Dr. Leo's expressions are priceless!!
Leah Walentosky
Anna is played by Marisha from Law and Order
Thorn Mountain
I've always interpreted it as Bob has a massive phobia against germs and people using objects in public places. But since Faye most likely shucked the corn in his mind it is done by one person. The other comparative scenario is when you see him enter the Jeep Wagoneer after asking if a lot of people use the vehicle; the answer is no and he enters the vehicle without his trusty tissue.
Julia Rose
lol Leo is like me!! and my friend is bob🙂
David Portuese
Dr. Marvin was the only one who made Bob Successful. He was the genius.
I’ve got it. After Quint died, he came back reincarnated as Bob to torture Hooper for the rest of his life
john waller
I think the dislikes are dr Leo Marvin. And dr Leo Marvin’s fake accounts
This is such a classical movie.. They really need to make a What About Bob? 2 I think the movie Cable Guy with Jim Carey took some pointers... I would Love help making part 2 of this movie. I would introduce a new way of comedy into the cinematic theaters 🎭 I’m just so broke with no connections. So all I ever did was dream about movies I could make. “Dreaming Is Fun Too”
Christie Neese
Hard to believe that little girl was one of partners, Goren and Eames on Law and Order Criminal Intent,,!!!
louis mays
This was a funny scene I almost forgot what this movie was called. I know a few people in real life that eat like pigs so this just set the scene, it made me lmfao
Shellyman Studios
One of my favorite childhood movies.
Jonathan Straka
Me and a gathering of family members actually did what Bob is doing here for about 10 minutes at a restaurant. Most fun I ever had going out to eat.
A comedy classic .
This scene makes me laugh every time, and I can relate to it as well. Whenever I try new foods, and I happen to really like it... I can't stop going "Mmmm," and I end up annoying the hell out of everybody that's around me eating :P
Ryan Webb
This never gets old
Will Scott Smith
This scene always makes me crave KFC
James Haggerty
They’re all trying not to laugh
The daughter was only 10yrs younger than the mom in this movie.. funny movie lol
Hitlers Stache
Just saw this movie over the summer in summer school by a sub and I had no clue this movie existed and now it’s my favorite
James Allen
Ha! In his office he wants to e called Leo. At home he wants to be called Dr.
It sounds like he's having an orgasm
Ashwarrea B
my mom seen this movie before it's about he's driving his doctor crazy
Oh my gosh. I just realized that the daughter (Kathryn Eribe) in this movie also went on to star or co-star in D2: The Mighty Ducks and Stir of Echoes.
Not Too Sure These Days
I was eating fried chicken and it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy it made me think of this scene. Too bad they don't make good movies anymore..
jonas brave
Like an instructional video on how to deal with sociopaths. Nothing they say nor their aggression hurts you. "Did you want the breast?" "I see pepper and salt, is there a salt substitute?"
Boss Batman
What a legend
Ronald Jackson
#classic   Missing comedy I grew up watching.. It is so C R u M P Sh US everyone.. Bill Murray comical genius hilarious. 
Greg P
angel murphy
Hmmmm can you stop that please :)
Pause it at 1:50 look at Siggy's face
If you slow it down while Bob is doing the mmmm's, it sounds like he's having best orgasm of his life lol.
ThisGuy Here
Don't call Dr. Marvin Leo, Bob! #LOL
Norris Mantooth
@1:28-1:32 tomato
JPMcFly1985Two #FeelTheBern
Play this on 0.5 speed and it really sounds like Bob's orgasming, lol.