The Goldsmith : Part 3

Join goldsmith J. Kendrick Thompson as he hand fabricates a custom jewelry design from start to finish, right before your eyes. Many interesting and specialized techniques are displayed as Kendrick turns raw metal into finished product. Without casting, laser welding, or CAD-CAM, the processes demonstrated represent a much more hands on approach than is typically seen in a modern industry so reliant upon automated manufacturing. This episode is very detailed and will interest the consumer, the hobbyist, and the professional.

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Interesting work, but the habit of straighten the ring on the meter (which is aluminum) will let him out of calibration over time!  I do two rims and pay because it is best done, congratulations on posting.
Phil Lynn
great stuff
This Is Not An HOW TO MAKE RING Video, This Is Pure ART !!!!
Salmanmughal salahuddunmughal
i am from pakistan am stone and diamond setter i like ur work
What happens to all the dust and shavings from such work?
The dust generated is easily collected then refined using an aqua regia method which dissolves the metal in acid then precipitates the gold from that solution. A couple of repeated steps produces a 24k yield that is pure to 3 9's. It can also be sent to a trusted refiner. Thorough organization of the dust material makes it fairly easy to estimate the value of the yield so you know what to expect back. Most refiners will either send you a check or metal.
Nice video man. Im from Denmark, here we still solder using old propane and air mixed. What kind of flame is it you are using? Do I see acetylen/oxygen mix or something else?
Ali Amjad
Dreadnod Anonymous
All the residue that you file it down, where does it go?
Sawing through the already soldered joins, to get a stronger fit is interesting. Do you do that for every single time you solder a join?(when possible)? Like do you do it for the band it self? When do you do it? I wish there was more detail about grinding the inner bezel to make the shelf for the stone. Thanks though! Great stuff.
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Joao Rodrigues do Nascimento
alguem ai pode me diser quando se usa o acido muriatico?