What About Bob (1991) with Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss, Julie Hagerty Movie

A successful psychotherapist loses his mind after one of his most dependent patients, a manipulative, obsessively compulsive narcissist, tracks him down during

Angela S.
"I'm doing the work..... I'm not a slacker. Gimme gimme.... I need I need i need." ( I am waking my kids. This movie will bring you out of depression it's so funny. I remember when it first came out.)
Jay Maxfield
I live where much of it was filmed in Moneta Va. I live right across the street from the grocery store and coffee shop.
I luv this movie! Thanks for the upload!
Fred Smith
Would not have viewed in the 90's, but compared to the manure of today it is comic genus. Very good.
such a clever and sweet movie. I love so many of the lines. I say them often and I feel better... it's like the movie works miracles in helping me take Baby Steps in life... now, back to... "BURNNNN BURNNNNNNN BURNNNNNN!" LOL
ty Tho
Can't hear it 😕😕
Queenie sanchez
thanks for the upload..at home cracking up
Thess Goldberg
it never gets old
e causey
Bill Murray, is so unique..his choice of movies keeps getting better too? Love Moonrise Kingdom,but very favorite is when he goes looking for his son..the under water movie,is TOTAL CAMP..He and dreyfus lite the screen on fire..with this one...all? of Murray movies are about the absurdities of life..floating on a backgrounds of what if? He's like the Chagall of film?
Saylor Moon
Just pay the $2.99 Ya'll. This is struggle viewing loll
cheyenne owens
favorite movie
Amari B.
The dinner scene and him playing dead XD
J Hunter
Too small, too quiet- I can't hear it at all, anybody else having the same issue? Please, repost if possible with sound
Brad Moore
I love this movie. Glad it's here.
1:02:25 "Ya Seeeeeeeeeeeee!?!"
Small screen.. Bad upload and without subtitles
Ethan Corti
Newb upload no audio
I can't take the sound dropping every 10 secs. Small screen is OK but...
Ummu kulthum Rasheed
One of favourite movies . Thanks
Inaudible sound.
Casey Driver
55:22 fave part
Terrible audio
Shannon Manning
C. F.
Jimmy Mc Govern
Small screen. Bad upload
Melissa Lewandowski
Love it! Great performances all around!!
Doreen Rita
Oh my Gosh he is a total pest, I would go nuts with him constantly talking and just standing in my face. again oh my gosh he is such a pest, so happy this movie is over!!
Angela S.
That was not smart..... Thaaat was notttt smart.
debbie carter
Love this movie!!!!!! thanks
Bob DiCicco
Felt like I was watching ‘picture-in-picture’. Love the film - not the upload. Next time pls display it properly.
Xilo Channel
You guys are getting a movie for free. Stop complaining about the quality and enjoy it.
I always felt kinda bad for Dr. Marvin, lol.
Why the tiny screen? Makes it not worth watching. Appreciate your efforts. Sound not too good eithe.
Clark Gable
bc of this movie dreyfuss hates B.M. to this day.. j