Papa Roach - Between Angels And Insects

Music video by Papa Roach performing Between Angels And Insects. (C) 2002 SKG Music L.L.C.

Brings me right back to my youth, fuck I miss those days. Life felt so much different back then and it wasn't even that long aogo.
El Obituario De Candy
No matter how many years pass by. This is a fucking great song! The lyrics are so powerful!
Henrique Soares Silva
Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Korn, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D, Drowning Pool, Crazy Town, Deftones, Slipknot etc Melhor Época!! NU METAL4LIFE
The Doctor
Oh the early 2000s, how I miss thee :(
Dany Blast
Esta música a pesar de ser comercial en aquellos tiempos . Era música con buenas letras. Tenia trasfondos elaborados. Aún recuerdo al estar en secundaria. Había más gente con este tipo de gustos. Me da melancolía la música de aquellos tiempos. Los que andamos en los 30s. Ya no existe música así. Y no me refiero exclusivamente hablando en lo musical. Sino con esas líricas. Ese sentimiento.
It's 2018 and still playing this!
MotoRista GuaTe
I miss the old MTV!
Maximiliano Paz
My 3 nu metal favorites bands Korn Papá roach System of a down
Ah the nostalgia, especially for people being in high school at the time. Linkin Park, Papa Roach, POD, SOAD, Alien Ant Farm, Blink 182, Sum 41, The Offspring, even Crazy Town and Limp Bizkit are pure nostalgia for me.
Иван Горбатенко
NOSTALGIA for all world!!!! Как сейчас помню свои 15 лет. Ээээххххх. Как мы ахуевали от ахуенности этих ахуенных треков: папа роуч, лимп бизкит, линкин парк!!!! НАРОД, у нас было лучшее детство за всю историю России. И всё было и нам было супер.... бля сейчас заплачу,,, ;-))))
Roman Toropov
TOA Auto Store
Esto si era buena música en la época escolar... no el reggaeton
80-90-and early 00's were the epic decades of music!
Car Car
Before the make-up... This is the Papa Roach that I miss.
Андрей Видякин
а вот это круто! В то время
Doejen Deen
October 2018.....
selky centeno
Papa Roach en su tiempo fue bueno , ahora ya no es nada de lo que eran antes Exitoso
P- Burna
Linkin Park, Staind, Papa Roach, HoobaStank, Trust Company, Disturbed miss those times!
Скажу одно этот трек не у мрёт не когда : )
Dahiana Arango
Mientras la jente es cuchaba papi tu quieres candela yo musica rock por siempre......
In america you can have a gun but you cannot say naughty words on media
alfredo cruz estrada
12 octubre 2018 arena ciudad de México Papa Roach <3 <3 <3
🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🤘🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 🦗
Я люблю их!!!!
Dale Cooper
Rat Head
This dude is still better rapper than Kanye West.
Музыка моей молодости! The music of my youth
brandon gordineer
the illuminati put gen x rock and roll to a halt. because of messages like this. check out other p roach. it is scary... whether they knew it or not. these 90 and 2000 bands were hard rock changers. where did they go today? why cant we hear music like this pumping out from bands today? they killed it.
SHakol SHakol
Who watching 2018
Chiko was here
God I miss Nu Metal
Sergey Teplyakov
Отдельный вид искусства))Papa Roach)
Алихан Ешпанов
october 2018?
Дельфиновый Человек
Отсутствие денег, отсутствие имущества. Только навязчивая идея. Мне не нужно это дер*мо. Забери мои деньги, забери моё наваждение. Я просто хочу быть услышанным. Мои слова громки и понятны, Они идут изнутри. Парень, скажи им, что ты услышал. Речь идёт о революции в твоём сердце и в твоей голове До тех пор, пока ты не найдешь решение, Утерянное из-за одержимости навязчивой идеей. Бриллиантовые кольца делают тебя никем и ничем, Но жизнь - это длинный урок..
404NotFound ; Lamb Sauce
Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Rage Against The Machine, P.O.D. miss that time.
Lag Swag
This song hits you so deep when you hear the truth screaming at you.
18ть лет уже охуеваю от этих тараканов 🐞🐞🐞
Still pounding from my speakers in 2018 🤙
Jonatan Ramirez
Iron Maiden - Prowler
Liss Salazar
This is the best song of papa Roach in my opinión. Brings me back so many memories!
Daniel Kitura
This song is incredible! After listening to it for like a thousand times it still moves me! And the video is really badass, those effects were probably INSANE back in 2002 - and the still look cool to me, despite the overall video quality.
David Meneses
putaaaaaaaaaaaa que regrese mi adolesenciaaaaaaaa
Pablo Seise
Still listening 2018 still relevant!!!
Matias Benitez
2018? yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaa !!!
Christian S.
There's no money, there's no possessions Only obsession, I don't need that censorship!
Tracey Coffin
Saw them live and they’re just as good in person...if not better! In one concert: Hollywood Undead, 3 days grace, and papa roach. Awesome...outdoors, mosh pit Push your way to the front of the stage!!!
Kevin Bryant
oh ya i remember!! kikass and great simple stripd down video . still one of my all-time favorite bands growing up and they still kick ass even to this day
Selina Link
This is a song that I would still hear with 70 years
Roberto A
Brasileiro ouvindo em 2018! Som foda! 🇧🇷
Roman Palansky
2018 still listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ali mcveingh
Randall Raines
Back when rock music was a God.
RoughNX Music
I am going to be honest: This was the only album I really liked from Papa Roach (they became somehow too soft for my taste back then - and I don't mean that in a negative way)... but man... what memories come to mind listening to this. I mean... hanging around at the skate park with friends after school, skating, playing basketball, or in summer heading straight to a big river nearby which wasn't very safe but made a lot of fun (they totally shut it down years later). Do kids even get outside these days?! Anyway - coming home - heading straight to the playstation (with the friends of course), THPS2, Mortal Kombat and all that stuff. Listening to bands like Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, The Offspring, Linkin Park, Korn, SOAD, RATM,...always and everywhere. It was a complete other world. It's not even that childhood itself was fun or easy or anything... but somehow we made it and now I become nostalgic though. Fuck nostalgia... finally we meet again.
Лайк для Папу РОКУ !! оН ЛучШе ВСеК !!! ЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ
Guido Gamer
Indeed,......Sounds really free.
Tasin Al-Hassan
“How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he were never born” ― Ali ibn Abi Talib
that dance move
I will not white house hotel 1st of November
Alejandro Godoy
2018 y lo sigo sintiendo con la misma intensidad. ¿Alguien más?
fernando meneses
2018? Regards of chile 🇨🇱
Mauricio Bautista
One of my favorite songs when I was 13. This is the kind of things which really marks a generation. I'm 19 now, and I think that hipsters' music can't even really face the 2000's music. 
Сергей Шелковников
Gigi Cruz
2018 😍💪👌
sept 2018 it lives who else??
дмитрий е%иванов
один из первых клипов который я посмотрел на компе. качество с годами не меняется. трушечка
callie snow
Kev anonymous channel
best dance ever
one H
when will people learn to not censor swear words in songs? well bloodhound gang found a non discriminating way to do so ... still -.- you know what, go .. yourself
No way is this song nearly 17 years old 0_o
Tomas quiruza
And all the things you own, own you..." and this song is before facebook and cellphones...
Olil O'o
awesome,,,,, still watching. gw suka,,,, more beat
FLYNN 11010
! ^-^..DICTIOPTERO ♡☆♡☆♡...!
Jessica Pitzer
Why does roaches crawl out his mouth?
Ешкин Кот
Папа красавчик.Сам тащусь.
Alexey Ch.
its true altrock!! mfck.....
soka moreno
La banda de mi juventud. Me encanta esta cancion
Alexsandr Senaviev
Korn, papa roach, limp bizkit, ❤linkin park❤, system of a down, rage Against the machine, slipknot, high school in a nutshell
A5AP Ocean Sweatshirt Mescudi
Sad. Rap verse is still better than 90% of the rap out there. Poor 2016
Still I don"t need in 2018 ! : D But I still listen ! : )
Skittibook :3
Old mtv :'3
Wery good
Juancho Al Gro
Esta era música, no las porquerías que hay ahorita… Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Becky G, la industria decayó muy bajo, se extraña la música de Papa Roach, POD, Korn, Linkin Park, Limb Bizkit, Ill Niño, todo eso.
Caren Franca
Esa música era número uno en MTV. Que nostalgia aquellos tiempos que mirar los 10 más pedidos era un deleite. 100% Rock and roll
Deivi Fernando Mendez
Viva el rokc siempre sera el mejor genero
Hernan Arciniegas
Папа Таракан навсегда!!!
Juan Valdivia
2018 !!!
John Carlos Gonzalez
Papa Roach.. thanks for the memories
jorge rojas
Jose Luis Alarcon Maldonado
Alguien que aún sea The real NU METAL FANS en 2018 ? Que años y grandes recuerdos se me vienen a la mente con estos tipos ! La música es una máquina del tiempo 🎵🎸🔊
Bruno Gomez
Reminds me to Joe's Apartment.
Honest truth, I still have a sense of disbelief belief that the lead singer in this vid and say from Hollywood Whore is Jacoby Shaddix, I still think they're different guys.
Miguel Mif
OMG, i'm so glad that vevo censored the word shit, if i heard that word i would probably had nightmares or something
Raúl Rojas
Assassin Kitty
Fkn censorshit