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What will it sound like when you die? A chain of people receive terrifying cell phone messages of their own final, fatal moments. Though the messages can be deleted, their number is up. Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon) is traumatized when she witnesses the gruesome deaths of two friends just days apart. Even more disturbing, she knows that both of them had received chilling cell phone messages; —actual recordings of their own horrifying last moments. Impossibly, the calls were received days before they died, but each death occurred precisely when and how the messages foretold. The police think Beth is delusional—except for Detective Jack Andrews (Ed Burns), whose own sister was killed in a freak accident that bears a strange similarity to the deaths of Beth’s friends. Together, Jack and Beth work feverishly to unravel the mystery behind the ominous calls. But even as they get closer to the truth, Beth’s cell phone begins to ring with an eerie tune, and the readout says One Missed Call….

Kaljath Panthermage
This is what happens if you don't pay your bill from Verizon...
so it's basically final destination but with a cell phone
Your logic is invalid
*gets a call with the ringtone* *says im gonna die* me: New phone,who dis?
Kristian Colt
Yo imagine when you finished this trailer and your phone starts ringing and its this ringtone
They should do a remake with smartphones
Cas Harris
The original ring tone is way creepier.
I remember when I was 7 or 8 and a saw the cover of this movie and a little of the trailer on TV and I thought it was terrifying. now it's not scary at all XDD
Abbie ledesma
i dont get the hate. this is an awesome movie.
Mathias Andujar
i have one missed call right now
Assasins Creeder47
One missed call ............MUM!!!!!!
miranda saenz
so they just copied the Japanese ver. right ?😶
Brockton Lazarus
after watching this, i didn't want to answer calls for a long time.
No. Not the stupid American remake. So inferior. I will stick with the Asian originals. Too many good foreign films are being remade by lazy uninventive American directors. I don't even want to see America get its hands on Second Screen film technology. I have App the movie from the Netherlands. It works great with the Iris app and Second Screen.
Miles Reviews
I just bought the movie today at the dollar store. I'm excited to watch it haha
Kirishima Eijiro
Ew no. the japanese one is better. they won't be able to answer since the one calling ends the call before. only one person managed to answer and heard his death. but if you can't answer, a photo appears with how you die. american version sucks. japanese for the win
Sofie u
This is why I never pick up the phone... wanna reach me.. send a text on messenger bruh.
migwell saceda
I was Valak for Halloween and my cousin played the ten minute version of the ringtone and she told me to carry it around to scare people even actually worked ;)
GraceIs Garbage
She must've forgotten to pay her Verizon bill
Cheyenne ||-//
I want to get that ring tone and see how many people get it hahahaha
I give this movie points for getting straight to the point (unlike other horror films that drag on in the beginning) but overall it's a boring, forgettable movie. This is a warner bros production but it honestly feels like something you can catch on the CW
prefer the Japanese ring tone, sounds more childlike and eery. This version sounds like an icecream truck. Not sure what all the guy horror visions are about, since the person behind all of this is suppose to be a girl.
I use to cry all the time I watch this
The Titan
I came here cuz of the 0% on RT
Raul XD
now smartfones and we have Momo
This movie is good but the original chakushin ari is better tbh
camry n
i literally just got a random phone call haha *i mean its not like i needed sleep*
재 박안
Nah. Japanese Ver. is still the best
Prince Gaming
this is actually my ringtone
AMVsuper boyYT
Theres this New movie 2018 called u failed the math test u get left Back again and again
Khanh Dao
good thing i made a habit of not answering calls, too many debt collectors lol
Who came here because of Instant Buttons?
The japanese vertion is scarier
great movie.... this scared the shit outta me
Good thing my phone is the Samsung Note 7, no worry about calls, I got a fire extinguisher by my side
When you have missed calls from mom
every time I see I this I ask what happens if you answer it??? llike do you not die???do you still here the same thing??? I always find myself asking questions about scary movies that no one ever knows the answer to and its usually a question that if answered would solve the movies problem so quick 😂
Erik Le
Jesus that's too much fade in and out.
What's the ringtone?
Is this the movie that when someone die, a red marble comes out of their mouth?
Simply awful! You couldn't give this movie away with food stamps and the box of government cheese!
SarahDonut 27
1960s Cartoons
I remember the movie poster used to give me nightmares when I was little Now I realized that the eyes are a mouth and a nose
Jammie Dodger
This may sound like a stupid question (but I've no seen the movie) but can they just not answer the phone? or will they die if they don't?
Boost mobile made hella money off this movie
Varun Puri
Every time our family went to Blockbuster when I was young, my older sister would always find this movie in the store and show me the creepy lady's face. I shit you not I almost cried after just staring at it for more than 5 seconds
I watched the original one,and the sequel.This,I don't know.I want to watch it but yet I don't.Plus,the american version of the ringtone sounds too cheery to me while the japanese one sounds more creepy.
I watched this when I was littler. It was the SCARIEST movie I ever watched when I was a kid. And I had an LG phone with a little keypad and every time I got a call I would freak out and every time I get a missed call I would cry. That movie freaked me out so bad I couldn't stand the dark in my house. This movie doesn't bother me anymore, but I just watched that trailer and all the memories came flooding in. It reminded me of how scared I was of getting a call that I didn't know, a missed call, those faces, and that creepy ass "That's not my ringtone" ringtone.
Magali Mendoza
Awesome movie
000 000
Why the heck do they keep answering the phone then??
lil bb
I remember watching this in japanese version
Shay Blue
I'm kidding
Kash Ghost
is it just me, or do many of the original japanese horror movies envolve a lot of demon-like-beeings that come into contact with humans, and alter between a physical form and a phantom-like form? like yu-jian (or whatever it was called, you know, the movie that was adapted by hollywood as The grudge), Ringu (the ring)...? is it based on some japanese mythology or cultural beliefs? Just curious
Gaming Fanatic
80% of the comments: "THE JAPANESE VERSION WAS WAY BETTER!!!!" 15% of the comments: "I actually liked this movie." 3% of the comments: "YOU USED TO CALL ME ON MY CELL PHOOOONE!" 2% of the comments: "Looks like they didn't pay their Verizon bills."
adinda zahrani
2018 anyone??
Emily fuchs
the Japanese one is better
Sara Marie
This movie is actually really good/awesome! ;D
Vernadine Gordon
Does no one else notice that they are all using the exact same model of mobile phone??? Isnt that a little weird?
I remember that I wanted to go see this when I saw the trailer
First thing to to do find the sound track  2 thing to do put for rington  3 Wait ........ xD :D
Cairo Williams
Bruh.....i think i found a worse movie then "Unfriended" & "Dead Silence" DO NOT ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE IF YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN SMH. I have to say the part that i think that looks the most scary is the fact that they have a flip phone. I hate cliches and this is coming from a teen born in 2000 only really good horror film from this century is "Babadook"
callie !
This movie scares the hell out of me.
Nensi Bibe
Lania Rodriguez
I hate the music
julia nicole
They took the battery out to that's scary!!!!
this movie sucked
Kim Ludor28
Kitty Kat
lol what if this movie had a sequel or parody called "One Dry Phone"?
Greggory Admn
Why i dont check my voicemail
Samantha roxana
Full movie please
Gracia Jesus
vou deixa de comentar os filmes. por quer passo a manhã inteira procurando filmes quando acho os de que gosto nao tem HD
Omeli Sanders
When i was 4 and i see this movie, i literally poop my pants. What the fuc?
Hunter's Universe
This is alot like the last air bender where both movies were described as the worst movie of the year from 2008 and 2010 respectively. And yet they both have pretty decent trailers.
Elsword and MMD
the original seems better
Gavin Thomas
Ok so people complain now a days about exposing to much in the trailer. But this trailer gives away a lot.
The only things I actually liked about this version of the movie were the movie poster and the ringtone. The actual movie itself is far inferior and it is truly awful.
Chocobaby Holic
whenever a random number calls my phone I would Freaking NOT ANSWER IT AND MY RINGTONE IS EVEN THE THEM SONG BUT JAPANESE
Paris Sweets
When I was 7 I watch the Original version of it...I’m 15 now and it still scares the living hell of me and I still can watch the first hour of it still without running out of my room to scared to pause the movie till this day most Asian filmed horrors scare the hell out of me, but I got to give them credit they do know how to make them way scarier then the American remakes
rahal hail
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Alondra Gomez
BRUHH I remember I would beg my mom to let me watch a scary movie and this is the first mf horror movie I watched and I was shook asf 💀💀💀💀 oh yea and after that I saw a girl standing outside my closet yea my apartment was lowkey haunted
Micheal Brennan
sophie roy
payer sa facture
Twisted World
"We're a big movie company, this is the 21st century. Let's upload crap in 240p!"
This got a perfect 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and deserves that rating.
what happens when your phone is on silent and you miss a call form your mom
Brooke Boulanger
this movie scared me to death great horror movie loved it :)
عازف اليل
ممكن مترجم عربي
Geometry Dash Mau5Kids
Se veia interesante el tráiler, pero todo se fue para la reverenda mierda a ver la película entera >:/
Kenya 123hello
that's what happens if you dont call your ex!!!!😨😨
MV Rey
omg my dad got a new phone and when he turned it on it sound like that ringtone.....I was doing the dishes and when he turned it on I turn my head slowly scared to look........I was going to tell him don't answer it.........
Jasmine Dupree
Its based on something Japanese I'm sure its water down for us because Japanese horror movies are crazy freaky
K Russell
That woman was in A Knight's Tale
My phone doesnt ring everyday cause everyones a big rat
Moises David Zambrano Flores
why didnt they just throw their phones away
Odell Beckham
Suraj Opinion is Never Better
A shitty remake of a good japanese horror movie. It is why this movie gets a rating of only 4/10 on IMDB.
is it me or is Kaiden from mass effect in this film?
This is a really good movie, slightly like final destination but still good either way, I would recommend watching it
Alfred FREDDY Mahlole
It feels so great to spending time on youtube