The S-Class, like this 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550, is still the best sedan in the world

/ 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550 Sedan. Full review and test drive by Bill. For updates from Auto Europa and a sneak peak at coming inventory, please see our Facebook Page at

Chris Hi
This is my all time favorite car
Benz Ouyang
"Audi has something…I can't remember…" Ha! Burn!
😭powder your noise he says lmao
I have a 2010, and I have separation anxiety. I sat in the 2017, 2018 and I just can't find a reason to switch.. I did ceramic coating on my black 2010 and it looks new and the style seems timeless. I just hit 100k miles and while maintenance is hitting me for an average of $3000 a year (e.g., preventive work) this car has never failed me once (yet)... still drive like new and I've taken it on 2 long 400 mile trips, each drive was a flawless experience.. and you have to be careful because doing 90mph in this feels like 60mph in another car. I have 2 other MB, a 2017 E300 (wife) and 2018 GLS 450... my 2010 S is still my favorite car, ever. *This car also just saved my family and I from a for-sure accident if we were in another car: A car moved out-of-place from a Stop sign into my right of way path on the road (no Stop sign for me, but for them).. I swear I hit the breaks expecting to lighten the impact of what was going to be for sure a side collision into the crossing vehicle... Nope.. the S-Class stopped on a dime, from 40mph, in less than 2 secs, the car was at a complete stop, no screeching, no sliding, just dead instant stop... I then told my kid in the car, when he get grown with his own family, don't drive anything but a MB...
Michael Nielsen
I absolutely love your car reviews, Bill - and it warms a Mercedes enthusiasts heart when I hear that you know these cars very well, and you know what you´re talking about! I have a similar S 500 (as they are badged here in Europe - same engine, though) from 06, and it´s by far the best car I´ve ever had. The power, the comfort, the attention to details... that´s just what makes the S-class stand out in the crowd. I´m confident that the lucky future owner of this 09 S550 will be extremely happy with the car! Cheers from Norway -Michael
Milan 1984
Bro u r very good at reviewing you very underrated for sure
Charles E.M.F. Wolfe
Bill you make my day!! 9:47 “this little panel to hide some narcotics or whatever else you want to take with you.”
Ato Nympha
Best color combo
Charles Dawkins
This dude explains the s class like he works for the Mafia or something.🤣🤣🤣
So much room for my Glocks LOL
"hide some narcotics" LMFAOOO
What a way to get to work and back. Cars like this are usually more comfortable than most people's living rooms.
I have a 2012 s 550 sprt pkg not the amg & all I can say abt the s class THE BEST OR NUDDIN.. 💪
Zach S.
Glad to see the video! Was missing my weekly dose of Bill
Rick Webster
Great vocals switchblade ,narcotics.hah hah ...
Steve J.
I still think the 220 was a better and more refined look.
😂 “switchblade” “narcotics” 😲 👀
I love the Range Rover burn at the falling off...fires, etc.
Self Made
Great video and the ending about the Range Rover is hilarious. Lmao 🤣
First Name Last Name
Whats with weapons and narcotics? 🤔😅
Sean Doggett
Great video! Range Rover joke had me dying laughing
ZENupe6 1
Spit my drink out when Bill said “unmentionables” 😂😂😂😂. Excellent review. I have an S550. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Jamie Lange
"Vents to keep your knees cool" I believe they were intakes for the heated/cooled seat, no?
The Gentleman's Garage
I hope the detailers aren't watching this video
Agent 47
Atleast this luxury car actually helps you avoid accidents since they know how much there cars cost other than Rolls-Royce that puts a legit TV in there car just so you could watch Dr.Phil while running over cyclists.
Steve J.
The RX-8 comparison is valid, and the high rear end is not as obvious as the BMW Bangle Butt, but you can tell they were stealing each others ideas, for better, or (in this case) worse.
Cameron D.F Chisholm
treat yourself with a massage seat on your way to the hardware store for a pitch fork!
Galaxy S9
Subliminal messaging at 2:32 ! LoL love the videos! love the cars!
Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations
I love my E, can't wait to get an S
I have 2008 4matic same interior with Sport + AMG package p1p2 package fully loaded. Now clocked 100000 miles and still drives like a dream. My previous one was s500 2006 sold at 275000. These are damn reliable cars. One thumb rule is Stitch in Time saves Nine. Be on top with maintenance of fluids and general stuff. You will enjoy trouble free ride for many years. The world uses this car in Taxis in middle east and drive for ever. If they can afford it so can you. But you need to make sure you dont buy a lemon in the first place. Get pre inspection ✅ done prior to deal. Loved the review bro. The Best or Nothing- Mercedes Benz.
Collin McGinley
I have a 2013 and it is the best. 400 horsepower twin turbo. heated cooled massage on all 4 seats. great handling and acceleration and with a Bluetooth adapter you can get apple car play. I'd say the seats are far more comfortable in the older models than in the new models.
Chrome interior is too much I’ll stick to 🐆
News that matter
This was nice 10 years ago. I've owned a few and I've learned. These are impossible to maintain and very expensive to repair.
When this generation came out in 2007, it didn't feel or drive any different then the late 90s through 06 models. Not that there's anything wrong with that but I was surprised that it wasn't that big of a leap between the two. They did change the front interior of the car and the backseat area remained almost the same as far as styling. But then again that's most automakers for you.
Victor Victor
Where Does Everyone Run Off to During the Summer From Florida?
I love the mafia boss jokes lmao
Youssef Anwar
Yeah,but the W140..
raptor 91
Beautiful car
Onke Sigenu
Funniest car reviewer on YouTube, man you are funny I was ROTFL 😂😂
William Oo
Na bro the LS is 🥴
Best at being in the repair
Martin Evans
The Audi A8 is the best sedan , all reviews and tests agree
Anis Kawar
yes i agree the lexus ls460 2009 is still the best sedan in the world
He just roasted my dream truck 😂🤣😭😂😅
Josh Tilotta
The face lifted one looks better:)
The last good looking S Class
Jimmy Kruse
Ha! I'm from Minnesota, but I stay in Naples every few years in the spring and go watch our Twins play in Ft Myers. I see your place when we go to the little deli by you. Cheers!
Marcell Enich
Dude is Hilarious 😂.
irdi basha
i thought the 2 vents in the front seats are for ventilating the seats
My name is WHAT
Audi has the A8 , by the way
Scott Mitchell
Hello from Türkiye with S600 "Cumhurbaskani" edition
m clark
Dude, it was so enjoyable listening to you go through the bells n whistles of this flagship S Class. You know your cars! Thanks for taking the time to put out this video, and i will close by Thanking you for the gut punch of laughter i had from your comments at the end of the video when the Range Rover was in front of you at the light.
Beka Machurishvili
I do not agree s class is superior and better than BMW 7 series 2009, with maintenance and fuel consumption and parts, Mercedes is known to rip people off
Jade S
It’s not a car... it’s an sclass
Jonathan S.
I’ll stick to my 2009 Lexus lol
Damn Panzer
Steven Lynch
Great Review!
Victor Victor
How do you Put Up with the Mess of Boats After a Hurricane?
Awais Ali
W221 amg Line and w220 are best ever made
Jack Mcintosh
Amazing video bill!
200 HIT
Nice car. Does the XM radio work?
Nicholas Donges
Beautiful ….
What’s the tow rating? Seems to me it should be able to pull a 35 ft RV no prob.
Those rims just kill it smh
Interior looks like a concert hall with the organ in the front
This one or a W211 in terms of long time costs? Both are hard to find in germany in a good condition.
This guy is funny!
*Save up your cash for the repairs and horrible reliability. Speaking from experience as a decades long S Class owner.*
Lobster Johnson
10 year old air suspension on a dark years Benz. Seems the salesman knows some young guy who can't afford it will buy it to try to flex a bottom depreciation curve benz. Weird talk about all the gun hiding...
If it had Lexus Ls 430 quality it would be the best.
Very nice automobile
u should work for mercedes and make commercials for them
Handsome design
Jason S
How much?
Chad Saengalam
“You also got uhh makeup mirror if u need to powder your nose” 😂😂😂
Random User
If you want to spend 52936392825382 a year on maintenance then sure.
Mohammed Naser
Why you always say you know know
The s class is like a girlfriend, endless money pits
William T.
Shane CO.
Kaveh Espili
Absolute rubbish, I’ve had my 2010 s550 for 9 years now and it’s been the most unreliable fragile rage inducing torture device I’ve ever owned
The car is racists - they're banning white chocolate so white cars are next...
Mark AD
welcome to yesterday, all euro flagship sedans are literally euro junks, they lost half their value in a matter of years.
Pedro The Mexican
Not everything is hard to do one handed
Los Angeles Aviation Videography
wow Mercedez is such a trash car. Have fun with the repair bills.
Polaris Lakewell
Too bad alot of these weren't reliable
Banu Ionut-Gabriel
I was going to wach, but if you can't remember the car from Audi wich is A8 i don't think you cand do something ele se to make me believe you know a thing about cars.
Ervin Leazer
Great car. Horrible tester. A bad attempt at a Denis O’Leary wanna be! And racist overtones too with the drug reference.