Beginner CHEST Workout Routine for TEENAGERS at HOME! - NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!

Here I show 5 basic exercises you can do straight from you house to get a good chest exercise without going to the gym or anywhere else! Straight from your house you can get a good workout. I hope you enjoy! Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Instagram! @LordEmanuel @Bar_BrothersArg

Great workout bro! Nice way to do dips using the chairs, keep inspiring #Salute
My highest push-ups is 1
Slash or Slice
I feel gay after watching a guy work out...
SpongeBob Squarepants
He makes it look like its nothin
Krish Joshi
no way that im doing diamond push ups too hard for me
hey im 13 and i think i should do this everyday. should I?
Dustin Kawczynski
Looks like a tiny censor
Satyam Saxena
Wait, we need a floor for thia worlout to happen, the description said no equipment needed.
Chocolat Micha
POST 1 : I've been doing this for 6 days in a row (tomorrow is my day off) and I already saw results on my chest :o this is great ! I'll keep you uptated
Lu cifer
Shy to go gym..😅😅
De'andre Witty
14 almost 15 how long do you think it will take for results to show
Laterbasoon 954
Is it normal that the wide push ups are easier than the normal ones
cashiro muhiim ah
Great workout bro i like the way you explain.. and i like music of chris brown song 5more hours that you edited on your video
Viva mexico y argentina!
Muhammad Ali BUKHARI
I will start my workout daily INSHAALLAH
Startrak Gaming
I’m doing everything except the last one. Cuz I can’t lift my body and Lee’s foreword at the same time😂
I just turned 15, how many of this workout should I do in a day/week?
Because once I could do this easily, I'm going to try more harder workouts
Typical Isaac
Thank you so much, your the first person who isnt like a douche saying we need the gym
Zero GamerXY
My daily is 100 push ups 100 sit ups 100/200 lifting weight. (Once did 400 lifting weights)
Camden Bircham
Great video thank you so much bro, gonna do this everyday
hey, im having trouble with my push up. I just started to push up everyday but i couldn't get a perfect push up. Is it okay if i use stairs to do it?
Julian Bushrey
14 almost 15 6ft 155lbs if I did this 5 times a week how long you think til it shows results
I was watching this on my laptop and laying on my bed, I started to watcjh this video in a plank, I reccomend the same to anyone else
Comments got me laughing 😂 Good techniques and workout tips 👌
Siddhant Dolas
Dhanywaad ( Thank You ) 😎
I'm 13 how many days a week should I do this and are the results fast
Mr Zzz
Im 14 yr old boy my highest push up is 30 ..imean is this good for a young skinny boy?
Epic Games
great work out ive been trying workouts for months and i cood only find a couple that i cood hold on to but this one is a bit easier to hold on to thanks for this workout and keep it going
mouad berrami
you make that look so easy
JustMichael Prod.
I do 200 pushups 100 situps 100 squats and 50 reps of 40 pounds every night
I cant do one diamond push-up lol
Black Dragon
I wouldn't say too weak more like too poor 😂 I am actually here to build muscles to improve my strikes in volleyball cuz I am a volleyball player
Yeah I bet he smells great
I usually just do Insanity Workout then before I go to bed I do 30 Pushups, then whilst my arms are regaining strength I do 30 Sit-Ups then I do 20 more Pushups. Have a slight stretch then cool down for 5 minutes then go to bed.
Ben TheBoi
The fact that I watched this video shows that I am somewhat insecure about myself... But I still learned some stuff
You got a new subscriber thanks for the workout
Aman Ali
I done this once no problem, so i'd thought ok, go for the second round, the diamond push ups killed me😂😂
sambath Murali
thanks bro
awesome vid man adding this to my workout! 👍
Thx bro I have kill abs thx bro
Im 16 and i do 30 normal pushups then 20 Diamond and 3 ome hand pushups. But my body is small
sambath Murali
thanks brother
12345332133345554332111234566666 34
Did you go on a diet? And how long have you been working out (at the time of this video)
Fraser Wilson
Really nice quality man Keep it up
LV Wrestler
Can't do Dimond push ups
logang 4life
Looks like he is rapping with no sound 🤣🤣🤣
Real Deal
For beginners that's too much. Should start off slow and gradually do more
FuTuRe Boss
thanks bro , been doing this for a month now and i plan on continuing
Ankit Mishra
How can a beginner do all this ?
i felt inspired seeing someone my age doing home work outs keep up the good work man
I haven’t really considered myself an attractive looking guy so I’ve been looking at stuff because I want to change that. Thanks for the help on getting started
Sarah Cupples
Thanks that really helps I'm only 12 but it helps
Abdul Basit
too good bro. I like your video. God bless you
* 15 normal push-ups 25 Crunches 15 diamond push-ups 25 Crunches 15 Wide push-ups 25 Crunches 15 inclined push-ups 25 Crunches 15 Dips -3 sets* No rest, do crunches instead. The soreness kills after, but worth it.
Startrak Gaming
888th like😂
Raja 64 Jogni Vara
Nyc job buddy Keep it 👆
illusion J07
Doesn't this also workout your triceps
Deep Dey
Asuda chederbaal
Death destroyer Killing killers
Not week just can go to the Jim
I like to go to the gym but idk have time that's why I need home solution anyway thx
I accidentally double tapped to like 😂
Doyle Metzinger
I learned how to do it with Unflexal page. I think unflexal's guide is the best way to be salubrious.
RegalCrown Legend
Thanks for the great video!
can i do during study breaks everyday , i mean try push ups 5 times a day
curving Dog
Post ur skincare too, ur skin is flawless
Tim .H
Exellent my friend Keep trying😘😘😘😘😘😘
Bruh I couldn't do any of these
Matthew Gibbons
great vid, just wanting to know how to build up muscle for dips, and normal push ups becuase im on the heavier side and have no muscle, i want/need it to change
Gabriel Greghi
Nice workout, man! Keep the hard work!
oskaras tutinas
my max diamond push-ups is 5 :/
Seann Barr
I cant evn do a full diamond push up but i can do like 22 normal pusb hups
He doesn't even tell you hoe to do the push ups so here I am wondering how to position myself!
Neko Tamo
At first i couldnt do 1 push up its been about 2 weeks now i can do 10 ...lmao
I can't even do 2 push-ups in a row 0_0
So if I do this routine for up to 2 hours a day will I notice a change much faster? I'm very skinny and I'm 15
Phantom lps
My 15 bro can't do pushups
It’s Daveed
Do I still need to drink protein shakes
Ryan bennetts
This has help me so much thank you
TheAnxoiusHero 21
I'm either really unfit or this guy is just a beast. How do you make it look so easy
Jesus Stephano
Hahaha diamond pushup=beginner? U drunk don
Isaiah Laws
How long did it take you to start noticing results?
Rudra Lad
Hey I am Shubham Nagarji Bro.. I am 17 If I do this do I Have any kind of issues in my height growth
Coolkid 101
What is the name of the music that was playing in the start
Lil Legs
Bro thank you
Yo good looking out on the way you did that routine this is about to be my new shirt
Nightcore ᴛʜᴇɪғ
Im going to try this ill update you guys if something happens brb
Avi Sandhu
Hey bro this body you are make our home only
Nice video bud. Well explained and easy to follow. Thanks
Trisha Anne
Why cant I download ur vid I need it so I can workout without internet :///
Bananas For free
Osama bin Laden bless you..
ok umm I have a the 30 sec to 1 min gap can we drink something to regain the energy like cold water or juice or some thing
Connor Johanning
Don’t skip leg day
micky d
Thanks I’m skinny ,skinny It helped some it’s my first day though also I’m a kid trying to workout 💪🏼
I cant even do one push up, will I eventually learn how to
XxGhimar237xX GMH
It’s so frustrating cuz i cant do push-ups
Definitely Not Me Productions
Hey im 16 should I do this everyday? Like how many times a day? Great workout tho
sambath Murali
thanks brother
Ayee I'm actually improving