Benefits Of Dandelion And How To Eat It! Health Coach Rich McNair

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Dandelion is one of the most medicinal plants growing in your garden, it is an every day food that can bring your health to the next level, learn the benefits, what it looks like, where to find it, what it tastes like and find out how dandelion can help you Live Well, Be Well and Feel Awesome! Health Coach Rich McNair. Thanks for watching this Video!! Please share this with friends and tell them to SUBSCRIBE if you can to make the channel GROW! :D it means everything to me to spread the gift of good health and happiness to all! Thank you very much!!! :D Subscribe to Rich McNair. Important Notes: It is important to check with a suitably qualified health professional before taking this or any herb, especially in large amounts or if taking any other medicine or supplement or if pregnant or nursing. Though it is generally considered safe, those allergic to ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigold, chamomile, yarrow, daisies, or iodine may not be able to consume it. Anyone who gathers dandelion from wild sources (like the backyard) should make sure that the area has not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides and that it does not come from an area where pets may have eliminated.

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Lamar Blackman
there's a reason why myself and many others in the United States never heard of this being edible. never on TV in school or anything. thanks, I wish for you also to live well, be well, and to feel AWSOME
Mohamed Nadjmo
thank you sir
Yamile Cadet
I love this plant since I was a child, this lovely plant became my remedy for a kidney disease after being twice hospitalized for kidney infections. Dr told me, he will see me soon cause this disease never ends, I have cleaned my body of the terrible medicines and on top of this I cured my self.... I just love this wonderful plant , for me it's a complete miracle plant. But you got me with the roots I did not know It has healthy benefits as well Thanks sending you blessings
nyla veganlife
I love eating this plant from my back yard
Tina Iverson
Well you know it has to be good when Monsanto has been selling us POISON ( Round up ) to get rid of these beautiful "weeds" for years!
Robert In-The-Moment
Thank you for the wishes 😄
Mike Roberti
I need to keep weeding out those damn tomatoes, basal and carrot plants that keep taking over my dandelion crop.
Nicholas Price
My garden is full of dandelion and i had no idea......
Anna Fogg
Sharing your video with my nature journaling students tomorrow before we go foraging for some dandelions. I have been using all the parts of this lovely little flower for years. Thanks for your video!
r mcgrath
FYI: My Mom taught me to make homemade wash for All fruits and veggies. White Vinegar and Filtered Water Wash. You can soak in vinegar bath to help remove toxic chemicals and other harmful stuff. Little animals can spray on your garden. You're the Best! 😊
Martin Ramos
Nice vid. Informative. Thanks
i have a crop growing in my yard. a BIG patch. Was going to kill them, but not now :) i mad dandelion syrup today. picked 800 flowers yesterday soaked with water lemons & oranges for 24 hours. cooked today with sugar. it did not thicken but is great over ice!
Jessica Hutchinson
I've tried dandelion and can't stand the bitterness of eating them raw. Like the video says the young tender leaves are indeed less bitter than the older leaves and the smooth leaf variety seems better to me than the variety with the more fuzzy kind of leaves. Better to mix into a salad with other greens and use dressing on to help cover the taste if you don't like the raw, stand alone taste.
Grass Hopper
If big pharma in USA come to realise this weeds highly medicinal usefulness and health benefits and free mass use of it, they'll likely make it illegal like they did the cannabis weed! American companies don't want people to be well and healthy for free, there's no money in it for them!
Jade Hunter
I am going out to my yard & pick them & eat & use for tea. Thankyou
wow. I have the greatest respect for Dandelion. I will no longer throw them away when weeding the garden. I don't use weedkiller so i will now eat them.
Asian Goddess Cottage Life Garden Fairies
I love you. omg I have just started my greenhouse year round vertical container gardening using 5 gallon buckets. I am also installing my own design of rocket stove to heat during winter. I am absolutely making a wall of dandelions gardens. I will have the baby leaves for salad & using the big leaf for my fertilizer. i've started my garden when mother died 3 yrs ago. it was my therapy & also even more that my daughter loves strawberries & cucumbers. as strawberries being the absolute sprayed fruits. so I am researching dandelions for the last 3 months. thank you ever so much for sharing your information.
William Griffin
It's amazing to me.....that I have been killing this "weed" because they made my yard look unkept and ugly. But now that I'm not doing well, I'm trying to grow them everywhere! :)
nouveau rogers
THank you :)
Tea for Me
I've used candied wild violets to decorate spring cakes, they are rich in vitamin C and A. and look and taste great. I love spring!! :-) Only use the ones that are wild and haven't been sprayed though. I was going to make dandelion jelly last year, but for some reason not that many came up in my yard (they're usually all over the place and I don't spray chemicals)...I told my husband they heard me and ran to the neighbors yard where they were prolific! LOL
Edwin Bagley
Thank you
Diane Falkoski
watching this again I have to go out and pick some and put in juice right now!!!thanks for the push.keep up the wonderful work
Leonard Bosley
Yahweh gave us these herbs. Thanks for the info and video. Thank You Yahweh In The Name Of Yeshua.
Al ///
I picked some dandelions from the school campus i go to. i have no clue if they ever spray them with pest/herbicides. Would it be okay or safe to eat them after i soak them in warm water and vinegar??
Pascale Kanbour
My husband love Dandelion! He eats with salads, in wraps, in tea, in soups, or sauteed with olive oil, lemon, garlic and onions!
thank you for the wish!
Angela Collier
bitter is good for the liver.😁
Thank-you so much, I've known for years they're edible and good for you, but I've never felt confident in just going for it, incase, as silly as it sounds I done it wrong!! Seeing you actually munching on them do I now trust myself!One word of warning, here in the uk, we have a little black flying beetle (harmless) but loves yellow, and often see them huddling inside the dandelion petals, so just look closely and/or wash them out before you tuck into your lunch. Thankyou Rich, I'm about to subscribe and hope to see more like this, really helpful, and I'm passing it onwards to people I know who might benefit. :-)
The Weeping Willow
thanx for sharing...very informative...
Angela Malini
cool ! you are still alive !
Caroline Penn
After watching this video, I was super eager to just go outside and pop the first dandelion that I saw into my mouth. But seeing as how I live in an apartment complex, chances are high that any that I find will already be sprayed. Oh well, looks like I'll have to buy some instead. Very educational video!
Billy Bob
good wish right back at you
Isaac Bridges
I ate the flower part and it tasted a little bitter. It may not have fully bloomed yet
Luna Reign
That is one of the most awesome and funny videos i have seen in a long time :) i cant wait to watch more of your vids, keep it up!
Cez Javiniar
Lucky u u hv space to plant
Silvana R.R. Quiñonez
¿puedo consumirlo diariamente ? gracias
Audrey Mckinney
njoyed ur video nd ur knowledge!
SWEEET! Thanks man! God bless you!
Ruth Agustin
Thank you 😊
Private Information
This is a awesome video!! If people only understood. Thank you bro.
Man if only I've known this years back I could have saved money on those weed killers. thanks for the vid.
Konker Squirrel
Great video but your not supposed to tell us your wish!! lol
Dandelion is a weed so not very hard to find it... You kan find entire pastures of them here in Sweden, and that's because they spread well on their own.
Tyler Murphy
Thanks Man, Wishing you the same : ) Tyler
Bubble flower
I love the wish🤗💓
I eat dandilion flower salad whenever there are enough flowers to pick. I like the native American's directive to only pick 1 in every 3 plants you find.
Anastaziya Cameron
live well, be well and live awesome too
There's not a lot of dandelions from where I am! I'm growing dandelions, and they just started sprouting a few days ago. I'm totally gonna try some dandelions, and I totally enjoyed this vid :3
lobo en hs
There's free food growing in my backyard! I'm trying this.
I have these things growing all over my garden. I think they look cute and I had no idea those cool seeds were part of the same plant. I blow them with my nephew since he was 2 and he always reminds me to do it lol I didn't know they were edible. I just wanted more info about the plant this was awesome.
My parents made me pick these out of the soil and throw them in the waste. If only I knew.
Maria Matonti
I have wild strawberries, but 2 me they seemed tasteless
shareina ali
great video 💚
Steve J.
GREAT VID!!! It’s so refreshing seeing a real person present the vid AND physically demonstrating its usage (& consumption). I wish more YouTube’s were this good!
namie schowgurow
new at this but i was wondering since cool weather is coming can i dry out dandy plant and use as tea later?
William Griffin
I really enjoy juicing these leaves....very good for cancer and other ailments.
thanks 4 sharing
2 Arcane
how much do you need to eat?
Diane Falkoski
so glad I grew up at least never killing these!!!ive Alway s loved nutrition going to watch all your videos.god bless light worker like you!!!
Diane Falkoski
what do you think of real dandelion honey (from bees) from new Zealand??????
RGV Natural Living
I like to drink mine before bed! Do you think this is good to incorporate daily? I know that spring is for cleansing but I really enjoy drinking it daily. What are your thoughts? I'm a 33yo male.
Elzbieta Molenda
I have a small tumor in the right lobe of the brain, but he three years, and the process stopped. The tumor was not either larger or smaller. From 6 months in addition to the drugs, I started to eat nuns and after the last scan, it turned out that the tumor slightly decreased. I eat dandelion leaves, which collect on the meadow of the river, because I do not have a garden. Flowers baked in pancake batter, delicious. I did not know the root can also consume, thank you for the information Rich 😘, now I start to use it, I hope the effect will be even better. Greetings. Ellexxx
*bites flower off* MM. THAT'S NICE AND SWEET sorry lol. that part made me laugh; i wasn't expected you to just eat it xD
Evangline Sasaguchi
Praise and thanks God ! Thank you so much for sharing!
Supes Prime
Thanks for the info it helps a lota lot
Angel Rattu
thanks for this video! from indonesia
Israel Mora
Thank you Rich I loved your video....I will take my little girls this spring to look for dandelions...Awesome video..
will burn
we are told it is just a bother sum weed but guess whats the first thing on weed killer bottles dandelion this so called bother sum weed helped cure my dads cancer the native american "s used this and many others to cure thier young and old loved ones
clinton regis
The ones in my country look a bit different and they don't send a yellow flower
great vid cheers
Savannah Plays
What if there are little tiny black bugs on or in the dandelion flowers? Will it harm you? Can you still eat the dandelion?
When I was a little boy my parents worked and my grandfather lived with us and he was in charge while the parental units worked. During the summer months gramps and I would wake up and have breakfast,tend to our lush and bountiful garden. We would do other chores,walk to the local farmers market and chat with the owner,gather some goodies and eventually make our way home for lunch. Our menus varied each day except for one thing. We would go out back,pull a shit load of dandelions and make a salad of them mixed with ot her greens. Have not done it for years, but it looks like I will be starting again.
In times of hardship, my grandmother was known to pick dandelion flowers from her yard and put them between rye bread and mustard and made her a dandelion sandwich. So, I already knew dandelion was safe to eat, I just didn't know how healthy it was for you. Now that I know, I'm eating dandelions! And I have eaten wild strawberries. I guess I picked them when they weren't ripe enough and they were very bitter.
Sonny Skyler
And I was eating from a dumster. Now I can hide in the woods.
alan carlyon
Hi, thanks for the information, do you eat the stock of the dandelion? The sap from the stock looks yuki! But I hear that the sap helps cuts and rashes of the skin, is this true? Thanks again and I wish you the best of health Sir!
James Kelman
Excellent! Thanks Muchacho! Wild Lettuce and Nettles are both amazing natural herbs that they want you to beleve are weeds !
Naflatem 72
Going to try this soon! Thank you for showing the safety of consuming dandelions.
Dang that root sounds crunchy. Dandelion tea (made from its leaves and roots) is supposed to be a miraculous cure all beverage, too; everything from diabetes to cancer. What’s also great is that it’s such a ubiquitous plant, as well, and can grow in almost any environment.
-Unsubbed- Serf
i thought dandelions were weeds never thought they where edible
Culture Detox
Thank you wonderful information, I subscribed, I like that your videos are short but full of info!
love my dandelions! good information in your video I only disagree on the strawberries, my wild ones do not taste at all, but they spread like crazy 😀
Kelvin Green
Excellent video thanks for sharing.
shaun lomas
An aquired taste, mix young leaves with other salad leaves and don't pick from road sides, and don't forget nettles in spring
Myriam David
Do we eat the stems I only cook the leaves
Maria DeArman
Thank you for including us in your wishes =)
Enrique Martinez
Miriam Maldonado
Great! I will treat myself with dandelion leaves, and flowers, love their deep yellow color, thanks Coach!
Cam Tidler
I use daily basis I love them
Edward vp
ty gonna go out to my front yard for a treat and read more on this
Gina Sofia
Thank you for this excellent and eye opening video. God bless you!!
we only get them 5 months of the year here but what is the daily recommended minimum dose?
I've played around with eating them like a cat playing with a bug. So your example was inspiring.
Very nice video, Rich, thank you so much. It's the best.
Mary Fromwiller
My grandmother would dig up dandelions and cook them She lived to be safe 94
Brett Bowcutt
I've got 2 gallons of Dandelion seeds, other than having 2 gallons of wishes what else are they good for?
Colleen MacDonald
Dandelion root mixed with stinging nettle in a tea three cups a day was amazing for my kidney problem unfortunately the damage was quite severe and I lost the kidney but now the remaining one is quite healthy so I'll continue my tea regime :)
Lenin Rob
Kid a started craving a dandelion plant😃the yellow Ness of it looks so appetizing😃