Cradle of Filth Ave Satani (live 2001)

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Cradle of Filth Ave Satani (live 2001). Album The Evil's Bitter Sweet. Dani Filth - vocals Robin Graves - bass Adrian Erlandsson - drums Paul Allender - Guitar Martin Powell - keyboards Gian Pyres - rhythmic guitar

Pretty sure this song is taken from a horror film, I have been trying for years to find out which one.
Since 2006 this is my favorite band. Can someone please help me to find in which album this song is in studio version, and not the live version?
Aline Biersack Filth
dani filth te amo <3
Aline Biersack Filth
amo muito esta banda cradle of filth e sou uma filth com muito orgulho e amo tudo que vem do satanismo sou satanica e dai muito bem ta de parabens o meu cradle of filth HAIL SATAN AMEM <3
Kostas Visvinis
Hi Metaliiik do you know or does anyone knows who wrote this composition of ave satani?
@sawmaineack The link is : Buy the album in stead of downloading it!!!!
Ave Cradle Ave Of filth \m/
please give a link to where you found this version of the song! i love it! also please make it not live.
Rodolpho Aldana
Mtoo legal