How Smoking 30 PACKS of Cigarettes Wrecks Your Lungs ● You Must See This !

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This shows smoking a pack a day for 30 days! That's 600 cigarettes! Same experiment VAPING for a month Same experiment with WEED for a month /> ● My Amazon Store....... ::::::::::::: EXPLANATION of the test :::::::::::::::: * same experiment how much healthier VAPING for a month is * same experiment how bad SMOKING 1 pack of Cigarettes is /> * same experiment how bad SMOKING only one Cigarette is /> * same experiment how bad smoking WEED for a month is /> * same experiment SMOKING only one CANNABIS Cigarette /> * This is not a scientific test. Visually shows what is going in your body * The average smoker smokes one pack a day. 30 packs a month (Google) * The smoke was not held in the glass chamber which many commenters have suggested. Exhale hose clearly shown at 0:15 * It doesn't matter if the machine smoked all the cigarettes in a day, week, month or year, it's the same amount of smoke out of 600 cigarettes, the results would be the same. * if all the smoke had been blown back through the cotton, like real smoking, the results would have been even worse! * The smoke was drawn through and around the cotton, catching some, not all, of the chemicals and tar (evident by the accumulation in the hoses) and into the pump and exhaled. * The machine was set to smoke each cigarette at the same pace each time. * 30 packs x 20 per pack = 600 cigarettes were smoked * Each cigarette was smoked 3/4 of the way to reflect real world smoking allowing a quarter of it to just burn away while talking or thinking. * It took 3 days for the machine to smoke all of the cigarettes. * The chamber was cleared of smoke before the next cig was lit between each and every cigarette allowing air to enter. * Scenes were sped up and time lapsed to be able to see the visual change in colour occur. * The black stuff is called tar. Heavy accumulation of tar in the hoses showed up after only 10 packs. Tar from the next 20 packs overflowed and got sucked into the pump. It eventually ruined the pump. * With actual smoking, you also blow the smoke out past all of the same organs twice. * Lungs do self clean to take care of dust and debris from normal breathing in the environment. They weren't meant to be overwhelmed on an hourly basis by smoke from a burning object for life. * The smell of the tar and cotton balls at the end was vile. I felt quite ill afterwards. Can't imagine how a smoker feels on a daily basis. * I think everyone agrees we must do our part to give kids a good start with a healthy life and do our best to prevent youngsters from taking up these poor habits. If you smoke tobacco, use a vape pen or smoke cannabis, never let children or kids see you do it. If they see an adult doing it, they think it's ok. Make sure you are out of sight at home, at schools, outside of arenas or at parks . MUSIC BY Joakim Karud, Luvly

Chris Notap
I just finished doing the same experiment with VAPE and the results were so much better than smoking! It's 95% healthier. Here's the VAPE video If you're seriously thinking of quitting and you want to give vaping a try, get 15% off, plus free shipping here This is not for kids. Vaping is only for adults quitting cigarettes. Here's the same experiment showing how bad WEED is!! Here's the same experiment with ONE cigarette!
England Is My City
*Damn Good Thing I Quit Smoking* *4 Minutes Ago*
abdul ghaffar
Hands up if you don't smoke...:-)
Ron Nazareth
This guy bought 600 cigarettes just to save others life.🙋‍♂️
DarkSide Ultimate
Looks just like my dad's lungs... 20 Years ago, and still going... I'm glad I could stop smoking. Probably smoke a pack or less. I regret doing it when I was 10 (or 8 or 12?, i forgot)
Damn this dude went out and bought 600 cigarettes to help people
I feel like this video is a better example to not smoke than the ones they show on TV
Miss Yasmeen
Hands up if you don't smoke...:-) !!!
Pravin Singh
After watching this experiment .. I realise that even I should quit smoking now... I will ... Thank you Sir..
Man this guy must've saved an unknown amount of lives.. Bravo Notap.
Cheese Guy 2
That's why you dont smoke kids!
TheAwesomeOcelot Gaming
I promised my grandfather that ill never smoke. I intend to keep that promise.
Shubham Mishra
Doing a good job. Making people understand what smoking actually does.
Re-Think This
This looks like death. Thanks for making it so clear.
Andromeda Planet
Show this to a doctor and say "that's why you don't smoke" Oh You're a better Doctor than any doctor I've been with.
suzuki chan
The bigest mistake anyone can make it putting a cigarette to their lips, lighting it, and inhaling.
Esi KS21
I can't thank you enough for this video...
Nate DS
This is more convincing then most anti smoking ads.
I'm on day 5 free of ciggs!
Erika Emese
I'm happy that I'm not smoking
Claro DeAzul
Now i wanna smoke, thanks
not only that, ciggarets will also waste your money
Yunus Moorad
Chris, your video was the final kick that I needed to quit smoking. The vision of tar clogging my pipes was all it took. Great video
Ashlyn Lockner
This made me cry i hate seeing my mom like this
Chocolatte yay
Hey thanks I'm 13 and your helping people like me not to smoke when we get older
Thx for the advice i,m still 14 years old i will never smoke cigs and thank you very helpful advice
SuB To Me FoR No ReASOn
I'm really starting to wonder what your backyard smells like
Glad to see u inspiring people to avoid smoking by a fantastic idea. Great work and keep it up Uncle.
thing poo
This video made my cusin stop smoking
Annetheresa Mcgeown
30 years of smoking, 5 days stopped! Goodness knows the damage. But have a vape! When I have a really bad craving I will look at this video! Nice one 👍🏻
Dawson Harris
Wow. Don't Smoke Cigarettes kids. Stay in school.
I will never smoke :p
Radea S. P
Don't takes more cigarettes before cigarettes take your life.
Everything YouTuber
Till now I never had used cigarette and I promise I will not even use it in future
Thank you Chris Notop very cool
I thought about smoking. Nope, not anymore. Not even gonna try
Luke Riley
I feel like the point of videos like this is less to get smokers to stop and more help non smokers decide to never start to begin with.
lord ayong Official
I showed this video to my friend ( she is smoker) she said : Who is stupid enough to take 30 packs a day. But she quit smoking 3 days later
Benjamin Russell
Well my dad looks fine and he has been smoking for i think over 20 years but for his new year resolution he will quit and he is doing good
Aryan Raj
I quit
Yanir Levy
I must show this to my dad I wish he’d quit
Mariam soltan
My father always shouts at me when i tell him to stop smoking 😞
Every smoker needs to see this
So my lungs are filled with balls
Krystal Palmeri
I could barely even watch this! I used to smoke a pack a day. I switch to vaping pens 3 years ago ... and after seeing this I am so happy I did.
Sweet mother of Jesus... I know people, who smoked 2 packs per day... many years... And after all my questions "why?!", they answered: "I like it, that's all"
Kapboom _
Time to smoke
Monster Man2016
And this is why I’m NEVER EVER smoking in my life
Kurdish Kingdom
You just do a great work thanks alot
Even tho I'm 16, I haven't smoked and I won't.
Madiha Jahan MJ
A really good thing to scare smokers
Thank god my dad stopped smoking 7 years ago.
glen robert
Jef Rey
Luckily our lungs are not made of cotton!!!! and no one inhales a cigarete in nearly the same fashion of this video.
This is actually good if your a science teacher.
Ugh I can’t imagine the smell 🤢 you had to endure while creating this video. Great work
PrevvadaY Q
í'm αn kíd í dσn't ѕmσkє í wíll nєvєr αnd nєvєr wíll
Türkiye ses ver nokta komdada fenası ayıptır ya
Umesh Simhadri
I will quit smoking
i feel like you would already die of lung cancer by the time you smoke 10 or 5 but, i don't know that for sure
I feel bad for those cotton balls.
Mora Caballero
Omg thankyou for making this video!!
Ryan Moyer
Lungs lookin like some burnt marshmallows
Elijah Maranon
Damn this guy spent money on 30 packs of cigs Respect
Conrad Andrew
And we have to breathe in your secondhand smoke too!!!! So unfair
zoe g
my stomach hurts omg that's nasty to think about
no u
good thing my mom’s gonna stop smoking this year
Ali Erciyas
miğdemi siktin orsubu e vladı
I feel sorry for the smokers watching this video
Garrett Brando
I showed this video to my aunt last night and she was like, "Oh, well." 😒 So while she was sleeping, I snatched her cigarettes and hid them under the couch. She's pissed because she knows that I hid them from her 😂 Matter of fact, she's yelling at me while I'm typing this comment 💀
a bean with intentions
I’m gonna show this to my mom to help her quit smoking. Not now, but eventually.
Courtney Carr
Thank you so much for taking the time and finance to make this very visual & motivational experiment! You're a good man!
Emily Da Boss
I'm gonna send this to my mum l0l
This is good proof to stop smoking nice job u earned my like
Cancer in it's purest form Literally
Rosie Quinn
I hope people who smoke watched this video
I should show this to my only grandpa that is alive that smokes
Mark nunya
My body is a temple but i definitely don’t plan on smoking
Sylve Amdany
why is it that every time i watch something like this i say that i'v quit smoking,,,,then am back on ....but dammnnn, this time am quiting for real, do you guys see that brown lungs????
*So much succ*
mike s
You are awesome for posting these videos! Keep up the good work, GREAT content
Starcrafter YT
The people living next to him are probably like “wth why do I smell so much cigarette smoke”
This taught me more about why not to smoke than school did
Ort xilaC
I quit smoking almost 5years now.
Joey Harris
My grandpa died from cancer. So, I will show this and share this video to my friends and family to prevent them from smoking.
Alivia Martinez
These experiments aren't very reliable, seems he doesn't let the smoke flow out of the "lung", he needs to atleast have inhaling and exhaling because these experiments just aren't very reliable or done properly @ me idc
Outlaw Immortalz
That's fucked 😯 I feel more inspired than ever to quit cold turkey, I'm calling it quits right now as hard as that is and as many times as I've tried. Hopefully will report back with good news in a few weeks
after this video i went out for a smoke.
J.v A.p
Totally love your videos , they've opened my eyes and made me realize i'm frickn killing myself!! Greetings from Guatemala City
plush furr
Glad I don't smoke. Thank God
tijmen spierings
I'm never beginning with smoking!!
Lucrecia Vasquez
I tried a cigarette once and never realized why people like smoking such nasty and toxic shit. The taste is horrible and let’s not even mention the smell
Ursula. M
I used to smoke 1 pack a day and this video give me the creeps.
Je vais faire cette expérience avec une amie pour notre exposé en sciences pour un concours se sera juste génial jspr on aura un 1er prix ou quoi mercii🔥
great work sir..
Aidarus mahamud
You are such a great person keep doing what you doing we need people like you
Ren and Stimpy and Nickelodeon 90s fan
I've seen this at school before
Skull Trooper
Thank you Chris. You are going to save many lives from this video
Adi Pratama
Ive been smoking for 15 years until this time..damn.....i wanna quit..start from right now... Thanks mate 👍👍