How Smoking 30 PACKS of Cigarettes Wrecks Your Lungs ● You Must See This !

This shows smoking a pack a day for 30 days! That's 600 cigarettes! Same experiment VAPING for a month Same experiment with WEED for a month /> If you are seriously trying to get off deadly cigarettes, you should try Vaping. 95% harm reduction. You can slowly reduce the nicotine level to zero and then eventually throw away Vaping. Get the same Vape pen I used in my "vaping for a month video" US .....15% off ( +free shipping ) />UK ....15% off /> (a small portion of each sale helps supports my channel. Much appreciated!) ::::::::::::: EXPLANATION of the test :::::::::::::::: * same experiment VAPING for a month /> * same experiment SMOKING 1 pack of Cigarettes a day /> * same experiment SMOKING only one Cigarette /> * same experiment SMOKING WEED for a month /> * same experiment SMOKING only one JOINT /> * same experiment SMOKING vs VAPING /> * This is not a scientific test. Visually shows what is going in your body * The average smoker smokes one pack a day. 30 packs a month (Google) * The smoke was not held in the glass chamber which many commenters have suggested. Exhale hose clearly shown at 0:15 * It doesn't matter if the machine smoked all the cigarettes in a day, week, month or year, it's the same amount of smoke out of 600 cigarettes, the results would be the same. * if all the smoke had been blown back through the cotton, like real smoking, the results would have been even worse! * The smoke was drawn through and around the cotton, catching some, not all, of the chemicals and tar (evident by the accumulation in the hoses) and into the pump and exhaled. * The machine was set to smoke each cigarette at the same pace each time. * 30 packs x 20 per pack = 600 cigarettes were smoked * Each cigarette was smoked 3/4 of the way to reflect real world smoking allowing a quarter of it to just burn away while talking or thinking. * It took 3 days for the machine to smoke all of the cigarettes. * The chamber was cleared of smoke before the next cig was lit between each and every cigarette allowing air to enter. * Scenes were sped up and time lapsed to be able to see the visual change in colour occur. * The black stuff is called tar. Heavy accumulation of tar in the hoses showed up after only 10 packs. Tar from the next 20 packs overflowed and got sucked into the pump. It eventually ruined the pump. * With actual smoking, you also blow the smoke out past all of the same organs twice. * Lungs do self clean to take care of dust and debris from normal breathing in the environment. They weren't meant to be overwhelmed on an hourly basis by smoke from a burning object for life. * The smell of the tar and cotton balls at the end was vile. I felt quite ill afterwards. Can't imagine how a smoker feels on a daily basis. * I think everyone agrees we must do our part to give kids a good start with a healthy life and do our best to prevent youngsters from taking up these poor habits. If you smoke tobacco, use a vape pen or smoke cannabis, never let children or kids see you do it. If they see an adult doing it, they think it's ok. Make sure you are out of sight at home, at schools, outside of arenas or at parks . MUSIC BY Joakim Karud, Luvly

Paul Greene
As a smoker, I will tell you, it was the DUMBEST thing I've ever done in my life. It's expensive, your health is never what it was, you miss time with your family, going out to smoke. You freeze in the winter, sweat to death in the summer. And all for what??? To slowly kill yourself and waste money. NEVER START SMOKING!!
Holaitsflavia !
This made my dad quit smoking so thank you! ❤️
i smoke air, its healthy
This is more impactful than anything I was shown in public school health class
Michael Lack
I smoked for 41 years...I have been free from this habit for 3 weeks...and already I can breathe again..I’m on the patches and have so much more energy. I will never smoke ever again. I’m 56 . Friends told me I have colour in my face.i found doing my job was hard but not anymore and jump out Of bed like a gazelle now...getting back on my bicycle after 20 years. One it ..quit whilst your ahead
Ken Bone
Who else came from the vaping video to see the difference
B Sab
I got my grandma and dad to stop smoking from this! So thank you so much for this experiment!
My uncle probably smoked more than 100 packs already 😣 I’m gonna show him this video,maybe he’ll quit.
St. Curly
Just imagining the smell 😷
U Upsetting_toast
*am I the only one who found this video satisfying?*
Promise that you will not not touch cigarettes. 1 like=1promise
Savana LovesArt
This is why I swear to God that I will NEVER smoke
Doge Army
Now. I dont smoke, but if I was to ever smoke, this video definitely stopped any thoughts of it. Thanks
Kids, 1 advice = don't smoke 😉
Tushar Doshi
OMG 30 packs of cigeretee for this exp. Hats off sir.
I feel like this video is a better example to not smoke than the ones they show on TV
Stephen Wilcockson
Hi Chris, can you repeat this test with cigarettes without filters to show how much difference the filters make.
Erika Feria
Oh Lord my lungs just hurt from looking at this.. (Don't ever smoke)
Vidia J Frederick
Just imagine, people do this for decades throughout their life
Emily Heath
Imagine how BAD this smelled!!
not only that, ciggarets will also waste your money
Vaping and Smoking destroyer your live
Gerald Sanders
How dangerous is second hand smoke? I don't smoke, but live with people who do. I hate cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes is doing drugs.
The lungs looked awful at just 5 packs.
Federico Perez Arnaiz
Aguantr el faso la concha de tu madre
Chey C
The lungs also represent your bank account
Cartoon Spookys
I’m thinking to start smoking 🤔🤔
evil22565 • 1 year ago
Even I smoked once just to try it I couldn't finish it because my throat was burning and I hated the smell of it
fpzsniper lolplayz
I'm just suprised how the shopkeeper let him have that many cigarettes
It should be on TV
abdul ghaffar
Hands up if you don't smoke...:-)
Nina Luehring
Oh my gosh! I am showing everyone who smokes this video!!! My staff and friends! That's gross! Thank you for making this smoking video!!
Stormy Gacha
We watched your video at school!
jils jose
I thank you very much sir, for making this video.
anky Rod
Buen aporte a la humanidad gracias!!
Daniel Haskett
This should be shown in schools
Augusto Guilherme
Muito bom o vídeo. Muito informativo!
XxLazerGamingNSXxX Gamer
Heart this please a lesson for others, Chris. My uncle used smoke and once I came to his house and told him “if you smoke it causes health conditions”. See I was very young 4 yrs old and I always studied about the body and health. He actually did stop :)
Fouzbelle Chan
Thank god I don’t smoke🙂
Trky Chikn
Hey I tried smoking once that time never happend and never will😊
SuB To Me FoR No ReASOn
I'm really starting to wonder what your backyard smells like
Atlas, Rise!
I'm not sure if my grandmother would stop smoking after seeing this but it's worth a try I suppose
Nicko Torres
How much moneys did he spend on cigs
Tatsuro Ide
Great video. Would like to see the same experiment with iQOS or other "heated" tobacco products.
Rohny Khan
Smoking while watching...what difference you gonna make one day everything will be ashes...
I feel bad for those cotton balls.
C'est Joao
It's funny how your saying at the beggining :"Your lung" I don't and I will never smoke, but good experiment ! liked it !
Sanjay Jay
Who are disliked this video they are he smoke lovers
Mochi Yumm!
Wow.i feel bad for the people still smoking thanks for demonstrating that it really helps plus I will never smoke!
Vinoth Kannan
i am not a chronic smoker but after watching this video i stop smoking
Markus Crause
Please do the same test with vape, I would like to see what it does
Tobias Andersen
Think this is bad try live in China
yaane duttenhofer
omg he has the $$ for 6 packs of ciggis
TheAntiChrist 911420
This looks more addicting then actually smoking.
Laura Marie
could you imagine the smell? 🤢
Cancer in it's purest form Literally
Le chevalier Du turfu
Not scientific, but at least, there you get the point
Fancy things by Sam
Our guidance counselor showed us this video
Spams GamesYT
Jellex 10
Better than truth commercials
More effective than 6 years of health in school.
mommy little angel
Omg I will never smoke in my life thanks for this video that helped Me
Im really thankful that i dont smoke. It is the worst habit
I quit..after this...
Paul Stack
I should quit
I showed this video to a classmate who was smoking for like 1 week and next thing I heard that she stopped smoking 3 days after I showed her this video
Rose Luman
Is it ok if I do the experiment for a science fair. (will credit you of course)
Nadia Kelly
We watched this in school for d.a.r.e
Good Luck
I smoked 42 years. Switched to vaping. Love it
Damn this is the first video that actually made me put down cigarettes for the first time in 6 years. Your awesome btw
Maria Gonzilas
Good thing I'm not going to smoke when I get older
flop channel
Great video salute from India...... I don't smoke... But from from this video never....
Wild Rose
This guy at my school one said "smoking isn't that bad" I showed him this video and he threw away his pack on the spot...
Sofiyah Safi
Danke dass elbe ich richen gar nichts
Christoffer Renz Buencamino
Its been 2 weeks since ive watched this.and I am 2 weeks not touching a cig. Woah..
Bret B
I remember the days when there used to be adverts saying smoking was good for you. Thank God things are changing for the better. Great video!
BKGamez23 Games
Only 1 cigarette is so dirty thats why im not gonna smoke when im adult cause im only 10
Anonymous random Guy
I’m so glad I quit 17 years ago. Today I have the lung capacity to play bagpipes and saxophones. 3 more years to undue the damage that smoking did to me. It takes 20 years to undue the damage from smoking...
Charles Proctor
Well...time for a smoke break...
If this doesn't convince people to quit, nothing will.
SplitSundae Gacha!
Hopefully smokers would see this! All that tar can make anyone not smoke 😖
tx tx
Theres 23k haters that are mad that ciggerets went to waste. i still have a pack of new ports from 2 years ago
OMG the diference between vaping and smoking is huge! ( i'm not saying that vaping is good , although is a good alternative to quit smoking) thanks for making this amazing videos! Sorry for my spelling , english is not my native language
This is why i don't and NEVER will smoke!!!
iTheman 6s
“I feel fine. That won’t happen to me!” -Every smoker ever
Cl.shiva kumar.R
Your the best man keep going thanks
We watched this at school 😂
That guy u don't know
Use me as a “I will never start smoking” button
Piyush Sharma
I am speechless. Thank you, you are transforming minds by making things visible which are invisible for human eyes. Good Work Keep it up!
Ultimate Blink
My dad used to smoke until I showed him this video! Yesterday was his 1 year anniversary of not smoking!
Mund Ms
This is a great video!!!
Jonathan Baylon
Here I am watching this video while smoking 😂😂
I am Pani
Not gonna lie but this man's handwriting is pretty lit!
Please don't use google-translator for the german titel 🤣
Wasn't gonna smoke anyways, this just gives me more of a reason not to lol
Immy _Ninja07
My Nan smokes so I can show her this to encourage her to stop!😊 thank you!!
My body after 1 pack 🤮 (No I don’t smoke, and I never will)
Imad Jusic
yeah, if i got to pick between vaping and smokeing, i would choose vape, or just plain old nothing
Mr. Smilie
Oh boy I could go for a smoke break right now
Esi KS21
I can't thank you enough for this video...