Onyx - Walk In New York

Music video by Onyx performing Walk In New York. (C) 1995 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Onyx RAL Hip Hop

Ivan Sorola
These guys and mobb deep were defending NYC back in the days... back in the timberland era
TriLLBeatz 334
Lmao I bet all of those empty lots are now expensive ass condos with a Starbucks on every corner
This joint makes todays rap sound like a barney intro.
Mark Mcdonald
I love this raw gritty shit straight hardcore rap
We don't throw gang signs in New York
Gergely Fliegauf
Masterpiece! Today I am 43 years old, and I am celebrating with this song!
Dave Daniels
Peep Ja Rule at 00:57
Jason Palacios
This song makes want to start a fight with someone.
I wish New York was still like this #fuckgentrification
pistol pat
New York rappers back in those dayz were strait savages!!!
Hamza Faison
If biggie liked them , you know they was dope
jay love
90's hip hop the best!!!
K. Slim
Dope track. New York Hardcore rap at its finest. A cameo by a young  Ja Rule at the beginning of the vid. Funny how he's next to Fredro and they both went on to have altercations with 50.
Reggie Rodriguez
New York is the native state for Gangs and mobsters - Al Capone was a native New Yorker
They shot this video and Gang Greens "I'll Murder You" on the same day lol Some of the same folks wearing the same clothes in this vid. Same style of video as well. It's still Onyx though!
Luis V Cabrera
Damn I miss NY hardcore rap.
Out of anyone, Onyx best defined New York grittyness. While I always thought the Bronx had the most gritty sound at times, most of Queens was the grittiest mfs.
Naughty Gawd
Sticky Fingaz always with his scary face
Eric Clark
Word has it all these guys were arrested immediately after this video for offending everyone
Iraham Prodigy efren
real hip hop... rip real new york... rip :'(
Victor Kovatchki
Vevo Onyx is the most absurd thing :D How can you censor Onyx ffs :D
yoke barbarian
looks like a lovely place cant wait to settle there 
Davon Berr
ja rule on the left at 0:58
Stuck in the 90's
Damn, that's RAW!
OrphaN Plays
Vali Man
at 0:57 is ja rule??
Ja Rule hasn’t aged at all lol
nasty native New Yorker
ferrari marley
Check out Ja Rule at 0:57 mark. Hip Hop WAS great back then!!
Quenten Curtis
The is the New Yorkiest, New Yorker shit I’ve ever seen 😆😆😆
Pawel Olszewski
Onyx is known for puting some of the Greatest rapper's Its funny that onyx put ja rule in there video. 50 cent on by introducing him to Dj jam master jay and putting him a there track and video called “React”. they also put DMX on there truck and video called' Shut'em down'
Streeter West
0:39 0:57 Ja Rule
James Page
Damn you can see New York got gentrified and soft nowadays
Get your mp3s
Филип Киркоров
Ja rule 0:39 WTF? :D
SDS Overfiend
The opening line😔☹️
Settanta Sette Corleone
at the 0:37 you can see ja rule! LOL
Алексей Стах
It should be illegal to censor Onyx
JA RULE at 0:57
Taurus Pikchurz Uganda-Macedonia
Ja Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
greg massiff
respect from russia ,ekaterinburg
not yet decided
its like they all shaved their head
0:57 Ja Rule
Capital City Music Man
Sticky couldn't do no wrong during this time, he was on fire!
Cris Cozy
Young ja rule @0:35 on the left
Olachi Solomon
We don’t throw gang signs in NY
Jim Saints
Кот Игорь
Это что? Съемка из Нью-Йоркского зоопарка диких шампанзе
Sticky’S Hilfiger still trendy after 20years
BOOM BOOM Bap era Ril hip hop !!!!!!
Kevin Charles
“We don’t throw gang signs in New York” damn if you could only see it now. I miss those days when held ourselves down, no gang needed.
Emanating Faucet
We don't throw gang signs in NY nah NY knows no colors it's one for all take yours
Jamal johnson
this real hip hop queens south jamaica you know dogs
Yokikoshimoto DDA
сша - девяностые.
Anakin Wildstar
umm..they need to take some vitamin G for Ganja.. I'm sure if i see these guys walking down the street, they'll say "gosh, hiya". This was the only 'rap' group i ever listened to, next to Die Antwoord. All kiding aside, i can feel their rage-i used to have 'all we got iz us ' on side A and manson;s best shit on side B while rolling in my Camaro back in the mid/late 90s.
It's amazing how Onyx has gotten away for so long fronting so hard. They were House Music Dancers and Sticky was allegedly a barber with dreads before he got down. JMJ made them change their image and they've ran with it for over 20 years
Вася Тюфяков
Ja Rule 0:38
Alex House
It’s a crime in itself you bleep out onyx
Филип Киркоров
crack is the key word
Alik Shino-in Tresh
Перевод Для Русских Дебилов;, Мы не Бандиты и беспредельщики, МЫ просто пытаемся выжить, в чёртовом,,,,,,,,,
Top Iio
walk in chisinau
Prolific Pops
Aggressive lyrics on a chill beat is what makes 90's hip-hop unique.
respect to our N.Y.C. from south Italy punks...onyx remind me to 90's best era for music and skating
“We Don’t Throw GANG SIGNS In New York...” ~ FREDRO 💯
real niggaz
We selling guns, drugs, and sex or anything for the right price😂
matthew mask
Lets take lil pump to these streets ....see how long his skittle dreds having ass lasts
The Bronx, NY where ya at! 🔥🔥🔥💯
DJ VLAD 'Onyx Performed 'Walk In NY' in LA During East/West War, 2Pac Jumped on Stage (Part 7)' brought me here
Darth Troller
so he features Ja Rule in a video and 50 Cent still accepts to be featured on a song by this guy? I thought meeting Ja Rule would make 50 mad enough to want to kill you
Pawel Olszewski
Thise the way we walk in New York, can nobody see us
Radko Barumski
hard track,end very very gud.
Я Бегу А Волосы Назад
Заебись, внатуре класс.
Chris Ahn
"we dont throw gang signs in New York, we just be on some shit in New York" wtf happened
Jefry Arocha
NYC was scary
juan cruz torres
2018!! Old School never die
Tony Wantano
Оникс навсегда сука
Those are some pissed off dudes
Ramsey Thompson
george connor
Old school
Natalia Jackson
90s hip hop so wild
Blueprint 2001
Wilmar Acevedo
Excelente momento que Dios nos dio de verlos en mi pueblo pujante lleno de fe jejeje espero que vuelvan
90's music was better tho there are some good artist now days like lil boosie
Chief Rocka
Ja rule in the backgrounds it's Murda
Chief Rocka
Ja Rule In the background
Zdzisław Józek
wówczas gdy te czarnuchy jechały niepodrabialnym stylem którego będa sluchaly pokolenia, peja zaczynał nawijać swoim zjebanym drewnianym flow nie trzymając się bitu...
word up this shit was made the year i came to this world, damn, new york got the illest mc's !! <3 Respect from norway ! 
Ballos 3D
ваще угар
Natalia Jackson
I saw U all I Atlanta, GA, on our Senior trip year of 1998, from Shreveport, LA!!!
Joey Solano
222 dislike are yatchy fans
Shen Agüeybaná II
A 19 year old Ja Rule LOL.But they all from Jamaica Queens. Thats why he's in the video.
Cavallo Marallo
fredo star . . . do your gooogle !!! ;)
vitoria gabrielle
boom bap
Had to drop a like even if it's censored af vevo version
Наргиз Айдаровна
Sticky Fingaaaaazzz)))
and krumping was born lol
Esteban Altamirano
That dude behind at 3:19
Tony tone