How to use High Speed Sync (HSS) for shooting portraits outdoor

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- Your awesome outdoor portraits are living from the extra little pop that you give your subject by directing a touch of extra light to them. This is a great use case for the High Speed Sync (HSS) feature, which most current speedlights and cameras have. I use it all the time. In todays video I show you an edge case in which I actually did not plan on using high-speed sync, but then it turned out to be necessary and it really saved my day. Try it out with your own speedlight if it supports High Speed Sync. I wish you good light! Michael from /> PS: I wrote a whole article about this outdoor shooting in Good Light! Magazine Issue 05 (

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Don't use HSS when you are in direct sunlight.  The reason it works in this video is because they have overcast or heavy pollution acting as a "diffuser".  Even so, they still had to place the softbox a foot away from the models face.  In direct sunlight HSS can't compete with the powerful ambient light unless you stick the models head inside the softbox.  The old school ND filter method will work better for really sunny days.
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you are not showing how to use it, you are showing that you are using it, helloooo
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hi what is the SIZE of Softbox
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Hi threre!Great tutorial.just wondering what stand and softbox model are you using?thabk you
"...usually is not the brightest idea". I see what you did there! ;)
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Gosh, you're amazing. But as an amature what flash would you recomend for outdoor? I was looking at 430 canon
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I have this video among my favorites since quite a long time. I also use Phottix Miltros + flash. Could you tell me the reference of the stand and softbox you used to accommodate your Phottix speedlight? Thanks for sharing al those great videos.
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very siple and interesting
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How does a umbrella softbox with the flash mounted "backwards" compare to a regular where the flash comes in from the rear? Bought cases with speedlight.
blasted my mind. I going to start shooting in HSS
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Thank you for the unobtrusive and quick reminders to like your videos. I very often forget to give a thumbs up and the quick reminder helps. Can't thank you enough for all of your great videos. Very much looking forward to purchasing your new book, "Low-key Bodyscapes". I hope there's a lot of Coxy Dominica in there. Your videos of the photoshoots with her were amazing! It's my favorite kind of photography and you make it look so effortless and often with even just one light. You are a phenomenal photographer!
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i like how soft the shadows are. i need a softbox.
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what size softbox are you using in this video?
Hi, I really like your tutorials. I am interesting in an advice for what size softbox it is the best to use for a newborn photography (small studio 12x12). to have an effect of nice even soft light. I was looking for the one that you use it in your video 'phottix' but unfortunately they are not available in US
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You are great on 'American Dad'.
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do you recommend a manual flash with this softbox as we have to remove the diffuser sheet every time when we need to change settings ? or prefer to put flash on e.g, full power and keep adjusting light with camera aperture to get our desired results?
I was just about to ask if I could use an ND fader. If it only affects the viewfinder, then I'm buying that $60 flash.
Do you recommend any of the Yongnuo brands that have high speed sync capabilities?
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You talked through out man.
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What camera you have?
I live in Chicago. I was like "Why would this crazy guy put the softbox by the river!?" That thing wouldnt last 10 seconds in the Windy City :)
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I have a Nikon D610 (it says it does Auto FP at 1/250th) and a METZ 52 AF-1. Will I be able to go over 1/250th? It is something I don't have clear in my mind. Thank you!
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good shoot~ this is some question: when I  set the speed over 1/200s,the flash can't be synchronous. how can I shoot the pic with high speed sync? I really want to know about  the setting detail . Thank you `
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Тот случай,когда видео лучше фотографий.
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My Nikon d750 doesn't pick up light in slave mode with neweer 750ii. the picture is dark. What's wrong with that?
Arnaud Salembier
hi cousin ;o) ! thanks for the great video, helping us to understand flash photography. small question, i'm using a Sony A7 and interested into buying the inexpensive Yongnuo YN568ex II , particularly for the HSS possibilities. i'm already owning the YN-560iii and a Yongnuo trigger RF603 ii but they are not supporting HSS . So the thing is... i can find a HSS capable flash like the YN-568ex, but i'm struggling to find a HSS capable trigger that works on a Sony A7 camera. the RF-622 Trigger from yongnuo is HSS capable but is not compatible for HSS with the Sony ( i read somewhere the sync speed was limited to 1/250s for non Canon / nikon camera's). So do you know any brand of wireless trigger that support HSS for Sony Alpha camera's (the sony A7 in particular) ? Any advice would be much appreciated :) . thanks a lot in advance.
Tom de Jongh
I am very curious to what the flash contributed to the photo in comparison to how it would have looked without a flash. (I had a discussion on this subject, whether it would reduce softness of the 'natural light') Do you have a video that addresses this? edit: Never mind! A search on your channel using the keyword 'outdoor' helped!
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what's the size of the softbox, your results are so soft. almost like natural light. is it because as you mentioned, you just add a hint of the flash?
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very nice video
E.C. Speed
Thank you for this help. I'm using the Phottix Indra 500.
gracias por el excelente video. ¿que equipo me recomiendas para una A7II? He visto el Nissim Air y el Cactus V6, pero este ultimo no se si tiene HSS. gracias
very good, short and sweet, super informative, thanks! :)
Krassen DS
How High Speed Sync works is actually really simple. In normal mode, the flash triggers for a tiny fraction of a second when both of the curtains are out of the way, and that exposes the picture evenly. When the shutter speed is so high that the two curtains are both constantly partially hiding the sensor, HSS makes the flash emit light for the whole time of the exposure in order to create even lighting.
Chet Meyerson
This is a really great comment!" (paraphrased) "Adding a ton of additional light when you already have too much light is usually the  brightest idea"
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Use a mirrorless and u can use ND filter without lose of what u are seeing. And you don't need HSS flash.
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link to buy the radio control for the speedlight please!
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Great video.... Which speedlite you would you recommend 430exii or 600? Or u think 430exii light is enough ?
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pollution in China can create very even soft light, no need for extra lighting
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Terrible example of "HSS". Actually a totally useless video that has close to 400k views, spreading misinformation like a virus. Not overpowering sunlight at all here, which is the real challenge that must be accomplished. Overcast weather and working in alleyways in the shade... you are not approaching the crossover point where the flash cannot compete with ambient light.
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she is a cutie, great video explaining sync
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What is the model of the light stand? I use manfrotto mini compact but i find them very unreliable when there is even little wind. Thanks!
Good light !! :)
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Hi, thank you for the video. Good tips.
I prefer use e-ttl flash as manual in softbox only for HSS feature. I don't really like idea to use ND filters. Faster to adjust Tv parameters for me.
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 just wonder how to put the trigger and flash both on top of the camera to shoot weddings? Thank you for great videos!
Great vid! I like Cousin Lin as well. What I liked a lot also was seeing how you use your gear bag as the counter weight for the flash stand.
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I shall watch this on mute but good info thanks for the vid
Felix Fong
At 1:40, since your highest shutter speed of 1/640 used is less than 2 f-stops (from 1/200), the minimum ND filter needed is 2 f-stops, NOT 4 f-stops as indicated in your video. Having said that, a 4 f-stops ND filter is needed if it is a sunny day instead of an overcast day.
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Seanny D
For HSS, does the flash have to have HSS capability or do both the flash and triggers need to be capable? Currently have a YN560-II and YN560-IV and don't know if I should invest in a HSS flash or just the trigger?
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sorry i still don't understand how do you do HSS. do you use any extra equipment other than flash and trigger?
Nice video. On a more sunny day, you could also use a simple reflector instead of an HSS flash.
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Was the ambient light overwhelming your flash by the water/skyline so you had to move to the wall for HSS?
Shamim Al Mamun
You were using TTL or manual ? What was the speed light power?
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Please tell me where you got this softbox. Unable to find it anywhere and what kind of a stand goes with it. Great photographs! Thank you
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good job , want to ask you about something flash will not over come the sun in summer at noon ? i've canon 430exll it looks like gives nothing lol :D
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what flash do you used in this video?
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Hi, what remote trigger are you using in this video?
It's nice to have a pretty model to pose for you. This makes experimenting with different lighting techniques even better. I can say that I learned a little from this video. Thanks for posting and sharing these photography tips.
what bracket are you using for your speed light
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I used to use my portable flash (Handle mount) just enough to fill in the shadows & give the model some nice catch lights in her eyes :-)  But in the old film days 1/125 was the fastest unless I used my Hasellblad then I could use any shutter speed I wanted to due to my medium format having a leaf shutter :-)  
Such a good video.  Simple explanations without too much talking!  Good work
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if you don't have a HSS flash you could always turn down the power on the flash and keep the same shutter speed and aperture. 
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If you flash can't do HSS OOTB can a wireless trigger make it HSS?