How to use High Speed Sync (HSS) for shooting portraits outdoor

- Your awesome outdoor portraits are living from the extra little pop that you give your subject by directing a touch of extra light to them. This is a great use case for the High Speed Sync (HSS) feature, which most current speedlights and cameras have. I use it all the time. In todays video I show you an edge case in which I actually did not plan on using high-speed sync, but then it turned out to be necessary and it really saved my day. Try it out with your own speedlight if it supports High Speed Sync. I wish you good light! Michael from /> PS: I wrote a whole article about this outdoor shooting in Good Light! Magazine Issue 05 (

Alex Borghi
you are not showing how to use it, you are showing that you are using it, helloooo
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You are great on 'American Dad'.
"...usually is not the brightest idea". I see what you did there! ;)
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hi what is the SIZE of Softbox
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blasted my mind. I going to start shooting in HSS
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Nice simple explanation, and I like your accent!!!
Chet Meyerson
This is a really great comment!" (paraphrased) "Adding a ton of additional light when you already have too much light is usually the  brightest idea"
Leon King
Thank you for the information! Love your tutorials.
I have this video among my favorites since quite a long time. I also use Phottix Miltros + flash. Could you tell me the reference of the stand and softbox you used to accommodate your Phottix speedlight? Thanks for sharing al those great videos.
Vilma Salamanca
Gosh, you're amazing. But as an amature what flash would you recomend for outdoor? I was looking at 430 canon
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she is a cutie, great video explaining sync
E.C. Speed
Thank you for this help. I'm using the Phottix Indra 500.
jun val
Hi threre!Great tutorial.just wondering what stand and softbox model are you using?thabk you
Tom de Jongh
I am very curious to what the flash contributed to the photo in comparison to how it would have looked without a flash. (I had a discussion on this subject, whether it would reduce softness of the 'natural light') Do you have a video that addresses this? edit: Never mind! A search on your channel using the keyword 'outdoor' helped!
You can also achieve the same effect-using your normal sync shutter speed and a - ND1.2 - 4/f Stop Neutral Density Filter if you set your flash exposure to F/5.6 you would then set your aperture to F/1.4 when using a - 4/f Stop Neutral Density Filter. This gives you exactly the same exposure but significantly less depth of field.?
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a lot of cousins
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very nice video
Most of my American friends cannot speak as clearly & concisely as you do. I enjoyed this video very much. Very helpful.
Austin Reise
Thank you, Michael. IMO, this is the best vid on youtube on the use of HSS. I must have viewed this clip at least 10 over times and will still watch it again for inspiration. Great job that you have done! This vid just makes me want to shoot more photos.
Henrik Thuresson
How does a umbrella softbox with the flash mounted "backwards" compare to a regular where the flash comes in from the rear? Bought cases with speedlight.
Sudesh Singh
That is because in HSS flash fires multiple times during opeing/closing of curtains. This is because in high shutter speeds, lower shutter starts to close up before the upper curtain is fully open. A single flash exposure will leave black band at the bottom of your shot. Multiple firing at sub 200th shutter will blow out your shot.
Cousin Lin reminds me of My Izumi..:(
Clive Myburgh
Thanks for the response. What was tripping me up is that he was shooting above 250th of a second and yet his background wasn't a dark mess (as we know, a higher shutter speed cuts out more ambient light, darkening the background.) After some digging, I uncovered that HSS no longer acts like a flash. It fires a few repeated pulses, thus acting like continuous light, in which case the aperture-shutter-flash relationship changes again, allowing for a high shutter without blackening the background.
Which lens did you use on this shoot?
Tony Scuvotti
Beautiful shots. Very informative.
Du hast immer die schönsten Frauen in deinen Videos!
Pavithra Jovan De Mello
Awesome tutorial. Whats the softbox model by the way?
Clive Myburgh
Thanks for the great video! I'm a newbie at flash photography and have been desperately trying to figure out how to balance my flash with ambient light. I've learned that increasing your shutter speed cuts down your ambient light. How then, with such fast shutter speeds (thanks to HSS), are you able to get such a beautiful balance, i.e. where the background isn't a wash of black shadows? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
Love your model and all the beautiful videography. Definitely would be much more helpful if you could show how to use your camera setting instead of simply chatting up a storm. Disappointed.
Don't use HSS when you are in direct sunlight.  The reason it works in this video is because they have overcast or heavy pollution acting as a "diffuser".  Even so, they still had to place the softbox a foot away from the models face.  In direct sunlight HSS can't compete with the powerful ambient light unless you stick the models head inside the softbox.  The old school ND filter method will work better for really sunny days.
A rough description of HSS above 200-250 the first shutter curtain and the second shutter curtain start to go so fast that the slit between them is narrower than your image and the faster your setting the narrower this slit is as it progresses across your sensor. A standard flash setting would only fire one burst and only effect the area of the image that the slit happens to be exposing the rest would be dark. HSS does many bursts as the slit progresses across the sensor.
Adding alot of flash power to an already brightly lit scene is 'usually not the brightest idea' hahah nice one!
Michael's Photo Tips
It's a feature of the flash and it will work with any camera. Nikon calls it Auto FP HSS, and the Nikon SB-900 supports it. But your radio trigger needs to support it as well.
Serhan Altuğ
When i use a strobe, usually i shoot in M mode. I set my shutter speed to 250 and my aperture to 5,6. (This is not always same) I set my ISO to 100 or 200. Then i set my Speedlight to remote mode and from the camera i set my popup flash as a commander. Most of time i set my speedlight from my camera to 8, 16 or 32. Then i start to change my aperture and shutter speed. My shutter speed controls the background. My aperture is proportional with my flash power and both of them controls the subject
Serhan Altuğ
How can we shoot in HSS mode in Nikon SB-900. Is this a future of Speedlight or Camera or Both of them? Please give some tips to make this settings.
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Great video!
Why there's so much photographers in Hong Kong? LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! :D
Very humble is your voice as you explain everything. Good video and keep'em coming.
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Adding powerful flash to overpower too much light is not the 'brightest' idea... I see what you did there....
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Great job, and an easy to understand explanation! Thank You!
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you earned a like for your light puns!
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Stewart Prince
Hey, you mentioned that you wanted just a pop of fill light; what power setting did you use for the flash and how did you work this out?
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Michael what was the name of the song in this video, and where can i purchase it?
John J Coleman
Johnny what kind of Radio Control are you using on your camera.
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always amasing thanks :D
great work! thank you !!
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Noah Muntz
Rechargeable batteries are pretty much standard for anyone who works with speedlights a lot. Sanyo Eneloop are very popular and go for the high capacity ones (2000mAh), they cost a bit initially but they will last for 1000+ reuses.
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where I can get a softbox where I can get a softbox
i would shoot lower cos the building behind the model are nice
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what did you exactly explained to the people ? your title say's ' how ' to use. well , where is that part explained ?
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sir how can i make like if i dont have umbrella and flush like u..
Rachael N
I'm not able to do high flash sync with my d5100, unfortunately.
Hello again, will this work on nikon d300s camera? What about vivitar 285 flashes
even if you're using D5200, the high speed sync can still be done. this depends on your flash and your radio control, not the camera itself.
Patrick Planter Photography
hey cousin im here in jamaica really like ur works been watching all ur videos on lighting they are very helpful real talk.
-Luke Sky
I have the d5200 which is restricted to 1/200 when using a speed light :-( you can achieve similar results if your camera isn't capable of hight speed sync, I use a continuous quartz light for anything over 1/200 sec, great. Yet another great video,
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do u have a link
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or just use like 300mm to get small dof whitout large aperture?
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is your flash higher speed the one that allows your camera shutter speed go higher ???
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post link
AO&JO Photography
post link
very interesting, thank you !
Andrew Laverghetta
But the overexposure wasn't as much coming from the speedlite but from ambient light. The faster shutter speed decreases ambient light and allows the flash to do more of the work. Moving the light source farther away wouldn't do much in this case besides decrease the softness and make the flash work harder to cover the distance.
Ha! Never heard that one before. *rolls eyes*
Agreed, if the exposure from the flash is too much you don't raise the shutter speed as that is used to control ambient light. You should of brought the soft box further away from the subject or decreased the flash power.
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Canon camera => FAIL
There are so many radio triggers. But if you want reliability and specially long distance just do not look any further than the Pocketwizard. Yes, they are expensive abut trust me they are worth every penny. I have Flex TT5 and Flex Mini and I am very pleased with their results for over two years. There are newer and even better models from pocketwizard. Just go their web site. You will be glad that you bought them.
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Hey Cousin, It is vary rare that I actually comment on any videos. I want to thank you for everything! You have helped me learn so much, with new confidence to try new things. The way you teach is fantastic and you make it fun to learn. Everything you teach can be tried right away. You have made me a much better photographer. I did my first real shoot for a group at the weekend for their corporate profiles and used your techniques. They were all so happy with the images and this made me happy.
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Hey, seems you live in Shanghai - any plans on coming to Chongqing soon? Would be glad to have a little weekend-workshop here, and as people here say - not only the food in Chongqing is spicy ;)
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Very appealing light. Well done!
Nice work Michael! And the model is gorgeous!
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Another options aside from HSS or an ND filter would be to simply move the light source further from your model until the light was adequate for f2.8
Hi Michael,This softbox can shoot full-length portraits on location, isn't it ?
Kristie Nichols
What power do you set your flash?
Hello can anyone help, i want to learn about how to use flash, im a keen amateur with a d700. Ive got a really cheap metz flash but it really not up to much. Im looking for a new flash, what should i get and why? my short list is the sb600, sb700 or sb910 or a youngnuo. also are radio triggers the best for remote triggering or is flash trigger good enough? thanks!
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