Ted Nugent - Rockpalast 1976 Full Concert

My fav player of all time. DRUG and ALCOHOL free as you can see. Hes just got a huge wad of gum to finish chewing ;) Well it was the 70's wasn't it .. Enjoy from the ROCKPALAST 1976 ..Theodore... Rocking as always

Mr. Giraffe
Hey people. We all love Rock & Roll. Why post here arguments bout Ted's political opinions??? It's America! Free to say what he wants, as are you and I. Let's just rock out to Ted's music!!!! We're all here because we love his music, except for the trolls of course. Lol. Republicans, Democrats, Independents unite! If we agree on anything, it's great music. Much love, we're in this together.
Derek St Holmes, Rob Grange and Cliff Davies made this band what it was, not just Mr Nugent.
Geo B
"Got me an overdose of rock n roll!" Say what you will about Ted Nugent, his first 5 albums are pure unadulterated hard rock of the finest order!
_1)Stranglehold 00:00 - 09:24 _2) Just What The Dr. Ordered 09:25 - 13:42 _3) Stormtroopin' 13:54 - 18:42 (16:49 Cat Scratch Fever)(17:06 Dog Eat Dog) _4) The Great White Buffalo 19:00 - 26:56 _5) Snakeskin Cowboys 27:08 - 31:40 _6) Hey Baby 31:48 - 35:43 _7) Hibernation 36:59 - 48:48 _8) Motor City Madhouse 49:00
Stranglehold is an example of essential 70's music, like Hotel California & Stairway To Heaven. Ted was the biggest rock act in America in his prime and that's not bullshit.
Carl Pallini
It's amazing how so many rockers with major substance abuse issues are idolized and get the cover of Rolling Stone or are in the Rock n Roll hall of fame.But you get a guy like Ted who has well thought out views on politics,cool hobbies,can play guitar as well as ANY of them and the silly remarks about him.
Donald Miller
Derek wasn't too bad at the pipes either...
Warbird Nut
You have to admit that he is a master at controlling feedback. Hollow bodies will squeal worse then a stuck pig if you let them.
Jerry Brown
Derrick St. Holmes kicked some major ass with Uncle Ted. Ted should have made more albums with him.
Great show... unfortunately Ted's ego (as well as his insanity) killed the golden goose. Derrick St. Holmes has got to be one of Rock's most underrated singers of all time and the rhythm section of Davies and Grange made the first two Nugent solo efforts the best of his work.
Ted Nugent at Rockpalast September 8th 1976 , Cologne (Germany)  setlist : _1) Strangehold 00:00 - 09:24 _2) Just what the Dr ordered 09:25 - 13:42 _3) Stormtroopin 13:54 - 18:42 _4) The great white buffalo 19:00 - 26:56 _5) Snakeskin cowboys 27:08 - 31:40 _6) Hey baby 31:48 - 35:43 _7) Hibernation 36:59 - 48:48 _8) Motor city madhouse 49:00 - to the end ....
Joe M
When they were actually speaking to each other, Ted and Derek kind of had the same kind of connection that guys like Keith Richard and Mick Taylor, Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton or Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer had. More than the sum of their parts yet doomed not to last. Amazing live show. I first saw Ted with Derek in 1977 and then with Charlie Huhn in 1978. No comparison. I got to see them together again in the 90's and the magic was still there.
Emin Kurnaz
He plays guitar excellent like his guitar talks.I listen him since 70's.
16:49 - sounds like he already had the riff for Cat Scratch Fever. Wonder if he was already thinking of turning it into a song at that point.
toeknee da'man
The magic was gone after St Holmes left.
Anton Wieser
Some ass kickin' guitar playin' ... Ted is Great !!.
I saw him play this stuff opening for Aerosmith in Pittsburgh at the Stanley Theater. He was still doing the Amboy Dukes thing but introduced songs from this album and played most of it.
This is the real deal . Too bad hardly any new players are making this kind of music . I lived it for quite a few years and am very grateful but I'm guessing I'll never see this stuff make a comeback .
Davey R
The main vocalist sounds great, that's like my ideal tone and range.
Derek St.Holmes was the real unsung hero of that band. Chops as tasty as Ted's and a great voice.
Micheal Calthorpe
ted the legend
Nugent apparently didn't need drugs to twist his head
James Ebert
With Derick St Holmes, the band was great. after, not so much
Michael Perry
Love the Byrdlands with the Florentine cutaways, he's got a bunch of pretty ones but I still like the black one best.
This was when Nugent still tried and worked at being good. I saw him on this tour and he was good. I saw him a year later and by then his ego had just gotten so big he didn't even try to play well or interact with the band - he just came out and jumped around and acted crazy and his playing was way below what it was. He never redeemed himself in my mind. This is a reminder that he once was good back when he tried to be. When he focused on the music instead of his ego.
The NUGE & St. Holmes - Deadly Doctors Orderin' Up A Healthy Dose Of Surgical strength 6 String 70s Shred !
Psychedelic Lizard
I don't agree with the dude on everything (or really anything besides the guns) but he still knows how to make a hollow body sing.
You can see the dynamics of the band here. Ted and Derek created a competitive chemistry....Ted didn't want competition....thus he forced Derek out and hire a couple of lap dogs who did what they were told. Thus, no chemistry or creativity and thus the poor sales for Ted when Derek left.
Seen Ted the same Year as this Video in Offenbach, Germany, The Security at the Concert Venue was a German Motorcycle Gang called the Bones and over Half the People there were American Soldiers, A Riot about Broke out Between the American Soldiers and the Bones. Ted stopped playing in the Middle of a Song and Demanded the Bones Leave, And they Did ! Great Concert !!!
Derek St. Holmes giving Ted a run for his money at 21:25.. damn!
Michael G.
Seen them guys open for Bad Company in Tulsa about that time. No guitarist alive could make a stack of Marshalls explode and a Gibson sing like Ted could..........PERIOD! End of discussion!
Ahh Gibson Byrdland!!! Holy Grail!
Joe Bucci
Getting old sucks... but this stuff is good..
Jay Case
I been fortunate enough to see him play it 3 times. Them boys in Kalamazoo sure  did make a fine instrument  
Donald Miller
Dueling guitars at about 4:20 on  Derek could play alone. Never reached his potential. Still, THANKS Derek for rockin in the new world..
Just because he's an idiot politically - Don't try to tell yourself that he's a talantless hack and that you can't appreciate his music. You can acknowledge that he still make good music. There's no correlation between talent and political views. Lots of people you dislike are capable of creating good art.
Holy Shit ! Who let this out of it`s cage ?
David James
Derek St. Holmes....
fred garvin
He was at his peak here, with derek st holmes, right about the time I got into it, then he had a falling out with st holmes and he went solo and his music went down the tubes. oh he had a few songs here and there that were pretty good for sure, but it's really too bad they split. Now back together but they are quite old and it's not the same. I love st holmes singing!
Great White Buffalo riff is killer!
Michael Seymour
sometimes.. ted looks like a wood chuck
Tommy 1975
WOW! This was an amazing performance! I love the Ted Nugent band!
JM Taylor
Politics and egos aside he is a good musician !!!
Yes, I am a big Nugent fan, a fan of his music that is.   Can't stand his political views, especially when you consider that most rock and roll fans were definitely not living conservative lifestyles.   Can't deny his kick ass rock and roll!
one of the best concerts ever recorded by ANY BAND IN THEIR PRIME!!!!!! 21:00-24:20 36:00-49:00 MOFOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Morwen Blaisdale
An example of why I don't pay any attention to the politics of people whose music I love. 
Great White Buffalo, Hibernation...........NUFF SAID.
Harry Wever
thank you for this
Paul Magnuson
Ted stands for god and country . If you think that's wrong , then well.
Joe Schmoe
Nigel Bainbridge
Used to lay in bed listening to this shit ( nice way) in 1970 s no wonder my mother was always braying on the door.
Would I want to share a campfire, No, Would I like to talk to him bout anything except music, No,   Ted & Hendricks and Vahn , Are true God , No pedals, Guitar and feedback, And a shitload of TALANT 
Brian Coxx
Detroit is the place to be
mi channnal
Derek St. Holmes, if that isn't a porn name I don't know what is
Ted was the best live showman in the world at that point, and his band one of the best ever.  He always was missing a few screws, oh well.
Clark Magnuson
This is note for note the same arrangements as the double live album in the 70s, but a different recording. It is amazing he can move around and play that well.
shooter 2335
Seen Uncle t a few times in the 70s EPIC killed it
Great White Buffalo, Hibernation.......... NUFF SAID BEOTCH'S !! Uncle Ted rules.
Ziggyzag Zi
Beatlz Who Kinks stonez  Jimi JefB EricC Kiss Aero Ted Zep Sabbz Quen Skyn Deep VH Scorpz Priest RUSH Heart Fogs AC Kans Bost Nazz Joe Wals Grand F Frampt RamJ PFunk  Wild Ch Tul Zappa PinkF Montr  YES  Trower Heep BOC FrMarino Thin Liz GOD thank U for  my birthdate! 70's were the best!
It was heavier than this when you were there....if that's possible.  Thunder.
Of all the guitar players with all of the different makes and models of guitars, in all of the world, nothing sounds better to me that Ted with a Byrdland!  I love 'em all, Page, Eddie, Zack, the Skynyrd boys...you name it, but the primitive sound that Ted produces when he back up next to the speakers/amps beats them all. 
Pause this at 49:47 and see THE LOOK.
Joe Taylor
David Crosby wishes he could rock like this ......
Jack Clark
It's all good now Derek is back and great as ever . Check out the new Ted shows on here
ladies and gentlemen...ROCK AND ROLL. set your politics aside. this is how we rolled in 1977. no cellphones, no twitter, no facebook, no partisan horseshit...just kickass rock and roll shows with skynard, nugent, aerosmith, zep, allmans, he outlaws, the dead, the stones, zz top, clapton, robin trower, montrose, alvin lee...and a whole busload of other musicians. no drum tracks or voice overs. musicians. good times. glad i was there.
Joe Bucci
Ted is the best on the strings.....
Vinny Angell
a damn great band but then again a lot of them were back then weren't they?
That Gibson was born entwined with him was it not?  I remember we had one record store in Bakersfield CA that had his music.  And the store owner would actually drive back to the Midwest to get the albums for us.
Mark Hardeman
Teddy and Derek St. Holmes were like peanut butter and jelly back then.
Simone Laermann
Stranglehold und das lied für ´Mama´ sind aber auch die einzig guten stücke, und wie er jetzt drauf zu sein scheint, ist ekelhaft! BucketHead hat den arsch schon vor jahren in seine taschen gesteckt!!!!!!! SO! schade, denn hier! ist er so süß..-wie er imer sagt..Danke, danke....hehe....schade
Don walton
Wow! What a great video! We are lucky to have this performance. Not a lot of good footage to be found before this date.
Christian Brossard
I' like, I' Love this man...these music...these livfe...it's my live...
I saw them with Scorpions, AC/DC, Ted Nugent at Indianapolis, IN, Market Square Arena Aug 1 1979. But Market Square Arena is gone now. That place Rock it's ass off.
Nortyrascal 13
Ted Nugget - hmn sweet
James Butterson
I seen the Double live Gonzo tour twice :-)
Mr. Giraffe
That's Derek St. Holmes singing right?
Rick Trussell
Where's the heart icon for 'LOVE'?
i would chalk him up now as a top 20 or less of all time guitarist As far as calling him a bigot.. I'm certain he could care-less, I believe he has better shit to do.
Love that extended jam session in the middle of Stranglehold. Some very tasty guitar licks in there!
Steve White
David St Hubbins on vocals!
Captain Pie Fox
I'm lucky to have this guy as my grand-uncle! On my mother's side, actually.. Her father was closely related to ted. I have a few passed on Ted Nugent records.. And i wonder where i get my hyper side from!!
guitar time
Joey Moldano
Awesome 57 minutes long guitar solo.
David Farrell
Sergio Baldini
Double Live Gonzo è uno dei LP preferiti, amato e più usurato!! Si ho detto proprio LP!!
Per Frederiksen
Absolutely brilliant. I've seen Nugent live three times and hope to see him again here in Scandinavia. 
Edward Cross
Very raw. Very cool.
Gennaro Arpano
very special good..........hunter....justin b. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahh..
My god.. at 40.26 mins these guys must produce one of the most harmonically rich fat Rock band tones on the planet. Good on ya Ted..!
If only he loved his life as a instrumental, no words
Yeray Santana
..... ROCK'N'ROLL ..........XXL .... ( LIVE ) ........
Mad Ted is hard rock...love it.
I'm imagining what aliens on other planets must think of Ted. 
thomas danz
Awesome I've been into the Motor City mad man since I was 12 yrs. old I'm 53 now
Matt Syverson the Paperback Rocker
One of the best performances I've ever seen.
J Givenchy
Awesome performance
Peter Schmidt
at that good times i was about nine years old !!!!!!
Larry Sizemore
For _years_ I thought Ted sang this song.