Tape Face: ALL Performances on America's Got Talent 2016

This guy is funny... Although I wouldn't say the same for his Semi-Final.

1 million views! Thanks everyone for watching this! I'll make sure to post more videos like this after the finals of this year's season of AGT ends, that is, if the videos don't get copyright claimed. P.S. I have turned on Community Contributions on the video itself, so that you can now add in subtitles of different languages on the video to help our friends from other countries to be able to enjoy the video too. Please feel free to do so, and remember to have fun! :)
Lizard Paradise
Tape faces should replace clowns
Tapeface will steal ur girl without saying anything
Kimmi's Creative
I just realized that he’s a mime and I’m shook 😂
Bob Smith
This guy must have grown up watching Charlie Chaplin
“Lemme see, I wanna ask you a question this is-“ Tape face: *runs away*
Imagine a collab between this guy and FlexTape
Diego Villarroel
Legend has it he was born with that tape on his mouth.
I would watch a tv show with Tape Face. He’s just the silent funny character with a bunch of other people. At least I would watch it.
In ALL honesty, Tape Face is pretty cute!
Skits But Toys!
I still can't get over when tapeface is asked to take off the tape on his face and has a second layer.
Rob Mello
Not a fan of Mel's tude in the finals.
He really looks like penguin from Gotham
chillguy 1049
anyone from 2019
Sleeping Willows
Just imagine how painful it would be to keep on removing tape after a long time of performing-
Saisha Sigh-ee-shah
Imagine. A man with a taped face wins 1 million dollars... genius.
help me
He's the Kakashi of the modern world.
Sofia Unique
then there’s me over here trying to imagine what this dude looks like without the tape
Kelly pyle
This dude could just be a random dude that stumbled onto the set and no one would know because he never said his name or age.
Aryan Singh
Do you know the story behind the tape face, Actually he is sponsored by FLEX TAPE!
A glovely first performance. Okay that was bad, I’ll admitten.
yun yi
the first one is really brilliant and funny, but the rest.. are just ok
Alexa a.
18:54 Simon predicted it. Tape face now has his own show in Las Vegas
Heather watson
He is a comic genius so simple but so clever
Sony X
Who thinks tape face can act as the joker in a Batman movie?
He's a perfect example of a post modern clown ❤
Nathan Johnson
Jerry Lewis was notorious for being able to make classic films without saying a word. Just watch The Bell Boy, he used his facial expressions...and it was hilarious. It's an art that is lost in today's world. And this guy is good at it. He uses simple items and makes a comedy skit out of it. Much respect
Ricky 360
tape face and Mr bean would be BEST friends for life!
Tape Face is actually an inter-dimensional being
Tape Face is something I did not believe existed: a mime who is actually funny.
Cassandra Kaguitla
For some reason he reminds me of Edward scissorhands😶😂😄😆
Noa Erlanger
I wish I could like this a thousand times
He looks and sounds like he should be a Batman villain. Batman: "Alfred I just heard Tape Face escaped from Arkham and is in Gotham. Alfred: " I have prepared all necessary precautions for you Master Wayne"
oh yeah yeah
He probably uses... *FLEX TAPE*
Alex A.
"Older than 20?" :/ "Older than 30?" >.> "Older than 40?" O_O
Jair Artis
The manifestation of entertainment. He doesn’t do anything but be fun to watch
Justice No More
He has that Charlie Chaplin vibe really. I was wondering why i was laughing
I can't believe a New Zealander like myself got into the finals, I met him while he was busking in the streets about two years ago and he made me crack up laughing the whole time I was there.
Desmond Miles
The acts of tape face are so weird that somehow it feels like a good weird XD
He looks like he came straight from a Tim Burton movie. BEAUTIFUL.
Very Rare Eclipse
After a 4 months fight, i lost to YouTube... I watched this video
Mel looks so unimpressed on the last performance when she wears the toilet seat
never did see his stuff past the first two performances. those two were the best. still funny though.
The Joker Movie starring Tape Face
i hate that audience, all paid people to fake react and talk
Arianna Whitacre
Sam Wills (born 28 August 1978) is a New Zealand prop comic, busker, clown, and mime residing in Las Vegas. He performs under the name The Boy With Tape On His Face and, more recently, as Tape Face. He was also half of the two-person act Spitroast and sometimes performed under his own name, Sam Wills.
I love how tapeface can make brilliant ideas out of simple objects💕💕
Guy: I wanna ask you a question tape face Tape face: *runs away*
Rocky jet Daguyen
I love it when he literaly did nothin in his 3rd performance and he still rocks!
Srabanti Das
Imagine : how tape face is eating? 😁😁😁😁😁 Edit : Guys don't take it seriously, its just a joke
Any Army's here, remember singularity by Taehyung, the mannequin though
Glitter Sparkles 0219
Tapeface was best person on AGT and anyone else who thinks otherwise is dead to me.
Rachel Purity
Okay YouTube. I watched it. Can you please now stop recommending it.
This dude is brilliant, Simon said it perfectly
Legends say he still has that same tape on his face
Mel B is always a bad sport 😐. Just have fun! Tape Face is awesome!
Anyone 2019 please like 🙏 👇
Crystal Rusmisel
What would u do with a million$'s? He literally would buy more tape was his response in not so many words lol
Harsheet Mahapatra
There I saw it YouTube now are u happy
Kaylynn Nicole
7:02 when you miss school and find out there was tea goin down and you missed it, *AND NO ONE GOT IT ON VIDEO!!!!*
Ãhmàđ Ńahàş
If I was sitting there and Mel threw that on me I'd make a huge problem
when he took the tape off it reminded me of kakashi
usman khalid
Tape face is the one who went to finals without saying any single word
Savana Mendez
He winked at Howie, in the last part. Omfg I'm dying
King of Coolness
When Simon finally gets a drink thrown at him, I'm rooting for Mel. Simon deserves to get drinks thrown at him.
XxCelestexX Gaming
Annie Leonhart
The part at the beginning where he puts the tape over the guys mouth and walks away was hilarious 😂😂😂
the dark side
WHERE DİD YOU GO TAPE FACE????!!!!!!¿¿¿¿¿¿ (~•`∆•`)~
him humiliating mel is hilarious
Jan Cantuba
yo im dying at the map hitting his face
Gacha NatYT
When tape Face did the streamers Janitor: Aww Cmon!
Siri Puppypaw
If Tape Face was a YouTuber.. ppl would ask for a *mouth* reveal, not a face reveal 😅
_Bob McCoy
Imagine Tape Face yanking his tape off
Tianshi Xie
What's the name of the music at the beginning, when Tapeface was interviewed?
19:40 - the story begins 25:28 - The story continues 30:37 - the story ends
I can watch this guy the whole day....without getting bored..
All Things Talent Global
He is DOPE!! Love his Performance!!
Gatcha Carl
Howie: you've been potty trained
Guillermo Roa
How come no one has mentioned his clear Buster Keaton type of humor, physicality and slapstick? Great homage!
The Greek Pianist
I love how mysterious he is. His style reminds me of Tim Burton
Haylah Zero
lol I can't stop laughing at the balloon fight when tape face still kept shooting his staple gun at the guy lol
Marcelo Xavier
The interview was the best part!
Tyler Nielsen
I just watched this entire video, and I still have no idea what the heck this guy is doing
He's like the Joker's lost son
I feel like tape face looks better with the tape and the uhhh stuff on his eyes. Idk what it's called...😑
Anneka Vander Velde
He looks like a Tim Burton character I love it
Speed Drawing
See? Tape Face is looking out for the poor janitors.
"Mouthface" Yeah all of us are definitely mouthfaces.
King of Coolness
The face with the envelope was absolutely genius!
Tracy S
Drama teachers will be using this guy's videos in their classes for many years to come.
Sparkling Trash
I love the fact that the judges have no idea what he is doing, and he doesn’t look like he either Edit: Holy thanks for 501 likes (I obviously like my own comment)
Icy Ice
Sometimes creativity is enough 😊
Wild Wolf
Hes really hes a funny Mr. Bean 🤣😂😉🤗
25:07 ‘Dear god help me now what am I doing with my life’ Face
First their was Harold Lloyd, then Charlie Chaplin and Harpo Marx, then Marcelle Marso (sp?), then Mr. Bean, and now Tape Face.
This is one of those acts that has everyone screaming "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!?!"
Jesseyna Chambers
I vote for tape face
Arianna Whitacre
Sam Wills (born 28 August 1978) is a New Zealand prop comic, busker, clown, and mime residing in Las Vegas. He performs under the name The Boy With Tape On His Face and, more recently, as Tape Face. He was also half of the two-person act Spitroast and sometimes performed under his own name, Sam Wills.
RezoGaming [GD]
Im imagining how he sips a 50 cups of coffe everynight why?? Look at his drug eyes by the way funny nice super hilarious performamce
Madalynn Harris