Dubstep Mix 2011 Vol.1 (1 Hour Long)

Aydin presents an hour mix of the finest, unheard dubstep around! Hit 720p, turn up the volume and enjoy the mix. Download link: />Tracklists: /> Tracklist and artist info: 1. Brja Can - I have a cookie 0:00 - 1:58 2. Aydin- Rise like lions 1:58 - 4:20 3. Brja - Cream Cheese Sandwich 4:20 - 7:02 4. Raikoh (From group Spinecones) - A rab hit 7:02 - 8:34 5. xKore - Domination 8:34 - 10:24 6. xKore - Evil As 10:24 - 14:04 7. Jazzman - Reflections 14:04 - 18:12 8. Aydin - Silent Hill (Dubstep Remix) 18:17 - 20:43 9. DjFiend0 - Who I am 20:43 - 23:03 10. DjFiend0 - Good Day Sir 23:03 - 24:36 11. Aydin - Fatality (WIP) 24:36 - 25:58 12. Logical Defiance - Chump Stuff 26:00 - 28:00 13. Logical Defiance - Not to be 28:00 - 30:15 14. Jazzman - Iron God (Sakupen - -Hell Yes- Drumstep Remix) 30:15 - 33:46 15. xKore - Syntax 33:46 - 36:55 16. Brja - The room (Dubstep Remix) 36:55 - 39:55 17. Aydin - The Peckham Terminator 39:55 - 42:12 18. Morphone - Tribas Objection 42:12 - 45:41 19. Logical Defiance - Carol of the wubs 45:41 - 47:25 20. Cameron Graybill - Desires 47:25 - 50:10 21. Noduz - Trinity 50:10 - 52:34 22. Cameron Graybill - Purgatory 52:34 - 56:36 23. Darthduba - Into Deep Blue 56:38 - 59:55 Aydin - />Brja - />CameronGraybill - />Darthduba - />DjFiend0 - />Jazzman - />LogicalDefiance - />Morphone - />Noduz - />Spinecones - />xKore - /> p.s. anyone got a spare dota 2 beta key?

2011 is my all time fav year of dubstep
Michael Con
lms if u be lisnin in 2018
Ahhh.... I really miss the old good dubstep.
Every year had a different style. 2011 is by far my favorite <3
Oh, the very first Dubstep mix I've ever heard. Still listening to it in 2015.
A lot different than nowadays, I miss that
Ben Jerji
Listened to this non-stop 4 years ago, glad to hear it again.
You owe me 3 seconds of dubstep.
ahhh when dub was dope!
Real Pozr
2017 and dubstep still has not returned to it's former glory.
I’m Sleep
playing MW3 and listening to this. lol
Emilijus Ismailovas
back in 2011 i remember lisiting to this, feels good to remember this mix now 
Pimple Covered
still listening to this after 4 years mate
OH the nostalgia! Gotta love the old stuff. Gets me through everything in life! \[^ω^]/
Rosa Davidson
2014 and i am listening to this ! :)
Problaly the best dubstep mix on YouTube
Al Kaholic
Back when dubstep still existed!!!
Franklin Ashe
Happy late 6th birthday, mix. <3
00:20 (stoner)hey dude can I have a cookie? :P (psychopath) sure you can HAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAAAA (stoner) hehehe (psychopath) HAHAHA *boom* HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
cathrine cheese
40.00 <3
I was learning photoshop for the first time while listening to this in 2011 <3
Nice Work!!!
i love the old deep drops...
Joe Turner
Great mix man been listening to this mix as long as you've had it keep it up would love a volume 2 :)
Still listening to it since day 1
Isaiah Struck
Starting 2018 off right! I remember this 7 years ago!
still listening
Evan Manning
@funkafong who says heaven and hell are above and below?
Lil Bruv007
The good times listening to this best song (≧∇≦)/
so many gun shots at start!
in nomine patris
THROWBACK!!! <3333
Tha Mothafuckin OG Kryptos
My headphones are having tremors.
Phil Roy
anyone remember a hour long mix that started with Cockney Thug... can't find it ANYWHERE
Rafael Productionz
Thats why Cream cheese sandwich starts on 420 :$
Cristina De La Cruz
I tried your download link and it didn't let me, any other way I cab download this mix?
Reno Jackson
Cuando tenía 10 años la empecé a escuchar y todavía me gusta
domanic wiesner
Dominik Ros
Good dupsteb:-) Haha dupsteb
best dubstep mix ive heard out there
nat nieuw
best dupstep mix ever good job men go on love it
Ria Lynn Buechler
old but gold
patryk podsiadły
Dubstep Mix 2011 Vol.1 (1 Hour Long)
Ben Baker
STILL IN 2017. Big up the early 2010's Dubstep.
Man, this sure does bring back memories. I love it so much!
still listening for about 7 years noww ahh where the time goo??
Chantel Chavez
Yoo I remember listening to this back in the dayyyyyyy. With my big brother ahah. Since it first came out when I was like 11, still my favorite tbh ha.
2011 Had the best shit!
лололошка фримен
все круто:)!!
Gabriel Davis
Beginning part Guy: can I have a cookie Me: why sure u CANT BECUZ I HATE YOU U...
Luc André
best mix ever
REALAX! shut up nigga relax.....
First song is crazy ! Yea :)
Doge like dubstep :O
WTF ?? Jaffacakes ?!?!??! ^^
gucci flip flops
youre an inanimate fucking object!
Shazia Atif
Shazia Atif
Josh Switzer
Can I haz a cookie too? :D
Shut up andf relax! PEACE!
I Want A Cookie Now..... D:
Zombe_ Flame
Musty Cokies!!!!!!
Playing this while playing Cookie Clicker. The first song gets me wanting to play more.
Στέλιος Χασ
I put this song in full sound and i leave from the house when i try to punish my roommate for putting loud music.
Win Entity
I swear this sample at 9:28 is used once every five dubstep songs from this era. Could someone please tell me where I can get information on it?
Creamcheese sandwiches XD
ruzsovics filip
I 3 dubstebb :D
smoking & gaming
Susan Donoghue
0:00 - 59:79
Matias Toranza
0:00 - 59:79 <3
nanana fry grass cookie is da best
used to listen to this back in 2011 playing R.S good times <3
M Almazrou3i
you owe me 3 seconds of Dubstep
Anthony Fiorello
i like the room song 36:55-39:55
It gets the people moving, it's provocative
Anthony Fiorello
lyrics are awesome but scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great song good dubstep :0
Teriyaki Sauce
wrong vid lol
Jose Alvarez
i never get tired of this dubstep sh*@ 
Teriyaki Sauce
eletronic music omg please dont let dubstep die ppl are calling this dubstep i guess 2013 is a gay year
Jesse Vincur
*click click* BANG!!
Pablo Marquez-Cuevas
alright! thats what i call dubstep.
Lucilo Florentino
They the bomb
Anyone 2k17?
Michael Herr
preety good
Anya Qureshi
you owe me 3 seconds of dubstep.
Cor Pompstra
cerys urquhart
You must be fun at parties.
One of the first mixes I heard. Damn I feel old!
Ben Abramsohn
Ask that about the second one too.
I remember playing the Minecraft beta with this mix on in the background 2 years ago solidly..
Nope. Go somewhere, please. :D
nando Pluister
4:30 creepy
This was stolen
Sam Rosenau
Cream cheese...
Paul Dee
Green cheese sandwiches :D
Ponda Music
Check this Brutal Dubstep Mix 2013 /watch?v=KmQDY89fvXo
seth redington
37:00 you're tearing me apart lisa!!!!
Mason Taylor's16
Aleksandar Kostov
First Music Dj bra Can i have a Cockie <3