The Master Goldsmith

Russ Hollander is an International award winning designer and 37 year veteran of the jewelry industry. Filmmaker and video producer Jimmy ienner, Jr. gives you rare behind the scenes tour of our jewelry gallery. studio workshop and factory in downtown Stamford, CT. Witness the process, skill level and passion that goes into each of Russ' handmade pieces, Original & Always Handmade is what sets Russ Hollander apart from your average jeweler and makes him The Master Goldsmith. "LIKE" THE MASTER GOLDSMITH on FACEBOOK TO SEE MORE!

Although I truly appreciate you taking the time to thoughtfully examine the video, I'm sorry ElectricalNoises, I have to disagree with your assertion that an operator controlled lathe or milling machine "basically makes the ring for you" - I'm afraid you couldn't be further from the reality of operating these cutting machines directly in the metal product you're fabricating. A multi axis CNC with tool path (computer driven) would follow a pattern, but that's not at all the case in this direct turning operation. Try to think of these machines as a very powerful hand piece in the hands of a highly skilled operator. I was a wax carving model-maker for many years and was an early adaptor to CAD & I can tell you first hand there's no comparison to the level of accuracy or the quality of result from working directly in metal - NO CASTING will ever approach the level of quality fabrication yields regardless of the skills or experience of the goldsmith preforming the benchwork... All that long winded response aside EN, I absolutely welcome you observations and would love to continue this discussion if you have the inclination! Please feel free to contact us - it would be my pleasure to get to know you...
Jaco Jordaan
Well done on the production and content. I completely agree with your philosophy. Well put.
David Lane
YES! I'm a new goldsmith, (been doing it for 18 months) and I absolutely identify with his feelings towards this craft. I'd love to work with this man.
Silvija Savels
Thank you Russ for putting into words the all encompassing love of the craft - the best 20 years of my  life were spent totally immersed in creating at my bench in just such a way as you described - totally oblivious to time and anything around me - it was a pure and intense focus and used up all my patience........
Mark Rivers
Russ I have been fabricating for 40 years. I feel exactly as you do about our craft.
محمد أبو عون
جميل ولكن التصوير لماذا ابيض واسود
AK Daddio
I've been a jeweler for 41 years, and I love your words. All pieces I make are "hand made"
THANK YOU Anders for such a thought provoking and insightful question! I can’t speak to Rod’s assertion that “people that call themselves Masters on YouTube do it to deceive. They give the title to themselves.” That has not been my experience, but I can tell you in my case, I was bestowed the title of Master Goldsmith by my fellow goldsmiths, managers, regional managers and executives at what was at the time one of the oldest, continuously operating Guild jewelers, Black Starr & Frost during my twelve year relationship with their fine organization, while I produced handmade (fabricated) platinum & diamond products for their 19 North American stores and developed a national standard of excellence across 5 time zones on their behalf – a standard of perfection every client could rely upon regardless of which of their locations they would be fortunate to patronize.I imagine we all hold ourselves to differing expectations, but unlike Rod's observation, the Masters craft I have seen in YouTube channels, I have seen some exemplary craft for which most practitioners should be proud and from which even after 40+ years in this trade I find easily admirable…That being said, my personal definition of Master is one in which a seasoned crafts person has archived consistent flawless technical ability in every jewelry discipline inclusive of metalwork, stone setting, engraving and of course design and has put a unique creative voice to their art, well beyond a technicians proficiency, but has created a fresh and innovative approach and developed artistic content that would not have otherwise existed without their unique contribution to our craft.Perhaps that’s the elusive element to mastery of the written word, musicality or in this discussion, mastering the goldsmith’s art. A master simply in my mind doesn’t perfectly reproduce another’s fine work, such as a concert pianist that replays Mozart’s great works, but in fact pushes the envelope, creates new content and in the process contributes in some meaningful way to the continuation of the growth of their craft for future generations. It is with this eye to future generations that adds another VERY important component to my personal definition of mastery, and that is both the ability and inclination to mentor and instruct. To take the time out of our already hectic schedules to engage in these thoughtful discussions of our life's work and hopefully inspire another generation to push the craft we love to a place even us grey haired geezers have failed to imagine… THANK YOU Anders for such a thought provoking and insightful question!Sincerely, Russ Hollander: Master GoldsmithAnders, PLEASE feel free to share your work with us - I would love to see what you're working on...
Bit of a double standard turing your nose up at a CAD designed element then turning around to a milling machine that basically makes the ring for you. 
I hope to get into goldsmithing someday with the hopes of making bigger things as I really love things like crowns ect.
Jose Torres
I'm ready!
Anders Krogh
What is the criteria for getting called a master ? I see a lot of people on YouTube using the title and was wondering.