8 Joker Theories That Are Too Dark For The Big Screen

8 Joker Theories That Are Too Dark For The Big Screen! Subscribe to our channel: We all love the Joker, who is considered by many to be the greatest fictional villain of all time. He’s unpredictable, charismatic and ruthless in his conquest. But despite being so popular, we don’t know that much about him. This is thanks largely to an unknown backstory, which has allowed interest theorists to go crazy and conjure up the best backstories, origins and explanations for the Joker. For one, there could actually be three versions of the Joker, thanks to Flashpoint and thus that could make him a deity. Another is that the Joker is in fact Jason Todd in the DCEU. We know the director said otherwise, but who listens to directors before the launch of a film? It’s possible that the Joker is in fact the long lost brother of Bruce Wayne, which explains their bond. A more grounded and sad back story was that the Joker was a soldier who came back with a scary case of PTSD, a reason for his proficiency with firearms and explosives. He was theorized to be a virus, capable of passing the Joker persona onto the next victim, hence the changes in appearance over the years, and was also thought to be a member of Fight Club and Project Mayhem. His superpower is thought to be super sanity while another suggests that he was in fact the hero of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight film. We never saw the official outcome in Killing Joke, although it was heavily implied, it’s possible he finally got Batman to break his one rule. Our Social Media: /> /> /> Our Website

Shaggy Rogers
The last digit is the joker you are 1. Heath Ledger 2. Ceaser Romero 3. Jack Nicholson 4. Mark Hamill 5. Jared Leto 6. Arkham Origins Joker 7. Jerome (Gotham) 8. Lego Joker 9. Young justice Joker 0. Batman
Mark Williams
Robin becoming the Joker would be an awesome storyline.
The Tired Artist
Let’s admit it.....Heath was the best Joker
Bigby Wolfe 777
It isn't crowned prince of crime lol it's clown prince of crime
For the joker being the hero theory, I wouldn't call batman the villian it would just mean Joker is a better hero.
Sarah W. Fox
I honestly think that DC seems to want fans to keep guessing about the Joker, and the mystery makes people talk more about him. He constantly changes in the comics, animation and live action tv and movies... so any of all of these theories and more can apply to him.
Hubert's Horrible Horror Show
Not many of these are all that dark.
WB Sims
It's been a year. And I still see it mentioned. Y'all didn't like Jareds joker. Point taken. 😂😂😂😂
Kay Styles
According to the comics, there are three Jokers and the main one is immortal, he’s been around in Gotham for centuries.
Anna Everett
They already confirmed that the suicide squad joker isn't jason
Nothings too dark for the joker
Brandon Torres
Controlling crime through violence....who else do we know does that....? Here’s a clue: Suicide squad’s joker
Naughty Avocado
With joker being in the army it also makes sense because he knows how to use all sort of weapons like a rocket launcher.
Amar K
the role of batman and joker from dark knight wasn’t the usual hero and villain but they each reprsented order and chaos.
_ ethanol _
These arent dark at all
Young Tabasco
If Letos Joker is Jason Todd then DC would get a better % on rotten tomatoes
Angela Adams
Sooooo....the joker shares powers with Loki? That's some hot and scary shiz lol
Thegreenarrow39 CW
lettos joker isint robin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
J. Menez
Joker fan's 👍
richkidlife 22
If joker was in the army shouldn't he be a good fighter
Ciara Burkhart
I thought him infecting other with his mind was GREAT!
Mark hamill is the best and has the most iconic voice and laugh
LJ Rodgers
You forgot the time traveling Bruce Wayne theory. He returns to crime ally and is forced to become Joe Chill and kill his parents. This drives him insane and he becomes the Joker.
Mishti Kundu
ok my favourite one is Jared's joker. To be very honest. <3 Hot, cruel and yet passionate is a deadly combination. XD
tricky_97 _
I think we got our answer about the killing joke with the bat man who laughs
Perseus Kane
clown* prince of crime
Saints row and mass effect 4 life
Some of these are genius and awesome some are ridiculous and awful
What of these theories are dark?! Cheeses and biscuits! None of these are dark.
People seem to forget how extreme Batman use to take things
Steven Endersby
I like the joker is a magic curse of madness and violence set lose on Gotham City....and tharefore is an imotarl force.
Loki Laufeyson
Heath Ledger’s Joker is the best😍💜
C Hbreon
All of them twisted
This Lemon Is Spicy
Theory- people who find dark theories have a darker mind WOAH MIND BLOWN jk it's fine
Lookido Calèl
Seriously Screen Rant, check your facts.. it literally says at 3:15 that Harley assisted the Joker in whatever he did to Robin and since Joker created Harley, he must have been around before the Robin incident.
If the Joker is immortal, he could have been ruined by the CIA in the MK-ULTRA experiments in the 50s.. He might not even remember it.
what if the joker is actually batman that went insane because he killed someone
Trash Can
I was the 69th like 😂
Alana Moreland
Omg.... Has no one realized yet that the Joker is really Loki in semihuman form during one of his many exiles from Asgard???? Really?!?!?!
Lorraine Shiroma
theres actually a universe where Bruce died and his parents lived then the father became batman and the mother became the joker
All of these are wrong. The Joker is a warlord who nearly changed the history of Japan.
West Coast
The joker is Harley Quinn plot twist
Urvil Shah
I'm in love with Mr j from suicide squad..😍 But I admitt that heath ledger was better.. Happy brthday to the late legend 😭
The one with Jason Todd was already debunked
Orca WhaleZ
"Joker is the God of laughter." Me: "Loki, is that you?"
You know, I'd think the most likely one (via canon), would have to be the super-sanity theory. Just look at Joker's Asylum Volumes 1 and 2 for a bit more proof of this.
Viserys Mikalson
The immortal thing sounds cool & realistic cause how did the jocker survive the chopper crash
Edie Fernandez
1:26 #jimGordondeservedbetter
Where's the emoji quiz? Also 10th
Joker hated the mob because they killed his family.
saad khan
Clown Prince of Crime Screen Rant NOT CROWN Prince Of Crime Get Professional (Jk)
The Joker is Jason Todd theory is THE MOST ELEGANT way to get rid of Leto
Michelle Lynn
The Joker is actually deadpool with a split personality. Jk 😜
Jacob Benns
Why so Serious....
DC should hiire people behind dark night returns the animated 2 part seires if they want to save their univerise DC animated = awesome DC movies = Avg/not so good
Vanessa Nissan
is anybody obsessed with the joker???
Bongrips& Dabs
I think it would be best if he was ex-military and PTSD made him go batshit crazy
Axel Rodriguez Armas
Female captan América Addison rodgers lost Jason todd robin at asgard fighting thor's brother loki
Hello Screen, 700 views I'm early
Dino Monzon
I always consider Alan Moore's Joker origin in Batman: The Killing Joke graphic novel as his actual origin.
I love jerome from Gotham because he has such a big creepy smile that reminds me of IT
First Last
How about: 8 Joker Theories That Are Too Dark For YOUTUBE! 1) In order to play the Joker, the actor had to um, 'service' Harvey Weinstein.
יואב פרידמן-מרין
8:04 This one also has "The Batman Who Laughs" as evidence 9:29 Ahm ahm The Batman Who Laughs
Gummy Agustd
*THE CROWNED PRINCE OF CRIME* Actually it's The Clown Prince of Crime
john green
What if the joker wasn't a person................but a virus.
Had thought about that.. but it's more like demonic possession
Naomi Fisher
I wish I could play The Jokers Sister in a movie revealing our true origin.
Jr Ray
I agree the Joker is the man... always wondered if they would use his Cyrus origin or another... I love the Jared Letto version.. the way he snarled when Harley was sitting on the gang members lap among many other mannerisms was exactly how I'd want Joker to be... Unpredictable!!! Maybe it's just me...
jelly bean
It's already been proven he's super sane and that he acknowledges he's in a comic book that's why he does whatever he wants cause it doesn't truly matter. Example one time Batman left for a few years and then joker stopped for a moment and was like wait if I was in a comic then why would they kill off the main character, so he decided to live a normal life for awhile, had a wife and a child. Then one day batman showed back up and joker then killed his wife and child and went back to creating chaos.
Maximilian Rabbitt-Tomita
Sr: says killing joke Me: finally Sr: does not talk about jokers backstory in the comic
Him: “endgame” Me: endgame.... why does that.... ENDGAME
Style combination
Super list but it's been confirmed that joker is not Jason aTod.
Stephany Eisenhardt
*HE WAS A SOLDIER* so dark
Tom and Jerry, I don't even laugh... Lol
Bryn Grabowski
Just ignore all the comic book stuff. Kewl
I think the infect thing is true. Because he infected Harley Quinn.
Cheshire Angel
Screen rant : who do you think was the best joker? Me: why of course all of them !!!!!?
jika ry
Maybe Joaquin Phoenix's Joker had kidnapped Leto's Joker who is Robin and beat him until he losed his sanity till one day,he becomed the Joker 👇
D Hawthorne
He is the CLOWN prince of crime!
Trixie the pixie
it wouldn't be possible for Jason Todd to be the joker, the joker was around before Jason Todd became robin
David Flethcer
What if there was an older joker more like the one from the comics, and he tortured Jason Todd until he turned HIM into a joker?
Aguy Bear&horse
yeah maybe that's why Jared Leos joker is terrible, cause robin make a really bad joker, Heath Ledger is still the best LIVE action Joker, but my favorite will always be Mark Hamill's Joker, I never liked clowns but at leaST you know what you're gettin with Mr. J
sumper man
Joker was a mob boss.
000 000
INJUSTICE is the Darkest Joker ever. He used a nuke synced to Lois Lane heart rate while drugging Superman with "kryptonite" infused 'fear toxin' to make him kill his wife n unborn daughter while at the same time annihilating all of metropolis. n he enjoyed every second of it up to when his brains were laser cooked. That is one cold S.O.B.
DarK JoKer
We not created from clay. We created from darkness.
Demon Slash
His real name is jack nieper
No I Joker is no dam robin
You where close but I believe that The Bat Man and The Joker are one in the same. That is why he never get cought and can always escape
K!NG Playz
There iz no Batman When Theres No Joker
Salim Saad
Watch gotham series You will understand alot of thing
Boyd Toyd
I think he is related to LOKI THE GOD OF MISCHIEF
Goober Stein
The Soldier Theory was pretty damn convincing
Iced Eclipse
_Nothings to dark for the big screen_
Bipin Sharma
Its harley would had killed robin ...its in suicide squad
An immortal Joker would be great. Mr. J is a demonic clown from Hell's fire. That would be an awesome twisted theory.
Joker is an ANTI-HERO like Deadpool, he kills villains, so like he is a villain that kills villain. I think Joker is trying to be the best villain though. (Take a shot everytime i say Villain.)
Noah Evans
I like the soldier theory, however I think he might have also been an army interrogater, as he seems to know just how to get into people’s heads, and what makes them tick. For example, he mocks Gambol’s manliness, which pisses him off. He also tells Batman not to start with the head becAuse the victim feels fuzzy. In this way, they have a weird student-teacher relationship. This whole theory is talking about The Dark Knight, if you could not tell
Heath Ledger was the best Joker ever!
Vampire Girl
That's why i love Joker since the first time i saw him and i was 4 years old when i saw him!
AJ Jade