2Pac ft. Sierra Deaton - Little Do You Know (Lyric Video) (NodaMixMusic Mashup)

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Steven Hodges
2Pac still putting out the hits years after his death ;)
Lafo Jennings
R.I.P 2pac Shakur Your music still live 🎵
Can not stop replaying too good to hear :)
Ellie Benedict
I'm confused...so is 2pac dead or alive.. or did science find away to bring someone back from the dead??
Wow, such an underrated song. Thumbs up.
Emily Wright
I LOVE this mix ❤️❤️
Amin Limbu
Amy Ward
Love this song👌
k niya
I don't know y. I feel happy listening to this song. Little do I know why I am happy about this song when I am going to sleep listening to this song.
Natascha Nata
OMG I love it so much, its so beautyful❤❤
fluffy_bunny_777 fluffy_bunny_777
bruh how does this have only 7 comments. lol great remix 😊😅
r u on spotify?
أيوب خاوي الجيوب
Best song
Greatest Of All Time...
No S0ul
Here before 1 million !! 🔥🔥
pui puia
Unbelievable why only 19 comments .....it very good song
Armand Abella
The hell maaaan! This is awesome!!!!
MissKell Bell
Like Alladin's *wish* not twitch. Just saying... lol. Great song! :)
tAmEz ZoDiAc
What is the original song
Anugrah Wijaya
This is just so good...
Sick music, sick channel name. 👍
Anonymous Pug
I like that there is actually correct grammar and punctuation, because a lot of lyric videos have really bad spelling. -_-
Wendy Curtis
Love this song...
Nao Charlotte
so much for little :)
Natascha Nata
I love it so much ❤❤❤❤
Manszur al-Harbi
Thanks. Im depressed I cry every day But this song help my breaking heart 😔❤
well welll
Nice mashup my favourite mashup!keep the good work
Jacob Malsawmkima
A little tear just fall down from my left eye. Thank you Nodaedition for making such a song like this.
Adriana Adnan
WoaHHH this is epiC eareffinggasmMM
Shut UP
Nice songgg
Hamanpreet Singh
nice song
Like Me
It's alright, 2 pacs lyrics don't really blend in.
Malsawm Bawiha
2pac shauk 1 raper
Saavxoge Seini
pragya shilal
little do you knnowI,*2pac*,we lov u till the sun dies...🎵lots of lov from India* legend*
Legend 👊
2Pac is the Best, I like the song
DragoNate L
Chance Ryan's
Still dropping hits over a decade later (:
Gamer DZ
FEELings :(
Alex Moeijes
@trip trap spotify ?
ruby simple
Gamer DZ
:'( 2Pac Still Best <3
Rudolf Carmona
Wow music I grew up 2 poc speaks truth are lives symaler
Ismael Teto
dragon stars
It says mashup so it mean that they just put his voice and make him say those lyrics
Courtney Perry
maya tekeba
Little do you know 😍 I love you till the sun die
Gregory Megatron
Sex lyrics to a sad song lol
Alex Moeijes
Love this song😍❤
jenn cross
Get this on spotify!
super sic
Amine Amine
you still the best 2Pac
Ximena herrera
Jacob Duffy
this song dead ass is amazing asf and it should be way more listened to than it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
عبدالكريم اكرم
I would die for tupac 😍😍😍😍
kevinho cento
Immortel 2pac ❤🙏
Hmepok Hmepok
tell me how you want it? . 1:1:2k18......1:4am im the first to write IST
Wiz Khalifa
Love this song☺☺
Lyrics are wrong... goddamnit... nobody foolproofs anymore
Carisa Marshall
I love this song i think i can speak for every one it hits realy everyones soul to hear this song
Tuấn Nguyễn
hay lắm việt nam ơi!
rc canillo
nice song
David B
Great mix 👏👏
Billy Mays
Billy Mays approved👍
Nuke The Felix
Omg Stop XD
y g
2pac chances
Christopher Mathura
Julia Folasā
Chloe Stevenson
These lyrics have so many mistakes... If you're going to make a lyric video make it right!
Sofía Martinez Mendoza
he does not have any subscriber LOL JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA