Palace - Holy Smoke

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victoria gurjao
There is not a single song by you guys that i dislike, thank you for being awesome. <3
How has this band not blown up... This Band is awesome
Victoria M
I love how it shows the people from their painted album covers
I love all their songs, so meaningful.
i love these hozier vibes i get when i listen to them. but they might be better than hozier
Chad Graves
This is the most electrifying and compelling music I've heard since maybe 1992, when I was a young college lad. These musicians and their creations are outstandingly good.
small hands
It is so pure, I'm thankful that "I found" the Palace and I can listen & feel this music
Nourhan MR
The video is a lot like crytalised for thexx
Dennis Bergmann
Such a small big band
i love it so much
Who Am I?
such a cute doggo
I discovered this song thanks to The Royals series . Pls find a way to introduce this song to other fans of the series. It was hard for me to find it . The song and your voice are amazing . Greetings from Macedonia !
so godly, wish there were guitar tabs so i could play this song
Larissa Sales
OMG 😍😍👏
Gaz Pay
Great Band, very underated though, hopefully 2017 will be the year for them!
Michael Reyes
you asked for my hand i gave you myyy.......soul
this is so beautiful
Какая же классная песня! Какого черта всего 41к просмотров? Пасмурная погода, дорога и palace - holy smoke
this is fucking beautiful ❤️
یک درخت قدیمی
They're so underrated
stavoo flo
you just know this comes from a deep place when you give it a listen
Matthew Seeney
see yall in London in November for your Brixton show ...cannot wait, been waiting patiently for this LP.....
Does anyone has the lyrics? I really need it
Katie Spirkovska
Guy who posted this on instagram story, I thank you dearly for showing me perfection 😍
Hetty B
I just found this on Spotify :3 I love it!
ayoub chrorou
soo beautiful 👍👍👍
Lott nadie
Ellie faa
actual perfection
JumpinJack Flash
How ain't this band bigger than they are, I haven't heard a bad song yet, it's over,lost in the night,kiloran, holy smoke, I want what you got,live well, bitter, being my favs so far.the guitar reminds me of the Verve lead guitarist nick McCabe, gorgeous sound 👌
Luis Di
It’s been almost 2 years since “So long forever” released, wish a new album came out this year.
Isabelle uwu
this is so good jesus
diego gamboa
Su sonido es muy Genial <3
Love love and love these guys ! 💕
Mike Onega
cool song
cosima somerset
i recognise that dog - he's always hanging round musicians ...
Omar Montiel
Great. saludos desde Mexico👌
Daniela Miguel
So beautiful
Freja Lešinska
Forša dziesma
Isabelle uwu
Gianella Camino
COOL :-)
aksel Hj
HELP, my ears are cumming.