Joel Paterson - Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody

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The Joel Paterson Trio live at Pete Miller's. Featuring Beau Sample on the bass and Alex Hall on the Drums. For more info check out

So beautiful. I love the dynamics. So much talent.
Clavo`s Band
James Gretsch
What guitar is he playing?
Mauricio Rodríguez
What kind of jazz is this song?
Jean-Luc Bersou
Obviously good playing but seems to me to much linear and don't grows in dynamics .Same intensity from the start to the end .I refer for instance the magical playing of Matt Munisteri with the near same "tool" (ES150) putting in High Voltage Lines as he goes along .You look as beeing bored .
JoNee Ray
cool : )
this could be my fav clip of yours!
The Gold Standard
This is what the YouTube was made for. Thank you.
So, so cool!! I love this!!
Paul Smith
It's an original ES-150.
Forque YU Gugle
looks ta me like a Gibson ES 250( likely a Reissue) Plus ( I think) a Fender Deluxe amp- Pure Jazz tone at it best! Joel is great ! Really Swiingin'!!
He's fantastic. I saw him a few times in Madison, WI doing more jump rockabilly material - before he moved to Chicago. This is so tasty and more up my street though. I'd like to know what guitar and amp he's using here.
Really enjoyed this!! Very sophisticated and groovy!!
carlo bluesriver
very nice men! u're all right!!
Arguably the best guitarist in Chicago