"LIKE A G6" - Far East Movement - "LIKE JESUS" Parody

Click here to buy on iTunes! /> "LIKE JESUS" Shirts! /> Click to Tweet! /> Check out the ORIGINAL Music Video: /> Hey Guys, I had so much fun making this music video! Everyone who worked on it did such a fantastic job and I really hope to make more Music Video parodies in the future. Thanks for all your support and just know that we definitely were not trying to offend anyone. Just wanted to make something silly that hopefully you would enjoy watching for a few minutes! I love you all! Your Pal, Michael Written & Directed by Michael Gallagher Produced by Jana Winternitz Sung by Rawn Erickson & Emma Newman Cinematography Jordan Harriman Gaffer Dave Eaton Grip Brian Fisher STARRING Richard Ryan as JESUS /> Steve Greene as St. Christopher /> Rawn as MOSES /> Nikki Limo as SINGING GIRL LADY /> Bree Essrig /> Andreas Choice /> Denise /> Courtney Sailors /> Mackenzie Stith Lyrics: Turning water into wine, so delicious JC always does it right, never vicious Driving round in his ride, Getting B-lessed Now I'm feelin so fly like Jesus Like Jesus, Like Jesus Now I'm feelin so fly like Jesus Gimme that Mo-Moses, ses Gimme that Chris-Saint Chris, Chris(topher) Ladies love my hair, and my cross is what they wear Get them bibles poppin, we got that faith and that love Now give 'em 2 more bible cuz you know I'm above They be like -- Hell's Bad! Pray it up, pray-pray it up, When sinnin' girls around me, they be actin like they nuns They be actin like they nuns, actin-actin like they nuns When sinnin' girls around me actin-actin like they nuns Turning water into wine, so delicious JC always does it right, never vicious Driving round in his ride, Getting B-lessed Now I'm feelin so fly like Jesus Like Jesus, Like Jesus Now I'm feelin so fly like Jesus © 2010 Totally Sketch. All Rights Reserved. LIKE A G6 Far East Movement LIKE A G6 Far East Movement LIKE A G6 Far East Movement LIKE A G6 Far East Movement LIKE A G6 Far East Movement LIKE A G6 Far East Movement Music Video Music Video Music Video Feat The Cataracs, DEV Feat The Cataracs, DEV Feat The Cataracs, DEV Feat The Cataracs, DEV Feeling So Fly Feeling So Fly Feeling So Fly

Came back again after 6 years :D Still better than the original.
Jill Hills
Guys they aren't making fun of Jesus omg! It's a parody. ALL parodies are like this! Shut your mouth and enjoy. It took them time to make this!
i don't see anything about them saying anything bad about Jesus... like at all. O.o
jesus gets women and I cant even make my own dog to like me.. thug lyfe
better than original xD
Zachary Zito
I am offensive and I find this video chrisistian
*"When sinnin' girls around me they be a-a-akin' like they nuns!"* ha ha ha
Dragon Arcard
Best music 2017
XBearAntiquityX Dee
im christian and i love it x
2016- Still better than the original.
5614 religious people disliked this loool
Queen Ariana
im christan and i dont find this offensive cause, how is it?
I am offensive and I find this video christian. 
GirlGamer Kay
Christian, and loving this! :) Gotta try and stay fly like jesus, cause he always does it right! :)
anonim kodlar
Come back after 7 years and LMAO :D I miss this...
Michael P
man, if jesus was actually this cool, i'd still be "practicing" 
Omg I love this! I wish this was sung in the church 😂
To all the Christians that are offended by this song or CWC's version your looking at it wrong they are saying that Jesus is blessing them and Jesus is awesome not offending him or calling horrible so I don't understand why people are getting offended
Krit Charoenmit
Well they're not mocking jesus, and what? Jesus can't freakin have fun....? You people are cruel! Now I see why he doesn't freakin appear, his followers are so called the doomed of humanity.
Ralph No Polo
Think about this for a song "like a cheese stick like a cheese stick" I think those are some funny lyrics so please think about it
Tanya Krotowa
OMG. 6 years later I found out about this 😂😂😂
Thot Slayer
2018 now. Still not old yet
Dunno how I just NOW saw this, but if I could, I'd like this approximately 1.5 thousand more times.
Inna Zimmermann
*coming back again & again, even after 8 years :) Still better than the original .... :D :D*
Monica Ross
Whoever made this video criticizing jesus and the holy bible
Like A Jesus 😂
Stopp 😂😂😂😂 LOVE THIS
Impaler productions
I'm not saying it's aliens... But... It's aliens :D
So for all of the religious people freaking out, If you don't want to see Jesus in a parody video don't click on something that has "'LIKE JESUS' Parody" in the title, I mean really... ... ... And for all of the outspoken atheists that aren't responding to individual christian comments but instead are randomly posting about how dumb christians are, do you go around telling large groups of 6 year old kids they're stupid for believing in santa clause? I hope not, so why go out of your way to tell the christians they're stupid for believing in god/jesus?
Lord Vujkee
8 years later still better than original😂😂
Zac Edwards
Chad wild clay wrote this
Dina Leonard
So wrong!!
Jojo Aubin
It's SO FUNNY...but affensive to Jesus
fly like jesus xD YO :3
Heri Sibarani
I'm from indonesia I like jesus,i love u
Monica Ross
Whoever made this video criticizing jesus and the holy bible
Kendell Bowman
This video is utterly offensive. You shouldn't play with God, especially if some fail to believe.
This looks like jack whitehall
Nerds Rule The World
Why dew you mock Jesus
alina brauner
Veronika Savastiuk
Eva van Spaendonk
yesssss! now i feel so fly like Jesus!
Faye Ferreira
Lol xd
Monse Lopez
Mannnn......... :(
Lindsay pink
Oh Jesus : )
I think people get it wrong, Jesus is cool but 90% of everybody that says that their his followers are not. That last 10% is also cool cause they are the real ones. :)
Behnam saeidi
Is this one rated RR?
Sergio Lima
Melanie White
pause at 0:13
Niko Claveria
I think this is the original, and better version. /watch?v=DxljT2kcdmY
This is still the best TotallySketch video!
Adrian Bauer
Hybebeast Brodie
Go Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jtt 211
Benja Araya
pero que mierda Yisus ql xd
joshua roy
Whose chad Jew
Rudy Niet
Chad did it
Florin Giorgian
I'm feeling somehow guilty of watching this but still a too good song :d
I like it just had to have way more Jesus way more
Copied off of chadwildclay
Bibi Xoxo
This is a bit offending...
Frederik Faix
*OMG!!! YOU ARE OK???!!!
Cali The Cotton Candy Calico
This is amazing!!! LOL
hector thieba
Religious and find this pretty funny XD
This video has 8,217,369 views. It's blas-famous.
Bella Vita
NUNS ????? O.o
im officially christan now :D
Jajajajaj jesus, "LIKE JESUS" ...
Djurochjagmot världen
gostei eai gringos hello
Kezia Hutabarat
Man ya'll got this wroong, there aint rappin' in thpse times, and there aint no such thing as super long haired and bearded Jesus, dnt ya'll read the bible or go to church?
I mean after elevation
No sense sentence.
Bestami Kutenci
then stop it.. before you go to hell
Pffff stop the blasphemy and we'll be ok.
Lucky Orts
THE INTERNET? Wow, you must really be stupid. There's fucking ancient paintings of fucking Jesus and you think "the internet added some beard and long hair".
im good... hope you can come out of your sadness and join the holy party :)
you should be
Hahaha,really... Did you see Him? I trust in Him but how do you know how does He look like? There are many faces on the internet and added some beard and long hair. That's all: any person with long hair and beard is called Jesus, what a blasphemy!
This is an awesome and very funny video!!! I wish y'all would make another video already.
Hans Schwarz
cause u obviously did.. dont u see? this videos get people laughing and feeling "happy" even if it is just for a few seconds. the industry is encouraging us to do vids like this the whole time, to become someone known for some shit like this.. u cant even understand what the real message is behind all this massive brainwashing and idiotizing mass media that most try to be a part of... open your eyes and listen. its not OK
Lucky Orts
I don't get what these over religious people are whining about. Can't even take a joke.
cori molina
que buena rola esta muy pegagoza exelente !!!!!!!
yes you are
Lucky Orts
Are you serious? Everyone except you knows what Jesus looks like.
''dressed as Jesus'' lol you don't even know how does He look like. Just becouse those icons...
Lenetra Lashay Wysinger
pretty cool
Bestami Kutenci
İsa çoşarsa rahibelere ne olur gözler önünde :))))))) yu artık.
nekayla dunston
Wow I can't believe it
Jan Kosik
yes, it's delicious
looooool😃😃😃 coooool😂😂😂
Garrett MacDonagh
do u really drink wine
Evelyn Beeker
So cool
Young Marco
church ppl gotta laugh 2