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Acoustic cover of Black Sabbath's N.I.B. performed by Chris Legge.

Nicholas Umbdenstock
cant see your fingers!!!! what the heck man i need to learn this
i'd have prefered without drums
Endreguttn! I tried to do an important multiple choice test yesterday while I listened to this song. Failed AF but discovered this version so I couldn't be happier! Great work man, just awsome! =)
Augusto Bitencourt
This is absolutely brilliant! Legend! Congrats from Brazil!
Tolga Yücel
Wow such a amazing work ,im shocked Which equipment do you use for looping rhytm thingy ?
Nice job mate. Your voice kind of reminds me of Passenger.
Vicente Ribeiro
Fantastic , keep the great work !
Gabriel Chiasson
The Sidturbing Element
MAN! You deserve at lease 4 more zeroes after the number of subscribers you currently have.
Farhan Karim Sazid
amazing one brother ! expecting more Sabbath number from you !
Corey Brasfield
Love it man.  One of my favorite Sabbath songs.  You really did it justice.
Moody Hyadd
Jaw Tooth
Wow, that was a cool interpretation!  One of my favorite Sabbath songs and I never thought of playing it this way.  That was really really cool!!  Great voice also!!
FALLEN! is that you?
Debbie Delcore
Kudos to you, my brother - that was stellar! What tuning are you using?
Parker Mills
Beautiful man
Matt Cook
Awesome! I cranked it up and jammed along on my bass. Sounds great! Cheers
Mago Darkness
Grande lml!! Sigue así!!
Ferpa Nerbo
awesome !
Muhaimin Ali
rarely comment on any videos....great cover dude
nick zhukov
This is amazing!
This was pretty Amazing! I really wish you had tab for this. I love the fills. Great Job Man! I love when people create a acoustic version of a song... and Fucking Nail it!
Chords please!
Adrian Bermúdez
Jon S
I learned some bass in high school, my favorite tab being NIB. I recently picked up acoustic and am practicing strumming so I instinctively went to NIB. This video is awesome. I aspire to play like you brother. Really amazing cover. 
irakli yuiigjkgg
hey i figured out how you play it, but i have one question: are you muting chords?
G Smith
Been working on a bluesy version of this and then I saw this. Damn man this is really bad ass.
Privat Bart
Desirée Rocha
In Love...
Ashwin J
Way to go my man.... 100th like comes your way :)
maxi De maipu
Ludmila Soares
Preciso da video aula !!!!
Clahan Fibralo
Boom King
Bloody Murder
Shia Lebouf Plays guitar!!
nice version!
inspirational.great job
Svetlozar Kosev
Should make a lesson :)
Shabab Tahsin
i will buy ur album.Damn!
Do you have the tab for this the way you played it?
Kartikey Sharma
U nailed it brother . Awesomely sung.👌👌👌💯💯
Lawrence McKeown
Slamming cover dude!
Nahian Khan
bro I wanna connect with you... can i have your facebook id?
Very nice job mate
Ilse Muñoz
Nice Job!! :)
David Camacho
On which guitar are you playing?