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Acoustic cover of Black Sabbath's N.I.B. performed by Chris Legge.

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Endreguttn! I tried to do an important multiple choice test yesterday while I listened to this song. Failed AF but discovered this version so I couldn't be happier! Great work man, just awsome! =)
Augusto Bitencourt
This is absolutely brilliant! Legend! Congrats from Brazil!
Nicholas Umbdenstock
cant see your fingers!!!! what the heck man i need to learn this
Tolga Yücel
Wow such a amazing work ,im shocked Which equipment do you use for looping rhytm thingy ?
Farhan Karim Sazid
amazing one brother ! expecting more Sabbath number from you !
FALLEN! is that you?
Nice job mate. Your voice kind of reminds me of Passenger.
Jaw Tooth
Wow, that was a cool interpretation!  One of my favorite Sabbath songs and I never thought of playing it this way.  That was really really cool!!  Great voice also!!
Vicente Ribeiro
Fantastic , keep the great work !
i'd have prefered without drums
Corey Brasfield
Love it man.  One of my favorite Sabbath songs.  You really did it justice.
Mago Darkness
Grande lml!! Sigue así!!
Adrian Bermúdez
This was pretty Amazing! I really wish you had tab for this. I love the fills. Great Job Man! I love when people create a acoustic version of a song... and Fucking Nail it!
Debbie Delcore
Kudos to you, my brother - that was stellar! What tuning are you using?
Gabriel Chiasson
Moody Hyadd
Matt Cook
Awesome! I cranked it up and jammed along on my bass. Sounds great! Cheers
Jon S
I learned some bass in high school, my favorite tab being NIB. I recently picked up acoustic and am practicing strumming so I instinctively went to NIB. This video is awesome. I aspire to play like you brother. Really amazing cover. 
G Smith
Been working on a bluesy version of this and then I saw this. Damn man this is really bad ass.
Parker Mills
Beautiful man
Ferpa Nerbo
awesome !
amin ali
irakli yuiigjkgg
hey i figured out how you play it, but i have one question: are you muting chords?
Privat Bart
Ashwin J
Way to go my man.... 100th like comes your way :)
rarely comment on any videos....great cover dude
Desirée Rocha
In Love...
maxi De maipu
Chords please!
nick zhukov
This is amazing!
Ludmila Soares
Preciso da video aula !!!!
inspirational.great job
Boom King
Bloody Murder
Nahian Khan
bro I wanna connect with you... can i have your facebook id?
Shia Lebouf Plays guitar!!
nice version!
Svetlozar Kosev
Should make a lesson :)
Kartikey Sharma
U nailed it brother . Awesomely sung.👌👌👌💯💯
Very nice job mate
Do you have the tab for this the way you played it?
David Camacho
On which guitar are you playing?
Shabab Tahsin Vlogs
i will buy ur album.Damn!
Ilse Muñoz
Nice Job!! :)