Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II user interface

A video demo of the TouchWiz 4.0 user interface on the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II. You can read the preview over at

I still use a S1 i9000
Thumbs up if you are watching this in 2013 and still uses a s2
lol am I the only one who realized that it has a galaxy as a background?
w w w.techstarelectronic.c o m << wholesale !
now, 23 iphone users watched!! :)))
Grant Tamiadinata
Great phone
Jojo Aguhar Largo
you can costumize ringtone in galaxt S2, just copy mp3 file to sdcard/media select which folder you want, thats what i did on my galaxy S2
@modomodo4891 buy a bluetooth keyboard or a fold up dock
Sheila la
Muito Bom......vou comprar o meu já....!
The phones hardware is excellent but the interface is not elegant at all, hell even the current version of MotoBlur found in Atrix 2 and many of the Droid models is better.
yj K
Was slightly disappoited with galaxy S AT&T version a year ago, so I had a little doubt. I got euro version i9100 and I am in love with this thing. BEST PHONE hands down. My favorite phone before gs2 was nexus S, but GS2 beats it. Any other phone that might dethrone gs2 would be the galaxy nexus..
Kareem Aly
im getting galaxy s plus soon , can u set this UI on it ?
If ya want the battery to last you have to turn off all the widgets. Mine looks like my olde iPhone 4 now. Whats the point?
@oniez87 lol considering the no. of views this video has got, the no. of dislikes is far less... 16 out of millions makes it look like they don't give a shit :P besides why are we comparing this to the iphone 4? It's like comparing LED tvs to LCDs (a year old tech). this should give direct competition to the iphone 5 coming in a month or two.
Jaicon Ruedas
Im now watching this using dolphin browser in my Galaxy S II
Karthik Kesavan
which music is this ???
Phone is great and all... But this music is freaking annoying!!! 5 annoying seconds that seem to loop indefinitely. Argh! My ears, they are bleedin!
I Think I'm In Love
@CutControlPunk That's called "getting your shit together".
Top of the best
soumen BISWAS
Only phone to have 1.2 Ghz dual core processors +1GB RAM at the moment.
Xin Zhao
Eric Chong
Well as a phone S2 is incredible. The fastest & extremely good features. iPhone4 will win if you have family as facetime and future iMessage will be good
I*m waiting for the Samsung S9500 Wave III, because it will have probably an aluminium case.
Vytautas Mikalauskas
@CrackerBounty oh yes it is... :D But I say, the progress of technology is incredible
Pushkar Pandey
Steve Jobs made 12 fake IDS to dislike Samsung galaxy S II :D :P :P
Rakitha Peiriz
@q87soonz the tegra has a better gpu so beats the samsung exynos ,but the samsung exynos chipset can be overclocked to 1.5 ghz form 1.2 ghz , the tegra can not be overclocked still , so exynos is better overall
Rakitha Peiriz
@q87soonz the tegra has a better gpu so beats the samsung exynos ,but the samsung exynos chipset can be overclocked to 1.5 ghz form 1.2 ghz , the tegra can not be overclocked still , so exynos is better overall
Vytautas Mikalauskas
Damn, this phone is faster than my PC. World performance is incerdible
Algirdas Rėkus
Say what ever you like, I still think Htc desire HD is best phone [email protected][email protected]!
zhg aluyg
which is the best version ? and what is the difference between the 2 processors ? samsung galaxy s 2 with tegra 2 processor or with exynos processor
abdalla abdel rassol
this phone kills my galaxy s , iphone 4 and 5 .....all HTCs with win mobile 7 and 8
@Badboyzon9 Least funny comment I've ever read. You're about as funny as Cot Death.
@Badboyzon9 its called an adress bar..... type it in idiot
Kim Jong-un
If they advertise like shit this phone will kill Iphone
11 iphone user watched this video *thumbs up*
Kuean Lim
dis phone is almost complete, but miss just 1 thing, where is PORNHUB ???
I have the epic and its awsome..I can't imagine what its gonna be like...oh wait now I
10 people are now realised that the iphone is an inferiour product compared to this monsterphone
holy shit this phone kills
This destroys the Iphone 4 in every department and its still cheaper to buy.
i have an iphone 4 but i am not sure if i am going to get an iphone 5 after watching this video.
My galaxy s looks shit to this
Great Video, thanks man, i'm going to get this instead of iPhone 5.
Ville N
I wonder if the super amoled plus white still looks blue
I'm buying this and getting off this touchwiz....this phone is a monster, blazing fast!
Scott Elbert
9 people are disappointed iphone users
Scott Elbert
@charitha95 wait for samsung galaxy s 3 haha
i want to trade my SGS to this
Ville N
@OmarMokhtarRiad Well it depends where you live. In Finland you can pre-order it without contract for 585 euros. Though the last galaxy S was something like 385e with 2 year contract.
Ville N
@Uberware IMO this is very nice, the other ''pure androids'' look like windows 95.
GSMArena, I saw in some other vid where they actually demonstrated that particular feature, by which you can zoom in/out by placing two fingers on the phone and moving the phone away from and towards yourself, not so much by tilting the phone (though that works to some degree too). Same for placing the widgets on a different page, you do that by moving the phone to the left and right, not tilting.
Kyle Ray
@triplleOG haha... yeah that's right.. iPhone 4 and 5 are only wantabee phones... mp3 players!!! :P
Kela Kelz
Johan Moritz
im just tired of apple shit products now, honestly. controlled ios shit and slow single core shit...
Omar Mokhtar
how much does this phone costs????
@kroneage Calm down you fool, its onyl a fuckin phone LOL no need to get over excited
Nathan De Lima
great phone but i still prefer the htc UI over this
Gerald Scholz
i... what?
Kyle Ray
@triplleOG haha... another iCrAppleholic in love w/ slob knobing Jobs hardware! ..or is that limbware? Yeah most likely, since he's about to kick the bucket any day now. Psst... you may not know it, but CrApple makes NO parts or phones themselves. Samsung sells them 70% of all their junk chips & parts cuz they know you CrAppleholics are usually so tanked on RDF (Reality Distortion Field) that you'll buy anything w/ CrApple written on it. Anyway your iPwned 5's R All Chinese Slob Knobbed Junk!
Ville N
Why is every comment about iPhone 4? I got a hard choise between this one and the HTC sensation....
Sorry, but iPhone 4 is still better and when the iPhone 5 comes out, its gona shit all over this
Kyle Ray
@gserli OMG teh iPwned is to die for! :P Looks like it? F'off dumbass! iP4=75% Samsung cost in parts. 80% Samsung Designed Processor! Less 80% Samsung's Exynos Power! ...and if it wasn't for Samsung's LPDDR memory CrApple's phone would have half the battery life. In fact if it wasn't for Samsung (#1 Electronics Corporation in the World) making near 90% of all memory modules, 50% of all LTE Wireless Cell Transceivers, 70% of of all screen LED's, etc. You Wouldn't Have Any Freaking Phones! haha...
really fantastic!
Aw Bo Wei
ok why the heck are the using ATK? its gingerbread u dun need no atk
man thats smooth
@gserli eehhhh- shut up doc!
Janicez M
@fahdyehia628 me too, will wait a bit until the price stop going up and downand get the 32g and get the 32g micro sd card too
Kyle Ray
This is the GODphone! With chip shrink to 32nm process Dual Core 1.2ghz (scalable to 1.6ghz) w/ 1gig LPDDR2 @ 30nm the Exynos is Most Smart & Energy Efficient Phone Ever. Having 1st Quad Core Tri-Screen capability (upto 2x 720p w/ 1 HDMI 1080p) all at once w/ it's Mali-400mp4 > than next gen Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad Core GPU or Sony NSP! Capable of 4.4Gpix/s or 450Million Triangles/s! World Phone w/ Power to step all over CrApple's iPhone 5 before it's even out the door! iCrAppleholics LOSE! haha..
Fahd Yehia
i'm gonna buy one :) definitly
when this baby comes out, even apple fanboys will regret the day they took out a 24 month contract for an iPhone.
lol it has everything that the iphone 4 has and further more with more bonuses.
Woo Jie Wen
i want one!!
Miscellaneous Stuff
Love the Specs, Love the OS, hate the UI.. Very iphonish in terms of icons, side scrolling with dot representation of homescreen location and that lower bar.. Ah well, that's what's rooting for anyways =P
ahmed raouf
@Sergeechev GSMARENA theme :DD easy
ahmed raouf
bye bye ios bye bye for everrrrrrrrrr welcome Android welcome to the world of technology and customizatioooooooon :DD
ahmed raouf
bye bye ios bye bye for everrrrrrrrrr welcome Android welcome to the world of tecnology and customizatioooooooon :DD
ahmed raouf
NOOO i will not buy an iphone if it will have 1)intel core i7 990 3.5Ghz 2)80MP camera with 1080 120fps 3)1 tera hard drive internal memory up to 1 zetabyte memory card 4)hologram screen with 4D wide angel super tripletouch sensitevity screen with 90 billions collor .......... i will not buy an i phone ever bec. of 1 thing his operating system is BAD and unproductive so why i do not go to android or WP7?? bec. of games fuck games
Sam Luff
After 2 and half years I'm leaving HTC for this beast. Look better than the Sensation imo
Osman Ayvaz
Best best best best best phone ever Samsung thank you for this beautiful phone :-D
@nuwaus no , the interface in the gs2 was known for like 2 months now at ces and after .. the new sense was revealed like a couple of days ago.. it seems the other way around..sorry for my bad english
jim lee
@AhmedL9 lol
It's... so smooth !
Abo Khalid
sooo nice I am gonna buy one
jim lee
nice phone & nice review!
iphone meet ebay galaxy s 2 meet pocket and hands
Nuwan Pradeep
Seems they have tried to copy HTC Sense UI
@AhmedL9 now they are 2 , and his mother
Ernest Marvin Esteban
with that much customizations i wonder how long updates will be for this phone.
Ernest Marvin Esteban
haha. poor Iphone
Ahmed Khurram
WTH!! 1 dislike ,oh its Steve Jobs ..who else could it be:)
Илья Кочетков
I want to have children from him!!!!
nik r
I'm gonna sell my iPhone 4 to get this phone, I'm over apple, I feel I'm constanly on a highway I want to go off road and explore dam it.
and if the price is below $1000 will be great
WSS Roach
Yeah man my heart hurts :D
Nica Navarro Agdeppa
@wssroach LOL don't sell that thing. :D I have the phone too, but I'm smitten by the galaxy s2. :)
Scott Elbert
iphone is so dead!