Dion - The Wanderer - HD - Video - Stereo Sound .

"The Wanderer" is a song written by Ernie Maresca and originally recorded by Dion. The song, with a 12-bar blues-base verse and an eight-bar bridge, tells the story of a travelling man and his many loves. The song is ranked #239 on the Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. more info at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Walter White
Who else is listening to this in 2287?
Debu Neko
They call him The Wanderer , he's now also the Suer . fallout 4 , 2019.
Zhenya Zdorovenko
MxR Mods anyone?
Shaima El Mabsouta
Grandma: You kids listen to vile music these days. It’s all about having sex. Back in my day men respected women. Me: ... have... have you heard this song?
And this is the person suing Bethesda? Sad...
Spazz Maticus
My left ear really enjoyed the sax
Michael Deering
I loved this song when I was growing up... now I'll only think of dumb copyright strikes and a time when people arent allowed to sing songs they like.
- _Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are ya?_ - I discovered Dion's "The Wanderer" - _HA! From where? Fallout 4?_ - *_From Chicken Run_* - *gasp* _Right this way sir_
malachi baartz
My grandpa asked me how do I know this song I said Fallout 4
Bryce Spencer
Do you know who dislikes this video? A synth, that's who
Run around Sue done this to him lol
2:05 "I'm losing her."
What a F*cking Speshimen
So this is where one finds the milk of human kindness.
Barry Scaping
Golden Oldie, like me.
Meme Man Dan
Dion kinda looks like JFK
simply average
Oh well, I'm the type of guy who will never settle down Where pretty girls are, well you know that I'm around I kiss 'em and I love 'em cause to me they're all the same I hug 'em and I squeeze 'em they don't even know my name They call me the wanderer Yeah, the wanderer I roam around, around, around Oh well, there's Flo on my left and then there's Mary on my right And Janie is the girl well that I’ll be with tonight And when she asks me, which one I love the best? I tear open my shirt and I show "Rosie" on my chest Cause I'm the wanderer Yeah, the wanderer I roam around, around, around Oh well, I roam from town to town I go through life without a care And I'm as happy as a clown I with my two fists of iron but I'm going nowhere Oh yeah, I’m the type of guy that likes to roam around I’m never in one place, I roam from town to town And when I find myself a-fallin' for some girl Yeah, I hop right into that car of mine and drive around the world Yeah I'm the wanderer Yeah, the wanderer I roam around, around, around Oh yeah, I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around I'm never in one place, I roam from town to town And when I find myself a-fallin' for some girl I hop right into that car of mine and drive around the world Yeah, cause I'm a wanderer Yeah, a wanderer I roam around, around, around, around, around, around Cause I'm a wanderer Yeah, a wanderer I roam around, around, around, around, around, around, around Cause I'm a wanderer I'm, a wanderer I roam around, around, around, around
Becky Nasafotie
he looks like young JFK
Hervis Daubeny
When your playing fallout 4 and your mom calls you to do the litter box, Chore... Chore never changes.
Josef Patrick
The feminists are so mad right now.
Dev Dev
I played this for this for my feminist teacher and got a lunch detention 😅
Jack Meahoph
Oh, well I'm the type of guy who will never settle down.  Where pretty girls are, well you know that I'm around!   I kiss'em & I love'em cause to me their all the same.  I hug'em & I squeeze"em, they don even know my name!  I'm on a registery, can't live near a school, or I'll go to jail, to jail, to jail, to jail, to jail...
TheOfficials Real
Today: Leme put Autotune here, a little bit more there 1950s:We don't do that here
Gaming letsgo
When you actually could smoke in bars
The_Dangerous _Fortifier
The 147 dislikes are from supermutants
Maximum Oh Yeah Yeah's
A settlement needs your help.
I’ll say it, FALLOUT?
I used to respet him but not anymore you low live scum
Dimitrios Spanos
Everything was just so relaxed in the 50s... except for the whole Soviet Union thing, but whatever. Still a good song!
So many people are like "You only know this from Fallout!" But let's be serious. If something like Fallout brought you to this song, who cares? You discovered great music because of a great game. What's the harm in that?
Anyone else just enjoy old music like this? I would prefer this over electronic, anyday
One of the people I care for has a 60s CD. This is on it, and I've taught him the words. We sing it together every day when he asks for 'the wireless on darling'. Makes my day :)
The Me Too movement would have this song banned now
Sir Potoo
Oh, there's Cait on my left and there's Curie on my right, and Piper is the girl that I'll be with tonight. And when she asks me which one I love the best, I tear open my shirt and show her "Nora" on my chest. Quite lore-friendly, actually...
The dislikes are from the settlements that needed your help. I was too busy listening to this song
Garrick Brown
The first “player” song ever lol
Just Nora
I hate this music now , because of him my favorite fallout 4 mod channel become The victim..
The Furriner794
This song doesn't sound as old as it is.
Hummmmmm So thats what the world used to look like before we went mad
Cee Jay
Love this song ever since i first heard it in the 1979 movie “The Wanderers” CLASSIC!
Kyd Alchemy
The dude smoking a cig @2:05 just makes this performance even better!
Becky Nasafotie
Fallout Fans We Want YOU!!!
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The Wanderers will be wandering on November 10th, 2015. :^)))
Erik Haynes
Old music was so good, and I'm so happy to see some of my favorite old songs show up in my favorite games.
a n g e l s o f t
I wish music like so would be still relevant🌼💕
Shout out to In the trenches with Cas. Thank you Cas.
Gregory Hill
y'all notice the band trying to get funky wit' it...lmao
LTC cherno
What I found funny is how this song is the exact opposite of Runaround Sue.
I was fortunate to see Dion and the Belmonts in a concert called SunFest in 1994, here in Richland, Washington. What amazing talent.
Who's still here in 2018?
A million dollars in damages? I'm pretty sure he made money from that song being in people's videos and the trailer
Lucas Prodan
My dad worked with a guy who they called "the wanderer" R.I.P. Frank Jackson
crippler XX04
I love that fallout forces young people to listen older music.
A drug is a substance that change mood emotion and phisical enegery. This song my not be a substance but it shure as hell is a drug
and the crowd goes......ever so slightly
Alex Jackson
Anyone else here from Chicken Run? 🤣
Joey Deguelle
Dion suddenly got very popular, I wonder why?...
Thanks for ruining MXR mods
Денис Федосов
Fallout 4?
tyler durden
Chicken Run??
Codename Ocelot
This poor channel owner is about to get millions of notifications.
Anthony Padilla
He is the suer now
War Pig0068
Come on lift the copy write you have on the you tuber guy
Dante Trainmaster
This song was featured in the movie Chicken Run (2000)
jules ju
My Dad was that😊..so my mam took it out on me everyday....never told him how she felt, but I felt it..happy 50th anniversary.
when this song plays in Fallout 4, I just stop playing and listen to it
the sequel to Runaround Sue
Anel Pejcinovic
You can suck it dion
siennah lopez
October 2018 !!!! Classics!:)))
Martin Spielke
what a crowd, i couldnt stay on the chair.. my ankles would dance while sittin :D
Liberty Prime
Let me guess fallout 4 sent you here?
donald ooten
One of my favorite songs
sucky barron
Fall out 4 music I love this song
topek daus
MxR for life
This is Me ! THE TRUSIC from the North $ide of Denver
can't. stop. playing. neighbors. pissed.
Jj Chen
This guy was MGTOW
Irmãs Panda
Coisa Lindaaaah Mds <3
Austin Michael
I remember this song from Behind Enemy Lines
Kanersps _
To be honest, this song is great.
Hissam Ullah
One of the best songs of the 20th Century.
ChickenMacNugger 4521
F A L L O U T 4
Jeff Karrow
The audience looks kind of old to be listening to "Be-Bop" as it was called in the 50's.
Wallace Geller
One if the best of all time Right here.
Hei Bk-201
The moment when you just want to hear that great song but then you hear this fu**ing voice behind you "an other settlement needs your help"
Your local Trash can
Everyone is here from fallout but I only know this from I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls?
AlphaMail 626
I can see he wants to just rock out but it was so conservative at that time ...Great song!
Stormy M
60's = BEST MUSIC, AMAZING CLOTHES I'm jealous....
Threeee dawg come back to ya from GNR
Alex Caudillo
Everyone’s talking about fallout brought them here. The movie The Wanderers brought me here. Give a like if youve seen it👍🏽
Republic of Racoon kind. Protect but also attac
Cheif said this is it
They didn't use it against his wishes. There was a contract. The video ad he describes isnt even Bethesda. Its player made. He's blaming player made videos on the company. Personally I think he's just being greedy. I believe this song will decrease in popularity because of bad will with the customers.
Simple Cormac
Disliked because he sued Bethesda
You're listening to, uhh... Diamond City Radio. If... if you're listening at all, I mean.
Den Dan
Dion's a stud. He's only 79 now, that's cool.
Renato Mendoza
chicken run anyone?
Jonathan Yoshida
This song pertains to the Enemy jungler in LoL.
if only modern music was this good
From Mxr mods, like if you came from him or fallout.