The Strangers | 2008 | Full Ending

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Ian Jackson
0:28 "Because you're a ho"
Wᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ Dᴇᴀᴅ
The real reason I love this ending is because it's not a killer seeking revenge or a paranormal act from some kind of demon spawn. No, these are three people who were literally just trying to find people to kill by going to the first home that had people in it. That just sends goosebumps down my spine. They didn't have a reason to do it. They just wanted to.
Jack Johnston
Amy Lionheart
"Because you're Home."
the cup RM throws in the Run MV
The fact that they had no motive to kill the people and they just did it for fun makes this scary af
At least save yourself, I didn't. Jumpscare Time: 6:08
Malique Warren
That stab... damn. It looks so painful!
Saleem Frazer
Everything about this ending was incredible except for the actual ending shot of her waking up screaming. It's highly unnecessary and almost undermines everything that just happened. What's the point of having her wake up in a jump scare revealing that she's still alive screaming loudly at the kid? It should have ended on the killers driving off and the boys continuing to walk with their Christian pamphlets not knowing the horror that those three people just inflicted. It would've left a lasting impactful unnerving feeling or unease on so many levels....but they messed it up a little with a jump scare.
Ricki R
this movie's whole plot and ending scared me so much.  it's scary enough being toyed with but then when you can't do anything cause you're tied up and then you have to endure slowly getting stabbed to death, freaks me out beyond everything.  it's horrifying
Ozdog Inc
I'm not gonna lie I flinched at the end cause I didn't expect that to happen
So basically they were just bored?
Jack Salonsky
The cinematography was what made this movie so creepy, the constant non-steady camera just gave it a really eerie feel, and it had GREAT audio editing.
Brandon Jones
"It'll be easier next time." Yeah tell that to the family you targeted in the 2nd movie
Aidan Eddy
Why are the boys walking there bikes
Camila Olvera
I saw this movie when i was a kid and I still remember this movie 😟
Christian Massie
The last couple seconds where the women screamed as the kid touched her, scared the life out of me
Epic Gamer
The ending doesn't make sense to me.. like at all
Tori George
why were the boys so calm... and why would your first reaction be to touch a dead body?
I am Cornholio!
one of the scariest movies ever. a fantastic ending too. would of been crap if they escaped
Why tf do these kids just walk into some strangers house
Hopefully, if we get part 2, we'll learn the strangers' true identities.
the cup RM throws in the Run MV
Also the fact that they were put back into their formal clothes freaks me out
lowkey wanna die
Good movie, bad ending.
Vibhor Chaturvedi
at 6:08 OMG
Blake Goodson
I love how we never see there faces but the main characters do its what they should had done in Blair Witch 2016. Let the characters see the witch and not the viewers there reaction let's our imagination think it's something horrifying just like this film did. Also we can tell these people were nuts..Why are you doing this? THE STRANGERS.. Because you are home...That line gave me chills this was a good original movie back in the early 2000s.
tase keom
shane ?
Wheat and Beans
Dang that jumpscare doe. Nearly peed myself xD
Idk But i like skittle
I just watched it and it scared me lol
Abuse LSD
(the kids enter the house and they see blood everywhere, a bloody knife, a mess, a gun and a dead guy) -children's aspect: WOW we must discover this crap for sure, something good must have happened in a place like that
Daniel Viglietti Productions
Plot twist: the strangers are Father, Mother and Daughter.
If you want to see their faces just look up the people who played them in the movie...
Jason Jayawardena
what made this scary and disturbing is you never see the masked people's face
eat me bitch
Omg i cant wait for the 2nd one to come out and see what's gonna happend next!!
Andrew Garcia
So is she alive? Or...?
Nietzsche's Heir
I think I know why the Masked Man gave Dollface that look. It’s implied that she felt some guilt over doing this. So I think that he could sense some hesitation in her voice. Just my theory.
Sean Beard
the movie should end at 4:53 - it would have been PERFECT. the scene after is so unnecessary, and the jump scare is just terrible.
Rosie Garcia
Idk man prey at night was good but I wanted more Pin Up Girl !! Wtf but I love my girl Dollface 😍😊🔪
Anthony Hernandez
Bruhh the ending tho
Devan Shouse
The shot where that chick stabs the other chick is just so disturbing... she's just sitting there ENJOYING it while killing someone...
Daniel Selk
That last second ending startled me so bad the first time I saw this movie. LOL.
no u
Thank you Kinsey and Luke for killing them.
"because you were home..." literally no reason why they're attacking you. all because you happened to be home. had you not been there then you wouldn't have gotten killed.
Black Heart34
“Are you a sinner?” “... sometimes” Gave me goose bumps 😂😂
Josh Stiles
U see it more scary when the killer don't have a motive ~ billy scream
Wayne R
The jump scare ending was a cliche rip off of so many other Films The decent being the most recent I can remember
kiprix 89
Are u excited for strangers 2 prey night 2018
Mr. Limekiller
"HD" 240p
Billy Truong
Those boys should called 911
Cyborg Sloth89
How did she survive that stabbing
problematic bitch
Are you a sinner? ...sometimes. *SO CREEPY OMFGKF*
Juvu Lol467
I think I would have pissed my pants more if I saw the girls standing in from of my yard then the man
Christine: please don't do this Pin Up Girl: sorry, we have no hesitation of what we will do
Grandslam Gaz
I was the 200,200 view
Rod Harvey
This is a Copley of the 2018 move
Danos Chatzopoulos
The jumpscare at the end is the most uncessecary and useless jumpscare I have ever seen
Ritik Saha
I bought an AR-15 for self defence after watching this movie
Rare Hearts
I’m guessing they don’t kill young children bc they didn’t kill the church boys they just politely asked for a pamphlet
4:31 I know the quality sucks here but I just watched this movie in preparation to see the sequel. The kid on the right snuck in a little cheeky wink and a grin and it made it into the movie lmao
no one knows exactly what they'd do in this situation, but I'd have stayed in that room with the gun and waited
Tony Lopez
I think the strangers part 1 is more like real stuff that could happen
Sweet Tanner
“It’ll be easier next time.” Really? According to Prey At Night, I’d have to say I disagree.
the music really detracts from the tension and ruins the overall bleak tone from an otherwise decent ending
1911 VsGlocks
This would make a pretty good 2nd Amendment/Gun commercial.
Robert Hextall
once the strangers took their masks off, i knew that the pair where doomed.
T&W Fishing
If I was in that situation before getting caught I'd confront them pants them and run for the hills
Angel Rivera
I couldn’t imagine my girlfriend being stabbed in front of me. I get this anger rushing thru me and I just think about what I could do to escape and kill them three, mercilessly and painfully. I hope they laugh, cuz I will laugh harder.
Reema Chauhan
The call to the police show in the beginning..when did Jordan made that call ?? I'm really confused !!
A. Dee
I always found the bag mask killer kind of hot
Andrew Williams
Classic' knock, knock who's there' movie. The masks are creepy. Watched it last night.
Are you a sinner? Me: *leaves*
Bulb 66
Shaky camera intensifies
Rm Rm
Alli Parsons
Is there going to be a sequel?
Sigh Pointless Bughuul at the end. Why, WHY do movies keep doing that? This would have been so much more effective without the jumpscare.
Whats with so many horror movies having the worst endings in history.
Billy Truong
Those kids on the bike should call 911
James May's Flying Washing Machine
And then the boys called the police, and the three hicks went to jail for life. The end.
Fely Lagumbay
I love the stranger bcoz it makes me scream
julian mujica
I watched this when I was 3, good family friendly movie!
Scottie Baxter
One of the scariest films I've ever seen, and it's based on a true story. RIP sharon tate.
Dennis Reynolds
Terrible film. "They sit there staring at the camera and disappear whenever the characters turn around.... that means that they're literally running around giggling like little girls like 'hehehehehe you can't see me!!!'" -YMS
Huda s
It's real story
Jason Voorhees
Husband was such a weak guy
Yes, truthfully, I'm investigating the scene the same way that the boys did. There is no need for me to make noise. I just want to learn what has happened here.
i almost died at the end
Daniel sandnes
"Because you're home" is a really good line when you think about it a little.
John Kramer would have a field day with those three.
Lmao when I was a kid i thought she said "because you're in OUR home"
Justin Kroboth
The real victim here was the definition.
nick bean
It will be easier next time
one movie i was happy that the villains won i hate movies that always have the protagonist win
Not SAm
Mann i wanted to see the faces
andres Briones
best ending
Dakota Weeks
I remember watching this for the first time when I was 11 or 12 I think and completely falling in love with it. My sister on the other hand was completely shook 😂😂😂
I can't say I enjoyed this ending, but I liked what they were going for. It's pretty hard to watch as the two prepare themselves for what we know is about to happen. The way Liv Tyler's character try to comfort Speedman's character while he's bleeding to death is plain heartbreaking.
Billy Truong
Those boys should’ve called 911
Crispy_ Orange_is_the_nerd
2:29 I saw the man in the masks face!!!!!
Live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse
Chris Ivy
still the only real jump scare in my opinion. the scream, her facial expression, the setting, it's perfect.
Lucas Black
4:33 the kid at the right is laughing