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Thomas Li
Where have all these beautiful ui design from htc go now?! Why these cant find in htc ui nowadays?!
Do you need a data package for the HTC HD2's weather application to always work? Or will it take the most recent update to the days weather and use that?
עמנואל גמרא
חחחחחח איזה קול
Ehren Valme
you filmed this on my bday
what I don't like about this phone is that I can't edit my photos ...correct me if i'm wrong
i like how the ui looks ...ON THE OUTSIDE, but everytime u actually go into things, it looks so old and ...uglaaaaaay
Mihai Costiug
@Xxlux 6.5 is so much easier to use, WM 7s interface sucks
Darrel Bryan
this guy is a good salesman am i right
billy martins
@SidneyXda i actually considered waiting for the hd7 but i just went ahead with the hd2. like the tiles are soo big! its almost like we're all 4 years old and they're big blocks of letters! lol. i was hoping there was a way to switch around the settings to get a different interface, but sadly there's not :( soo get this phone. i wanna encourage everyone else to :D
billy martins
@SidneyXda naw the hd7 interface is totally different. dont buy it. the phone is sexy but its interface is retarded. i just ordered my hd2!! the hd7's interface is like 2 rows of tiles, it just looks ugly as fuck
Theos Noni
HTC HD2 is better than HD7.. what's the big deferent?? HD2 has Sense UI ...
"Ignore that picture of my feet."
Precious D
@Frankiefresh100 yes, just so over to setting
Very very bad battery (V V B B)
Kevin Callejas
@ninamyhua how did you put andriod on it ??
Henry Flores Navarro
jajajajaa muy pronto en mis manos x la rptm... que alegríaaaaaaaaaaaaa
very well done, thanks guys for this presentation!
this phone is the best the iphone is so old now and ugly
Firstname Lastname
I have this phone & it's brill :-)
Does he own all these devices?
Aaron Fernando
thanks for all your reviews it is really helpful im gonna defo get this it so cool!! on july 31
Natasja Baas
i like your voice, it is clear and doesn't sound boring, it sounds enthousiastic!
iphone 4 rules!
Ben Stribley
@walksonair did yours come with a micro sd card? im guessing your in the UK but correct me if im being presumptuous.
Ben Stribley
Mine is coming 2moro. I cant wait!!
had phone almost a month.. totally kicks ass.. quite a lil convo starter..^_^
Cruz Rivera
i got this phone when it first came out
whats the catch? 0_o
damn t-mobile is sold out..and they were sold out everywhere 4 hours after they started selling it
@bobfreeman814 I agree. I'm using android right now and I love it but I have really been considering trying WinMo because this phone looks so amazing.
matthew abdelmalak
does the hd2 have 3g coverage????
Skyler Van Leeuwen
I WISH THIS PHONE HAD ANDROID not winmo, I like winmo but I just think that android has better usibility and is more simple to use.
Syed Rasheed
how do i put my fb pics on my contacts. can we sync it to th econtacts?
gproducshizz hmong
well i dont physically need an htc hd2 to run the sense ui. so, that means i saved $150 :) [htc pure wm6.5 - tess prime III rom] -- works exactly, and is identical to this video. But u may argue that the hd2 has more megapixels, a higher processor speed, and flash led :P but does it really make a difference?? we all want this phone especially bcuz of its Sense UI. so dont worry bout it ppl. do wats good for u. im happy with my pure :)
Nico J
I just got it for 30 euros per month.. Its awesome (L)
Juan Araluce
I just got mine with a plan from t-mobile for the price of a 2 year extension of my contract and $279. I was going to upgrade to the Nexus one instead, but due contract issues i would have had to pay $500+. I am very happy with this phone, it is the shit.. Props to the guy doing the demo lol!
How can I get that Wallpaper with the girl wearing the glasses?
Anouar Nor
$449.99 without a contract, and $199.99 with a 2 years contract.
Alexander van Breda
keep clicking on 7:00 over and over really fast :) great video btw =)
Alexander van Breda
obviously not... i mean watch this video. he clearly loves this phone... like me^^
Alexander van Breda
me too
ebayin my fender for it =P
going to ebay my xperia x1 and buy the HD2 :D
I have this phone one week and i charge it every day because i dont leave it from my hands. Thats all. if anybody got the money just buy it.
Kawai Hui
I'm glad it's no iphone in the video. Pocketnow thinks iphone is the best phone in this planet :) Tons of bias.
some donkus
Does it use internet for the weather app?(sry for my bad english)
Gosh!! I'm gonna get it in few days time!!!
Jan Krawczyński
@zebrathennesie22222 no, it has a built-in weather-station
do you need internet connection in order to ajust the weather for your location ?
2 more weeks then the exams in my academic studies are done and I'm gonna buy the HD2 to replace my Touch HD! :) *happy*
oooh shiny shiny gadget! droooool! :p~~~~~~
nice mom :D
either u have this phone,or the new iphone OR U HAVE NO PHONE!!!!
Stefan Martin
lol "i have no idea who this is: it came on the device" this phone is awesome
ahha, ok :D
put skyfire on this bad bot to stream some online video, great.
Satio is a good phone whit a crappy software and a lot fo megapixel BUT HD 2 is much better
:( IM gonna cancel my sprint service
HD2 makes the iPhone look so old. This Phone ROCKS! Thanks for the review. Can't wait to get one.
This review is all dat and a bag of chips. I know thats 1993 slang, but I dont care, lol.
Logic Decoded
this was a great review of the phone, but why dont you have a review of the android operating system so we can compare it with this, you should do a review of the nexus one with the droid operating system
Mun Chee Hong
HTC Sense UI saved WM for sure this time... Otherwise, WM 6.5 will still just like a piece of crap and so finger unfriendly...
Mun Chee Hong
@richdice445k7 well, android is not ugly. but is just that it is still like a new kid on the block. M$ WM has been around for quite sometime. Is already ver 6.5 currently while Android is only 2.1? But look at how much Android has evolved. It has the potential. And 1 thing I hope, both WM and Android will kick hard on Apple OS @ss... LOL...
I'm gonna get one next year. This simply OWNS.
Matz Rios
If this will become available here in Toronto,.Imma say bye,bye to my iPhone 3GS and Xperia X1,LOL,I'm still gonna keep for back up still
android is ugly in my opinion, I still think that windows mobile still is the best. All it needed was a better processor speed and a good hardware.
i am going to buy a HTC HD 2
Apple needs to work on the iPhone interface.
Pablo D
big, not thick ;D
Emirati Auto
really nice interface
Do you have a video covering outdoor usage and screen visibility and compared to other similar phones?
Justin Rosaria
well at least IMO windows mobile appeals to me more than the iphone OS Its more for professionals really. This is a professional phone with a multimedia touch. The iphone is aimed at people who wants multimedia with a touch of smartphone functionality. Windows mobile IMO has more potential. Its hated by many people before criticizing it having an old and bland looking interface with slow as waiting and loading times. Well I think this phone is the answer thanks to the fast processor and sense UI
makisswe didnt understand what i ment..i bought the 3G for 500euro and the store made it into 24 month payment without any i payed 500 divided by 24..its very common in stores in sweden and i think around the i will buy the HD2 in the same way....
Just ordered one...can't wait to get my hands on it !
I know, that kind of sucks- it's not that its rounded of on the back by the way, its the camera lens which sticks out :/.
That's because it's a smartphone. It's for people who practically use their phone as a second laptop anyway, why else would it be so powerful? A nokia 3310 with this processor would be pretty pointless ;).
iphone sucks compared to this, sorry.
come on man:))) lay away...noone forces you today to pay up the full sum.....24months rent free....i dont understand people whou complain that they dont have 35 euro a month to pay......:)) its easy..hope you get it one day..its fun:))) gl
Aie Terbelahak
I just bought this phone yesterday. No regrets at all. It is a GREAT phone...
Svante Ahlblad
really nice :D
Yellow Mamba
Dis shoulda been ran on Android
Erik Hägglund
Brandon, you should totally have demonstrated the COOL feature that allows you to link facebook accounts to your contacts in your phonebook... it imports the picture they have on facebook to your phone... way cool.... I love my HD2!
Pablo Silva M.
great review man! pablo from chile
j a
man i want this phone!!! but i think its too big for me :( i hav an omnia 2 right now. should i keep it or get the hd2??
ougbj ikjlk
because america get everything so they thought they should just forget bout this one for america :P jkss xD dw i heard that i think what is it called sprint? a mobile carrier might make a deal to get it :D
I'm officially in love with this phone, great review!
Aston D'souza
its glass
yup it does in pretty good quality I just got this phone yesterday and can recommand it! check out the multi taskin vids on youtube...its just a powerfull phone
Greg Smith
This is by far the fastest UI I've seen that comes close to the iPhone (if not the same) in terms of speed. It was real quick. This phone looks like it's a beast. I've never really like HTC but this device is making me reconsider.
really great phone, but the battery is tiny, you have to charge it every day :/
kusulu 444
makes the iphone look primative lol,but they still need to catch up with the apps
julio diaz
i think it does cause on the phone it says at&t
Looks amazing, the only thing I quite didn't like was that you actually have to HOLD the phone when fiddling with it... you can see in the video that everytime he touches the screen, the phone wobbles. Why on earth would they round off the back with such a huge touchscreen up front?
Lambo Luke
God i hope it comes to att
Does it have landscape mode or not? What happens if you switch to landscape while not in music or pictures tab?
each device has its' own features iphone, htc hd, droid, n900, x10 what can we do? buy them all?
he probably gets them for free
whats the camera like
they already do. Sense UI was released with android based htc unit first
Even though HTC did a WONDERFUL job for WM with their UI, I dunno.... I feel Android still owns the future... I mean sure Android 2.0 still looks amateurish and cluttered (I mean compare the media player/image viewing experiences on Android with this beauty), I feel that HTC could do the same with Android as well...