Toilet Paper Rolls Dandelion Painting Technique for Beginners ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

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Ronnie Borriello
That is very cool.!!! I will try it tomorrow !! I have many toilet paper rolls for anothe project, so I will dip into it.
Sylvia Rosario
Can’t wait to try duplicating this for the walk ay my office work space. Thank you for sharing.
Nurah Q.
Wow It looks beautiful😍😍😍❤️
I feel like with other colors these could be fireworks!
Thank U sooo much for sharing this technique 🙏🏽 EASY BUT IMPACTFUL 👍🏽💕
Hiba Kamran
this is probably the only DIY I can actually be bothered to make😂😂😂. just gotta wait for the toilet paper to finish 😣😣😣
Yvonne Warren
Love this so much I am going to share with my Surface Design group. What kind of paper did you use. Is it watercolor paper?
What a great idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing !!! Bless you
Shalyse Clayton
I just made this today. It was a lot of fun and relaxing. Thank you for sharing your creative videos! I love them!
Zulma Lochard
Great idea! I'm going to use it to help my students with disabilities to enjoy and be included in the art class .
Jeanie Gregory
I love this idea Marta! Turned out so beautiful! I have to say I'm sorry for not being around for a long time. I have been in bed for a month and very sick. Still not well so I just pick 1 video to watch a day if I can. Thanks for a wonderful video!
fiorellino delicato
Absolutely great idea thanks a lot Maremi, love your creativity <3
Mack W.
I did this same craft but with oranges and yellows. I then turned them into little lions and framed them for my son's wall. Great video!!!
I LOVE this technique! For that, I subed! :D By the way, what coloring material you're using? :)
Safina-Zahra Jagani
WOW! I love this project! Thank you for this video!
shimel SOID
Hei!!!.. I found this video in pinterest !.. I just loved it. I think you are super smart and your way of leading the video is just so sweet!.. easy and smooth. Is even can try this with my children. We see you from Norway ! 🤗🤗
For anyone who happens to see this, I've been looking through my stuff trying to come up with good things for creating texture....and I found pipe cleaners! I don't know if this has been seen yet, but I just found it and got really excited!! :P
Beautiful! You're so right, the simple projects are so much fun~
Happy Camper
Heya! Really nice and simple effect, it looks fantastic. Try using metalics...😎 Ftw.
Penny Meyer
FABULOUS!! One of the best fast & easy videos with great results I've seen. Thank you for sharing this with us...I can't wait to try it.
Sushmita Chatterjee
Loved the technique! Please make a big wall art.
Juçara Lima
Parabéns muito lindo esses cartão.
Zunny Zepeda
Lindas ideas, gracias por compartirlo felicitaciones.
Just an ordinary Christian
I'm definitely trying this, thank you ❤️👌🏽
I loved these blue dandelion flowers. It's a very easy technique, thank you for sharing it with us! <3
Espi Navarro
Que bonito trabajo, no hace falta tener materiales sofisticados, para hacer tan bonitos proyectos. Gracias por compartir. Saludos desde Andalucia. España
thaqqy pawpaw
super duper beautiful... I'm loving it.. thanks for sharing it... 😊😊😘😘
Abigail Merritt
I love this idea! I'm going to do this on a canvas and put it on my wall :3 thx! Great video.
Once upon a time
Thank you so much, Dear Marta, I love it! I will try this one for sure <3 ~Stacey
I can't believe people actually gave this video thumbs down? I want to go and try this today :-) thank you
Dolores Ungerleider
Very clever and unique. Excellent demo. Thank you for sharing your outstanding expertise.
Delphine Andre
thank you so much, I'm looking for ideas for my primary school class, this is great !!!!
Michel zenitud
Magnifique idées Super sympa 👌 Joli couleurs 👍 J'adore ✌ Michel 04 Alpes 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😚
Joni Parsons
So beautiful and crafty... Maybe I will try this Thank you so much for sharing this 🌸
Rajasree Rajan
That was amazing!...and you have a sweeet❤ accent...
Oveda Arnold
The flowers remind me of fireworks as well. Very pretty!
Lindi Phillips
Amazing I saw someone with a journal page on you face book page and really loved what she had done, you are such an inspiration.... Thankyou
Are you polish? Your pronounciation sounds polish haha I'm loving this technique, so easy and cheap! And the colors you picked are very pretty.
Awesome! Who knew that you could paint with toilet paper rolls! TFS
I love your commentary as you uplifting.
Julia Keats
I love this it's so pretty and I will be trying this myself soon 🌹
Janie Petersen
I can’t wait to try this! Thank you Marta!
This is so creative! I love the idea of reusing toilet paper rolls to make a beautiful piece of artwork! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing idea with us! I will definitely give it a go!
Patricia Waring
Awesome Idea! So, So Pretty! Thank You!
Lilly Lagerqvist
OMG 😍 Even your "palette" is gorgeous 😅🙈😜👌❤️ Hähä
FunctionofLight One
Like so many others here, I love your pronunciation and accent. Both are just charming. And I absolutely love your upbeat attitude. It's such a pleasure to learn from someone who enjoys what she is doing. Blessings.
karla proaño
Gracias por tus fascinantes ideas te sigo desde Quito - Ecuador. Un abrazo 🤗
Woow this is so lovely and your enthusiasm makes it hundred times more fun! I will definately try this :)
Regina Dansbee
Thank you so much for the fabulous idea!!! So ingenious.
Brenda Vargas
yes, I also enjoyed listening to you.You have a cute accent.
Shellbug-Michelle Greene
now this I AM DOING!!!!
Caroline Smith
The funny thing is that the palette of colours you were working from could of made a really nice piece of artwork as well
What a great way to embellish acrylic pour paintings! Thank you!💗
This is brilliant 👍 what a great idea. The Dandelions look so lovely and I like the paint palette too... the toilet roll has left interesting marks there too. Thank you for sharing 👌💕😊
Ronnie Telowitz
I love this must run around the house collect toilet paper rolls. Thanks for this wonderful idea
K-pop Addict
I've always painted dandelions with a small brush.... *The moment you realize how much time you've wasted...* 😥
Aliyah Bowlin
I feel like you could use this to create fireworks as well Also I love you voice and accent😫
Genius! Love this idea! Want to try out!
Valerie Beurtin
very elegant !
Donna Puentez
This would be a great technique to paint fireworks. Thanks for the video.
Leslie Jones Creations
What a fun technique! My budget is almost nonexistent, so this is definitely something I can afford to do! Also, I have never heard the word dandelion pronounced so beautifully. In the US we say, DAN-dee-li (long i sound like sky)-on, but I'm going to start saying it your way!!! Seriously! I LOVE your accent and the way you pronounce words. I do hope you aren't offended by my comment. I truly do enjoy the way you say dandelion very much!! Thanks for sharing a great technique and for being a beautiful person inside and out!!
Tireva Ma
Please don't stop because you have AMAZING talent😍💓
An Dva
Could you please make some bookmarks? It'll be cool I'm sure
Kim Bliss
Who'da thunk!? Great technique! Thanks, Maremi!
I love this - I especially love the single one, with the yellow. I subscribed today! Your voice is so soothing. Thank you for sharing your talent and ideas.
this is such a great idea. i think i am going to do this on my hallway wall :))) great stuff!! thank you
I felt a great attraction for your video. Can I ask you why you created this work and why I can copy it?
natalie harris
such a cool technique ,,its a pity ive thrown away quite a few empty rolls this week aswell ,,i may have to start unrolling the paper from the rolls to have a go ,,love your tuts marta ,,ive just subbied too honey xx
Malaika Khan - Tomken Road MS (1153)
ur blessed with so much talent I loved it so much that I had to do it and it turned out beautiful thanks to u:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is one of those videos that people watch it just a they can dislike it, but because their jealous that they didn't come up with it first.
me n jiji
This is amazing! It could easily be fireworks as well if you had different colors in there! I'm going to have to try this.
Kazumi mizuki
So sweet how you say everytime "i loove it" 😂😂👍❤️
Railma Carvalho
Applause! Very beautiful. Thanks.
Nicola Locke
Could do fire works like that also. Cool idea!
Kachna Gronia
Fajne, podoba mi się :)
Joy Lev
Peux-tu,nous faire la même chose sur une toile ? 👍🏻😘
Anne Melton
What are you painting on? Canvas, Watercolor paper?
Katie Evert
My God I love listening to you!!! Anyone else? Sexiest, smoothest voice ever.
Joy Lev
Bonjour C’est très beau Moi qui ne sais pas dessiner Là je vais peut-être y arriver 👍🏻👍🏻😘
This is a great idea. Thank you. I will incorporate this to my painting.
Sylvie Perez
That's an awesome idea for someone as myself. I have no painting talent but I'm fairly confident I can replicate that. I love it! Thanks for sharing this method.
Sheetal Shinde
the flower was really was a damn easy idea that i have never thought of...thanks for sharing..keep making..
Pamela Bonus
I am your idol i also did what you did the bottle painting technique color purple. You are so Good.
Crybaby Senpai
Thank you so much for this! I had an idea to do this on a shirt, after trying it on paper of course. I think it would make a lovely design. 🖤
Shanaz Shafy
Really useful video fantastic work superb thanks
zara Ali
why do I feel like that if just add some more details to it it will become a really beautiful eye
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! ❤
Mariaclara Rocchetti
this is fantastic u should be proud
Eileen Grant
I love this! I'm going to try a white flower on a sky blue painted canvas & hope it looks like real dandelion wishes. Thank you for the inspiration x
valerie Hellard
I love this it's. so effective. I really cannot wait to try it myself. Thank you for sharing.
Hina Singh
Loving it. Now to go retrieve the loo rolls from recycling 🤓
Liz Wallis
Dadelions... have to be one of my very top best shapes! I just love them... along with paintings and pictures... of windows... doors, paths and gateways... they make me smile everytime... I just love this way you have created this one! thank you... love everything you do!
saroj kumari drawing classes
Soooo beautiful drawing
Ewa N
Majonez from Poland ....haha you have good taste hahaha with food too haha hahaha I love this Majonez ...yum
Tasha The Brit
I definitely enjoyed this video. I can't wait to see how the 2 year-olds I work with handle this project. Thank you for the idea!☺
Cherie Allen
Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the simplicity!! 💖💖
WOW!! Ur soooooooooooooooo lovely... So keenly in love with Ur craft, it's admirable. Ur voice and tone is so wonderfully sincere. thank you for sharing ur personal experiences xoxo
Debra Stone
I love this 💕 Thank you for the wonderful idea.
The results are so beautiful and I love the technique. I will definitely have to try. Thanks so much for sharing! Love your videos.