Toilet Paper Rolls Dandelion Painting Technique for Beginners ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

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For anyone who happens to see this, I've been looking through my stuff trying to come up with good things for creating texture....and I found pipe cleaners! I don't know if this has been seen yet, but I just found it and got really excited!! :P
Ronnie Borriello
That is very cool.!!! I will try it tomorrow !! I have many toilet paper rolls for anothe project, so I will dip into it.
Yvonne Warren
Love this so much I am going to share with my Surface Design group. What kind of paper did you use. Is it watercolor paper?
Hiba Kamran
this is probably the only DIY I can actually be bothered to make😂😂😂. just gotta wait for the toilet paper to finish 😣😣😣
Mack W.
I did this same craft but with oranges and yellows. I then turned them into little lions and framed them for my son's wall. Great video!!!
Once upon a time
snfkg _041128
Wow It looks beautiful😍😍😍❤️
sam Ali
why do I feel like that if just add some more details to it it will become a really beautiful eye
Caroline Smith
The funny thing is that the palette of colours you were working from could of made a really nice piece of artwork as well
I can't believe people actually gave this video thumbs down? I want to go and try this today :-) thank you
Katie Evert
My God I love listening to you!!! Anyone else? Sexiest, smoothest voice ever.
Sylvie Perez
That's an awesome idea for someone as myself. I have no painting talent but I'm fairly confident I can replicate that. I love it! Thanks for sharing this method.
K-pop Addict
I've always painted dandelions with a small brush.... *The moment you realize how much time you've wasted...* 😥
Wait? Are you Lovin it?!?!?
FunctionofLight One
Like so many others here, I love your pronunciation and accent. Both are just charming. And I absolutely love your upbeat attitude. It's such a pleasure to learn from someone who enjoys what she is doing. Blessings.
Julia O
Marta, this is a fabulous technique, and like so many other commenters here, I love listening to you as well. You have a gift, not only for bringing art to others, but a spirit of joy, as well. Thank you for what you do. May I also mention how puzzled I am by the people who put a thumbs down on this video (and others)? I mean, what's not to love? Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I just can't understand why they bother. What are they trying to say? I think, save it for videos that are offensive or controversial. I guess I have too much need for the world to make sense. Now, going to go paint me some toilet paper roll dendelions - that makes sense! Bye...
Obnoxious Dudebro
This is one of those videos that people watch it just a they can dislike it, but because their jealous that they didn't come up with it first.
pippa baker
I adore the way you say dandelion, its so beautiful
Calista Flores
I like your accent where you from? Like if you get it
Valerie Beurtin
very elegant !
I can't tell you how many times you made me smile during this video.
Shiro Kurosaki
This looks like fireworks :D I will definitely use this to decorate my backgrounds in my drawings. Thanks! 🌋
Catalpa Nelumbo
Polski majonez? ;* Pozdrawiam!!!
I love this - I especially love the single one, with the yellow. I subscribed today! Your voice is so soothing. Thank you for sharing your talent and ideas.
Joy Davis
How Fun, Thanks
Nicola Locke
Could do fire works like that also. Cool idea!
kooo oo
عبالي العاب ناريه
Crystal Dew
I think this would work for drawing fireworks as well.. excited to try it.. 😍😍🎆🎇
Bob Ross reincarnated. Painting Happy Flowers.
Espi Navarro
Que bonito trabajo, no hace falta tener materiales sofisticados, para hacer tan bonitos proyectos. Gracias por compartir. Saludos desde Andalucia. España
Leslie Jones Creative Pzazz
What a fun technique! My budget is almost nonexistent, so this is definitely something I can afford to do! Also, I have never heard the word dandelion pronounced so beautifully. In the US we say, DAN-dee-li (long i sound like sky)-on, but I'm going to start saying it your way!!! Seriously! I LOVE your accent and the way you pronounce words. I do hope you aren't offended by my comment. I truly do enjoy the way you say dandelion very much!! Thanks for sharing a great technique and for being a beautiful person inside and out!!
Ewa N
Majonez from Poland ....haha you have good taste hahaha with food too haha hahaha I love this Majonez ...yum
Ashli Vi the Cat
Клёво!!! Когда первый раз посмотрела на обложку, то задалась вопросом "Как?!" Очень понравилось видео
Cold Courtney
I love the colour blue
Teena kanojiya
nice video wow 😘😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Dark Angel
Have u tried that on a wall??
hisamuddin khan
delicate delicate
Mariah 001
I would have added a touch of light pink who else thinks so
Tonya McQueen
This method is pretty on book pages words in background with black Ink.
Eileen Grant
I love this! I'm going to try a white flower on a sky blue painted canvas & hope it looks like real dandelion wishes. Thank you for the inspiration x
Ribana May
A very creative idea!!!! I love it! and also your accent is beautiful !
Fiona Goxhai
I love her voice xx
Deborah Blauvelt
you may have already thought of this or someone may have mentioned it, but you might try folding some of the bristles inward, snip them short, and then you wouldn't have to fill the white space with the paper towel. fun project! thanks for sharing!!!
Mysterious Me And Life
which paints are you using here?
Doris Guzman Velez
I love your job !!! Where are you from? Your accent is very cute !!!
Vivien Wachs
Cool Idea 😘
Jessy Jeeva
I will try .!!!!!!
Dani Campbell
Maybe one day I will do this
Awesome! Who knew that you could paint with toilet paper rolls! TFS
Alissa Pestov
I suck at painting but I love any art, and this idea is... I can't even think of a word that is as amazing as u. The way that u speak is beautiful and your heart is very kind. I hope u get better in the future with art . Xoxo 😊 😘 😀 😍 😘 😏 😎 😜😌
Pilar Hernández claro
WoW ,is beutiful is art ;p
Amilie P.
It's so much pretty. Do you think it will be working on walls?
Sheetal Shinde
the flower was really was a damn easy idea that i have never thought of...thanks for sharing..keep making..
Pennie East ill
So simple but so effective, your full of ideas
Angelia Bio
Polish mayonnaise
Agnieszka Kłus
are you polish?
The results are so beautiful and I love the technique. I will definitely have to try. Thanks so much for sharing! Love your videos.
Dani Campbell
So cool 😎
Green Cherry-Blossom
umiesz polski???
Vinc Vinc
I think it's very delicate.
brigitte ferdin
Thanks for this delicate technique, so simple, so enjoyable:-))
Jessi Davis
So much fun!! Gonna go try!! I absolutely love the way you say dandelion. It's perfect! Marta, thank you so much for always sharing your heART with us. You have made me fall head over heels in love with art and creating.
Nao Thao
You should put some yellow like i did it turn out so beuifutfull😊😊like yours. I'm having a paint sell
Andreea Macsim
Well, for a silly girl is good .
sharifah vlogs
i .dont. know .what .are. u .talking. about
Mustajab Khan
just Ada
troszkę mnie ten angielski boli ale bardzo fajny pomysł ^^
Татяна Капричева
It is cool!
Lalita G
Amirah Adani
Zebe Joiya
Very good
Zul Abror
Use brown color. perfect toilet art.
Sahadev Roy
you speak tooo much
Khan Zohra
Very very nice video 👌👌👌👍👍
Yolanda Martinez
you dont know much english, do you?
모 모
Anna DIY Decorator Hacks
You are saying dandelion wrong.
Pokemonex Pikach
i dont like your accent
Michel zenitud
Magnifique idées Super sympa 👌 Joli couleurs 👍 J'adore ✌ Michel 04 Alpes 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😚
Michael Lehman
This is also a good idea for painting fireworks.
I am painting 20 years ago, and I love this quick and smart techniques! Thank you so much!!! 😉
اكرم زين
Really simple , prettyy idea I like your voic
skylar brooks
oh my gosh! this is so amazing & i can't wait to try it!!!
sonia vidarte
Hermoso gracias por compartirlo, saludos desde Uruguay
WOW!! It's so cool!!!
assmae assmae
Tireva Ma
Please don't stop because you have AMAZING talent😍💓
Dina Almeida
What paper is?
WOW!! Ur soooooooooooooooo lovely... So keenly in love with Ur craft, it's admirable. Ur voice and tone is so wonderfully sincere. thank you for sharing ur personal experiences xoxo
Kazi Md Farhadul Islam Shaki
Which color is this ???
Love it!,,tfs
Людмила Денисевич
Такая красота! Золотые у Вас реки!
Monica Roberts
Going back to hobby lobby to buy there package of canvases, over my bed would be thankful, get rid of that tired thing , love them both
Maybe if you cut the roll top to bottom and curl it in. you can get the inside done the same way. this is sooo cool!!! i love it!!!
Zunny Zepeda
Lindas ideas, gracias por compartirlo felicitaciones.
Ирина Гусева
Thank God for you! Wonderful! Thank you!
I have to do this on my channel! AMAZING JOB! Cathryn
L-YAN Création
I love it
Judi Block
I love all of your videos and the way you talk...well, I could listen all day to your voice. Your excitement when you are working on a piece is contagious! Thanks so much for brightening my days!