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Subscribe to AFM Records here: /> "Gunman" is taken from the new ORDEN OGAN studio record "Gunmen" - to be released 7/7/2017 via AFM Records worldwide. Get the new album "GUNMEN" at the AFM Webshop or choose your store: EN: />DE: ############################################### Visit us on iTunes and Apple Music: /> />############################################### EXCLUSIVE RELEASE SHOWS IN GERMANY - all tickets purchased in the AFM shop include a FREE bonus Live CD (attention: not the new studio album)- 07.07.2017 HAMBURG - Hafenklang />08.07.2017 FORT FUN ABENTEUERLAND (Saloon) />09.07.2017 MÜNCHEN - Backstage /> ############################################ "Gunmen" was produced, mixed and mastered by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann @ Greenman Studios /> /> /> The videoclip was directed and produced by Rainer "Zipp" Fränzen /> /> FOLLOW ORDEN OGAN: /> /> /> /> /> ## #ORDEN OGAN “Gunmen” Tour 2017 (special guests Rhapsody Of Fire)### 13.10.17 DE Bochum Matrix 14.10.17 DE Herford X 15.10.17 FR Paris Le Petit Bain 16.10.17 DE Langen Neue Stadthalle 17.10.17 NL Nijmegen Doornroosje 18.10.17 DE Bremen Tivoli 19.10.17 DK Copenhagen Beta 20.10.17 DE Leipzig Hellraiser 21.10.17 Cz Prag Nova Chmelnice 22.10.17 DE Munich Backstage 23.10.17 AT Graz Explosiv 24.10.17 IT Treviso New Age 25.10.17 IT Bologna Zona Roveri 27.10.17 ES Barcelona Salamandra 28.10.17 ES Madrid But 29.10.17 ES Bilbao Stage Live 31.10.17 BE Vosselaar Biebob 01.11.17 DE Siegburg Kubana 02.11.17 DE Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik 03.11.17 CH Pratteln Z 7 04.11.17 DE Geiselwind Music Hall 05.11.17 IT Voghera Dadga Club 07.11.17 UK London O2 Islington #### LYRICS #### the toll of the warning bell my boots sink in bullet shells I have become an outlaw, nightmare of the damned the hangman left the scaffold I took him out, still blindfold I made this place a ghost town, painted the lanes red bridge: I'll find you... I'll hunt you down I'll be your final nightmare chorus: I AM THE GUNMAN I BRING SALVATION ON THIS DAY HERE COMES THE GUNMAN YOU KNOW THAT VENGEANCE IS MY NAME when shadows hide at high noon I kneel down by her tombstone and from the earth she'll rise to pass her site to you you will beg for forgiveness I'll make you plead and confess find absolution with a bullet in your head bridge: I'll find you... I'll hunt you down I'll be your final nightmare chorus: I AM THE GUNMAN I BRING SALVATION ON THIS DAY HERE COMES THE GUNMAN YOU KNOW THAT VENGEANCE IS MY NAME Get access to official music videos, interviews, live performances and album trailer of D-A-D, Fear Factory, Ministry, U.D.O., Rhapsody of Fire, Orden Ogan, Evergrey, Emil Bulls, J.B.O., Kissin' Dynamite, LORDI and many more!

Tomas Balciunas
So these four blind cowboys run into a bar...
If Orden Ogan and PowerWolf dont save power metal,than i dont know who will.Seriously,Orden Ogan with each album is just better and better
Headbanger's Kitchen
What a brilliant tune!! Had it on loop for days!!
Adam Shearsby
Meanwhile, in Fallout New Vegas...
Should be the main song of Red Dead Redemption 2
They've travelled a long way from the frozen wasteland where I found them XD
vikings on utah?
Tragil Dead
You guys need to make a whole film with the Gunman as protagonist. Something like a western thriller or western horror film. That would be so amazing. And i think it would blow our minds ;)
Linda Heeringa
had to refrain myself from singing along loudly in a crowded train. :P fucking love it!!! Great video, as usual with Orden Ogan. They never dissapoint!
John Miller
Orden Ogan have done it again. Also, Alistair Vale is a super underrated metal mascot.
Killmaster Mathias Targaryen
Orden Ogan once again proved that they really deserve to be better known \m/ \m/
The Red dead Redemption song ;)
adart medienproduktion
Der Dreh hat super Spass gemacht..... eine sehr lange Nacht, aber eine tolle Band super Stimmung am Set und uns klebt der Refrain immer noch im Ohr!!!
Garrett McKinney
wait so orden ogan will come to the states for a music video but not for a tour? Am sad :(
Pagan's Mind
Amazing song! Loving the Western styled Orden Ogan. And amazing video clip as well!
sounds real wide and epic.delivering the goods,as always.the chorus is stuck in my head now and I don't mind that,11/10
Steak Knife
7 people need to face The Gunman
Whoever thumbs downed this needs to binge drink Clorox and go back to listening to Justin Beiber.
Bring your heavy-metal asses to North America! \m/
Giovanni Córdova
The man in black fled across the desert and the Gunman followed.
How is it that I've never heard of this band before? According to wikipedia they've been active for over 20 years!
Dr. Thori Senf
Who disliked this?
Swedish Gamer
Red Dead Redemption 2 hype? I'm in.
Hab schon sehnsüchtig darauf gewartet! Freu mich meeega! :)
Ihr werdet einfach immer noch besser, seit dem ersten Album 2010 absolut begeistert. Freue mich auf ein Wiederhören live!!!
Been waiting for this and I'm not disappointed. I lash out at many of todays powermetal acts, but Orden Ogan has been a "modern" favorite for me since the debut. I love the new song and the concept, and great video as well!
Atano Scatchmore
Großartig! Ich kanns sowieso kaum abwarten bis das boxset endlich da ist und jetzt steh ich total unter strom! Ihr steigert euch echt von release zu release. Und am 7. wird Hamburg gerockt! \m/
Orden turn Westworld! :) Very Cool!
Azu Dagmar
como amo el metal tiene de todo nos hace soñar nos transporta, hace que nos sintamos vaqueros vikingos vampiros demonios brujos magos etc
Shad Mae
that Chorus!!! Stunning Orden Ogan do it again a future MasterPiece!
Lukas Skalski
This song should be the soundtrack of Red Dead Redemption 2 \m/>.<\m/
Tanu Index
A western themed band is quite a welcome novelty
Suicidal Grooves
Killer solo!!!
Tobias Fate anyone?
Dastan Lyndhale
I have the feeling that at least all three last orden ogan's records are linked. Could we say that the gunman is the guy we can see on the cover of easton hope as undead ?
Electric John
why shoot up the raven haired blue eyed beauty? i have a use for her!
Those seven unlucky bastards.... He'll find you... He'll hunt you down... He'll be your final nightmare.... :D
dont really listen to this band i discovered a few good songs by them and saw this so figured id check it out absolute master piece
you will beg for forgiveness I'll make you plead and confess find absolution with a bullet in your head
Alex Mihail
Intro: "Damn, gloriously badass!" Verse: "Man, this is great!" Bridge: "Ahm ... pretty quiet" Chorus: Google search: "How to wash pee stains?"
Tomas Balciunas
I'm early.... Hi everyone!
Joe Scotton
bloodborne metal ♥
Roope Setä
Western metal cowboys from hell good metal
I have no words for this.
Vernon Robinson
I love this band
Orden Ogan brought me here
Carl Frederick
Awesome...cannot WAIT for this. Monument Valley looks amazing :-)
Himitsu 77
Toll, jetzt muß bis Juli auf den Rest warten, gemein!
Rafał Myszkier
"I am the Gunman I bring salvation on this day Here comes the Gunman You know that Vengeance is my name" Just one simple word "amazing"
Orden Ogan has definitely moved up into my top five metal bands. Feel the Power!
I see Gramps lost some weight. Sigh. No one's gonna get that reference. House 2. Zombie gunmen. It was a thing. Great song.
Kevin Leandro Osorio Mejia
Hey Thanks Orden Ogan!
So amazing ! Congrats Dude !!
89Neutrix Jim
Roland of Gilead like this !
Kubaa SM
much better than any metallica song
draven morningstar
where the hell were they in westworld?
Ice Wolf
Why does Alista look like the one Guy from Bloodborne?:D
Right click on the video, check Loop
Steve Paulson
The build up to this song is among the best ever written. The steady climb to thunder is SO good!
John Doe
i probably wouldnt be wrong to say, ORDEN OGAN greatest metal band in the world
Lord Beartic
5:42 Abyss Watcher, is that you?
Alexander Urban
Very high quality video and music!
brilliant song and i cant get enough of it.
This band is pure talent, this is like nothing can stop them.
Ryanayr kolplok
That was epic! Their last album was fantastic and now it looks like Gunmen will be too!
Diego Solis
Best Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer so far!
werner ma
Applaus....Applaus....Megga...Hammer....Geiler Sound. Dachte schon, F.E.V.E.R. wäre ihr schöpferischer Höhepunkt
this is a very talented band
Bread Alchemist
2:45 Isn't that the Dark Brotherhood horse?
Michael Boozer
This released while I was at work, so I couldn't listen for 3 hours. I almost died, but I made it.... it did not disappoint. Absolutely Epic song!!!
As one BLIND persons GUARDIAN falls into sleep...a new CELTIC hero emerges full FEAR ........ I love these guys
Ric ado
Ein Meisterstück ... ich kann es kaum erwarten diesen Titel in meine CD Sammlung einzuordnen.
gwyn griffiths
this is the type of music i love amongst other types
Josh Annis
392 viewers have forgotten the faces of their fathers.....
Dead Farang
The Gunaman sent me here!
Tim Meurer
Danke an Rainer Fränzen für das Gespräch heute auf der Ehrenburg! Wäre sonst nicht auf das klasse Musikvideo gekommen! :)
ElectricWizard 666
In fort fun wird dieses Lied extrem episch werden!
Enrique Rull
boring power metal...this guys has not blood on is veins but milk. Sad, some albums of the past was not so boring, ven good albums. Only can save some guitar solo.
If I could, I'd make this my theme song. hahaha!
Mr HowIMetYouSilver
Tragil Dead
The song is realy good. But what is this trend with the bloddy blindfolds in 2017? I saw that 2 times on music videos from this year: 1. Shade Empire Anti-Life Saviour 2. September Mourning 20 Below Is that on purpose? Or do you guys just thougt that it looks awesome? btw it looks awesome ^^
Stefan Luckerbauer
Just awsome! Great Locations, great Music, great Video.
Travis Toor
Absolutely fucking brilliant. One of the best songs of the year. Brilliant music and video production. Completely and utterly outfuckingstanding.
1:32 Nhandu chromatus or Acanthoscurria geniculata ?
cheesesteak killer 1997
words can't describe how exceptional this song just found these guys yesterday but I'm obsessed already amazing band gotta love germans
Marlon Da Costa Gomes Costa
Um dos melhores do mundo
It would be very cool if the band performed on stage wearing the costumes from this video, although I guess it would be very difficult for them to play the guitars and drums lol.
Great song and very creative video. Glad to see some bands don't have to resort to the typical forest background like so many that do.
AlterSchwede WieGeil
To the end was an amazing masterpiece. I'd Neverwinter thought they're able to crush it. then they came up with Ravenhead, which was one hell of an Album!! Now with what we're seeing Orden Ogan is on a Goodyear way to make it 3 glorious Albums in a row. I already ordered the Limited pictured Vinyl and maybe i can make it to munich die the release Show
Holver 78
Nun denn. 7.7. Bin dabei
Joseline Davila
a girl is pleased with what she hears, a girl is singing this!
Longmir Teron
Only if the vocals ranged upto headvoice. Anyway great music overall.
Vitalii Krishtal
Great Clip 👍 I Love Orden Ogan band. Very Nice Vidéo.
Never new this band until I heard them on tbe turock open air Festival in Essen. They are amazing and they were even better live! There was an atmosphere of epicness and those few minutes I felt so alive and I was by far not the only one. Looking forward to discovering more good music by them ^^
Pnm 279
This band is a jewel, one of the best bands in the late years of power metal. They achieved a pretty awesome own style.
shady a7x
I'm typing with my feet, because my hands can't stop applauding
Early than 1000 views !! i will come back after 2 million