Californication Season 3 Finale

Hank goes home to Karen and tells her his secret. Californication S03E12 - Mia Culpa Song: Elton John - Rocket Man I own nothing.

Ethan istanforCBE
this is actually one of the best moments i've seen on TV.. song choice, acting.. brilliant. 
I wish I knew what was said during that conversation
They did a good job with the song choice here. Great show
To be perfectly honest it wasn't even his fault. She led HIM on...
Damien Delahoussaye
@JustMeTempe He confessed to sleeping with Mia, who was a 16 year old girl. Mia was also close to Hank's wife.
František Kučera
He slept with 16 years old girl...
What were they saying