Californication Season 3 Finale

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Hank goes home to Karen and tells her his secret. Californication S03E12 - Mia Culpa Song: Elton John - Rocket Man I own nothing.

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Ethan istanforCBE
this is actually one of the best moments i've seen on TV.. song choice, acting.. brilliant. 
To be perfectly honest it wasn't even his fault. She led HIM on...
They did a good job with the song choice here. Great show
I wish I knew what was said during that conversation
František Kučera
He slept with 16 years old girl...
Damien Delahoussaye
@JustMeTempe He confessed to sleeping with Mia, who was a 16 year old girl. Mia was also close to Hank's wife.
What were they saying