Chris Brown - Loyal (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga

Chris Brown's official music video for 'Loyal' ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga. Click to listen to Chris Brown on Spotify: /> As featured on X. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: />Google Play: />Amazon: /> More from Chris Brown Turn Up The Music: />With You: />Don't Wake Me Up: /> Follow Chris Brown Website: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: /> Subscribe to Chris Brown on YouTube: /> More great Hip Hop videos here: /> --------- Lyrics: I wasn't born last night I know these hoes ain't right But you was blowing up her phone last night But she ain't have her ringer nor her ring on last night, oh Nigga, that's that nerve Why give a bitch your heart When she rather have a purse? Why give a bitch your inch When she rather have nine? You know how the game goes She be mine by half time, I'm the shit, oh Nigga, that's that nerve You all about her, and she all about hers Birdman Junior in this bitch, no flamingos And I done did everything but trust these hoes (CB fuck with me!) When a rich nigga want you And yournigga can't do nothing for ya These hoes ain't loyal These hoes ain't loyal Yeah, yeah, let me see"

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Chris Breezy TV
#TeamBreezy let's get this to 1B in 2018
Trick Facts
Almost 2019 and hoes still not loyal
Ayona Laquay
Loyal just hit 800 million views who here before 1billion views ❤❤🔥🔥
Sbahle D
October 2018, anyone? ?
KING Nebula
This song will never get old cuz theys hoes will never be loyal
Jessfrom theburbs
This was the anthem of 2014 but lil Wayne’s verse 🔥🔥
Like if this his best song ever
Oliver Mønster
Police:Where do u live? Me:With my parents Police:Where your parents live? Me:With me Police:Where u all live? Me:Together Police:Where is your house? Me:Next to my neighbour Police:Where is your neighbour house? Me:If i tell you, you wont believe me Police:Tell me Me:Next to my house
Tamim Dotarachi
Wayne 🔥 lil Wayne is back guys go bump Carter 5 💯💯💯 shit is trending errywhere 🔥
September is almost done and I'm still watching... Is there anyone with me??? 😉😉😉
Tupac - Lyric King Biggie - Flow King Eminem - Rhyme King Dr. Dre - Beat King Rick Ross - Burger King
Ngare Arnold
Nobody 👏 Cares 👏 What 👏 Year 👏 You're 👏 Listening 👏 To 👏 This 👏
Chris brown teaching me more about women than any gender study class
Breezy Brown
800M Come on 🔥🔥🔥🔥
under arms
Play dis after a breakup, it does wonders!! 😂😂😂
Jack Hallman
2018 anyone
When a song teaches you more then a whole gender studies degree
Jhone T
Am never tired of hearing this song.....JUST TOO SWEET.....this is among the best beats ever made on the greatest RnB singer's vocals .....should have had a billion or more views by now though but......who is here till its 1B and more?
Austin Sobande
800mill. LETS GET THIS TO 1B
It's Lucette Hardy
When songs help you more than school
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
It's funny how he's referring to females as Hoes, yet there are a TON of females in this video singing and dancing along. Lol
normal kidd tae
September or october 2018 anyone?
4orty 5ive
October 2018 Anyone !
Peterderehrenmann jsjd
Best Singer in The world
Y’all keep forgetting that guys can be hoes too so this song is really for all the hoes out there wether u a guy or a girl.
Krazy Breezy
lets get this to 1B in 2018
Hard Core
I wasn't born last night...🖤🖤
Luis Mesias
Like si la escuchas en 2019
September 2018 anyone?!!?
His best song ever
fatuma Ababy
Who is watching with me...2017....2018 loading🔥🔥🔥😘
Matured Bee Bee Thong
this just too good
coo-coo-coo music
The new gen rappers got me listening back to the classics 🍗🔥🔥💯❤
Chloe Couszins
My name is Chloe Rebecca couszins 18 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍😘 😍
Jacky Cebeat
Ray that is little girl Either way let the way Lil Wayne And Chris Brown I'm your biggest fan😎👍❤😘😋😁
Da Kid Gowie
Man, I wish the media would just let Chris live. We've seen too many AMAZING artist go through unnecessary stress because of the media. This man has been making amazing music since he stepped on the scene. We all need to focus on the music much rather than celebrities personal lives. Stop the hate; enjoy the music.
علي البغدادي
Anyone with me, 2018?
It's Lucette Hardy
When have they ever been loyal
Ruan Silva
Cade os Brasileiros galera ? haha Setembro de 2018 alguém??
Johanny Parra
september 2018? Anyone♥
these hoes ain't loyalllll
isaac duran
Alguien habla español o soy el unico? Den like si saben hablar español.😉
ć vìvã vívã
800m views 200m+=1b Team breezy
Peace Allen
This song never gets old. Gosh i love this i will listen to it every year.LIKE IF U AGREE
Cold Name
Dam chris brown is good at dancing
Elena Polentas
This never gets old!!
2018..they still ain't loyal 😥
Felle JWBoo
2:31 Ty Dolla $ign from nowhere
Maria M
TYGA 'Thank You God Always' 💓 You Mate x
Sukha Ambarsariya
These hoe's aint loyal
Mahum Tariq
The dancing in this video is amazing!! Lovvee itt
Daniel Olivier
I will still watch this 2019
Mickenley Paul
Fun fact, Ty dolla sign wrote the song
King Perkins
Who's here before 800 mill
These hoes aint loyal
future sun
Who's watching in 2018 🔥♥️
jazmine johnson
"When I call her, she gone leave and I bet that bottom dollar she gon' cheat" best line!2018?😃
Brian Anderson
my ex gf wasnt loyal....
Luciano Passos
Rumo a 1 bi 2018
Larong Pinoy
2018 ?? still listening
Afolabi Taylor
I bumped this so hard in 8th grade lmao
jason vorrhess
Is anyone here in 2018 !!!! Cause if u is type a response and hit that thumbs up botton.
TeamBreezy V
They still ain't loyal
Daniel Olivier
Anyone watching October 2018
2018 bitch
I make Edits
“Chris brown said these hoes ain’t loyal”
jason vorrhess
But u is right about THESE HOES AIN'T LOYAL though
Jahleed Bulgin
This song still fire in 2018!!!
Clcasiis Maxamed
6 10 2018 🤩🤗🙂
the reality
This WiFi aint loyal
Palmx Productions
like for tha Carter V
Sweet Kelly
good song 2018
Le’Asia Holifield
I literally dance off this errday😂😂🤪
Tom Lankings
Can finally relate to this song 😂
JourneyTo WaistLength
*cough These boys aint loyal..
Robin Stichweh
f*cking 800.000.000😳
flappy chunk
Gotta tell u youtube u hoes aint loyal #loyalto1billion
Nicko Boss
Still the best in 2018
800M 👏 Hoes still aren't loyal
Leah and Dell
you can tell they had hella fun shooting this video
Vitolo Boy
September 2018????
Adilnizar Lolking
Stefanox Hd
Muy buena la cancion
Felisha Wiliams
Love Chris Brown
This is what Calvin Harris is singing in the shower because of Taylor Swift
Thao Vi
Dario Cañar
Octubre, 2018🙄
Hopekings Khunga
This song still tasteful...
Serdar GS1905
2099 - - - - - >999 Billllllllion I like✔️©️
Najip Ajka
listening 2018 🔥
justagamer Forfun
Who is still listning
Garvian Harrison
200 M to go FAM
Yasmine Kone
robloxandlildexter Powell
Lil Wayne can rap as good as Chris brown and nba young boy
This song has been on constant repeat since it came out. :)
Aaa Bbb
I love 😍
nonya business
lil wayne's the GOAT💯🔥👌
Orlando Jr Tanguilan
Sept 2018 anyone?
*This generation of young men have gotten Red Pilled EARLY...* *Good.* 😁
Weezy satisfies me enough in this song. Witty lyrics and a mad flow. Breezy doesn't do it for me really in this one. Only the hook is decent i rate. Tyga's flow is sick but lyrically nothing grabbed me. But the FUCKING beat is on another level. It's a killer. I sometimes totally blank out the lyrics and enjoy that bass! Who is the producer behind this hypotic beat?! Google here i come.