Chris Brown - Loyal (Official Music Video) (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga

Chris Brown's official music video for 'Loyal' ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga. Click to listen to Chris Brown on Spotify: /> As featured on X. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: />Google Play: />Amazon: /> More from Chris Brown Turn Up The Music: />With You: />Don't Wake Me Up: /> Follow Chris Brown Website: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: /> Subscribe to Chris Brown on YouTube: /> More great Hip Hop videos here: /> #ChrisBrown #Loyal #Vevo #RandB #OfficialMusicVideo #LilWayne #Tyga --------- Lyrics: I wasn't born last night I know these hoes ain't right But you was blowing up her phone last night But she ain't have her ringer nor her ring on last night, oh Nigga, that's that nerve Why give a bitch your heart When she rather have a purse? Why give a bitch your inch When she rather have nine? You know how the game goes She be mine by half time, I'm the shit, oh Nigga, that's that nerve You all about her, and she all about hers Birdman Junior in this bitch, no flamingos And I done did everything but trust these hoes (CB fuck with me!) When a rich nigga want you And yournigga can't do nothing for ya These hoes ain't loyal These hoes ain't loyal Yeah, yeah, let me see"

I come back to this video everyday just to remind myself that these hoes ain't loyal.
Chris Brown just has a way with how he expresses his emotions into the Music.. This is exactly the kind of message that needs to be spread. We live in a world where people get their fix from bringing others down and making them feel worthless. We need more love, kindness and positivity. I aspire to change the world and help people the same through my own Music. They call me crazy for dreaming so big.. But this right here is proof that anything is possible. The difficult times never last - You just have to keep holding on and never give up on yourself. Life is worth living!
rayray slays
Still my jam,(2018)
Karan Singh
i am TIME TRAVELER from 2050 and hoes still aint loyal :(
Its December 2018 and these hoes still aint loyal
Mahum Tariq
The dancing in this video is amazing!! Lovvee itt
These bros ain't loyal either tbh
Shep Bangerz
It's 2022 and these hoes still ain't loyal smh
Nick Antonucci
I just lost my gf because she wanted my friend 😭 but this song made me realize she ain't Werth it
Matthew Gleed
Dosent 4 years go quickly
Jessfrom theburbs
This was the anthem of 2014 but lil Wayne’s verse 🔥🔥
Mr Krabs
Them 178k dislikes is all them unloyal hoes 🤣😭
Jd del rio
Almost 2019 and still they ain’t loyal.
Hz.GaminG Gamer
Almost 2019 still *THESE HOES AIN'T LOYAL*
Ahmed Ur Rehman Khan
Here from the stone age. My 7th female left me for the rival tribe because they had better tools. Those hoes were never loyal. sent via iStone.
Chris Breezy TV
#TeamBreezy let's get this to 1B in 2018
Suzy Quientin
I really recommend watching the Chris Brown documentary on Netflix. It will really open your eyes about Chris, as it did for me.
Year 3000: these hoes still ain't loyal
Nomfundo Hlongwane
I can't believe it's been 4 years since this song came out 😱
Thelegend 27
The truth is these hoes NOT loyal
kelvin arasa
December 2017 anyone? 👀😂 still they ain't loyal🤣🤣MERRY Xmas
Blackpink's lightstick is the best ever!
I freakin love Chris Brown.
darwiish hurre
Chris brown 🇸🇴🇸🇴🤚🤚🤚🤚
Francis Ravi Sadhwani
3:06 Am i the only one who keeps on repeating this part because its so freaking good to the ears?
Glory Obe
I swear down this song never gets old and its still the shit in 2018!!!!
Elena Polentas
This never gets old!!
Felicia B
These hoes ain’t loyallll
Eclectist 105
I love this song
Justine Furaha
I like your music
Francis Ravi Sadhwani
Lots of triggered hoes disliked this legendary song 😂
Afolabi Taylor
I bumped this so hard in 8th grade lmao
Mike Jacooby
Most hoes hate this song so i bump it LOUuDEER
Ido Tal
javier zapata
I like this music to one in 2018 I listen to it Desde republica dominicana
Hz.GaminG Gamer
180k Dislikes ,by the *HOES*
Bitcoin Gamer TM
November 2018, anyone ??
Edison Fermin
¿2018? 🔥💜
Mudathir Haji
From 2014 back to 2018 and these hoes still aint loyal!!!
Lamine Toure
2019 is coming who's here before 1 billion views
LiTTLe NicoLe LucY LaLande
phenominal u guys r phenominal inside n out call me little hurricane nikkii when i roll thru towns i destroy any artist lyrical songs and kill any beat
Jack Hallman
2018 anyone
Pakiry Francisca
"Loyal " 😉😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😻
Clyde Amin
Why give her an inch when she rather have 9🔥😂
Let's go team breezy ROAD TO 1BILLION🗾🗾
December 2018😍
fatuma Ababy
Who is watching with me...2017....2018 loading🔥🔥🔥😘
Yeuri Peguero
This song is so true
He is not serious about the dancing in most in this vid right? Edit:I don’t think it’s bad it’s just a little funny
Qamar Yusuf
Krazy Breezy
lets get this to 1B in 2018
Antwan Stroud
True facts these hoes aint loyal
G h i r / A M V
*_Who also listen to this from 2014 too 2018 i m waiting 2019 😍🌷_*
Matheus Santos
Ouvir em uma tabacaria e vim ouvir esse mito"
Vortex Nation
The dancing though😁😉
future sun
Who's watching in 2018 🔥♥️
Justin Rodriguez
Está chula la canción
November 2018?
Amel Bou
Any one here before 1B 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
danyra brooks
All the hoes when they find out they side man cheating😭
Asmit Dcruz
Chris Brown is a great Dancer ❤
Amie Tiatia
Tyga basically stood there and just be cool can we this comment to 20 likes
Maxwell Atuahene
you all about her and she's all about hers
Porque nunca paro de ouvir essa musica ❤✌, top de mais #teambreezy
these hoes ain't loyalllll Instagram
Diop Awa
In 2018❤️💓💕💖I LOVE YOU Chris
Grande Moonlight
Are these hoes loyal? Can't tell
Ofentse Kantwana
Good song man!!!
Cougar Boys
When were hoes loyal to begin with?
LGTB ( Lets Get This Bread💰 ) 2019
Khulood Alaamrei
Tuto Aybar
Alguien que hable Español?
Andrew Alexander
This hoes ain't loyal but I love em all 😂
Da Kid Gowie
Man, I wish the media would just let Chris live. We've seen too many AMAZING artist go through unnecessary stress because of the media. This man has been making amazing music since he stepped on the scene. We all need to focus on the music much rather than celebrities personal lives. Stop the hate; enjoy the music.
bob jo
How does Gucci gang have more views than this, that song is so trash
Emoticon Show
Diciembre 2018 ♥
france man
This song IS like today wallhi 😎
Trippy Figueroa
She be mines by half-time 😎😎
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
It's funny how he's referring to females as Hoes, yet there are a TON of females in this video singing and dancing along. Lol
Michelle Manning
I love Chris Brown. His songs are🔥
I'm an 80s baby and these hoes weren't loyal back then and they're definitely not now. 11/2018
Zula Chama
Who,s next behind on these song watching put your LIKE
Jamir Smith
Thanksgiving 2018
Yaster King Beats
JULY 2018??
valeria cristina
Stiven Mateo
Algún latino por aquí ?🤔
Morgana Azul
Why chris n tuga lol wearin the same shirt
Yossiel Sanchez
I love this song💎👌
Weezy satisfies me enough in this song. Witty lyrics and a mad flow. Breezy doesn't do it for me really in this one. Only the hook is decent i rate. Tyga's flow is sick but lyrically nothing grabbed me. But the FUCKING beat is on another level. It's a killer. I sometimes totally blank out the lyrics and enjoy that bass! Who is the producer behind this hypotic beat?! Google here i come.
Allen Lim
This beat will live on forever. So will the hoes not being loyal.
Apresh Jd
These hoes ain’t loyal
Juliana Santos
Ramsey Guerrero
I lost my gf because she wanted my best friend and then we fought and I won so she wanted me back and I said wait and I played the song 😂 but yeah these hoes ain't loyal for shit
Holy I love Chris brown
Anil Magar
Nice dance
briyana celesine
Just got rich..........................................
Suman Kumar Chettry
Today 21st Nov 2018 Anyone? Just to remind yourself these hoes ain't loyal
Paolo Velasquez
December 2018???
Antwon Clark
This is 4yrs old? Time goes by too fast jeez