Stranglehold (Live)

One of the most badass rock tunes of all time.
michael maira
the best version of this song ever. SOLID
I have no idea why radio stations always play the studio version. This one is so much better. (I feel the same way about Freebird, too.)
This song is like guitar heaven! The Nuge shoots from the hip!
Daniel Roncaioli
Uncle Ted’s “Double Live Gonzo” is one of the best live rock albums, and still holds up decades after it was recorded.
charlie pickard
Ted Still rockin at 68, THE BATTLE CRY
Gary Giampa
the best live from 1978 thank you I love it
John Morgan
Mile high stadium, Denver ..Super Sunday 1976-77?..The Rockets, The Cars, Heart, UFO and The motor city madman himself... changed my life it did!
RayinPa U.S.A.
YES !!! my Wedding Song .
Fuzzy Butkus
70’s were by far the best years for rock and roll60’s hippies and Vietnam war80’s Disco 90’s boy bands and politics 00’s leave politics and religion out of Rock and Roll. Religion is for people afraid of hell,Spirituality is for those of us who’ve been there.All great Michigan bands and solos have an album cover like this.Live Bullet Bob Seger,Gonzo Terrible Ted. now kid Rocks live album
John Smith
Grow a pair!
Come on people , Ted for the Hall!
Dan Calestini
This is for my bro Kurt in Chicago we listened to this song every day on coke N pot 40 years ago as well of the rest of the album great white buffalo hibernation storm troopers great fuckin double live album
Gene Hasenbuhler
This is and FOREVER WILL BE the greatest LIVE album ever produced by ANYBODY-ONLY Ted could pull it off!!!!!! FOREVER GENIUS!!!!!!
Kristian S
I heard that Fish band is gonna be playing this live during their fall tour
DH Thomas
Whod'a thought Obama had six YouTube accounts. Or maybe it was his husband, Michael.
john g
Detroit Motor City Madman Ted Nugent use to be able rock it down.Although he was never a huge draw like Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc.. he was pretty decent. But, then all the rumors started flying around, and then more added to it, and then more and more. Everything from the steps he took to dodge the draft,, pooping in his pants at the physical, to charges of minor girls, it just kept adding up. It really turned a lot of his fans off. And, how he turned out later in life, after making a very nice living off regular kids, most not rich, and most peace loving kids. Then Ted comes a spokesman for the NRA, and the establishment, the very type people his fans were against. That was the final stab in the back from Ted Nugent to his fans. Then they all disappeared, forgetting all about how good he could rock. They were done with him. Many gave their Nugent records away, and some burned them in protest.