Shehar Ke Bachche - Sundeep Sharma (Children's Day Special) | UnErase Poetry

Sundeep Sharma performs "Shehar Ke Bachche" at The Habitat, Khar on 6th November 2017. To contribute to Project Manasvi, visit their site at: Like us on Facebook: />Subscribe to us on Youtube: />Follow us on Instagram: />Follow us on Twitter: /> Credits: Written & Performed by: Sundeep Sharma Curated by: Simar Singh Music by: Hasan Baldiwala Shot by: Dishang Popat, Harsh Shah, Yash Pandit Location Courtesy: The Habitat, Khar, Mumbai Sound Mixing & Mastering by: Sreejith Menon (The Habitat Studios) Edited by: Simar Singh Art Design by: Allwyn Pereira Special Thanks: Balraj Singh Ghai About UnErase Poetry- We are a community for promoting and producing spoken word poetry through live performances and online content, based in Mumbai, India.

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Heema Shirvaikar
I'm here for the guitarist. ❤
Prashant Upadhyay
Who came here after Father knows Better???? 👇👇
Aniket Gaonkar
Beautiful but too short
Indrajeet Mishra
That soothing music... Its awesome... Can i get that music 🙄
Satish Sikhwal
Wo anpadh kitaabe bechta h... Awesome line sir
He once used to play the role of a rickshawala in a FC video and here he is, inspiration for all
Srinidhi Kurella
Smit Shah
Really superb :) Hats off to words, Simple yet Powerful !!
Safin Kadri
I'm waiting for next video 😙😙😙😙
Ngawang Chokdup
Short but very meaningful, and highlighting the children we ignore.
Azra Sagheer
Yeah you're amazing in poetry as well 😋😉 #_mumbai_ka_bro. Always love you work 😊
Kapil Sambhora
Really nice 👏
manish chaitanya
though it was a sweet poetry, gives pain while listening.
Utkarsh Singh
Salute for concern todays those ignored !!!👌👌👌
ayush anand
youtube video to Canvas laugh club , CLC to unerase poetry....i love how u r progressing...❤❤
Hitaza Production
Awesome poetry bro Hit like if you agree with me
Simply beautiful ❤️
Multi-talented. Hope will listen more from you. Thought provoking.
hate love
Our poor government has every record,about street children but they ppl don't want to do anything for them even cnt find the shelters and foods etc.
Siddheswar Gorai
the sukhr is by every girl in this country
Ye chutiya yaha bhi aa gaya!!
Keshava Ignites Ye hain sehar ke bacche .....
Hemalatha G
I don't understand Hindi, but the feel was awesome! #happychildren'sday
Sundeep Sharma bhai awsome
Mr. Vassal हम चाहते ही नहीं की मोहब्बत हो जाए 🙌 एक single लड़के का attitude 😎😎 विडीओ ज़रूर देखना 🙏
Mr. Vassal हम चाहते ही नहीं की मोहब्बत हो जाए 🙌 एक single लड़के का attitude 😎😎 विडीओ ज़रूर देखना 🙏
Debasis Sabat
amazing bro
Awanish Pandey
sanket pawar
Who said" aaila idhr bhi
siddhi joshi
Ruby Sharma
Amazing yrr
Jhil Mil
Comedy jari rakhna sir....usme zyada Mazza aata bhi sahi tha😃
too good
song lyrics & motivation speech S l & M S
Sushanta Mishra
super talented
vinu sahu
Great one bhai
Purvi Jain
Nice, wish it was longer
sanket pawar
Who said" aaila idhr bhi
Rhyme Attacks
Awesome !!
Rishi Devnath
Funkyhem Arya
Siddharth Shrivastava
Behtareen 👌
love guru
awsomeeeeeeeeee yrr
faisal khan
Pretty good
shivam tripathi
Sanjay Vyas
kya baat
Parag Dher Sare Paise Wala
hehehe sahi h 1st cmnt
Binita Pandey
My Voice
Help me. Need support to grow up.
sukrut joshi
Superb 👌👌👌
Parag Dher Sare Paise Wala
Yahya bootwala ko miss krr raha hu yrr bht