Jerry Lee Lewis - Touching Home

Jerry Lee Lewis - Touching Home - #3 hit in 1971 ~ written by Dallas Frazier & A.L. "Doodle" Owens ~ LYRICS :: - (Today I can feel it touchin' home) Today pain became a real live hurtin' thing And the choir of loneliness sang me a song Now I know just what it means to lose a lifetime dream Cause today I can feel it touchin' home No longer do I wonder why men have lost their minds Or wind up in a jungle of flashing neon signs Now I know just how long a man can last when love is gone Cause today I can feel it touchin' home [ steel ] No longer do I wonder why men have lost their minds... Cause today I can feel it touchin' home Yes I can baby - - produced by Jerry Kennedy - - - requested by Muzikgirl67 - go check out her playlists of all the charting country songs of each year organized by year

This song is a classic. I'm going to learn it and pay tribute to Jerry Lee. Thank you.
Old Country
Man, I am hooked on this song today, I bet I've repeated this song on my player like 500 times today!!! This is, I guess my favorite from "The Killer"....Thanks for the post
Gilead Republic
Jerry Lee was the best blues based country singer of the 1960s-1970s era. This song is one of the best.
Martin Vang Kjær
Lyrics in this song is the words of truth - Women do really make men loose their minds!
Reg mason232
I have resisted commenting on this song. Sometimes I feel I comment too much on Jerry. BUT, I can't resist any longer- this is one powerful song! A hundred artists could do this song, but nobody, NOBODY can reach down and tear at my soul like Jerry! This is such power and beauty- such raw emotion! In his prime he was SIMPLY THE BEST!
Darren Ricks
No longer do i wonder, why men have lost their mind's and wind up in a jungle of flashing neon signs!
Milton Moore
"Touching Home." The perfect epitaph for his headstone!
joseph roache
Jerry Lee Lewis, the best of all the Rock ‘n’ Roll artists, and better than most country artists.
Donald Nichols
Janet Farris
An all time favorite album of mine. I danced to many times over and still do. Seen Jerry Lee in concert many times. Always the best entertainer I know. Been back stage several times. Always a sweetheart.
Anne Marie Haugland
jerry lee do have some real good country songs !!! hadnt heard this1 before :) ty for posting winner :-)
Mookie Spindlehurst
After this musical giant departs this world, this is the recording that should conclude his funeral ceremony. [It's also the song that should be played as he is FINALLY introduced on stage in a CMHOF ceremony, IF THE FOOLS IN NASHVILLE EVER DECIDE HE IS WORTWHILE ENOUGH TO LET IN!
Cathleen Berreie
Fantastic song....he never loses his it!
Gene Stewart
Another great country song by the Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis from Ferriday, LA!! About 50 miles from my hometown of Rayville, LA!  
Miss Kitty 1944
Great Jerry Lee you are good thanks for this one God bless you love live this song could listen all day to you
Donald Messer
yes i can baby
Yes Ole Jerry Was a Super Talent That did not get the credit He deserved In Country Music & even Rock&Roll Music   
I am so glad I grew up on this great music....I don't believe there is any other music that can touch Traditional Country music!
Clem kadilly
jerry made the transition very naturaly to country . I like both . I was a small child when he did this . those 8 tracks realy took a beating. listen to all his  country songs i'm sure you will find a lot more to like  my aunt loved him so much she named her first son after him
Old Country
If I'm not mistaken, he's the only one left from the whole Sun Records group
Miss Kitty 1944
Love jerry lee 2019 Mar love his gospel songs great god bless you thanks pray for Jerry Lee to get over his stroke help hi. Heal
Jeff Simpkins
Oh snap! She blew me out the tailpipe.
Miss Kitty 1944
Thanks Jerry Lee where are all these songs at thanks for all of them God bless you Jerry Lee merry Christmas to all 2018 happy holudays
Miss Kitty 1944
Love Jerry Lee he's such a singer and God bless him
Tony Freeman
High over the fence for yet another homerun
Ruth Boykin
One of my favs by Jerry! Thanks for having it!
CountryBoy Williams
Perry Lee
At 83 the man is still at it! Why isn't the killer not in county music hall of fame!
marilyn callachan
George Petzelt
Heard this "live" in Memphis. He is a great entertainer.
Oh how I miss him ............
Mookie Spindlehurst
This masterpiece was co-written by Dallas Frazier, who is presently 79 years old, and the late Arthur Leo "Doodle" Owens, who died in 1999 aged 68 of causes unknown to me. They both co-wrote "Johnny One Time" for Brenda Lee and "Just For What I Am" for Connie Smith. And many other songs, including several of Charley Pride's biggest hits. If this song had hit #1 on the country, pop, and rhythm and blues Billboard charts, it wouldn't have surprised me. It's that great! Wayne Kemp's version is also so great that I cannot favor one over the other. Both of these immortal artists deserve to be in the CMHOF based on their number of quality recordings and their longevity. They meet the same criteria that other deserving artists have who are also denied enshrinement year after year... Roy Drusky, David Houston, Slim Whitman, Jack Greene, Wanda Jackson, Claude Gray, Jerry Wallace, Billy Walker, and Freddie Hart. This shunning is a peculiarity strictly afflicting the CMHOF. Men and women who achieve similar success in the worlds of sports, literature, film, theater, science, medicine, you name it, virtually ALL get into their respective Halls of Fame or equivalencies thereof. Something is horrifically askew with the voting committees of the CMHOF. This video deserves many more views! No country song has ever superseded this one for depth and beauty.
Eirann LeNormand
Tina Beck
Good song thanks for sharein
Samandrosa jones
What a great song, first time I have heard that one , Sam knew it , of course he lived here all of his life. Thanks Brent. 
Miss Kitty 1944
Love jerry lee thanks all happy new year 2019 to all great song
Very Good  Thanks The winner
Tony Freeman
YouTube won't let me comment
Taylor Armour
no truer words were ever spoken
Milton Moore
For me it's a dead heat betwixt this version and the one by Wayne Kemp. Lots of the requisite country anguish and melancholy, so eloquently phrased.
From 1968 Jerry Lee was on the Country charts till today, and even in his Rock and Roll Years, he had country songs as hits such as You Win Again and others. He’s always been Country and played Country Music right fro the beginning and no different than Elvis or anyone else that came out of Sun Records.
Edwin Bitsoe
.........A TIMELESS COUNTRY CLASSIC.........!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Mauldin
No matter who says different!!! The Killer invented Rock and Roll;
Joe Kelly