First Look At New Headphones, Amps, DACs, And More At CanJam NYC 2018

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Campfire Audio, Meze Audio, Sennheiser, 64 Audio, Audeze, Abyss, final, Ultrasone, MrSpeakers, 1More, and STAX will all unveil new headphones at CanJam NYC 2018, February 17-18, 2018. There are also new DACs and amps from FiiO, Schiit Audio, Chord Electronics, iFi Audio, and more.

1:50 - Campfire and ALO Audio 3:48 - 64 Audio 5:31 - MrSpeakers 8:08 - Sennheiser 11:17 - FiiO 14:00 - Dekoni 15:56 - Abyss 17:53 - Eleven (XI) Audio 18:30 - Sonoma Acoustics 19:48 - Audeze 21:24 - Seminar sessions 24:18 - iFi Audio 26:16 - Meze Audio 29:08 - HIFIMAN 30:43 - Chord Electronics 32:21 - PSB and NAD 33:53 - Cayin 36:18 - Final 38:10 - Schiit Audio 39:53 - Sony 41:52 - RHA 42:57 - Periodic Audio 43:47 - Shure 44:48 - bluewave 45:29 - ClearTuneMonitors 46:03 - Empire Ears 46:50 - Effect Audio 47:32 - Sonarworks 49:17 - Focal 53:23 - Violectric and Ultrasone Edition 15 51:48 - 1More 53:04 - STAX, Woo Audio, MySphere 55:43 - Klipsch 57:06 - Beyerdynamic 59:53 - Audio Technica 1:01:29 - ZMFheadphones
just a recommendation for future long videos, timestamps would be insanely useful for people who dont have all the time to look through the whole video.
Bryan LP
Jude dropping those dongles on the table like a boss.
Aw yeah can't wait to check all this out
haris javed
Are headphones just getting expensive or we are just getting used to the outrageous prices? I thought lcd x were expensive when I bought them - now they just feel cheap compared to things in this video. Lol I guess 1500$ is not worth what it used to be 3 years ago. Funny how speakers are not exploding at the same rate. Thank god I got the ls50’s before they hit the 10k mark in the next two years...phew
Just Pelé
I NEED the MrSpeakers Voce. Having owned the Aeons for a while, closed and open (both are amazing), I'm excited for his new halo cans. Yeah, they're expensive, but with Dan's stuff, you get what you pay for.
rayner sierra
My friends I think I better to do several videos than one this long, I mean if you want to have more views, likes, etc, etc thank toy for your efforts best regards
Wow! Headphones have really gone upmarket.
I'll shill Stax till' the day I die.
I've always wondered why OPPO never has a sale and doesn't participate in events such as CanJam.
No Hype-Fi
Excited and curious about the Empyrean
I visited Linear Tube Audio a while ago and they said they were working with mrspeakers to develop a electrostatic tube amp that was specifically made for the Voce. I don't know if this is still true but I would be interested to find out.
James Warner
Like the look of the Diana. Looks like a 70.s Koss can.
Random Guy
Excited for Stax.
Random Guy
Bhse is still far better than 3es
Mike Bucceroni
I'm worried I won't have enough time to see everything even going both days!
My top two to try out are the Empyrean and the Diana. Can't wait for Canjam.
Kelany Said
Great Job
Johnny Blaze
Audeze LCD-2C(Classic)? Is Audeze finally listening to their customers and bringing back the original sound of their headphones before the fazors? Does that mean they're going to do a LCD-3C and bring back the original LCD-3 with that sweet bass combined with their awesome mids? I hope so. I still reminisce about that sound whenever I listen to my fazored LCD-3's. One of those moments of audio nirvana you never forget.
Thomas Roy
the LA presentation at the Marriott was a bust for me last year. $16 parking and the way spread out rooms madi that into a show that i will not attend. maybe it was a success for you last year but as long as it is in a high density and cost area, i will just have to read about it. there are enough hotels around LA where parking is friendlier and access might be easier. sorry to put such a wet blanket on the video but that's where i am at. ...hifitommy
Soul Evans
This has got me thinking how much better can headphones even get?
Shadow Pringa
Why am i watching this? I still use on board audio and $100 gaming headset. What's the difference between mine and one of those ~$5000 headphones? Lol
I watched it all and I'm exhausted! I'm not going but this gave me some great idea about what's coming. I'm new to hi-res audio and looking to build my first setup (this was overwhelming, but great info). I'm gonna look and see if you have a beginners guide to what are good options at reasonable prices!
Anyone here have experience listening to the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home? I’m curious if they’re worth the $600 asking price, since there’s no way for me to listen to them before buying in my country.
Jack of Blades
so much THIIIINGS I JUST WANT 1 end game, only 1. whether its open close, electrostatic, planar, magnetic i d care .
marblegrimes 1962
At any of these functions you went to did you come across the SMSL A8 and what was it like Maybe in Shanghi see for review? It's a intergated amp D class 125w cost = Panda Stack
Carl Gauss
I would like to buy hifiman sundara, but i'm scared, i read so many bad feedback on the web about defective sundaras :S
Rover Waters
Denon 7200 worth the price?
I just came for Diana 😂
8:07 you're welcome
Just want to now r u coming to London CanJam this year in July I'm planning to go?.
snazzy sailor
Jude changes clothes for every new product :D
J Mohd
Wow.. now more difficult to choose .../
Jason Brown
You lost me at iPhone
Those amps next to the Voce make the headphones and the man look tiny.
Goobfilm cast
D!....DD....!! (Damn!....Dongle Drop!!)
Looking forward to it. Thx Jude!
Glenn Tokunaga
Great overview. So many great products to choose from. My favorite is the grey button-up sweater, with the red plaid shirt coming in a close second! ;)
Looks like someone is visiting the SuperDry store in NYC again haha. Loving the hoodie!
Mike Lautermilch
Jude, have you ever paired the Susvara with the amp that was made for it -- the EF1000? If so, was it better than any other Susvara pairing you've heard?
Hallelujah can I buy the BlueWave GET right now? For use with my Stax 002 System of course!!!!
Agent Orange
Dekoni Audio Blue looks interesting. I wonder if they'll put it on Massdrop?
It's so long
Giancarlo Orrillo
And dac portables????