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Sinks and basins can easily get blocked or clogged, in this vide we have a basin that takes approximately 20 minutes to drain because the waste from the basin is so badly clogged. Several methods are attempted to clear the blockage but only one real method really works. Firstly the Rothenberger Ropump is used, but this is incredibly difficult to use as you need three hands to be able to use it on this basin as the tap is directly over the plug hole. Then boiling hot water is used, which did nothing. A chemical drain un-blocker called Instant power, heavy duty drain opener. This did work and helped the water drain but it did not open the drain fully. Lastly power plumber was used and this easily unblocked the drain with one application.

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Oh no... I'm lost on YouTube again... How did I get here and why am I watching this? :|
When plunging a sink that has an overflow hole, I use a wet terry cloth washrag to cover the hole and press it on while applying a suction stroke with the plunger. Quite often it is the suction stroke with the plunger that will clear out the drain; all kinds of nasty black stuff will come up out of it before the drain begins to run.
jason d
nearly died at 2.45
Pull the trap and snake into the wall if it's blocked that far in ... done . Do 50 a week .Thank you but your video is for ladies and golfers :-)
Men in Sheds Aylesbury
Tell the owner NO TEA BAGS down the drain, well that's what happened at the Hospital. BTW, you stick 2" white tape over the overflow hole. Simples
Ken Abell
Use caustic soda, add boiling water and stand back. Job done.
Breaking Toast
stick of dynamite ?
Neil George
Hi, I have used a power pressure pump similar to the one at the end of your film and it blew the trap off at the back of the basin, I must admit that it did work but I needed someone to hold the waste (push fit pipe) at the rear. Also living with two women in the house and with them both shaving their legs and hair extensions draining down the BATH plughole I tried boiling water then a tube of hair remover (Immac) left it overnight and that did the trick. Something to try if you have a few women in the family. N.
DazedShow Show
Can you put duct tape over the hole? Dry area first to tape.
sir john
Nigel Fernandes
Getting under the sink and unscrewing the pipes/hoses and cleaning them out manually is way easier, cheaper, safer, faster and twice more effective than all these methods shown here . AS long as you can screw them back on properly (which is easy in most modern homes)
Use plumbing acid (sulfuric acid)
ron martin Mhg
15 Quid. Bugger that I will continue to use the old fashioned toilet plunger. It works every time. Maybe because it sucks as well as blows!
Marc Broadley
Cheers dude
2:30 "And as you can see immediately the water is not backing up as it has been doing..." I don't know but that moment is hilarious to me
Monaco Super
If my sink is blocked and nothing is working, I would normally just dismantle the pipes at the back if the sink and clear up the blockage that way. It's messy but you don't have to use expensive products or chemicals and it gets the job done.
I used hot boiling water once and the sink cracked.
Big rubber bung with a hole drilled through to fit your aircompressor blow gun, much cheaper than that power plumber stuff. It's also a great way to clear the water out of traps before maintainence, no more smelly trap water running down your arm! 
Zed Man
I like to find a root of the blockage with problem basins/sinks. normally it's pipe flow angle too high or too little. Sometimes its the wrong type of trap. Rather than use too many chemicals or use high pressure jet type devices which can possibly blow seals, I like getting down and dirty and cleaning the trap out. 😃
Mike Hartwig
Duct Tape the overflow
HomeMade DIY HowTo Electronic
Hi ultimate handyman i have a problem with my pipeline....its vertical going down from the first floor of the house down to the ground floor...the problem is its blocked some where in between i don't know where...and its flooding the house when it blocked. The pipe is made of metal...and i try to use snake to clear it but not working...i tried chemical also not working...the problem is the pipe is not directly vertical because it connected to one bathroom..and the toilet..so before joining up there is a horizontal joint. that problem cause this problem why i cannot clear the blockage.. Do you have any decent advise how to fix it...i need it as my house is flooding from the first floor.
Caustic Soda and a boiling kettle... thats all thats needed. £2 from Wilkos... dont need all these expensive waste of money products
Edge Snob
I think Ill try my shop compressor and wet rag next time.
Huck Fin
I have an idea, for the pump plunger put your own over flow hole attachment on the tube with a string to reach hole a piece of rubber to fit, then your good. By Huck R.
Thomas Brennan
Couldn't get anything moving until I read some of the comments below. Plugged the longish horizontal overflow with two strands of duct tape and emptied the gunk in the sink. Then used a regular plunger and the black mess all came back up into the sink, but then it drained again back to normal. Will probably take to flushing with boiling hot water on a regular basis now. Thanks for the help, but I'm glad that I was able to avoid the chemicals in the end.
Master Crook
using 2 different drain cleaners within a few days not very smart good way to melt the pipe
Logan Moreno
My sink isn’t even clogged and I’m watching this. Damn!!
you can also use a hose with high pressure that would work it's what i did to unblock my drain outside
John Kyon
you can rent a snake for aboot twenny quid to send down the sinkhole and unclog it.
To get one of those overfills blocked you can buy one of those wine corks that twist and expand in the mouth of the bottle. There are some that are even rated for pressure liquids so perfect for this. Or you can make one yourself: here's how. A length of rubber tube (thick walls are the best), a screw, two washers, and a fly nut. Put all that together like this, screw, washer, rubber tube, washer, nut and voila you have a plug. Then you can operate any modern sink that has a round overfill. Tho if you have really pliable rubber you could make one for oval ones as well.
Tom OConnor
There's nothing more annoying than a blocked drain that wants to stay that way.Gunk will always adhere to the side walls over time .Some remedies use a nozzle attached to a power washer to clean the pipes.Never tried it myself.Maybe regular chemical treatment might be the solution for difficult problems.A good stomach is essential for that job.Good Lord save us from blocked drains !!!
Elibrius Project
It’s 3:20 am why am I watching this
One more tip to add to the video .Make sure that under the sink that there is no air gap or vent as some peps call it before doing this.But other than that great video and I always enjoy watching them.
Drain cleaners NEVER work in my experience and no plumber comes with some 'high tech drain cleaning solution'. Baking soda and vinegar/boiling hot water MAY work, but meh. Better yet, use plunger/pressure tools (like he did here) or learn to use an auger at least for your sinks (tubs can be more difficult). They are pretty cheap (manual ones) and while they take some practice to learn how to use initially, end of day once you learn how to do it clogs are fixed in no time and you're not messing around with chemicals, unscrewing u-pipes, and wasting your time. Clogs are going to happen all the time... just nature of the beast, especially if you live with a woman who has long hair or puts that clown makeup on 24/7.
First Last
I'm not telling you what to do nor am I telling you that your way is wrong but may I suggest not doing any of what you were doing nor do I encourage anyone else to do so in my opinion and I'm a plumber not that that's important or relevant but I tell all my customer that do this before they call me after all else has failed do not use these quote on quote simple solution fixes on your clogged pipes and as I explained to them is anything that is easy solution or a quick fix so to speak is essentially going to cost you more money in the long run I explained to them to relate the point that I'm getting at is it's kind of like a diet pill or any weight loss product that guarantees fast results they're 9 times out of 10 and I'm being modest giving it a 9 and not attend that it is a scheme gimmick scam and just what I said previously a quick fix now granted there certain situations to where you have to do what you have to do but if you have the means or are capable of doing it right the first time you cut out all the other unnecessary steps or Solutions these drain cleaners do what they claim which is unclog your drain but you fail to realize what it does after the fact which might not be a big deal to some being weather when you're a renter two non homeowner or three someone that's not planning on being at their residence for a long period of time but these drain cleaners or blockage removers eat away at the debreeze and obstructions in the pipe not only do they do that to the obstructions but 2 year pipes as well whether it be PVC or cast-iron terracotta or whatever else your sewer line and drain lines Maybe constructed of now whether it messes with the Integrity of the actual pipe to a point of concern you also have to think about how that pipe is joined whether it be soldered lead or glued or hell even a pipe that could potentially have other repairs that are unknown at that moment that might have a no Hub band on it your simple fix or quick fix because rest assure it will occur again no matter what you use depending on the severity of your blockage but you could potentially do more harm than good with these products and really they're not cheap to purchase nor will it be cheap to have any problems that they may cause repaired like I said I'm not saying that it won't work I'm just saying that it might or may do more harm than good and using hi amounts of pressure to blow out a blockage is the worst possible solution to any problem in my opinion especially if your house is one that was not constructed on a slab which there's many other variables but keep in mind your going to make someone very happy having to repair your blown apart drain lines or someone that's going to have to wipe the s*** off their face so to speak when it all comes back in your face but like I said I'm not criticizing your method nor am I telling you that it won't resolve issues or problems I'm just giving you my suggestion and opinion on the potential problems the solutions could cause
Vladimir Putin
I got one hydrofluoric acid 😂😂😂
Backyard Woodworking
Ever try a power snake? They will clean your line.
tanveer khan
Just remove the trap and clean the damn thing worse case just buy a new trap they are cheaper than acids
bicarbonate soda and white vinrgar, by far the best and cheap
Kent Kollath
wait cant you just get a bucket an take the trap apart?
Hi Handyman, Can the "Power Plumber" be used for bathtub drains that have been blocked due to coffee grounds? Thanks for your help
Why didnt you just undo the trap? The blockage was obviously very close
Sulphuric acid.
Handy stuff that Chez but as you say its expensive , i keep a small compressor in the back of the van for testing new heating system piping prior to filling and i have made up a couple of adaptors for 1 1/2 and 1 1/4 waste pipes , just remove the trap and connect your adapter to the pipe and connect up your air line to it , fill the compressor tank until it cuts out and then open up the adapter vale full to give a good blast down the pipe , it clears the blockage every time.... : )) Cheers mate 
Chris Gonzales
The plumbing in the city where I work often at least 50 years old. I've seen stuff on the inside of pipes that is like leather and you can hardly peel it off with a screwdriver. Plus the undersink traps are usually being HELD together by that gunk.  I'm at the point where if the clog seems downstream quite a ways, my first step is to go the the cleanout in the basement and snake up.  Least likely to damage existing plumbing.  Not my favorite job!
I've had to take apart the drain to the trap and use a baby bottle brush and scrub the pipe sections to remove the blockage.
Used boiling water on two different blocked drains and it worked well. Just let it drain overnight down to the blockage. I prefer to avoid using chemicals if possible.
I hate white sinks - show up all the grot unless wiped practically every day
Farrdawg Joker
Could have just taken the trap loose and dumped it out and you would have saved money.
2:42 Boi
Edward McKinnon
I've usually found the best results using caustic soda. I've had to clear the showers at home (wife and 3 girls with long hair) so often - I've bought the solid (small pellets) NaOH and make my own. Use 200g of the sodium hydroxide in a litre of water = 20% caustic soda that'll shift almost anything. I've bought 5kg of the NaOH online - should last me for years! Btw - gloves, goggles and mask for this!
Where Can I purchase the power plumber in the US
chris V8
thanks for your videos and easy to follow instructions
Screwfix item-Back 90321: Professional Power Plunger works every time and never runs out. Great video once again
Just use Mr muscle. It actually does work...
An ordinary plunger should be able to do most of this - and use and ordinary kitchen sponge, squashed up, in the overflow - if you need it blocked, but don't have any hands available. I actually have a tiny suction cup, left over from some gadget, to cover the hole with.
theirs holes on the side of my sink how would you block them holes as well as the overflow also will not unblock a frozen pipe like i found out
Nick P
I use packing tape to cover the overflow and it seems to work well if you layer it.
Hi there! Thanks for the video! But these methods are not quite working for me as the blockage at my house is the pipe that goes underground in the garden which is connected with the kitchen waste pipe, we can access the the pipe from the garden floor, and the pipe goes straight down a bit and becomes angled. Since the diameter of the opening bit on the garden floor is quite big I doubt the pressurised can can be used... We've tried the chemicals and didn't seem to work, don't know if you've got any other ideas? Thanks! :)
Iron Dragon
I got from watching Mr. Weebles stuff... to... this
Seth _
Everything is “extreme” nowadays. Stop.
Robert RMB
Chemicals are a waste of money, as a plumber stay away from them its just money down the drain.
David Farmer
Didnt wk for me but I didnt cover the plastic thing with water. Perhaps try again.... Useful to know. Some times the instructions aren't very good on these things.
Maverick Wagner
Most of the time with sink drains, hair get wrapped around the lever that lowers the plug. Anything else requires the ptrap removed and a drain snake. Drain cleaners will only temporary clear the drain.
La Mon1
Is there a way of testing a waste pipe for leaks other than running water through it? I have an under warranty house built by Barratts and my tenant blocked a basin waste a bit. That caused the leak on the ceiling below and they are blaming the leaking waste pipe on the blockage in the bottle, it apparently created pressure that caused the pipes to expand!. I can't imagine that being possible unless the pipes have not been sealed properly somewhere. They have refused to check the problem and I am worried that there's a shoddy pipe work on all the pipes that I will not discover till it's too late. :(
jason grier
Randys Redneck Repairs
I love your ideas, love your business logo in the beginning
Frizz Bee
You dont need 3 hands in the last clip, just cover it with duck tape?
John McClure
What's the best way to unblock the outside pipe that run from the bowldown the drainpipe to the drain. When you empty the bath. The water is overflowing and running dow the wall. Thanks in advance for your advice
lee mclaughlin
our kids decided to put bog roll down the sink and was blocked - i got a 2 litre empty pop bottle filled it with water -blocked overflow and tipped the bottle directing spout down the plug hole and squeezed the pop bottle hard-acted like a pressure jet -worth a bash
Good video. Just managed to used that sink unblocker in my toilet. Expensive, but definitely works!!
Mr. Muscle gel sink unblocker is the proper stuff. Never had a case it didn't work on.
Charla Reardon
My overflow is super clogged and STINKS!!!! If you used this but didn't cover the overflow drain would it help to unclog the overflow drain?
Oscar Torres
vinegar & baking soda is the best I use all the time 100%
Suction cap worked, with over-flow hole blocked. Thanks
Thx, I will give this a try as my last result before calling out a plumber!!
Drum wire cleaner with a small cutter and power drill usually does a good job of clearing 25 feet of lines (pipes) though prevention is cheaper with a hair trap over the plug. My G/F gives me the same grief with the Hoover brush bar and hair! lol
ewura adjoa
Even though I bought it for £22 from B&Q which is very expensive,it worked liked magic 👍🏼
Tim Lewis
the pressurized air product can do damage to plastic piping, causing glued joint seals to fail. if you have plastic pipes, better stay away from that option
Kevin Keaney
Clean the trap !!!!!
Joseph Ingui
Snake it.
Andy Tracey
went to a job were the customer used compressed air to clear his drain. it didnt clear the blockage, but it did put a hole in his drain. so he ended up paying for a snake and his pipes replaced
ive tryed draino grease plugged up
Excellent video Chez! Blocked drains - ain't they a nuisance? I'm only an amateur when it comes to such things but if I might add a couple of tips to anyone else reading this? Firstly I would just say make sure all your accessible plumbing connections are nice and tight. I used a power plumber once and it was brilliant but the first time I used it, it blew the u-bend clean apart ... LOL. Secondly, if you've got a nice ceramic sink, please be careful when pouring very hot water from a kettle into it. Try to keep it down the plug hole and not on to the sink itself. I did this once and the sink cracked right across it. Hope you don't mind me mentioning these things Chez - just thought it might save someone else having similar disasters? Thanks mate!
Pasi Savolainen
Based on the fact that even opened the sink doesn't drain all that fast, I guess that the real problem is a bit further down the road. We had the same issue and it became a bit better after using airgun, but started backing up again in a week. Real problem was that there was a pile of s**t in the inspection well, it completely covered the pipe coming from the house. Eventually it plugged so tightly that the waste water rose from the basement drain. That pile dissolved using garden hose in a couple of minutes.
Andrew Jones
SO WAIT!!!! XD you used highly corrosive draino which eats away most pipes (glaze off tile, eats away at cast iron, not to mention the silver ring of the sink... and IT STILL DIDN'T SOLVE IT?! oh my gosh! ... worth it though X'D lol
Andy Barton
Wtf am I watching
Kluster Yogo
Last time I had a blocked shower, we tried almost everything which didn't resolve the problem. We then decided it was time for a plumber. He recommended we bring the pressure washer in and shove it down there. Surprisingly it actually worked, I'll have to try that power plumber next time though, seems like less hassle ;D
Fernando Salgado
This man ain't a plumber you snake that thing with 3/8 cable if there's no clean out then you remove the p trap and then you go in
Krisztián Szirtes
How to save a lot of time and money: 1) Go under the sink 2) Unscrew syphone cap 3) Take the dirt out by hand and flush it down the toilet Since the first drain cleaner worked somewhat and the tubes didn't fill up very long, the problem was probably there. And you can do it without any chemicals, any pressurized air or anything.
Peter Durrant
just take trap off and clean less than 5 mins and cost free
Uh oh, it seems I’ve found myself in “that place” again.
il Solano
Any similar products for blocked lavvies that have weak flushes, Sir?
Did you not just try a plunger? - _-
Harry B'
Wouldnt it rupture the water pipe where the water goes?
Dennis De Jong
Thats not unplugged, you just made a small hole through the toothpaste and hair, take the ptrap off and snake it for real results. Also idk what type off pipe you have in Europe i think pvc, but here in canada the draino eats the glue on the abs pipes
Alexsander Magalhães
so satisfying to watch
Randy Hinds
Just another dose or two of acid would have done it
Now it is clear I would highly recommend you put a hair catcher in the sink to try and avoid future issues.
the first thing i do is take the trap apart because 9 times out of 10 thats where the blockage is just be carefull i once made the mistake of forgetting to put a bucket under it first. lol