2019 Mercedes-Benz S Class S450 4Matic Long REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

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can I get 100 subs with no videos
6:23 it's official he lost his mind
talking to that horse was my favorite part of the video, he got offended you have more horsepowers
Balkan Boss
I laughed pretty hard at the horse part 😂
Blendi Zejnullahu
What a beautiful interior... dream car
Yusuf Baskaya
That was funny with the horse 😂 he dont like electric HP
Muhd Ayub
This guy is more relaxed while driving than I am lying down on a comfy bed
*turns window up* *turns down again* '+22 electric hp' *turns window up*
Green is Beautiful
Dude we love the car but did you realize how fast you were going on a public road? That's insane. Otherwise, Brilliant. Screw the 7 Series... I love S Class now.
Youssef Kabbach
Germany is a leading manufacturer of luxury and fast cars ✌
That's my kind of car 👌
Al Capone
Better than a Private Jet hahahaha
Opoku Ososs Boateng
This is called the real machine when will I own one
Gaming 1000
Garbage bin on and all other cars of the upper class thrown in. S class is the King of the Luxury cars.👑
Jacob Boulding
One of my favourite cars great video 🔥👌
The BOSS. No other car will ever match the s class in luxury. Love it
Tuukka Varjoranta
6:12 Probably the best part of the video ;-D
Ihr Niederländer klingt einfach immer irgendwie lustig und locker, egal ob in Deutsch, Niederländisch oder Englisch :D beste Grüße <3
this dude is just casually going 160MPH on the highway
Speaking from experience, avoid the light colour leather if at all possible. It's beautiful but when it's stained, and it will always eventually stain, the discolouration will be permanent. Try any medium colour tone for the leather, it will also look amazing.
Cloth Sloth
Really beautiful car! But..that ECO mode is so scary for me.. This continuous engine stop and starting again ans stop and start at every minute or half minute.. I think It's not very healthy for the engine. :|
shiva mishra
Please Next Time Drive Lykan Hypersport
rt bigman
Nils Ottesen
Thank You, Max, this was really entertaining, but immensly important because many people, want just the smoothness and effortless comfort... I had no💡idea that this hybrid, was soo good, but now i know thanks to you, my Max..😎
Nicolas Cage
i really dont get it why you would buy this car as a 5 seater, the rear seat experience is so much nicer in the 4 seater version
Heron M
Hey man, Thats great car! Im from Brazil! Greetings
The first video of 2019 from AutoTopNL! Of course it had to be a Mercedes Benz!!!! <3
Mark Izso
I wonder how much is the consumption at 200 km/h? Sb know that? It seems like a good cruising speed for this car
Opoku Ososs Boateng
I like the speed ur going this how I will if I were the one driving
Fiando Perdana
Wtf 200 feels like 120? Man, that's an awesome car
Tayfun Bozkurt
Wonderful. How quiet it is. So impressed. Thanks.
Abdul Mussa
2019 Mercedes benz S500 Sedan/Coupe review please....
linlin lin
6:24 That's 367 times more than you, buddy.
You said 3 litre inline 6six cylinder engine🤔 i think this is V6 🤨
4:23 MAGIC? :D
lit up. not lighted up. sincerely, the grammar police.
Arc Mas
No spare tire. Great!!!
I hope there are more cameos of Mr House in future videos 🤣🤣🤣
Bobby Kuntz
I would like him to get a Cadillac CT6 platinum to test.
dream car...
Tuo Ouagnene Ibrahim
Adil Iqbal
Second best review channel out there... Very detailed and very fun to watch!
Zidane Zidane
I really liked the format of the video. And the car ... spectacular.
I own a 2008 w221 w/ amg sport package- savanna cashmere interior- ❤️ You can own one not expensive Look for a well maintained car with low mileage. Second look for a local specialist mechanic to take care of stuff You will never drive any other car again.... Trust me👍🏻
The S-Class is the king of this segment in the industry -- bar none.
Even classier than the A8, all around best limousine for me. Very good review buddy.
Bobby ____
I don't think those exhausts are true. Outside there is only a chrome design and inside there is the real one.
My garage is very negative on the reliability of the Mercs.
6:20 it’s a funny correlation that, just over a century ago that sturdy horse would be the ideal method of regular travel (not meaning steam trains and boats for longer travel), maybe not an s class value but does show how far technology has become
James Mason
The interior looks like its out of a boat. 5SERIES4LIFE.
Karmand Nawzad Sabir
The best or nothing
Cornel Con
That horse 🐴 said : man.. if is not electric I don't care 🙄
Rust its the mrcledas SECOND name
bianconeri di belgrado.
*Beast!* *Greetings from Serbia!*
if only it had lexus reliability... until then for me lexus makes the greatest cars in the whole world.
Well you can't have a belt bag for the front passengers! They already have front airbags!
This Mercedes stood in the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago. It was for the Tommy Store, there stood 2 with the same spec. Really nice.
Who loved the old s class with the 2 spoke steering wheel.
jože Bradule
Hey Max , you have THE BEST AUTO VIDEOS ,so nice !! :-)
Aqeel Surchi
compare it with 7 series.
Ted Murphy
What? no soft close doors?...:) I loved that feature on my 2013 GL350....
Sir P
beautiful car, yet i can't seem to picture it without a V8
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
There is one thing wrong with the S-class, and that is the stupid and unnecessary touchpad over the scroll wheel. It just in the way, and it ruins the aesthetics of the interior. Get rid of that thing Mercedes! What were you thinking! Other than that its a perfect car.
This is serious, time te become rich now. ^^
L Bagwell
4.14 how did you start the engine without pressing the brake pedal?
Zika RifiD
Waiting for BRABUS POV....zzzzzz
Rami R6
260 kmh
no speed limit ın Germany its great.
isam abbas
when the dutch ppl speaks English zis iz sooieiuy niczzzzzz 🤣🤣🤣🤣
2500 rpm and 200km/h o_0
Should I hire a driver after I sign the order?
ignacio spreafichi
Tks for video , please put 1 min of silence next one to lisent to the car you dont stop talking. Awesome review for an awesome car.
The Diamond Gamer
"Merschedesch Bentsch esch clasch"
Beautiful inside, so ordinary outside.
Saitama Black God 777
Mercedes-benz the 👑 King God of the Road.
Fernando Lopes
Somehow I fell like if I watch every autotopnl video , I could buy one of this cars kkkkkk. It's ilogical, but the feeling doesn't go away!
8:07 that guy looking at u like,what a lucky man
Sergio F.
nice MC . but Germany super
Mag neto
I hope Mercedes quality has improved over the years. My mother bought a brand new Mercedes several years ago and the quality was terrible.
Nicholas Too
Awesome. Next try get your hand on an S65 AMG
Cevair Zufer
Has he learned to talk!
zdzislaw sekula
yes yes yes mercedes piekny
Partizan se voli
Her majesty s class👍👌💪!!!!
Andrei Dumitrache
I have the same reactions about exhaust tips when i see real ones like YEEEY
Alanté D. Powell
I'm not really... impressed?
Bandre Q8
6:28 🐴😩 the Horse why I looked to them
President Teddy
Happy new year Alex loves from Turkey 🇹🇷
Αγάπη Ψωμιάδου
Tiger Strike
The same rims for 5 years. BMW makes the best rims.
Amadou Fall
That engine sound 🤤🤤🤤
Emmanuel Geraldo
The best S class video
Shalom Njenga
You da best..
President Teddy
Happy New year guys
Vegas Mitchell
Why bmw doesn't do Real Tan interior like this without Half of it being Black beats Me!!
Just bought one of your watches. It is brilliant. Mine is nr 5. Thank you and gl.!
Filip Blazevski
I Love this interior
Silvia Pozega
Daniel Castaño
The Music intro?
jeremiah A
I miss the last model steering wheel shape for this car