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Big Bad Bunny
All of this and he died by trevor
This is so much better than TBOGT. I somehow had a connection with the characters in TLAD, I even shed a tear at the end. I love the story I am not feeling TBOGT yet and it get's me frustrated with all of the helicopter missions.
Johnny Klebitz
God forgives, The Lost don't.
It's weird that they made Johnny super lankey in GTA 5
I liked how the DLC's tied in with Nikos story along the way.
Deaths Shadow
Goodbye Johnny. Lost but not forgotten.
The SAVAG3 Gamer
I bet you 10/100 people watching this dont even have the game
Kaljath Panthermage
I killed Ashley in GTA 5 to put her out of her misery. Like she said she'd be better off dead.
It's Thilos
Better than GTA V in my opinion
Johnny got his head hit by a Desert Eagle and wasnt knocked out. See what meth did to the person who got knocked by a beer bottle a few years later
Real Spill
When Rockstar cared to make the story mode any good instead of just being money hungry
Lone Wolf
RIP Johnny RIP Jim RIP Clay RIP Terry :,,,,,(
They did Johnny dirty I felt like he was stronger that what they showed when Trevor killed him
Good thing Johnny doesn't know that Niko is the one who killed Jason or else he would have beat him to death the moment he laid eyes on him.
Christian B
GTA IV, and TLAD had some good fucking storywriting. Gay tony was the "bright" side of the GTA IV period. Loved this game, because it was so "dark" the stories felt more real and close by, GTA V was a bit over the top storywise. but still a good game.
Dr Strangelove
My teacher was a biker, I never knew he was a biker till he told us, he has lots of tattoos under the suit of his.
Asad ansari
johnny is a tough guy one thing i didnt like he died form trevor philips
Shawn Taylor
Sad to see them go out like that.....
James Denoia
Johnny is the GTA 4 version of Trevor almost.
Josh Baske
anyone get a "sons of anarchy" vibe from this?
Metallic Chapel
Brothers for life, Lost forever.
Tim Gora
When you drive a bus for the first time in liberty city.. 38:01
Alex The chef
liberty city episodes needs to be remade for next gen
James R.
15:35 "I put some mescaline in with the weed, Dave... So i'd be very careful if i were you; you could be trippin' for days."
27:55 spooked the shit out of me.
Roman Kompus
The end bit was sad
Maple' Jaeger
27:56 Johnny imitates the old man receptionist, freaking hilarious!
Ruben Jr Mendez
we are brothers for life lost forever
brianthomas corythomas
johnny k is my favorite
Sexual Panda
0:47 it's Morgan Freeman (I can shmell you). XD
Your parents must have ben brilliant siblings lol funniest shit i`ve heard in a minute
Bill a real traitor
I'm a Boglin
I bought the hexer in gta 5 online and painted it to look just like Johnnys
Ethan Hunt
38:00 umm...
James Wood
If anyone is here to relive before the GTA V Biker DLC don't get the weed business. It apparently loses you money.
Jonathan Parker
I love how Billy Grey looks like and even sounds similar to Clay Morrow from SoA..granted the TLAD DLC was inspired by the success of the SoA, I truly wonder what the original DLC might have been originally.. maybe this was the DLC planned all along but Rockstar would never truly admit it.
Insert Joke
How is GTA 4's npc interactions and reations better than gta 5
2:04 Every time I start again the game I love more this scene, all the characters are well written, the lines, the body language, you can really feel what anyone are thinking (this two are arguing and I don´t know if they are gonna use their fist especially)
Jally man
and it is my birthday can you give me 16 likes please
Cheese Block
brian looks a bit like anthony fantano
Brandon Wical
41:42 i also like this part
they needa make a game for playboy
Jally man
hi i liked your vidow and my name is jally can you chek me out and keep the good work
Reiss Lane
Best underrated character in this game Goes to Andreas That glove line
Brandon Wical
18:23 my favorite cutscene
David Ratelle
You're dumber than I thought, you're dumber than I thiught ! when Brian said that... hahahahahahahahah
MasterJo Cohen
Someone needs to make a GTA IV Ultimate Edition that features a cinematic movie of the main game, TLAD and TBOGT.
John connor
This game is Classic, brings back old memories. :)
Sylvia Davila
When he's on his phone and riding a bike, how does he accelerate without his right hand on the accelerator?
I realized how less color GTA IV had compared to GTA V
Alladin Batman
The Lost and Damned is better than 4 and tbogt
lol it was weird seeing Johnny a biker and Niko a Eastern European at a party playing Hispanic music
21:06 WTF did that fart sound I blame Brian for doing it
10:20 Billy killed Kermit!
RoachDogg Reaper
well....rockstar had to show us how crazy Trevor is......
I didn't know bill burr was in gta
GantzInc ?
(Posted this under a GTA theme compilation, had to leave it here also) Much heartfelt respect for The Lost And Damned story, did not get the chance to play it back in the day around release, but after going on a GTA binge lately, honestly TLAD struck me the hardest and it's something I will never forget. Everyone writes Johnny K. off as a punk, nah, that crystal hooked him bad off just like his girl, he gave into the pressure and said "fuck it" went back on his own beliefs and just rolled with the crowd in Sandy Shores, sure he had his brothers there with him doing business but it was all inevitable, he is a badass and I relate to his character more so than any other GTA protagonist, but it goes to show any one of us no matter how big or morally just, can fall from grace, lose everything and get forgetten by history.
最後、lostのclubが荒らされてるけど荒らしたのはA.O.D? それともlostの連中が荒らしたの?
best GTA biker game story ever I love all the bike races missions best one is shooting the 100 seagulls for the innovation before any missions on the game I rode that bike through the whole story line ...brothers for life LOST MC FOR LIFE..
Joel Fennell
Lost Forever He'll Yeah
I'm a Boglin
TBOGT is better but this is still good.
All of gta iv story’s are better than gta v
Bugsy Siegel
the Elizabeta character is based off Griselda Blanco aka La Madrina, the Black Widow, the Cocaine Godmother and the Queen of Narco Trafficking.
Yes, Daddy.
Sam Dednam
5:56 "its been a long time" without you Mai friends?
ธนภัทร งามพันธ์เวชชะกุล
Chopping Motorcycle!
andrea105 beautygirl
To johnny boy. Lost, but not forgotten.
Captain Sweatyhands
that laugh at 16:26 is creepy
Moises Fernandez gaming
Moises Fernandez K
M̷a̷s̷k̷e̷d̷ I̷n̷s̷a̷n̷i̷t̷y̷
ahhhhh, when Johnny k met trevor
Trent Thomas
Get rekt skrub 1v1 me rust hedshotz olny m8!
Francisco Magallon
anybody else see the bus just drive into the water at 38:05
Laura Burdine
who's the guy on the wheel chair
Is that Jonny k from gtav
39:47 :DDD
Isaac 23Rommerskirchen
It was nico who killed Jason
PAUL Lundgaard
Gta 5 is better than 12346
Its messed up how they put him down like a dog in gtav. Its Luke Skywalker throwing the light saber over the shoulder messed up. They shat on the old and banked on the new in a very disrespectful kinda way. Now they’re bringing gay tony? I rather hav Johnny back a million times more. Almost seems very sjw bullshite
Asshole By Nature
56:45 Those following 3 lines sus af 💀💀💀
Quan Nguyen
best game
Gimmie a 1000 subs without videos
Eh Johnny Johnny: YoOo
Sonny Southon
The first time I played this game I was actually fascinated by the lost gang and everything about this game is bang on bout bikey gangs drugs,gang members going at each other ova pretty much everything that they said at the end. Cause everyone is fighting over money,power,drugs that's how some gangs survive and make money to keep their gang running to keep their soldiers going
Sgt. Gooseman
R.I.P Johnny
Jin Rei Tsung
Just me or one of them looks like HHH of WWE ?
Jamish Mcquo
all the important parts were so damn rushed, oh man billys back hell yeah-aaaand hes arrested never see him again oh hell yeah jimmy escaped from rays basement now theyre gonn-aaaaaand hes dead never see him again aw hell yeah i think that junkie chick is gonna go awa--aaaand she got even more people killed
I hope Johnny’s brother, who johnny has an email correspondence in the game in the Internet cafe, comes back as a playable character in GTA 6 and gets revenge on Trevor
Terrell Cousar
14:39 was the best mission Like If you Agree???
Marc Money Zerilli
RIP Johnny Klibetz. LOST, but not forgotten!
27:55 🤣🤣🤣🤣
JackBoy DeeLo
This one was my least favorite only bc I feel like we didn’t get enough this game was way to quick niko had the best story I really think rockstar rushed with this one but it was good
Sonny Southon
This game is at the top of my favorite games too. This game GTA V, San Andreas and the rest of the GTA games onwards
Chumpy the Anteater
Brian annoyed the shit outta me whenever i played this
The derp Spongebob meme comes to my mind when I hear this 45:56 😂😂😂😂
16:28 damn that mouth T-T
Viktor and Niko
Feeling great at work
Lmao people hate on Brian so bad.
Thanks for the upload