Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee wanted to be clear that she is happy with the new self-titled record and still stands by it despite reports that the band had to compromise a bit with the record label, Wind-Up, to make something they're all compforatable with.

leslie whiskeyjack
My all time biggest Dream would to meet Amy Lee. She is my favourite Singer of all time.
Vektor 99
Amy Lee is SOOOOOOO hot!
I love that she is still so passionate about the music. I hate to see when bands lose their drive and start to give up. Keep on rocking, girl!
Mat Harris
Something about those...eyes...look right through ya...
Martin Stojanovski
I like that "it earn me the right".By the way Amy doesn't need to justify herself before anyone.
Who just caught up to this in 2016?
Amy lee got married. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
EV Fan!!!!
AMY LEE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVANESCENCE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Cassie Kutev
Get it girl,Evanescence is and always will be my favorite band,hiatus or not.  My name is Cassie Kutev and I have the channel called Melodic Maze. To me,music is a universal language that can be accessible by anyone. But I’ve seen that many folks are hesitant to get into to music or really want to learn more due the fact that music has a lot of its own terminology and to put on top of that,sheet music which for a lot of people,even recording artist,they do not understand these systems. My goal for my channel is to make a community for the music makers and the music appreciators so that they can call come together. I've created my first skit/satire called Practice Room Rituals,please check it out. It's a comedic point of view on practice room antics. I'm currently creating the beginnings of a series of how to read sheet music and will eventually build up to simple tips on advanced music theory. Thank you so much.
alya carrillo
I went to the Carnival of Madness it was fucking awesome I love it would totally do it again!!!
David Mohr
Amy you are a God in Rock I love your song Broken with Seether its so Beautiful Thank you for sharing your music with us :-)
Matthew Scott
I went to the Dallas show. Amy and Lzze (of Halestorm) did a duet that blew me away! 💙💙💙
Heidi Bohannan
miss the beauty's voice
Mr Pumpkinpatch
she's sooo hot..damn,good music baby,i love the voice.
Troy Turner
This record is the best. Heavier and more melodic than ever.
Emily Green
'Day-byoo-tid'...its debuted...
Cheryl Davis
She's so awesome
violet qween
Dallas tx was the best
meh =[ marry me instead Amy i wuv you <3 lol
Kassandra Smith
WHAT, SHE WAS GOING TO INDIANA????!!! AWE MAN!! :( I wish I could have gone to see her live.
Kianne Latham
Learn how to use better vocabulary, "Moron". stupid fucking word!
Kianne Latham
Her first album is the best.
@patta8388, you could right. Lol.
you sound like a jealous bitch or a very weird sister who likes to sleep with her brothers. Wtf with your pathetic comment?
he probably had a crush for her but he was to creepy to get even close, so nowadays he runs around YT and fanforums and tells storys that noone cares about, because they care about the music, and not who Amy Lee banged 20 years ago
Louis Bryant
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Ryan Beers
flagging you as spam again I don't care if your account gets deleted !
Ryan Beers
are amazing !!!!
what a load of bullcrap
Jace Williams
Wish i was that brother.
@John Rockwell, She was probably just jealous that some girl she didnt like years ago, made it big in a Rock band. Her attempt to talk trash about Amy Lee was rather sad.
John Rockwell
lol, can't believe that person tried to slam Amy like you say, pathetic
Viv Ruth
Don't feed the trolls
Viv Ruth
Then why are you so fat
Viv Ruth
All of the above
juliana h
The person who was being a butthole,1.Amy Lee is called "the queen of rock" for a reason2 if u dont like the music,thenyou can stop listening to it 3 the term emo is fucking stupid just like someone I know...
Viv Ruth
Spelling is a learned behaviour you need to stop kids from partaking in to save their emotions from tearing you a new asswhole...fatty!
Viv Ruth
Viv Ruth
" I got the privilage of kinda growing up around her in Arkansas." That explains everything!
Viv Ruth
Wow it's not that clear based on what your saying whether you are an idiot or just an embarrassment. I AM in a boat and it floats on the sea of love that is created by the sounds of Fat Amy's music. Lose a tear you freaking cry-baby
Shhhh. Go to sleep and stop speaking.......
Viv Ruth
I do to....I'd really like to see that kinda technology! :) I reckon if Amy and Justin had a baby he'd be able to invent it!
This is one of those moments where I wish I could reach through my computer screen and punch dumb fucks like you in the face........
Wow. You actually almost copied my response word for word......That's embarrassing. What's also embarrassing is that you don't know the difference between Emo and Goth. Stop trolling.
What people would dare call Amy Lee ugly?! Quick, point them out to me so I can load my shotgun and go Dumbass Hunting........
Its called what you want
Taylor Frazee
What is the intro song let me know on twitter @taylorfrazee
*gasp* AMY LEE TRIED TO SLEEP WITH A GUY?! SAY IT AIN'T SO! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO WHEN A WOMAN WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH A GUY?!......Nice try, StormeyChola. No one cares that before EV was famous, Amy tried to bang someone's brother. Its called being human. You may not know this, but sexual urges are a VERY natural thing. And the fact that you're bringing up an event that happened years ago is a little pathetic.
I love so much Evanescence and I love Amy Lee so bad but this latest album is so boring :/ just a few songs are really good, just my opinion...
... And I guess you're the bitch that bothered her in school, and now she is famous and you're full of envy :)
lol If only you guys knew her in real life, you'd know the kind of person she is and you'd probably change your tune. I got the privilage of kinda growing up around her in Arkansas. I also know Rocky. He's actually in a great new band called Fatal Thirteen. lol I live like 20 minutes from the guy! Anyway but you guys might change your tune if you knew Evanescence before they were big and lived in Arkansas.....trying to sleep with people's brothers. That's Amy I'm talking about by the way.
im onside with Amy shes the band but i appreciate the band no anger from me
omg I love her, I want a new album Amy!
Alex Morehead
Hahahahhaha the other band members are looking around like....what world am I in hahaha
Douglas Scott McCarron
It's not a band if one person can kick the others out.
Agnostic Angel
I have to say, I grew up listening to Evanescence. As in, it was the first band I started listening to. I have continued to absolutely love their music to this day. And I have yet to find a song that I didn't like or couldn't relate to. Amy is one of a kind, gorgeous, and all of her songs have emotion in them. You can tell she is beyond dedicated. And I agree with twinklelittleyoshi, if you haven't stuck with Amy, you aren't a fan.
Chris Whoknowsbetter
The band is great, even now....but Amy is Epic.
Chris Whoknowsbetter
Dude..I'm with You..Amy is pure talent..
BunnyBunluvs U
King Bong
i dont even listen to this kind of music till i heard Amy lee damn she is so damn fine and her voice is so damn sexy and beautiful no matter how old she is.
Amy Lee has shown the music industry female fronted rock bands can kick ass. It's because of Evanescence I formed my own rock band, she is inspring to all rocker girls out there
This album wasn't there greatest but its still Amy <3 and I believe as long as she is happy with it all ev fans should be
Amy is gorgeous, no matter how many people call her ugly. -.- Amy Lee is Evanescene, I couldn't imagine it without her. She's not like the singers today, who rap and wear short shorts and skin tight clothing and what not. Her songs have an actual meaning to them 3
Vinnie Sugar
I always hated stupid, ignorants fanboys.. I loved evanescence before anyone of them can feed themselves alone, but not for this i'm blind. Or deaf.
Vinnie Sugar
I almost agree with you... The open door was anyway the last album that I liked... but the absence of Ben is strong... I didn't like "evanescence" album. It's just not evanescence, even if I listened to them since 1998.
I love all of her songs
Endezeichen Grimm
I don't understand why you had to make that comment.
Amy Lee should never have to defend anything, she's fucking Amy lee.
Little Sunflower
Amy Lee has the most beautiful voice ever! ^.^ I admire her voice!
Her voice is just amazing,dont know her so unable to comment
Julia Marie
Amy Lee's hometown is literally five miles from where I live.
Sorry for not being a fanboy.
Haters Gone Hate... EVANESCENCE FOR LIFE <3
johny kagia
josh is an idiot i cant believe it
she is getting older and i still love her.
Sad little fanboy is sad. By the way I looove your grammar skills (or rather lack thereof).
Viv Ruth
Maybe, but what would they say about Amy being their mother
she did pretty good without ben, but with ben it would of been a masterpiece
Spyker Aileron
da hell is wrong with you, those kids would be screwed for life, they would be made fun of because they are part beiber and praised for their voice
Won tickets on the radio to see Carnival of Madness and they were just as great live. Awesome show. Great band.
Still a fan.
We are the Fallen > nowadays Evanescence. Fact.
Kate Rout
Uhm. Is that a niplle on 1:01?
Kristóf Vízi
Amy and Ben were the Evanescence together. After Ben left Amy became the Evanescence and she still rocks.
Ben Moody was Evanescence. As soon as he left they started sucking ass.
Viv Ruth
Viv Ruth
"When did I say she (or Justin) would be like Hitler, you fool?!?"'s the nature of an analogy that there has to be elements of it that are analogous....
Allegra Rampersad
SHE MARRIED THAT....!!!!!!! she could have done better.... im not judging i know that look aren't everything im just saying   
I just might have to chop you in the throat. :/
When did I say she (or Justin) would be like Hitler, you fool?!? She's an angel on Earth - regarding her voice.
Viv Ruth
Amy Lee is nothing like Hitler...if you dislike her that much why are you here?
No one is anyone; I made an extremistic example out of the genre (forgive my probably lousy English, it's not my mother tongue).
Her skin is wrecked from makeup. She looks about 60
Viv Ruth
I'm confused...which one is Teresa and which one is Adolf on that analogy?
I love Amy Lee and I totally LOVE her voice and her talent!!!
Viv Ruth
Justin Bieber and Amy Lee should make babies!
Addison Aragon
I love Amy Lee. Stop being trolls. I mean, it's fine if you dislike her, that's your opinion. But getting on YouTube and arguing isn't going to solve ANYTHING. Grow up, guys! Come one!
"We made the record that we wanted to make". No, Amy, you keep saying "we", but it was always about you and Ben, and when Ben left, it was all about you, and your music, and your image and what you wanted to do.
Jacques Paulsen
I need to see a doctor? Is this your professional medical opinion or did you even attend college? Loser