50 Cent - In Da Club (MTV Version)

Best of 50 Cent: />Subscribe here: /> Music video by 50 Cent performing In Da Club. (C) 2003 Shady Records/Aftermath Records/Interscope Records

lil frank
Who in july 2019 ? great song 4ever 🎶
Mar xorzist
50 Cent is in the Area 51!!! We need to get him !!! This is what they R hiding ther (I'm german)
Ahmed Rouai
There are many songs that did not take their right on YouTube. Other songs are not good but follow millions. This is unfair Respect from ALGERIA
Hey Gutz
Battery was 6%, played this and now it's 💯%
Waffle Consumer
My salt listened to this Now it’s cocaine
I still don't understand to this day why 50 Cent was not on Def Jam
If you still listening this , I respect you , you deserve respect...
Now a days everything has to be Remixed or just with alot of auto tune
siyabonga mazibuko
Who’s here in June 2019 🔥🔥🙌🏾
Rob Gleason
I never thought I would like 50 cents better then a dollar
Patrice EDORH
Why can't we have some good music nowadays?
iceice eyes
Showed this to my self... Now i'm in the club.
DK Dean
The beat the song😍 better then the beats from 69 and Blue face And all that mess Old school is best Remember that
Juan Medabno
2009: In Da Club 2019: U Was At The Club
JGS _2019
Puros gringos alv like si hablas español! Somos un buen grupo cristiano :')
One of the best beats in music history
Nayara Faria
Cadê os brasileiros? 😍🇧🇷
Randy Gonzalez
Showed this to my soda Now it's bacardi🍻🍻🍻
Thiago Henrique
Lembro que aqui em casa tinha um DVD com essa música , quantas saudades tempo bom que não volta mais!😖
Awa Ndour
Old songs are better than new songs
Dis Old songs be popping back in adays...Whos vibing 2019
Fabiana Diaz
Solo gringos por acá!? 😂 Aguante 50' cent 2019 🇺🇾
Cleiton Santos Costa
50 Cent - In Da Club (MTV Version) 2019?
Claire Carayannis
Elder Estuardo
My two quarters listen to it is and now they turn into 50 Cent
jitu gh
2003 in Da club 2019 still in Da club
I'm Re. Imre Aley. Aley
Sending on bluetooth... all 50 cent musics... I had childhood like this generation, but we listened this!
More like “IN THA GYM”
Samed Kovačević
Normal people:Nice song ! Retards:2019!??!?!?!?!?!?
DJ David Michael
2009 o melhor ano da musica - assistindo em 2019
infinity Twentyone
It's 2019!! Can you hear me?
iAbam Tuber
30/5/2019 wow like if u from 2019
Felipe Arthur
Eu sou o comentário em português que você procurava
Laxmi Narayana Pallapu
30/5/2019 wow like if u from 2019 Algum Brasileiro Voltando aos Bons Tempos?
Hitesh sharma
Its 2019 and still rocking fif's songs🤘
Claire Carayannis
Well I'm sipping Cobra Gold - but you go ahead and sip Bacardi - 'coz we already passed each other the Courvoisier!
Leonardo Martins
Julho de 2019? Os BR´s porra...
marcel agnero agnimel
1/june/2019 🎧🎧🎧👏👆I'm listening 👂 dope 🔥🔥🔥👌
This track is still so Massive.
Elielson Barbosa
Sempre bom ouvir 50 cent ✌👏👏
Marshall Black
Who's in da club summa 2019 ?
Soham Makwana
2019 anyone?
Razorblade 93
Anos 90 e 2000, época de ouro do Hip Hop, bons tempos que não voltam mais!
LiL Wissi Ram
Like si alguna vez has escuchado una canción en inglés que te gustó, pero ni sabes lo que dicen 🤣🤣🤣
Ghost Nuke
10 years and 4 days later, still listening to this
Claire Carayannis
La Buguista
Esse Cara Eo Eminem Desde os meus 12,13 Anos Foram Meu Sonho De Consumo E Continuaram Sendo Kkkkk
Kids : my thug start from movie Man:my thug start from gta san andreas Legends: in da club 60 legends like me Thxx 😊
Luana Georgia
Caralho uma música que sempre foda não me canso de ouvir desde minha infância 😘 vibe gostosa kkk
junior phineas Pineda Hernandez
2019 hearing this mega hit, thanks for share MTV channel....
Michael De La Rosa
This beat is dope AF
coletania momentos
Bandidos não somente os filhos do Cristo . Colocam de bandidos somente os filhos do Cristo.
Ale Nascimento
Olha essa música que fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pura nostalgia Brasil-2019♥
em gee
Great song,...among my favourites.
Just Someone
16 June 2009: YouTube hasn't uploaded this music, 50 Cent has added YouTube in da Club
Sam Fragola
Who's here in June 2019 😉😁🎧
its QuaQua
Legend has it , that lab exists to this very day...
Nellie Silvers
The guitar in the background will always make me think of Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell". Years later and I'm still comin' back to this song👌
[̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅ т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲̅r]】 MAKAVELI 〽
Who else is on an old song spree?
Salty Malk
90℅: A good song 10% me: I came from happy death day and parties
Semi Eyüp Karadeniz
Last time i listen this music on a walmart Not kidding BTW 👌🏿
Abhishek Choudhury
...One of those classic rap songs-now extinct.
Saqib Mughal
This song can never be old Love this track ❤
Alguém BR 2019 ?
Comrade Dog
My gf: do you even lift bro? Me:
Ben Wallace
Suge tried running up on G-Unit shooting this video in LA and they dem Southside Queens boys weren't having none of it! G-G-G-UNIT
I want to hear it in da Club 👌 2019?
Pumpkin Spice
This is the same day without me Eminem without me got uploaded
10 Thousand subscribers with no friends
This is The english comment you were searching for
Mcebisi Ngcani
Eminem was there big up 50 cent
Aleksej Jakovlev
2019' легенда лучший
Tezuka Echizen
I showed this to my gay friend Now his straight
sanchit kalhan
one of the best tracks in the history of hip hop music ! hhaaaaah good old times, the bling was real, no gay shit, loose jeans extra long tees, fitted caps, man i hope one day, we will return to this and say goodbye to the tight ass jeans and snapbacks !
hardfong19 yeah
Only real OGs remember the old thumbnail 💯💯💯💯👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
Gaming by E.O
Today this song has been uploaded..17 juli
Fifita leone
All The best music am JD XBOX JFK White House Kingdom Ford says Ngata or Out the gate Bike BMW X5 X6 the gunshots Action figure out Law
Rian Laia
Algum Brasileiro Voltando aos Bons Tempos?
Reckless PlayZz
Who still here in July 2019
Lorentz *
Quero vão o quão forte o Brasil está Like se vc é br
Eu me achava ouvindo esse clip baixado no p2p ouvindo atraves do falido winamp, depois que gravei no dvd para por na tv entao, era the hacker!
Abhishek Parashar
Listening for such a long time, but only today I noticed rap god 'Eminem'
Sebastian Escobar
Dogs: Bark! Bark Cats: Meow! Meow Idiots: 2019? 2019?
Andreia silva
Gostosso Danado da minha vida é vc 5O CENT. QUEM ESTÁ FALANDO 👉😍😍Sou eu á DHEYNHA Á PRÓPRIA 💕
Mustafa AYDIN
if i have a lifetime, 'il be listening to this song in 2050. Because this '' LEGEND ''
YouTube search : How to make cocaine at home YouTube results :
rose msheal
50 HALALH 😂😂😂😂😂من حضر الحفل؟
Xenia Mathers
how this can just have 13 million views while Justin Bieber's baby has one Billion
Kaka Oliveira
utchiha geek
2019 ho watch it still the best
Benk Benk
nostalgia. still the legend
Benny B
2019.... go shawty🔥🔥
Michelle Watts
At least 30 percent of the comments are Spanish this is a English song
Alle Aliii
Ești român dacă știi melodia lu’ Dani Mocanu🤣🤣
Ahmed Amine
Morocco 💪my name is Ahmed Amine I'm Morocco I love you 50 cent♨
Astrit Sallova
you find me in the club just drinking all scared my mum will see me
havilla bamba
Who learn And 2019
Lucas Silva
Quem está ouvindo ainda em 2019
Chioma Uzoma
Best of 50 Cent.who else agreed with me.
I forgot how everybody was friends in the Hip-Hop community back in the 90s-2000s