Alice in Chains live at Kemper Arena, Kansas City July 3, 1996. AMAZING QUALITY re-up.

Alice in Chains live at Kemper Arena, Kansas City July 3, 1996. The other show I previously uploaded is not anywhere near as clear and beautiful as this one so I had no choice but to re-upload it for us. I'm sure you won't mind watching it again. Melissa♥ Set List: Again God Am Sludge Factory We Die Young Them Bones Rooster Would? Angry Chair A Little Bitter Dam That River Man In The Box

Can you imagine having to sit through a band as mediocre as Kiss after this? I think I'd leave as soon as Chains was done.
Do you guys notice Jerry constantly watching Layne, like he's making sure he's okay or something?
Gore Elohim
Sick, in pain and dying ..he does this. Ungodly. Almost seemed like they knew this was it.
Jeffrey Lebowski
This version of "God Am" is fucking incredible, no doubt the ghosts of Layne's vocal performance on that song are still hanging in the rafters of that place. Simply excellent.
Paweł Grudziński
0:39 Again 4:43 God Am 8:49 Sludge Factory 13:39 We Die Young 16:02 Them Bones 19:06 Rooster 25:54 Would? 30:07 Angry Chair 35:40 A Little Bitter 39:35 Dam That River 43:16 Man In The Box
anyone who complains about this doesn't get AIC.  there is NOTHING "pretty" about these boys live...they are on fire here , and thank god someone A. shot the video and B. posted it so we could be given the gift to freaking witness it.  If you don't get that they are KILLING here, they you don't get AIC.  Saw them plenty of times in the 90's, amazing band!  Haters can suck it!  "wahhh, the sound isn't right"  "waaaahhh,"...F U!
Tom Dulle
I was also at this show.  I'm glad the video was made, but I can tell you these guys were on top of their game that night.  They were opening for KISS, and yet, listen to how loud the crowd cheers in between songs.  It was as if they were the headliners that night.  I also remember the bass player was just pounding that bass!  he would twirl around and spit loogies in the air. When the lights came up and AIC was off stage, I turned to the guy next to me who came down from Omaha for the show ansd said "Man KISS better work hard tonight or peole are going to leave!  Man they ("Alice") kicked ass tonight.  I didn't know until now this was layne's last performance.
Mc Daniels
Here's a good case study. Look at AIC on a bare stage, with minimal of lighting. Now if you've never seen Kiss you should know its all about the gimmicks, theatrics and BIG SHOW. Yet AIC are bombarding the crowd with just their excellent performance of far superior songs. God Am or Christine Sixteen.....?
Drew Peters
Does anybody notice how at 44:20 Layne changed the chorus melody for Man in the Box? It sounds so cool this way, too!
SoCal Dazed
there's an amazing 1992 whole show on youtube, look up the Palladium LA 1992, Layne is on top of his game just killing it and having fun,...the crowd is sick, people landing on the security guys in front of the stage the whole show....Layne goes crowd surfing twice .....awesome setlist ....just tryin to help
Ken Davenport
KISS, should have opened for AIC. Gene or Paul can't keep up with Layne. One of the greatest voices ever. RIP KISS would tell you the same thing.
Deborah JB
Sean Kinney is a terrific drummer!
you can see a huge difference in layne over the years. early on he was moving around having a good time and in performances like this he barely moves. no wonder why jerry kept checking on him :( shame what drugs can do. guy had so much talent
Jorge Aranda
Layne look so fragile here, but at the same time when he sing you can hear the power of is voice. Or maybe it´s the power of his heart and soul in a sick body... We miss you Layne!! (sorry my english)
I see the soul of the band is gone here, Jerry is so worried about Lanye that he is constantly watching him making sure he's ok. R.I.p.layne and Mike not only are they free from their diseases but Jerry and Sean are also, such a sad thing to see how layne slowly deteriorated from the vibrant funny jumping around on stage laughing smiling to a shell of a man :-( , heroin is so nasty.
Ronnie Davis
Whether you consider AIC grudge or not, there is no denying that they have been one of the greatest bands in history. They do not sound like any other band then nor now. They have always had their special, unique sound.
Andrew James
Invite you in my heart, then When done, my sins forgiven? This God of mine relaxes World dies I still pay taxes!
Ron__ __Vis
Whats truly amazing is how Layne operated and always performed over the top even on heroin. Rip brother i wish you were still with us
Tammy Elliott
I'm not sure why no one in his family didn't forcibly put him in the hospital , knowing he was so sick. Everyone keeps saying he wanted to die . If you hear some of his last interviews he was crying for help. Everyone was under the assumption he just wanted to be left alone and die. He was saying I'm close to death this is not how I wanted to go. I think he was severely depressed, lonely and felt no one gave a shit. As far as Jerry and the band go , I know they loved Layne. They lost their friend / brother and then Mike in 2011. They have been through a lot. RIP Layne and Mike :(
At 4:48 when they start playing "God AM," that guys hollers "GOD AM!  My favorite song!!"  LMAO!  This footage is pure gold and thank you so much for uploading it.  You can see that poor Layne was weak and had no energy, but he still sticks it out and sounds pretty damn good even in that condition.  If only the guys knew this would be the last time they would ever play a live show together again...  So sad!  Rest in peace Layne, you are severely missed & your true fans will keep your memory and legacy alive.  You are a Rock GOD!
Keven Klayne
Why didn't they ever play Grind with Layne? It would've sounded so good.
Mad Alice: A Tribute to Alice in Chains & Mad Season
The dude liked the horse... I don't think he wanted to quit, he was in too deep by the time he realized it was too late. He couldn't be his own, and he probably does feel better dead. I look at him as a martyr, he died for his craft. Because, although he was amazingly creative and talented, lightning in a bottle... the music he wrote... all these songs we love were a result of his destructive lifestyle. The Alice in Chains we love and a healthy, happy Lane are exclusive, unfortunately. Sad and beautiful, he will always be missed and very much appreciated. I don't blame his band mates for continuing on with his legacy... I'm sure it's what he would have wanted, despite what some salty fans might think. I'm happy the boys took William in and continue to expose the world to music that Layne was a part of creating. Music is glorious and forever!
_Foogle_ Fish_
This performance of Rooster literally brought tears to my eyes.
To think that not long after this concert, Layne completely disappeared from the world to live his final years alone in that apartment just gives me a haunting feeling
Kat luvs Babes in Toyland
Despite what was going on during their personal lives they still did great. Especially Layne. That last bow gets me at the end of this show. Now Layne's with Dem. 😛
This performance of God Am is the best. I believe a different version from the same show is on the CD Live, yeah? It's wonderful. Haunting, really. 
The Void with Christina
0:39 Again 4:43 God Am 8:49 Sludge Factory 13:39 We Die Young 16:02 Them Bones 19:06 Rooster 25:54 Would? 30:07 Angry Chair 35:40 A Little Bitter 39:35 Dam That River 43:16 Man In The Box (reposted from comment below, so easier for everyone :)
Philip Reed Wallace
Put on headphones. Itsounds like your there.
L.P. Carter AIC PhD
Jerry bless your heart, I know you didn't enjoy yourself here it doesn't seem at all. We love you! Layne honey, you break my heart. this band makes up the patches of my soul!
12:37 this line is sang with so much fucking NASTY. I love it. DAMN.
elif erdoğdu
I just love how Jerry did that solo in Dam That River. This whole concert was amazing. Its so sad to watch it while knowing its Layne's last performance though... R.I.P
This was NOT a Grunge band.. They were HEAVY METAL!! They just let the media at the time lump them into the Grunge scene for expanded exposure. Cantrell has stated this. Jerry Cantrell: "We're a lot of different things ... I don't quite know what the mixture is, but there's definitely metal, blues, rock and roll, maybe a touch of punk. The metal part will never leave, and I never want it to". "When we first came out we were metal. Then we started being called alternative metal. Then grunge came out and then we were hard rock. And now, since we've started doing this again I've seen us listed as: hard rock, alternative, alternative metal and just straight metal. I walked into an HMV the other day to check out the placement and see what's on and they've got us relegated back into the metal section. Right back where we started! Fuck Grunge!!
Rand Mcnally
Nice to see the crowd giving them some love
Navid Khan
I am amazed by the vdo and sound quality, considering it was 96! Cheers for the upload!!
THANK YOU!!!!  Sooooooo jealous I never got to see them live.  One of my biggest regrets.  Ever.  I would love to get any and all footage of Alice in Chains with most emphasis on Layne.  How do you guys go about getting it?  R.I.P. Layne
Only God himself knows whats in those red cups...
Even at Layne's worst he was still better then most. This performance is amazing but it's heartbreaking
Candace Winfrey
I love this! Thank you. Eff the haters! They don't have a clue how hard it was to get video in the 90's.
Getting major shivers when I hear.......... "Once again you see an in,dis-colored skin gives you away"
Why would AIC open for a joke of a band like Kiss?!
Great stuff here man, Layne's last show ever, how amazing he was! even being weak his voice sounds spectacular I don't understand where it comes from, pure talent mixed with real pain I think, nobody ever mess with this band! Thanks again for this!
Thanks for sharing. A timeless band and I grew up in KC. A special video you got there.
Britton Thompson
Yeah, the writing was on the wall here. This is a pretty lousy performance in my opinion. Sean Kinney & Mike Inez do their best to pump some energy into this performance while Jerry Cantrell seems depressed/uninspired; and Layne Staley's feet were nailed to the floor apparently. This was not the same fearless frontman who would go stage diving and punch skinheads of years past— certainly no longer the dreadlocked, Bohemian wildman bursting with kinetic energy as he stoked the fires of the crowd at the Moore theatre to the point of explosion. This is just heartbreaking. Layne looks terrible here: 1. It looks like a skeleton is holding up his wardrobe. 2. It's July in Missouri; he's under hot stage lights; the crowd itself is generating thermal heat; yet Layne is wearing gloves, long sleeves, and jeans to cover his track marks & sores. He was likely burning up out there. It's tragic to watch this show, compare it to their earlier concerts, and realize this all occurred within a 5 year window.
Max Raboin
You would never know from this performance that Layne was continuing to deteriorate. After all, he could still pull off a fantastic performance here. I even read from the official biography that even their managers felt that it was going to be the last time they were on stage together with him.
Marius Romanus
Melissa Panek.....You're a Goddess!!!
Thomas Drogon
"...without 'consent' from the band..." Now that I've seen this, I can't imagine life without it Thank you youtube gods and contributors to youtube so we can be with Layne whenever we need to be
jbyam 79
amazing talent . My favorite band BY FAR.
James Felix
I think this is the night Layne over dosed in Kcmo. and was taken to the Barry Rd Hospital. :(
Wish this video included the final bow down on stage
Claudia Perez
I just finished watching the entire show,and after also reading the comments,it doesnt seemed to me that he was in that bad shape or Jerry was all the time looking after him.(like he did in the Unplugged).I had to say is awesome how he still could sing,and though I always had that strange vibe about Jerry,seems to me we need someone to blame.Its true it feels he was more worried for the band than for Laynes health. We would never know,I guess. The thing is a shame he is gone,when he still has so much to give...but we dont know what was in his head or heart. He lost his love and probably any motivation. We wont know. Truly missed .:(
Joseph Bartlett
Wish they would have played So Close and Shame In You live, would love to have seen Staley smash those
Damn, vid cuts out before the final hand-in-hand group bow.
Thanks for the upload Melissa!!! Melissa has some of the BEST concerts on her channel!!!  you need to subscribe!!  I love her videos...Thanks  again Melissa!
Stephen Chernosky
Tina Marie F
Layne is so funny - I see some of you dressed up like Kiss how come no one dressed up like me?  I love love love him and the band.  Thank you for posting this video, wish I was there.
Thank you so much Melissa for uploading this footage!! Wow!! It's amazing how the quality was enhanced to look as sharp and vivid to make etched materials and movement appear clearer than the original footage. Wish I could have seen Alice in Chains in their prime days :( R.I.P. Layne Staley. I would still see Alice in Chains nonetheless!! Duvall does a pretty great vocal delivery, and even blends nicely with Jerry Cantrell.
chuck jones
say what you want about Layne, but he never missed a show. the dude always made it to the stage and put on a good show. even when he broke his leg and arm, his shows continued. so did he. he never fumbled over lyrics, making mistakes. he was right on. he didnt want to do these kiss shows but jerry and management talked him in to it. because he knew, if he said yes, he would for full his agreement. even in his state at this show, he still put on a great show. no mistakes. the guy is unreal and unless you seen him live, you have no idea how unreal he realy was. i saw alice in chains a few times but the best one was on july 5, 1991 on the Clash of the titans tour supporting their facelift record. they were fucken amazing ! given an extra 15 minutes to their 30 minute set, they added love hate love, i cant remember and confusion to their set list. if you only knew.
Lorenzo Barichello
Sean is an incredible drummer, but an idiot as person. Just sit in your drumset, without walk on stage!
Philip Reed Wallace
Ithink it rocks but Cantrell looks pissed off.
Z In Chains
20 year anniversary just passed. Wow.
Andrew James
My God am!
Greg Riley
"amazing quality"?
D vrill
Alice in Chains me impacta demais, mais que qualquer banda, mais que qualquer um!!! Alice in Chains com Layne é algo indescritível....
21:30 gives me chills every time...I love Alice In Chains!
I was in my 20's during this era and bought Facelift when it was released. I still can't conceptualize why they OPENED for Kiss at this point in their career???? They so easily could have headlined their own. Maybe Layne couldn't have done a full show...who knows...then again I understand this was his last concert appearance. to all those who were deep into AIC during this period, cheers.
Awesome! Thank you for that... I've seen Jerry solo and Alice with William many times, but never had the chance to see Layne. Easily my biggest "wish I could have seen live regret" (Randy Rhoads at second, but I was 4 months old when he died, so no chance). That, with a pair of headphones is the closest I'll ever get. Just fucking amazing. Just the four of them, with minimal gear absolutely killing it.... I'm a kiss fan, or what it used to be (in 96 and priorish) and wouldn't have even wanted to see them after that. Raw and awesome, not a lot of bands can do it like that. I'm happy to see this video, but depressed its all ill ever see...
Thanks so much for the upload! Love the chains <3 Favorite band forever.
Joseph Cooper
No Audio at all in the whole video!
Ehm... When I try to listen to it the audio is completely scrambled, (Except for the "Rooster"-clip in the intro")! What's going on?
Damn, everytime I hear rooster, live or not, working or studying, I just stop whatever I'm doing. It's such a beautiful song.
Whats wrong with the sound ? Trying to watch on 5/17/2018. Its all garbled.
M.L. Crow
Love it, amazing concert. Layne's voice is the best! (imo)
allen adkins
kiss is NOTHING compared to alice in chains
donnie johnson
Why is my audio phucked up only on this
For all the people pissing and moaning about AIC opening for Kiss: YOU'RE RIGHT!!!
Looney-Tick Productions
Never seen this gig before, thank you som much - the chorus of "God Am" here is just heartbreaking. Damn, Layne got such a feeling in delivering his vocals it still resonates in my chest. Bless him...
Jack's Pick Phone
This sounds great. Sludge Factory sounds amazing. Well done.
don smith
1996, wasn't KISS kinda washed up by then? AIC should have headlined this show.
randy lahey
so kurt and layne died the same day april 5th that's wierd
Jacqueline Muniz
No sound :(
Thanks for sharing this video ,its one I hadn't seen yet ! I enjoyed it! RIP Layne
Leonardo M.
thank you for the video!!!
Dmitry Owens
Amazing quality? NOT! This sounds like it was recorded on a mono cassette recorder in a big steel drainpipe.
Shaun MacPhee
lost soul. R.I.P. Layne *
jbyam 79
amazing talent . My favorite band BY FAR.
Nick Roller
So proud to have named my son after Layne. R.I.P.
Fun fact: if you called him 'Layne Elmer staly ' or the one he really REALLY HATED was Lane Rutherford Staley!!! he gave you a knuckle sandwich !!!😀
q susio
what's wrong with the sound?
Alejandro Derpsch
44:21 blow your mind!!!
Ty Muzz
Man in the box made me cry, its sad to see what that much heroin and crack can do
How sad that the world will probably never know music like this again. THANK GOD my teens started in the 90's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the post Melissa Panek.  I never got to see them live, so this is the best I can do is watch your video. Totally Awesome!!!
I just love it when Sean sings terribly on purpose, he does it pretty often :D
ok fender
Thank you for me to upload this video! この動画をアップロードしてくれてありがとうございます!
i feel so alone gonna end up a big ol pile a them
Was this truly Laynes last concert though?
Tommy Thompson
Thank you uploader, the low end is fantastic! Great gear makes all the difference!
I'm AiC fan from Bali thanking you for posting this such a treasure footage!! this is amazing!!
61sasquatch 5.56
I love Chains ,but this looks like they couldn't wait for the show to be over to me.
Does anyone know if there's any footage of them doing Don't Follow?? I can't find any